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[Guide]Heaven's Grace- A Light Mono guide {WIP}
So, due to our former light mono guide being very outdated, I have decided to create a new one to help the new players unleash the powers of the mighty heavens above!! Big Grin

But first, before anything else, here is the link to the previous Light Mono guide by Sona

Light Mono guide by Sona (V 6.0)

Some info about the writer : I'm a teenage girl otaku/fujoshi who accidentally found out about TOS and is now addicted. I live in Malaysia where the WIFI is crap and the weather is unpredictable. I aspire to be a writer or an illustrator (looking at you Ashirogi) and hopefully finish this light guide one day.

Okay, now let the show begin!!

[Image: cooltext115697539397687.png]

Currently on Version: 9.2 (Coming soon)

What's new:
  • a new series of cards (friend says its ali Baba related....)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently I'm having some problems with image uploading so I'll be leaving the images blank for a while until I figure out how to properly control it. Also I'll be trying my best to update weekly so please be forgiving, I still have my PT3 to get past and it's a hell lot of stress.

[Image: cooltext115695790909312.png]


Cards Lists

Leader explanations

General explanations

Team Builds

  • Norse
  • Greek
  • Dio
  • Jiang ZiYa
  • Yu Wun Tuo
  • Lisa Bufano
  • Fiends
  • Marbas/Cruella
  • (The inveitable) ML


So, if you somehow managed to stumble onto this guide, I will assume that you want to build a light deck, or you just want to do some quick reading. If so... welcome to Heaven's Grace, a currently WIP mono light guide. Since this is my first guide on anything, do not hesitate to correct me if I did anything wrong. Criticism is welcome here.

[Image: cooltext115695790936404.png]

Over here, I'll be giving my opinion on light cards, however, I may choose to clump a few together to save you from getting text wall migraines. Big Grin

[Image: 100px-208i.png][Image: 100px-509i.png]
Thor of Fulmination

Like other Norse gods, his active skill is: Turn all Light runes into enchanted light runes. Pretty shabby, until you run dual Norse+ PR Odin. Then we're talking.

Leader skill: Light Attk 2.5 for PR version,x2 for non PR version, pretty much a common sight these days.

  • If leader and ally is Thor, enchanted runes dmg get an extra 15%, also, runestone drop rate is increased by 10%
  • If leader and ally are 6* Thor, Odin will change to attribute of the Norse leader, if you are using a 7* Thor, Odin will automatically change to Light (AN: This only works for the non PR Odin).
    Also Odin will get a new skill:Light Command EX - All Heart , Dark , Light Runes are changed to Enchanted Light ( Max CD 12 )
  • If leader and ally are 7* Thor, PR Odin will change to light AND Thor's ldr skill will change from 2.5 light attk to x3 light attk.

Can Ally: ANYBODY. LITERALLY. That's how versatile Norse teams are.

Opinion: Safe long term gameplay. Tanky, Idiot proof and Newbie friendly. Whats not to like?

Rating : **** and a half

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-198i.png]
Apollo,God of the Sun

Leader: For every 3 light runes dissolves, 1 enchanted light rune will drop. this stacks, so if you use dual greek you will get 2 enchanted runes instead of 1.

active: Light attack increases by 20% each turn if Light Runes are dissolved. ( Max 220% , starting from 140% ) ( Max CD 10 ) Basically, if you don't dissolve runes for one round, the boost disappears.

  • If ldr and ally are greeks(MUST BE SAME ATTRIBUTE), 70% chance of getting an extra combo.
  • If Zeus is a member and the ldr and ally are greeks, Zeus will change his attribute to the greek's attribute.

Can Ally:THIS [Image: 100px-198i.png] AND THIS ONLY.

Opinion: Very luck based, if you happen to have a rune drought during the boss stage, get ready to throw diamonds then. However, if you like high risk/high return gameplay, then this style is for you! Not recommended for newbies as it takes a while to master the art of saving runes. Also, you can either get 4 combos or 10, there is no in-between.

