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[Guide+Theorycraft]Draconomicon - Return of the Servants (Updating Soon!)
[Image: 20px-InvDragon.png]DRACONOMICON[Image: 20px-InvDragon.png]

A guide about dragons
For a more concise Dragon guide, please click this link
Currently encompassing 49 species of pure destruction!
Last updated: 14.03.2015

[Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-043i.png][Image: 60px-339i.png][Image: 60px-591i.png][Image: 60px-232i.png][Image: 60px-571i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-8021i.png][Image: 60px-651i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061700&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-046i.png][Image: 60px-340i.png][Image: 60px-151i.png][Image: 60px-642i.png][Image: 60px-234i.png][Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-449i.png][Image: 60px-652i.png][Image: 60px-662i.png][Image: 60px-667i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20150522143428&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20150604093509&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-049i.png][Image: 60px-341i.png][Image: 60px-643i.png][Image: 60px-236i.png][Image: 60px-573i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20150622085007&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60px-8023i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-052i.png][Image: 60px-342i.png][Image: 60px-238i.png][Image: 60px-574i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20151022141245&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20150223061702&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-055i.png][Image: 60px-343i.png][Image: 60px-160i.png][Image: 60px-240i.png][Image: 60px-575i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-665i.png][Image: 60px-670i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061703&path-prefix=zh]

Icons are no longer clickable. Thanks for the bloody overhaul, Madhead! However, there's another clickable easter egg to find. Search for your convenience.


  • Introduction to Dragons
  • Unleashing the Primitive Force
  • Ways to Destruction
  • DR&D&RD: Draconic Research and Development and Records Division

LAST UPDATE: Added PR Nidhogg, Jabanero and Shub-Niggurath
NEXT UPDATE: PR Spiritors speculated!

> Introduction to Dragons <

My fellow dragon lords and dames, and future aspiring tamers and summoners, as the high mage of the Ethereals and loyal servant to the Devourer, I bring great tidings for you, for the Draconomicon is still updating! Let's start with familiarizing you to your summons. The spirits that are under your control are mighty and indomitable, able to take the toughest hit from the enemy and survive to strike them back, taking them down under assault claws and wings.
Dragons are known to have the highest HP, a very good ATK, although it comes with the tradeoff of low REC. Summoning these massive spirits of destruction also taxes the summoner heavily, so that rookie summoner might not be able to handle them due to their relatively high Team Cost.
Dragon summoners gain access to
  • Many destructive continuous bursts
  • Actives that ignore defenses
  • Screen-wipes or multi-target nukes
  • A powerful shield
  • Life leech, unique to dragons
  • Percentage healings, unique to dragons
  • HP multiplier, adding to their massive HP block
  • Up to 900% ATK multiplier

However, before we start with the Draconomicon, I would like readers to read previous scriptures from the days of old, written by a wise draconic overlord. Legend says that he's still around, hidden in plain sight, judging us all with eyes of the watcher. Draconomicon draws heavy reference from these scriptures, and I recommend you to read them beforehand.
Lexicon Dracopaediae Stratagem Omniscientus
Dracomancy: The Five Deadly Summons

> Unleashing the Primitive Force <

To unleash most of the latent draconic force of the Ethereal plane, summoners must be prepared to sacrifice 5 diamonds in a ritual of unsealing.
Most dragon cards are to be obtained in diamond seal draws.
But some chose to eschew this path of luxury and seeked high and low to find their champion. Once they find a dragon, they battle them again and again and again...and again, until finally the dragon understoods the will of these summoners and show subservience under their command. Those who do are worthy to be called dragon tamers.
Some dragon cards can be obtained through farming, some can only be exclusively obtained in special battles in the Lost Relic.
Those who seek to empower their summons seek for exotic beasts and sentient crystalline monsters to be used in rituals that may transcend their summoned avatars and appease the respective Ethereals, allowing them to summon the higher form of their dragons.
All Dragons require Crystal Eggs and its higher tiers for evolution. These Crystal Eggs are available through Gem Searching Day, which restricts Fire runestones. They have a very high defence, so attempt combat only when you are strong enough.
When their summons finally reach peak form, dragon lords and dames would want to seek blessings from the wise Snake. When you find it, before disappearing to the Ethereal plane, it will bless your selected champion, releasing its inner power and reshaping it into its true form, but not before you conquer a gauntlet of challenge.
Some Dragons can now be Power Released since version 6.0, and to do so requires the card Mosasaur. It can be obtained in events or for 50 keys in the Guild Black Hole.
Some Dragons can also absorb the soul of their fallen enemies, allowing them to become much stronger and faster with every soul absorbed.
Power Released Dragons can also be Ameliorated with souls, improving their skills and adding benefits.

