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Poll: Should Saviour's League be nerfed?
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Saviour's League is bad for game balance. Please nerf them now.
3 37.50%
Those noobs? They need a buff if anything.
2 25.00%
Saviour's league is fine, it's just Gary who needs a nerf.
3 37.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Saviours League OP! Plz nerf!
Saviours League is looking for a couple of new recruits. Do you think you have what it takes? 

About us: we're maxed level so you'll get maximum gold, xp and leveling bonuses.
The leadership group each have well over 3 years of activity and there are plenty of other experienced players to bounce ideas off of. 
We have an active Line channel to keep guild members informed and organised. 
We have fluffy kittens and rainbows and stuff as well.

About you: you're probably sick of carrying the other slackers in your guild during events and sick of having to do all the heavy lifting to get max rewards. 
You've got a pretty good collection with one or more end-game decks. 
You're fun to be around - we don't let arseholes in the clubhouse! 

Sounds good, right? You'll be expected to contribute fairly during guild events, but other than that we just like to have a few laughs.

PM me if you're interested. No time wasters or tyre kickers [Image: emoji3.png] 

Come...come join us..
We are all fluffy and cuddly

Im not fluffy... :C
But I approve, this guild is awesome. ^^

[Image: 6nabheze.png]
 69531602                                      Saviors League (Lv17) looking for members
We are at level 17 providing the following benefits to members:
1. 30% Coins Bonus
2. 30% Exp Bonus
3. 12% Lv.Up Bonus
4. A guaranteed Maxed slvl Guild Event card and other rewards from every new GE
Our Guild ID: 1557
We are looking for about 10 recruits. 
What are you waiting for? Be one of us! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
9 more slots available!
Shameless bump
Requirement for entry:
800 points for guild event.
[Image: help-wanted.png]
We got slots. a few for brave people.
[Image: 6nabheze.png]
 69531602                                      Saviors League (Lv17) looking for members
We are level 18 and recruiting!

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