Rating: **** if you like high risk/luck based gameplay.*** if you prefer steady and low risk teams.

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-538i.png]
Jiang Zi Ya the Celestial General

Leader:Team must have water and light members. By dissolving any 3 attributes, water & light attk x2.5, heart has a 50% to give an extra 1.5. This can be stacked.

Active: Dark--> Enchanted Heart (Can be skill lvl trained by feeding 4* slime)

Passive: Nil

Can Ally:This [Image: 100px-532i.png] and thats all.

Opinion: Rather niche skill. more suited to be slotted in as a team member rather than used as a leader due to its restrictions and its rather measly boost. However, can be played if you are really bored and have nothing to do.

Rating: *** as a leader, *** and a half if used as a team member.

Source: Diamond Seal

[Image: 100px-484i.png]
Idun the Everlasting Priest

Leader:After dissolving runestones, HP will be recovered by 7x recovery.

Active:Recover hp by 10x for 5 rounds.


Can Ally: Wukong, PQOW, Odin, (any defensive leader)

Opinion: Ye olde grand healer, allying her grants you 4963 health per round, if you DISSOLVE RUNESTONES. One of the great defensive leaders of TOS,she is allied with either a tumbler leader or Wukong to heal back the damage caused.

Rating: **** if used with defensive leader, ** if placed as member.(Why heal when you can just burst down the boss?!)

Source: TBA (removed from diamond seal), can be farmed in Holylight Palace (Low drop rate)

[Image: 100?cb=20140717102440]
Sacred Decider Sun Wukong

Leader:The higher the HP is, the less Damage will be received, to the max -60%. The lower the HP is, the higher the chance doging all the Attacks, to the max 50%. When ameliorated to no.2, the damaged received will change from -60% to -80%.

Active: Damage will be dealt regardless of Enemies' Defence for 3 Rounds. When ameliorated to no.4 you receive an extra 1.5 boost for the first round.

Passives: NIL

Can ally: ANYBODY. Seriously, this card protects you from almost everything.

Opinion: Tumbler cards used to rule the defensive area of the game, but since Wukong got his amelioration, the tables have turned. with -80% damage and an attack boost, its pure defensiveness at its best. Seriously, I've seen someone on the forums beat an SM alone with just an ALL MAX Wukong and a PR Verd.Hella OP

Rating:***** if used as leader or ally. *** if used as member.

source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100?cb=20141128030331]
Ra the Righteous God of Sun

Leader: Greatly increase Light Damage dealt on Fire and Dark enemies, while that on enemies of other Attributes will also increase (including Active Skills). To fire and dark it deals x 3.5 damage, while on the others, 1.5. Not to much but it gets the job done.

Active: Explode all non-Light Runestones to deal a Light Damage to all enemies. changes the board in some way, but his active isn't important, its his leader skill that we want.

Passive: Nil

Can Ally: [Image: 100?cb=20141128030331]

Opinion: Pretty useless, until you want to start a sniper team that is. With dual Ra and 4 [Image: 100?cb=20141128030350] , you can start a steamroller team that crushes evrything in its path...... if its Dark or fire enemies. (Too lazy to do the math)

rating: **** in sniper team, ** as member

source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100?cb=20141124114120]

Oh look, we found a pretty boy, what's he doing here among the great light leaders?? Big Grin

Leader: Light Attack x 2. Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Light Runestones (No superimposing). Its like Minamoto, except you can't stack and the multiplier is higher.

active: Turn 3 random Runestones into Enchanted Light Runestones (Heart Runestones rank first in priority). The Skill may be ready for reactivation immediately. Offensive version of the paladucks, with the same low chance to reactivate immediately. High luck/low return active.

Passive: Nil

Can Ally: Anything

Opinion: So it's the better version of Minamoto's leader skill but with a shitty active...... Good for starting players who don't have Thor or Apollo but crap when used as a convertor or for end game teams. Outclassed by Dionysus as of lately.

