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Post pictures of historic/fictional characters you wish to see in TOS!
Guan Yu
Race: Human
Element: Earth
[Image: 2858639-guan_yu.jpeg]

Race: God
Attribute: Fire
[Image: FFX_aeon_Ifrit.jpg]

IGN: Glutton
ID: 12, 459, 806
Active ally: "Dual-maxed" allies
Looking for allies: "Dual-maxed" allies
Knights of the round table of course

[Image: attachment.php?s=272a7efb0c241fe256f8cf8...1231367251]

[Image: 2YvGEcU.png]

[A]Seergaze ID: 21711232 LOOKING FOR ALLIES ADD ME!

yes romance of 3 kingdoms!
liubei: human, fire
guanyu: human, earth
zhangfei: human, water
zhu geliang: human, light
caocao: human, dark

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Allies: VR Poseidon, PR Phanes 
User ID: 71633442
Ronteque -The Neverending Thread Maker
Race: beast
Element: water
[Image: 357g809.jpg]
[Image: kq57vpk]
It looks more like a leaf than a feather, the previous ones looked better too lol. too lazy to care so...

click THIS and THIS if you wanna see my previous sig
Bell and Athena. Looking for Circe/Bell/Athena/Freyja ally
Quote:Ronteque -The Neverending Thread Maker


For someone I knew one of the first recommendations would be Romance of the Three Kingdoms before I clicked the thread. Humorously Lu Bu is already in the game so I guess he's out though.

Knights of the round table could be cool. Arthur as a SM boss. Tongue

There's plenty of god material - Hindu is a big one that isn't in here yet or traditional Japanese gods to go along with the youkai. If MH wants to be a little more wild(think Blood Fiends or Cyborg Scholars, Blood Fiends) so can probably do something a bit wilder, like Native American totem spirits/gods(Coyote would be fun to see) or Russian folktale stuff(Baba Yaga!).

[Image: RgAijcT.png]
Race: Beast
Element: Fire

[Image: SAZHBVo.png]
Baba Yaga
Race: Fiend
Element: Earth
ID: 29,237,346

Main Ally: All Max Daji

Guild Ally: All Max SSS

Other Allies(on request): 
All Max: Stolas/Pisces/Capricorn/Libra/Leo/Ursula/Novalis/Dagon/Cthugha/Kejorou
Level Max/PR'd: Faugn IV/Lisa/Inanna/Namtar/Astaroth IV/Sagittarius II/Douman Ashiya/Artemis IV/Nezha III
IV Ducks/Dogs: Water/Earth/Light

Will add low level users.
I vote for ROTK.
And please finish the 72 demons.
The Owls intructor need to be playable.

damn, take your pick, even deng ai looks like beowulf
Said this before already, I want King Arthur and the Knights of the round table.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
Mickey mouse and friends
[Image: 7b98b781.jpg]
Id : 42,640,740

i want cute animals
UID: 67110025
fiends are love, fiends are life. 
[Image: 100?cb=20141219124656]

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