> Ways to Destruction <

Now that we have brushed through the basics, we will get into the art of summoning. Dragon summoners by now have well understood that although the combinations might be unlimited, there are some summoning combinations that might be far deadlier than the others.
First, if a Draconic force chose you as their conduit during your first summoning attempt, which means your first draw, you will be bestowed with one of these titles, depending on your summons. Heed to those titles with pride, or cast it away when it doesn't suit you. But remember, cast away a draconic blessing and you may never be blessed again. You will have to choose.
Many dragons are better at first draw than others. If you like or deem that card fitting, take it and wear the title proudly. If you aren't good with the card, you can reset your client and attempt another draw and hope the draconic force is still with you.


-Harbinger of Fervor/Supremacy/Ire You have summoned the draconic avatar of elemental wrath. You will endure the most intense harm and retaliate with renewed vigor.
> Dagon the Deep Dictator/Cthugha the Fierce Heritor/Byakhee the Cosmic Beserker
You have a great first draw! Other than attack bonuses, they provide a good recovery to all your dragons, drastically increasing survivability. Late game, the recovery turns from constant into a percentage, allows you to heal the most when you're at your last drop of health.
-Harbinger of Annihilation You have summoned the draconic avatar of darkness. You will harness and corrupt the essence of life itself to turn it into the bane of your enemies.
> Faugn the Dread Devourer
You have an excellent first draw! Other than attack bonuses, Faugn provides a good recovery to all your dragons, drastically increasing survivability. Late game, Heart runes turns partially into Dark runestones, allowing devastating Dark elemental attack, especially combined with Novalis.
-Harbinger of Domination You have summoned the draconic avatar of light. The power of light pulses within you, as with all dragons you command..
> Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer
You have a great first draw! Other than attack bonuses, Tulzscha provides a good recovery to all your dragons, drastically increasing survivability. Late game, his attack multiplier is strengthened, allowing higher constant damage.
-Squire of the Dragon Union You have been enlisted as the aide to the future dragon queen. Your dragons will be bolstered into devastating agents of destruction.
> Dragoness - Ursula
You have an excellent first draw! Ursula is one of the core cards to create massive bursts for the standard Dragon deck. Her lifesteal is an excellent option for early survivability, and she is a very good card either as leader or member.
-Herald of Fiery Soul You have submitted to the draconic princess of fire. Flame scorches wherever you go and the power to summon fiery doom.
> Dragoness - Agatha
You have a complex first draw! Agatha is one of the tankier converters in Fire decks which provides attack bonuses when ameliorated. Her leader skills gives you devastating attack ratio, however requires you to dissolve a lot of runestones at once.
-Protector of Emerald Scales You have abided to the natural side of dragons. You are sworn to protect your kin and their presence strengthens your bulwark.
> Dragoness - Barbara
You have a complex first draw! Although rarely used, Barbara is a staple ally to Nidhogg decks, where it can help you to survive devastating attacks.
-Watcher of the Light You have chose to walk the path of judgment. You will cull those who are weak and protect those who are deemed worthy.
> Dragon Follower - Honor
You have a decent first draw! Honor is the only offensive Light Fight Mode converter in the entire game, although while it's staple in Light decks, it's barely used in pure Dragon decks. However, it converts from Heart to Light, where it can be converted into Dark runestones, a staple combo in Nidhogg decks.
-Servant to the Dark Throne You have given your loyalty to the prince of dragons. Your kins will bow down and serve you and death and destruction to your enemy will follow suit.
> Dragon Follower - Novalis
You have an excellent first draw! Novalis is the core component of standard Dragon decks due to his capability of absorbing all the dragon's attack, making it a technical mono dark deck. Combined with Faugn as a leader and Ursula as a follower, the standard dragon combo can deal lethal damage without hesitation. As a leader it can be challenging to play, but it will give you the runespinning skill unlike any other.
-Messenger to the Ocean You have sworn fealty to the hidden king of the ocean. Gods and dragons bow down to your will, and the essence of water itself is at your command.
> Ao Guang the Lord of the Dragon
You have an excellent first draw! Ao Guang is one of the members of the a really rare circle of cards. The multiplier provided by his leader skill is devastating with the right set of cards, and as a water Dragon leader or follower he does excellent as a mass converter.
-Omen of Burning Bloodshed You have become the herald to the spirit of warfare. Whenever you go, fiery destruction and scorched earth follows.
> Seth the Deity of Warfare
You have an excellent first draw! Its leader skill is able to amplify active skills, and while it can be used as a mono fire deck, it can also be use in a mono Fire Dragon deck with boosted active and multiplier due to the draconic race of Fire sniper cards, while still maintaining decent recovery with Cthugha.
-Omen of Thundery Typhoons You have become the herald to the spirit of malevolent weather. Wherever you go, windy storms follow in your wake, shrouding the land in darkness and drought.
> Shu the Dragon of Tempest
You have a great first draw! Shu is better used as leaders to a mono-green sniper team, at late game effective against Water and Light targets, however as a follower his HP is massive and his active skill can function as a pseudo-converter, perfect for mono green Dragons.
-One Guarded by Clouds You have been chosen as the vessel of the ancient dragon god of the sea. You are well-attuned to the deities and dragons alike.
> Kukulkan the Sturdy Guardian
You have a great first draw! Kukulkan provides hefty multiplier to Gods and Dragons in the team, while providing a situational defence breaker active. Although overshadowed by Faugn, in case of mono Water Dragon composition or anything beyond 15k health, Kukulkan will pierce through their ranks easily.
-One Spared from the Slaughter You are chosen as the vessel of the ancient dragon demon of brutality. The ground you step on is never safe from fiendish forces and you will be the lone survivor in the field of massacre.
> Haughty Stray - Piasa
You have a great first draw! Piasa provides a constant shield as long as you dissolve fire runes, and while there's a hefty amount of converters in Fire dragons, this will provide a useful addition in certain stages.
-One Who Sees Life You are chosen as the vessel of the ancient dragon god who lays dormant until revived.
> Rescuscitated Artifact - Pilatus
You have a great first draw! Although not entirely a Dragon leader, the card provides hefty multiplier to Gods and Dragons alike. It's active skill is useful since it provides a flat boost, while nullifying recovery doesn't have a great impact in most dragon decks.
-One Born to Rule You have become the vessel of sheer draconic force, contender to other heirs to dragonkind. Amassing powers through skill will yield devastating attacks
> Sinful Dictator - Wawel
You have an excellent first draw! Although hard to use for new players, when you can chain up better combos Wawel's attack multiplier becomes stronger. It's active allows recovering HP in a pinch.