Rating: **** as a starting leader, *** as member.

Source: Bi Weekly battle.

Will upload photo later.
Dionysus the Lonely God of Wine

Leader: LIght attack x 2.5, hearts give 50% of light attk (no superimposing)

Active:If there are 2 or less Heart Runestone on the screen, turn 2 random columns of Runestones into Heart Runestones; otherwise, turn a random column of Runestones into Heart Runestones. He may also convert a light heavy or heart heavy column too, so pray to RNG that this doesn't happen.

Passive: NIl

can Ally: Anything. Just don't be stupid and ally another Dio, the effect does not stack.

Opinion; This cute looking cherub outclassed T.O.P as soon as it came out, and even somewhat overshadowing Thor. But unlike our oversized plumber with a beer belly, Dio can't be drawn from a diamond seal, and his event is probably coming back in 8 months time, give or take and extra 3.

source: Guild event. Happened during Valentines Day.

Rating: ★★★★ if used as leader, ★★★ and a half if used as a convertor.

[Image: 100px-364i.png]
Court of Leo-Galeo

Leader: Team attk x 1.5, -50% against water and light attack.

Active: reset 4 members CD's when ready, for 8 rounds, team attk x 2

Passive: NIL

can Ally: We're talking defensive builds here, so ally Idun or Wukong

Opinion: Not the best card to slot into a light deck.It will eat up your CD's which are very important to a mono deck. He is much rather suited to be placed into an enchantress deck, where he can eat up their CD's

Rating: ★★★ for leader, ★★ if slotted in as member.

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-368i.png]
Court of Libra- Luna

Leader: Team attack x 1.5, runestone moving time extended by 3 seconds.

Active: For 2 rounds, synchronize the greatest attack from all gods and fiends to all gods and fiends attack.

  • when Luna is in the same team as Michael Lucifer, her attack will be the same as ML.

Can Ally: She's better as a member in an ML team than a leader unless you need the extra moving time.

Opinion: The one thing light has against other attributes is our own version of Ursula!! But even a Ursula is useless if we don't have a Novalis, and that's why we utilize ML and Luna together in the same team. However she only syncs GODS AND FIENDS, so putting her in a light mono deck is out of the question as all the cards have the around the average damage anyways.

Rating: ★★★★★ in an ML team, ★ in a regular light deck.

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-366i.png]
Court of Virgo-Persephone
Leader:Light Attack x200% , Recovery x150% ( applies to the RCR of light cards only)

Active: Single attacks become full attacks for 3 rounds.

Passives: Nil

Can Ally: Used to be popular in the really outdated and outclassed Minamoto/Virgo decks, but for newbies with no Apollo, Dio, Thor or T.O.P, this will have to do.

Opinion: She's pretty useless with her active skill unless you are facing high def and attk enemies with low health. However, for starting players, she provides a x 2 light attk boost and a rec boost too, so she can function as a semi decent leader. But the zodiacs are getting their PR, so we'll see......

Rating: ★★ ,she's better off sitting in your inventory.

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-395i.png]
[Image: 100?cb=20141219124407]
Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Katana-Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Leader: Light Attack x 1.5; Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Light Runestones

  • Turn Heart Runestones into Light Runestones; Dark Runestones into Heart Runestones
  • 15% of total HP will be deducted each round. CDs of all enemies will be paused for 3 rounds. The effect lasts until HP drops to 15% or lower. (Only after Fusion)

  • If Minamoto and ML are in the same team, they will gain a new skill. (The Light Charge: For two rounds, change enemy's attribute into dark and massively increase light attack on dark enemies.)

