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Old user needs assistance :)
It's been probably 2 years.

Got bored and decided to play ToS again. Things have certainly changed. Turns out I have 120 diamonds before I quit.

So I managed to pull Azathoth and Daoloth.

However I can't remember which stages drop their skill mats (i.e. Chthonian the Land Dweller). 

Many thanks.

[Image: output_W6m_OG0.gif]
You can buy those in shop. And even buy WFE and trade them to LD. And in black hole ofc.

Same just came back after 3 years it seems so different now

It looks like it's really easy to obtain exp boosters and level up stuff lol

[Image: 6793abdd.jpg]
those feeders can be obtained on the current bi-weekly stages, you can also get them on black hole and trade them if needed on trade foretress.

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