Archimandrite of Water/Ao Guang the Dragon King/Ao Guang the Lord of Dragon/Salamander Golem/Dragoness-Agatha/Inferno Melog/Dragon Maleficent/Dragon Follower-Honor/Evil Gargoyle Golem/Nightfall Melog/Nightfall Combatant
Dagon the Deep Dictator/Cthugha the Fierce Heritor/Inferno Combatant/Byakhee the Cosmic Beserker/Nightfall Combatant
Dragoness-Ursula/Chernabog/Rescuscitated Artifact-Pilatus/Dragon Follower-Novalis/Sinful Dictator-Wawel
Haughty Stray-Piasa/Dragoness-Barbara/Nidhogg Lord of the Undead
Hydrometallic Dragon Nelaros/Icetoragon/Combative Whale Monstro/Pyrometallic Dragon Isolde/Metablaze/Deity of Warfare Seth/Bellicose Wings Vouivre/Terrametallic Dragon Curtis/Govindasaur/Shu Dragon of Tempest/Luminometallic Dragon Terenas/Luminosaurus/Protometallic Dragon Uranus/Noctimetallic Dragon Lyrium/Phantomasaur
Kukulkan the Sturdy Guardian/Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer/Faugn the Dread Devourer


Here are the leader skills and the actual effects, disregarding elements due to Dragon's tribal nature. The leader skills listed here are only from 4 star to 6 star cards and unique to Dragons.

