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Full Version: [Teaser] Patch 14.3
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I'm hoping that the fire dragon is not for Novalis or for Nobu. I mean dragon, beast and elves are the only "unique" ones that only has leader skills that only benefit their own race (or two in case of barbara nidhogg).

Beasts have haza, druids and lynx which they keep on trying to buff. Special mention to the tribal beast series, but nobody really uses them.

Elves have sakura, rose, cornflower, and the slightly rarer shuta/serah (which is outclassed by cornflower, although is slightly bulkier due to shuta) and also stage-specific diablo team.

Dragons, well faugn teams are dead. Barbara-nidhogg has been OP for a long time before they went "outdated" but they aren't really "Dragon-centric", it's a mix of dragon and beasts. They tried to pull a dark dragon team with masamune and the dark ancient dragon, which obviously didn't work. Then there's the new earth dragon from lynx series but that can't seem to fit well as a leader, and people find it hard to fit her in copper team as well. Long story short, Copper is the only viable team for dragons now, he is still strong (managed to 0 dimes qi tian di with it, although took quite a number of tries and a custom-made full damage craft) but lets face it, other teams can clear stages with consistency and stability now at a much faster pace, leaving dragons not much opportunity to showcase their strengths.

As such I really hope that the new fire dragon from the SM stage actually breathes a new life into dragon teams, maybe a fire dragon team or some sort instead of just another utility/member card. Similar to how light teams are too dependent on ML, dragon teams are too dependent on novallis. I really hope they somehow manage to make a dragon team that does not require novallis, or one that can compete with copper (I would love it if they do both though personally).
I will withold saying anything about the new equipment until more detail about how it is crafted and how it works are out but that doesn't stop me from taking inventory of my 5* spiritors! 4 Ursulas, 2 Agathas, 0 Barbara, 3 Honors but I still need to train and pr one so actually 2 Honors and 3 Novalis. Will probably keep at least one dupe of each in case of VR.
Maybe could use with Mo Wang Zi, fire Pili Puppet?
Dragons went away earlier this year when mh increased the hp of all new stages 3x. Only copper and barbhogg on a water stage is still viable.

It would probably take a full series of dragons to bring them back now. Either that or VR nidhogg. Hell, dual vr nidhogg without the drain would be viable over what we have now.

Point is dragons are neglected. They have been replaced by beasts and khaos. Lately i have been using khaos.
They said three races, so I'm guessing those will be the three rares. One dragon, one beast, one demon. Dragon will probably be a leader, since the only leaders that work now are Copper Bullet and Barbhogg (neither of whom are great). Demon is preferably a strong member over a monorace leader, there are gonna be two series worth of demon leaders when OoD PRs, and monodemon has HP problems without teamskills. Beast, I dunno. Their last attempt at a new beast team in Lynx wasn't so good. Druids and Haza are just a lot better. There ought to be improvements to that rather than trying to make another new beast team, but MH doesn't operate on that kind of logic.

So yeah. Not too hopeful that this is gonna be the revival of dragons. Starburst was not quite the revival of elves, they needed a whole patch to themselves.
EDIT: DISREGARD THIS POST, READ AGNESI'S! Not only is it complete, i also had a couple mistranslations with Daoloth Light as 1.5*3.5 when the 1.5 is for hp only.

So dark dragon with hpx1.3 attack x4 conditionally x1.6 extra, total of *1.69  *16*2.56 (condition es to dissolve 10 dark runes, when every combo seems that it will drop 1 enchanted dark)

Light seems to be for elf, beast & dragon with a total for those races of (*1.5*3.5)^2 and conditional *up to 2.4, +2s spinning

Fire beholder  is for demon, beast and dragons, straightforward *4*4 with heart =everything (or 50% of everything if it doesn't stack).
Doesn't sound like it really changes anything for dragons. Multipliers on their own aren't all that special...
Yeah, that dark dragon, it doesn't speak of any recovery help... Maybe it will be added with support cards but :/
I'll still grab what I can but atm I'm a bit wary... (dark) Dragons are missing too many utilities.

edit to add:

Wooooooooooooooooot just as i was moping about the info i had, here comes Agnesi with the full monty and addressing at least some of the concerns i had, i mean, healing was one of a part of the concerns i had with this since i had only seen the damage slides.
Oh god ...I hope this is right. >< A little unsure on the details of the healing mechanic for Azathoth... My Chinese is not good enough for this, lmao.
EDIT: Fixed some mistakes re: Azathoth. >< I think my translation should be correct now.

Videos for dual Azathoth and dual Daoloth were in the linked teaser if you want to see it in action.

1. Dark Dragon Azathoth
Leader: Dragon HPx1.3 and ATKx4
For every initial combo made, drop an enchanted dark rune in leader's column
If more than 10 dark runes are dissolved, whole team ATKx1.6
Passive: If leader and ally:
1. Initial CD of all dark dragons -3
2. If 10 runes are dissolved initially, deal 500k dark damage to all enemies before attacking, up to 1.5mill dark damage for 30 runes dissolved initially. HP will be healed equivalent to 1% of damage dealt to the enemy. (Only applies if enemy has not been defeated.)
3. For every enemy defeated, heal 50% of total HP.
4. Extend movement time by 1s. The more attributes in the team, the longer the extension, up to 3s.

Active: CD8
Explode all runestones. Columns under dragon members will drop only runes of the attribute of that member, non-dragon members will be random.

2. Light Dragon Daoloth
Leader: Light dragons, light beast, and light elves HPx1.5 and ATKx3.5. Movement time extended 1s.
If 1 group of 5 is dissolved, ATKx1.8. The more runes dissolved in a group, the higher the attack, up to 2.4x for 8 runes.

If leader and ally: The first 5 runes touched while spinning will be converted to light enchanted runes.
If leader and ally, and members are only light dragons, light beasts, and light elves: Dragons and Beasts REC+400

Active: CD 8
For 1 turn, self attack x4, increase combo count by 6. Increase combo count additionally by 1 for every dragon, beast, elf member of the team, up to 6 additional combos.

3. Fire Demon Ghroth
Leader: Demon, Dragon, Beast ATKx4. Heart runes have 50% effect of all attributes (can superimpose).
Passive: If leader and ally:
For every group of runes dissolved, team attack +0.15x, up to total 2.2x for 8 groups of runes.
The more members that are 6* Prologues of Universe in your team, the more of the following effects are applied:
>=2 members: The attack of the two leftmost Ghroth syncs with the attack of the member with the highest attack in your team.
>= 3 members: Dragon, Demon, Beast HP, attack, recovery 1.5x
>= 4 members: Time extension 2s

Active: CD8
For 1 round, two adjacent runes can be dissolved, until more than 30 of one type of rune has been dissolved.

Arena card: Earth God Ithaqua
CD 7
For 3 rounds, when this skill is activated and at the beginning of a turn, turn earth runes into earth god runes. All runes will drop enchanted.
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