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The best 3plat-in-a-row draws ever
This was during the Pollux week.

Start of the week, drew a Pollux and was very excited. Managed to max its skill and evolve it.

End of the week, decided to spend my 15 diamonds and draw 3 more cards - 3 more pollux. FML. Thanks Madhead.

The funny thing is that my avatar has always been a Pollux -_-

On a side note, is there a way i can use these 4 pollux?

Damn you. I was supposed to get one of those but you hogged it.

Kidding aside, no other use for it unless you want a defensive God deck.

[Image: 9XNjD4.gif]
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Same here , my pkod is waiting to be fired

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
I drew Elizabeth followed by Novalis, Pisces, Tulschza, Jack, Beowulf all in a row!

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LF: Freyr/Carrie/Pisces/Mark-II/ML/Lisa/Hades allies - 23005707 (PR Daji max skill/level, amel 3)

LF: Freyr/Carrie/Pisces/Elizabeth/Apollo/Belle allies - 22998865 (max level/amel freyr/apollo)

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