1. Dragon Fury 250%ATK multiplier
> Qinglong the Sage of the East/Chernabog/Furious Lizard King
2.5xATK Multiplier. Simple, but usually used in conjunction with lifesteal, or when supported with enough recovery, forgoes 4xATK to 5xATK multiplier.
2. Howling Dragon 2.5xATK multiplier, +200ATK bonus
> Qinglong the Prime King
An improved version of Dragon Fury, only available to one card in the game. A decent improvement.
3. Dragon King Rage/Ire 2/3xATK multiplier, also affects Gods
> Ao Guang the Dragon King/Ao Guang the Lord of Dragons
Due to the rarity of God-Dragon fusion decks, Ao Guang is rarely the leader of any deck.
4. Dragon's Breath/Drops 1.5/2xATK multiplier, +120/150REC bonus
> Dragon of the Misty Side/Dagon the Sire of Deep Ones/Dragon of the Fiery Side/Cthugha the Flared Demon/Dragon of the Starry Side/Byakhee the Interstellar Being/Dragon of the Holy Side/Tulzscha the Gaseous Form/Dragon of the Dark Side/Faugn the Horror from the Hills
One of the bread-and-butter skill for any dragon deck. Adds significant recovery, where combined with their actives could actually kill overheal bosses.
5. Pulse of Dragons 25xATK multiplier, +200REC bonus
> Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer
No, this Pulse does not add Dragon HP, but it's a souped up version of it's previous skill. Allows running 625% dragon teams.
6. Prestige of Dragons 2xATK multiplier, heals 2% missing HP per heart runes per Dragons in team, healing up to 36% with 3 heart runes in a full dragon team. Adds total REC of each Dragons to its own ATK.
> Dagon the Deep Dictator/Cthugha the Fierce Heritor/Byakhee the Cosmic Beserker
Combined with the fact that the three of them are heart converters, these is strong enough to fully counteract any nonlethal damage, Nidhogg bites and poisons. It might seem defensive, but the fact that it converts extra REC to ATK makes it devastating when combined with Pulse or Amulet of Dragons.
7. Amulet of Dragons 2xATK multiplier, +200REC bonus, dissolving Heart Runes is treated as dissolving 50% Dark Runes
> Faugn the Dread Devourer
Allows Heart Runes to be dissolved as ammo for Novalis, combined with the fact that there are 3 Heart converters in the Dragon team.
8. Bloodthirsty Dragon/Dragon King/Dragon King - EX 1.5/2/2.5xATK multiplier, 5/5/10% Dragon damage is converted into healing with a maximum cap of 50% of the team's MAX HP.
> Dragon Spiritor-Water/Dragoness-Ursula/Dragon Spiritor-Earth/Dragoness-Barbara
In short, lifesteal.
9. Fangs of the Dragon 1.5xATK multiplier, becomes 3xATK multiplier when dissolving 6 runestones of the any colour, excluding Heart runestones.
> Dragon Spiritor-Fire/Dragoness-Agatha/Dragon Spiritor-Dark/Dragon Follower-Novalis
Adds massive damage bonus while eschewing recovery bonuses, but only if the player dissolves 6 runestones of any colour
10. Claws of the Dragon 3ATK multiplier when dissolving 6 runestones of any colour.
> Dragon Spiritor-Light/Dragon Follower-Honour
It is the carbon copy of Emerging of the Dragon, but with reduced 150%ATK multiplier, but also includes dissolving Heart runestones.
11. Ally/Oath of Blood 3/3.5xATK multiplier, 2xHP multiplier, deals damage to self by 10%HP per turn.
> Nidhogg Lord of the Undead/Nidhogg, Corpse of Ragnarok
The infamous Nidhogg bites, also the highest stable ATK multiplier and the only HP multiplier for Dragons. Please do not attempt to use Dual Nidhogg leaders.
12. Barbican/Screens 50% reduced respective elemental damage, 30% reduced damage from another/two other element.
> Icigon/Crystalgon/Flamisaur/Metablaze/Armorode/Govindasaur/Lightigon/Luminosaurus/Decapator/Phantomasaur
Allows grinding through hard-hitting decks, provided your team have enough recovery.
12. Critical/Fatal/Deadly Hit Chance to deal bonus damage, chance increased on critical HP Threshold
> Hydrometallic Dragon Nelaros/Pyrometallic Dragon Isolde/Terrametallic Dragon Curtis/Luminometallic Dragon Terenas/Protometallic Dragon Uranus/Noctimetallic Dragon Lyrium
Do you trust your luck? Grants insane damage when the multiplier strikes. Lower HP increases chance to deal more damage.
13. Whizzing Dragon Gods&Dragons only, 2.5xATK multiplier. Dissolving leader element and heart gives 40% chance of 2xATK multiplier.
> Kukulkan the Sturdy Guardian/Pilatus the Rescuscitated Artifact
Newly designed multiplier. Does it work only with Dragons? Tests impending.
4. Dreadful Breath of Dragons 125%ATK per combo when your team consists of only Dragons
> Sinful Dictator - Wawel
Dragon-based combo boost. Provides very high damage when done with proper runespinning.


1. Will to Live You gain an increasing ATK bonus the lower your health is, as much as 150% to 200% ATK multiplier. Max multiplier depends on the number of Ethereal Dragons in your team.
> 3 or more 5* Ethereal Dragons in team. Card rarity must be consistent.

