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Oriceles Meta Analysis [14.3] + Leader Tier list 15-01-2018
Why PR Loki (not even VR) is in the A Rank?

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(12-07-2017, 08:33 AM)Nihilus Wrote: Why PR Loki (not even VR) is in the A Rank?

its clearly vr loki
check dark icon

(12-07-2017, 08:33 AM)Nihilus Wrote: Why PR Loki (not even VR) is in the A Rank?

dude, did u even pr your dudes

if there is a icon in the top left of the picture then its a vr

compare [Image: 100?cb=20140622093216] with [Image: 100?cb=20151005092527]

ID: 54962818

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(12-07-2017, 12:02 AM)jtsmith Wrote:
(12-06-2017, 08:50 PM)Revdarian Wrote: Problem with putting off color or off race members with Daoloth is that your recovery will suffer as your beasts and dragons stop getting the +400rec bonus, but if you don't need that then sure mix and match.

This reminds me of the old dragons and beasts teams that had high hp and no rcr.  Basically they were unusable.

Same reason Suzuko and Spiritual civilization are never used as leaders haha
Last week ultimate stage was tailored for  Novalis and all the members that substract attack from the team or don't allow the rest of the members to attack. Yet this was the way to showcase Azathot performance. Water teams were on spotlight too mainly because of the premium card [Image: 1098i.png] Grand Yamato Takeru that allowed the A-tier to conquer the ultimate stage with ease.

You can also watch Charles Lim channel on YouTube for many other clears of Total Destruction Ultimate stage:

In other news Lancelot has been quite popular as leader on this week arena because he can easily place some other boosted knights: Tristan, Gawain, Gareth and Bedivere, all of them were easy to get during Scroll of Knights seal.

The new bi-weekly card Belphegor was released, you can check my comments about it on the main post.
Mmm. It was made for Novalis, but basically any team with enough damage and capacity to put in demons or centralize damage could clear. Don't even know if MH was expecting people to remember a card like Takeru existed. A pretty easy SM, nice breather before QTD this week.

How can you say the stats on Belphegor are great? They're pretty bad (only about 200 more total than Cyprian and Blair once maxed and not well distributed) and his active is so situational. I was hoping for something more on the level of Haunted Objects, but he's not giving me any hope for the rest of his series. Their names have been revealed in the stages as Leviathan, Mammon, and Baal (Probably not the same as Rider Baal).

I still think Fthaggua is meh. I don't have Nobu though, so maybe this is exactly what that team needed and I'm just ignorant.

And the tiers hmmm. It's your thread, but I do wish we had a way of doing this that was more egalitarian.
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That Baal must be the brother of Belial in the Lore. A 5* demon with 1.8k hp and 1.9k atk is decent if you ask me, now if he was 6* I'd say he is below the average. I was expecting a lot as well since the original Belphegor is one of my favorite demons since he is one of the seven prince of hell. Also Monster Strike Belphegor is one of my waifu's, specially on ascension.

As for Fthaggua, I tried the stage 5 times, failed miserably on the last attempt because I couldn't burst the 60m, I didn't want to revive for the harpy or this card becuse I also don't have Nobunaga, and I think dragon teams are ok right now without him.

Well I'm open to discussions and suggestions about the tiers, I changed some of them based on what was discussed on Facebook during the day the thread was posted. My main concern is based on what can we do with the cards and how easy is to pass new content with them compared to others.
Stars are not a practical context in which you can really measure a card's usefulness though, because they have no standardized correlation to anything. Even team cost, which I'd say is more valid an excuse for a card having bad stats, is not really relevant to an extent. What matters for members is how they stand in comparison to other cards in terms of effectiveness within a given team.

For example: in wider earth mono usage, Belphegor loses out to Shu immediately in terms of both stats and effectiveness, as Shu's active works for electrified runes and weathered runes as well as weakened, on top of not having any chance of destroying attacking runes. So Belphegor has no place. In earth monodemon, VR Belle is an even more efficient board hazard clear with the ability to neutralize effectively any altered rune, including stuff like magma runes and permanent frozen, so again, Belphegor is suboptimal. With Chinese YTers and streamers I've seen them comparing the stats of all cards under the same attribute and race, because these are what matter. The attribute, the race, whether another card does something better than this one. What matters is that this card is competing for a slot in the team that other cards could fill. It doesn't matter what the stars are because that will never come into play in the game itself with the majority of teams. At most, they'll introduce a gimmick opposite Khaos's where 5* cards and below get stat buffs, but even then, there will probably be better team members than this card.

You could and do say, if you don't have those cards then this one might work, but this game isn't like Hearthstone or something where having the card is all there is to it. It's irresponsible to encourage newbies to train cards like this which are not only undervalued on release, but also have little chance of improving in future patches for a long time, and thus have no long term value. Not good now and little chance to be good later. That cards have to be invested in with resources that are limited and require work to obtain means it's important to weed out the ones that are at least obviously useless so people won't waste their time and effort with them and then be frustrated when they find they can't fit it into a team because it's at no point what they actually need, that they have better cards, that their stat total is suffering from including this card.

Personal feelings should be cast aside, you're trying to help people decide what's worth it and what isn't. That half of your justification is saying "Well, I like other things that are named for this card," shows that you know that the card itself has no value. So just say that. It has little to no value. It isn't the only card of that kind.
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One of the most effective team to include fthaggua.
Lost counts, may be 3~5billions.

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The SM pretty much also favored OoD and Daoloth/Ghroth teams.
Easier to sacrifice dupe L/A slots than members if you absolutely need to include 3 or more demons. Daoloth teams have advantage of high enough HP to take the 30k hit. Ghroth teams have demon leaders and a fusion member.  

Hard to say how the new/updated leaders perform on stages that aren't totally catering to their strengths though. The stage seemed to be comparatively easy as long as you had a way to deal with hellfire. 

Belphagor... he would be better if he didn't target weakening runes, considering you can pretty much just get rid of them by conversion/enchantment. They don't really require explosion, like electrified runes do.
At least you can guilt free skip his biweekly and spend your stamina prepping for QTD, lmao.
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