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Login Problem
Same here. I havent been able to login for the first time since the login system was introduced years ago. I couldnt login since the server hit midnight even though i can play stages, do other dailies, etc.

I couldn’t log in at home this morning, WiFi or data. Then it was ok on my work WiFi. Figured they fixed it. Now I’m home and can’t log in. No idea how that works...

For those still having this issue, you can play the game on bluestacks but its quite difficult to play with a mouse. If anything just log in for the daily login rewards/missions until they do something to fix it. I haven't tried a vpn yet but I'll give it a go.

UID: 20,748,968
Permanent VR Athena looking for all. Feel free to add me!
It's said that the problem will be solved by 9 pm today and you can access the game normally after that.
ID: 21218485
Okay, so I know this is fixed now (barring some lag issues), but I wanted to post on VPN usage and Android. I know there are apps that will do everything for you, but I have a personal issue with using an app for something built in to android, not to mention the ones that charge, require signing up, or displays ads. Built in to just about every android device this game works on is a VPN client. On most, it's in settings under more networks. Go to to find servers. The login and password is vpn (lowercase). You'll probably want to find one that uses IPSec as that is about the only option in my VPN settings. Enter the information provided and you should be good to go. It also looks like the server is always available. I logged on to the server yesterday and downloaded all 2871 files that it requires on a new install (even though it's only 20 MB) and played a little. Today, I just tried logging in and checking if the server was still active at the same address, and it was. Just some info for those that don't want another app on their phone.

(Click on the link in the IPSec section for help in adding the server. Supposed to work for iPhone as well, but I didn't test).

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