2. Will to Live - EX You gain an increasing ATK bonus the lower your health is, up to 200% ATK multiplier.
> 3 6* Ethereal Dragons in team. Card rarity must be consistent.

2. The Best Offense Gives 10%ATK bonus per Defensive Dragons in the team.
> 3 or more 5* Defensive Dragons in team.

3. Avatar of the Spiritor Gives 30%ATK to an Ethereal Dragon and its respective Spiritor. Bonus will only apply to one set of affected cards.
> The Spiritor is the Leader/Ally, and same-element 5* Ethereal Dragon is in the team.

4. Herald of the Ethereal Gives 30%ATK to an Ethereal Dragon and its respective Spiritor. Bonus will only apply to one set of affected cards.
> The Spiritor and same-element 6* Ethereal Dragon is in the same team.

5. Dragon King's Consort Gives 30% bonus ATK and 30% bonus HP to an Ethereal Dragon and its respective Spiritor. Bonus will only apply to one set of affected cards.
> The 7* Dragoness - Ursula/Dragoness - Barbara and their same-element 6* Ethereal Dragon is in the same team.

6. Fortification of Fire Gives 300% bonus REC to 6* Cthugha. Bonus will only apply to one set of affected cards.
> The 7* Dragoness - Agatha and 6* Cthugha is in the same team.

7. Energized Scales Allows Combine Skill: Self attribute, weaker attribute and heart are converted to enchanted self attribute and column below is also converted.
> The 7* Dragoness - Agatha/Dragon Follower - Honor and their same-element 6* Ethereal Dragon is in the same team

8. Rejuvenating Scales Allows Combine Skill: Water and heart are converted to self attribute and 50% of Earth or Dragon cards HP will be recovered.
> The 7* Dragoness - Barbara and the same-element 6* Ethereal Dragon is in the same team

9. By Fang and Claw Active skill of 6* Ethereal Dragon is permanently reduced by 3 and both affected cards gain 20% bonus HP. Only one set of card is affected.
> The 7* Dragon Follower - Honor / Dragon Follower Novalis and their same-element 6* Ethereal Dragon is in the same team

10. Bloodlust Damage dealt by 5* Defensive Dragon or 6* Metallic Dragon active skill restores 10% of said damage to HP.
> Nidhogg Lord of the Undead 7* is the leader.  

11. Primal Force Transform each of 7* Nidhogg's and Barbara's leader skill into Earth Dragon and Beast's ATK * 3.5, HP *1.5, deduct 5% of team HP per turn. 10% of damage dealt by Dragon and Beast will become recovery (does not include active), to the max of 60% of total HP. (Cannot stack); If the resultant recovery exceed total HP, for every 10%, convert 1 rune to Earth rune after the turn, to the max of 5. (Cannot stack).
> Nidhogg Lord of the Undead 7* is the leader/ally and Dragoness - Barbara 7* is the leader/ally, and the team only consists of Earth Dragons and Beasts.  

12. Burst of Vitality Dissolving Hearts activates 100% Leader Element's attack.
> Either Kukulkan the Sturdy Guardian, Haughty Stray-Piasa or Rescuscitated Artifact-Pilatus must be both Leader and Ally.  

So let's start with the combinations.

1. Dragon Summons
[Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]
[Image: 60px-160i.png]
[Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-571i.png][Image: 60px-160i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-575i.png][Image: 60px-665i.png][Image: 60px-670i.png]
The bread and butter Spiritors deck. Due to the current power level, it is outdated, but its reliability and destruction strength through most of the stages is undoubtable.
PROS:Up to 750%ATK multiplier, great bursts, life drain recovery, is able to break through high-DEF-low-HP enemies, boosted damage through Ethereal-Spiritor link.
CONS:May encounter problem with enchanted shields, poison, HP reapers, below-average HP. Not newbie-friendly since 6 runes must be dissolved for maximum damage.

2. Ethereal Dragon Summons
[Image: 60px-575i.png]+[Image: 60px-575i.png]OR[Image: 60px-595i.png]OR[Image: 60?cb=20150223061703&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-571i.png]
[Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60px-573i.png][Image: 60px-160i.png][Image: 60px-665i.png][Image: 60px-670i.png]
An improved version of the old Novalis-Ursula combo with Heart-Dark conversion. Much stabler recovery and easier access to attack materials. Ally might be replaced with another universal multiplier, in this case Daji, because heart conversion may allow the biggest bonus related to her active skill. Wawel also works as a lesser replacement to Daji, however it's Dragon HP allows tankier composition which might be needed to survive certain stages.
PROS:Even deadlier burst, high recovery, easier to take care of enchanted enemies due conversion, is able to break through high-DEF-low-HP enemies, boosted damage through Ethereal-Spiritor link. With the release of the Nightfall units Faugn decks can possibly run two bursts  with Ursula due to one fused card having two active converter skill.
CONS:Runs only 400%ATK bonus in exchange for +400REC per dragon, weak against poison and HP reapers, can be highly multicolour.

