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Full Version: Forum Reshuffle!
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Forum Reshuffle! - VVV

Hey Fellow Summoners!

Thanks to the hard work and squeezing of brain juice from the team that runs this place (does that make us sound like the mafia? Well, we're not. We're kinda like...the caretakers LOL), we have logically deduced a cleaner, sleeker format for the forums to continue in its smooth operation.

An explanation of what we've done and what each respective Forum will now be used for:

News and Events
-All the latest news and events and anything juicy coming out from the depths of MH's R&D lab will be posted here. Discussions pertaining to these events should be discussed here.

General Discussion
-Mainly still used for the same stuff, we've removed some redundant sections. Threads started here that don't actually lead to any discussion (questions, trollbaits, etc) will be deleted/moved/locked/given a warning to the thread 

Battle DSI & Guides
-Still a bit of a work in progress, but this is where you go to get all the resources you need to pass stages.

Ask the Community!
-All sorts of weird and wonderful questions you have should be asked here (after using the Search function and also consulting the wiki For F***s Sake)...
-Team building/forming questions. Please follow the proper procedure when asking for advice.

Add Me!
-Self explanatory.

Account Giveaways
-We thought about removing this, but we'll keep it for the benefit of some of those new to ToS who desperately want a new account with a great starter. STRICTLY NO TRADING/SELLING/AUCTIONING/BARTERING ETC. Only for donating your unwanted accounts away.