3. Serpents from the Deep
[Image: 60px-414i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]OR[Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]OR[Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-571i.png]
[Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png][Image: 60px-571i.png]
[Image: 60px-8021i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-591i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061700&path-prefix=zh]
Mono-water dragons. High pool of HP, destructive ATK and 2 recovery options of life-drain or percentile heal makes things easier.
PROS:Mono gameplay, multiple bursts, a choice of healing mechanism depending on the enemy, fast or big conversions available. Now is equipped with a defense piercer.
CONS:Burst not as big as Dark-Water fusion, making it less reliable for 1-turn-CrescendoEX.

4. Emerald Wrath
[Image: 60?cb=20150622085007&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]OR[Image: 60?cb=20150622085007&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60px-573i.png]
[Image: 60px-8023i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60px-573i.png]
[Image: 60px-049i.png][Image: 60px-643i.png][Image: 60px-236i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20151116122925&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20140825144314&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20150522143430&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]
Mono-Earth dragons. Insane amount of HP, destructive ATK and 2 recovery options of life-drain or percentile heal, while still having a lot more defensive measures. Indestructible. Now it is possible to put in Beast members as long as Nidhogg allies with Barbara, allowing a slightly different, and yet a playstyle as destructive as its monorace counterpart.
PROS:Mono gameplay, up to 1225%ATK multiplier, an unbelievable amount of HP, percentile or drain healing, 60% shield. Also functions as a high-power grinding deck, tanking up to 100k damage with defensive countermeasures up. Able to burst with a risky boost, either by PR Nidhogg or Pilatus but negated due to Dragon's healing mechanism.
CONS:Highest team cost in the whole Draconomicon as it includes 2 SM cards, hard to level up in terms of skill cooldown, burst not as strong as with Novalis.

5. Emberdrakes
[Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]OR[Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60px-449i.png]OR[Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60px-642i.png]OR[Image: 60?cb=20150604093509&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60px-642i.png]
[Image: 60px-151i.png][Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20150604093509&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-642i.png][Image: 60px-449i.png][Image: 60px-662i.png][Image: 60px-667i.png][Image: 60px-652i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh]
Mono-Fire dragons. You will never run out of Fire runes with converters and board-clearing skill available for this team. Incinerates the enemy with consistent bursts throughout the game.
PROS:Mono gameplay, up to 900%ATK multiplier, multiple converters, boosted actives when using Seth as leader, percentile healing. Due to the new addition of the farmable Vouivre, this deck might also specialize in snipes in specific stages. Seth's massive multiplier and the availability of quick converters such as the Melog renders this deck quick to get back on its feet. Abundance of converter and availability of an indefinite shield gives an elevated level of tankiness as long as you dissolve fire runes.
CONS:No massive bursts, average HP when without shields, not newbie-friendly since 6 runes must be dissolved for maximum damage.

6. Insatiable Darkness
[Image: 60?cb=20140619030630&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20150223061703&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60?cb=20141125120031&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]
[Image: 60?cb=20140618182925&path-prefix=zh]
Mono dark Dragon deck. Lacks bursts, however is capable of piercing through mobs with extreme defences, by skill or brute force.
PROS:Combo boosted ATK multiplier, effective against high defences, decent healing, possible lifesteal. Activating Novalis works as a defence piercer and removes risks against Hellfire mobs. Nightfall Combatant functions as two offensive converters and a defensive converter due to Heart-Dark conversion.
CONS:Less than average recovery, no effective bursts, weak against enemies that requires multiple hits.

7. The Unholy Trinity
[Image: 60px-575i.png][Image: 60px-571i.png][Image: 60px-573i.png][Image: 60?cb=20151221091450&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp][Image: 60?cb=20151221091449&path-prefix=zh&format=webp]
Three team of Spiritors from the underworld. The dark prince. The empress of the deep. The mistress of the dead. Endless possibilities.
PROS:Stat-to-cost wise amazing. Burst, shield, drain and recovery healing, 2 heart convertors with 50% Heart-Dark ratio, fully ameliorated means 25% Heart drops on first three columns for surprise combos, permanent 30% bonus to all team member due to Ethereal-Spiritor links which is also added to Novalis on activation, which sums up to almost 10k one card. For the highest possible Novalis attack, PR Faugn+PR Dagon/PR Byakhee will provide you with a devastating conversion from bonus +200REC to bonus +200ATK.
CONS:Runs only 500%ATK bonus in exchange for high recovery, damage and heal versatility. Expensive costs for PR Material.

8. Radiant Prestige
[Image: 60px-571i.png]OR[Image: 60px-572i.png]OR[Image: 60px-573i.png]+[Image: 60px-574i.png]
[Image: 60px-8021i.png]
[Image: 60px-422i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png]
Unbelievably stable, the Radiant Overseer's superior leadership makes this the new template for rainbow dragon decks.
PROS:Now that Prestige of Dragons adds also REC and bonus REC to ATK, combining it with +200REC and 250%ATK multiplier allows you to run a 500%ATK +200ATK + 200REC Dragon deck with percentage healing. However Tulzscha must be an ally and you must own one of the PR EDs as the leader. The versatility since it only relies on Leader skills means newer players could use their Defensive Dragons in the deck and still exploit the benefit. Chernabog would be the best damage booster since it unconditionally raises your attack with 3 runestone dissolved, functional also in rainbow decks.
CONS:Rainbow decks are prone to enchanted shields, lower burst output than previous decks.

9. Steam Salamanders
[Image: 60px-416i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png]
[Image: 60px-572i.png][Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-8021i.png][Image: 60px-151i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150604093509&path-prefix=zh]
[Image: 60px-151i.png][Image: 60px-591i.png]
Fire-Water hybrid. Combines the availability of non-Heart converter in Fire and the powerful Fight Mode user in Water, with more boost, for surprising damage.
PROS:600%ATK team, this team gives you Fire DS/ED attack boost of 130% with Chernabog providing 200% atk boost. When bursting with both fire and water, Salamander Golem and AoA can be used, however, using Fire DS will render AoA unusable. Shub-Niggurath will not take away hearts and can function as a better alternative to Salamander Golem or Inferno Combatant. Converting into one carry rune, however, can be combined with Ursula for higher damage.
CONS:Burst is not as high as Dark-Water, sapping elements by converting can stop you from activating Chernabog's skill, mediocre HP.

10. Rampaging Nature
[Image: 60?cb=20150622085007&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60px-571i.png]
[Image: 60px-8023i.png][Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-8021i.png]
[Image: 60px-418i.png][Image: 60px-573i.png][Image: 60px-511i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh]
Water-Earth hybrid. Very high HP, decent burst, quick converters, and regenerating wounds.
PROS:700%ATK team with extremely fast converters for hard-hitting. Dragon Maleficent turns Dark to Earth and Dagon-AoA turns Heart to Water, with Chernabog for 200% boost with Earth, Water and Light on the field. Also sports PR Nidhogg's bursting and healing capability and extreme HP combined with Dracomaleficent's innate high HP and PR Dagon's quick healing ability. Tough, durable and destructive.
CONS:Not as defensive as the Emerald Scales deck, true burst takes quite long to recharge.

11. Brutal Grinder
[Image: 60?cb=20150622085007&path-prefix=zh]+[Image: 60px-571i.png]OR[Image: 60px-572i.png]OR[Image: 60px-573i.png]
[Image: 60px-571i.png]OR[Image: 60px-572i.png]OR[Image: 60px-573i.png]
[Image: 60px-8021i.png][Image: 60px-422i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png][Image: 60px-418i.png][Image: 60?cb=20150223061701&path-prefix=zh]
Also known as the Faceroller. Designed specifically to take any kinds of damage, attacks, and enemies of varying speeds while still maintaining decent attacking power.
PROS:700%ATK team with extremely fast converters for healing. Two or even more heart converters keeps the deck alive as it will never run out of health. Chernabog or Pilatus is recommended because this deck can be used with any types of dragon cards due to its grinding nature, and so a flat 200% boost helps the most.
CONS:Grindy, mediocre burst without Novalis or Ursula, may trade healing capability for offensive capability.


Here you can find the growing records and discussions of many of our possible arguments, builds and theorema. Submit yours by replying or sending a PM so others summoners can contribute!

1. Lexicon Dracopaediae Stratagem Omniscientus | STATUS: Dormant | Lead Researcher: CLASSIFIED
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For those who are looking for Dragon Allies or specific Draconic card requests, you can post here or check out the Dracosphere!

Special thanks to:
Nitecat (for this guide was based a lot on his)
Arigato (for pointing out that EGG still has its use on a Dual Faugn Deck)
Balaur, Herald of Dagon (for pointing out about Cass in a dragon team)
solreaper (for being the source of information about Cass in a dragon team)
Huat (for the note that Spiritor-Ethereal link is only shared once in one set of cards per deck)
Ixidor (for 2 new builds)
Vasquez, Hermit of Steel (for PMD Uranus' icon)

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Awesome DarchZero

It's a pity that I lack Novalis and Nidhogg cause I have almost all the other cards, I'm now finishing my mono fire and next I plan leveling a mono earth, but after that I'll probably go for Dragons.
Is it feasible to form a Dark ED deck without Novalis?

P.S. +1 Rep

All hail dragon, all hail draconian, all hail dragonite, all hail dragon juice, all hail ursula!!!
URSULA URSULA URSULA (bal see what I did herr?)

Btw, nice thread and im definitely checking back here in case of someone forming a crazy dragon team that works xP

 U see me rollin'
@Pokey go die -_-

Nice dragon guide there Big Grin
I was about to make one myself but now I can be lazy, so thanks xD
You missed out the Faugn+Dagon, Nidhogg+Ursula and Nidhogg+Dagon set up as well as a few slightly less viable decks. But I can't blame you since dragons are too versatile.
I'd go over the mechanics of the key dragon cards (especially PR Dagon/Byakhee/Cthugha because MH's skill description is....erm....)
It's good now though, keep up the good work ^^
[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
Now this, this is the epitome of awesomeness. +1 Big Grin
[Image: 115f2791.jpg]

Looking for Valac/Hook/Marbas/Cruella Allies.
Hmm, I like Faugn + Water DS. With this set up:

Faugn + Dark Golem/Dark Golem/Novalis/Water DS + Water DS

* Faugn makes your heart deal damage but this isn't your primary form of attack. This works like a Minamoto team. Hearts are used to rake up insanely high combos.
* Dark Golems have bad stats but they are important for dark runes in this set up.
* You have 2 ways to heal.
* You only need 1 PR material.
* You only need to max 1 Water DS.

However, the main reason why I prefer this team over dual Faugn is this:

You get FOUR bursts with TWO converters.

Dual Faugn has better stats. However, the problem with this team is that you either run 2 converters and 1 Ursula or 1 converter and 2 Ursulas. So you either have 2 big bursts or 1 big burst and 3 small burst.

I believe Faugn + Water DS deserves a slot up there because it is fairly popular (seen many people use it) as an alternative to dual Faugn. (Not saying it is better, but that it is an alternatively equally powerful option).
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Finally completed my diamond seal collection once again so I've got all cards in the game at lvl 99 available for ally upon request.

nicely done guide @darchzero. dragons was once easy to understand as there was 1 or 2 viable teams.. And now there are too many! guide was sorely needed. Good to see someone pick up where @nitecat left off.

what do you think of the following team compared to your "emerald scales" team. unfortunately this dragon team is only a utility one for me: my tank.

Nidhogg + DMaleficent, Barbara + 3 ethereal dragons

where the ally ethereal dragon is Dagon or Byakhee. and the Third one us Tulzsha or the dark one.

is there are more tanky team somewhere?

also which card us Chernabog? I had a look through the blue dragons and couldn't figure it out.

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(06-27-2014, 10:54 AM)rampage Wrote: nicely done guide @darchzero. dragons was once easy to understand as there was 1 or 2 viable teams.. And now there are too many! guide was sorely needed. Good to see someone pick up where @nitecat left off.

what do you think of the following team compared to your "emerald scales" team. unfortunately this dragon team is only a utility one for me: my tank.

Nidhogg + DMaleficent, Barbara + 3 ethereal dragons

where the ally ethereal dragon is Dagon or Byakhee. and the Third one us Tulzsha or the dark one.

is there are more tanky team somewhere?

also which card us Chernabog? I had a look through the blue dragons and couldn't figure it out.

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Chernabog is a disney dragon SM card. Doubles dragon attack for 1 turn. It's the dragon version of duck king.
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Finally completed my diamond seal collection once again so I've got all cards in the game at lvl 99 available for ally upon request.

A very nice guide on dragons, maybe as Bal said, post their stats and skills. And then give a brief description about the card and its uses. (MH's english never fails to amuse me, "the awaken monster")
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(06-27-2014, 11:07 AM)Ixidor Wrote: Chernabog is a disney dragon SM card. Doubles dragon attack for 1 turn. It's the dragon version of duck king.

has it been released yet? by the way people mention it, it sounds like it has?

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