Can Ally: Used to be allied with Virgo, but now is mainly used as a member in a team. The only reason that he isn't being outclassed is because Light and dark don't have command convertors. But still, at a CD of six, Minamoto functions as a light convertor while still giving you heart runes to heal. Also, some of you might ask:"Why does he have two looks? Is it a costume?" No, its not a costume, his second skill can be used if you fusion him with his fusion partner, [Image: 100?cb=20141219124348] Imanotsurugi & Usumidori. However, as soon as you end the battle, they go back to their original forms.

Rating: ★★★★ as a convertor, ★★★ if you use him as a leader.

Source: Diamond seal

[Image: 100px-420i.png]
Honor the dragon follower

Leader: By dissolving 6 runestones of the same atrribute, dragon attack x3

Active: Heart---> Light (Can be trained using light gnomes)

  • If Honor and Tulzcha are in the same team, they get a bonus 30% attack

Can Ally: Rather niche leader skill, I'd say he's better off as a follower, whether in a dragon or light deck.

Opinion: The only farmable offensive convertor we have in light.(ight golem's another story). He's crucial to almost every light deck whether you like it or not. It's a shame his amelioration didn't give us column convertors.

Rating: ★★★★ for being one of the few convertors in Light

Source: diamond seal

[Image: 100px-293i.png]
Michael Lucifer

Leader: Light runes possess the effect of dark runes and vice versa

Active: Demon attack becomes 0 and the attack of Light monster's -50%. The deducted attack will be added to ML. Attack will only be launched when Light Runestones are dissolved. the skill stays in play until the reactivation of the skill or defeated.

  • If Luna is in the same team as ML, Luna's attack will be the same as ML
  • If an Immortal fiend (IN this case. Minamoto) is in the same team with ML, they gain a new skill, The Light Charge.

Can ally: Better suited as a follower.

Opinion: It's the pseudo Novalis of the game!!! Paired with a Luna and Minamoto for the best deck setup possible. Often played with Dio as the leader and Thor as the ally. (See ML team builds)

Rating: ★★★★★★

Source: Soulmaster/Ultimate stage.

[Image: 100px-M8i.png]
Marbas the General of Truth

Leader: The lower your health, the higher your attack will be, to the max 3.5

Active: for every 5 non light runes dissolved (excluding heart), 5 light runes will drop.

Passives: Nil

Can Ally: Another [Image: 100px-M8i.png] , or maybe a Jiang ZiYa, you'll see why later.

Opinion: With Marbas, cresendo has been taken to new heights with 3.5 attack at 10% health. Technically, her active can be used for in Light greek, if you dissolve 3 sets of non light runes, you get 15 light runes, but if you dissolve 15 dark runes in a cluster, you only get 5 light runes. You can use DC to set the board before activating her. However, it is not advised to use her alone as a convertor.

Rating: ★★★★ as a leader, ★★★ if used as a convertor.

Source: 72 demons seal card draw.

[Image: 100px-305i.png]
Marguerite the Queen Bee

Leader: Elf rec x2. Not very impressive, unless you are playing a Diablo deck.

Active: For 3 rounds, 50% of damage dealt on an enemy will be diffused to other enemies.

Okay, some of you may not know what this skill does, its something like thisSadHer skill ignores def)
You meet a:
Wolf with 10 hp and 200000 def
Slime with 10000 hp and 0 def
elf with 5000 hp and 4000 def

You activate Marge and deal 10000 dmg onto the slime, the slime dies, the wolf and elf die too, both taking 5000 damage each.

Passives: Nil. Nothing important in a light team.

can Ally: PFFFTTTT, niche skill is niche

Opinion: Her skill ignores def and skills, one good example is at the Lunar Sirius stage. You activate her skill at the round before the final round, and at the final round, you hit Lunar, and the two wolves beside him will receive the splash damage and die.

rating: ★★★. Only useful during certain stages.

source: diamond seal

[Image: 100px-M12i.png]
Valac the Master of Whispers

Leader: Team Attack x 3, attribute relation shall not apply. This means that attribute boosts will be disregarded.

active: Unlimited runestone moving time for 3 turns. While it only lasts for 4 seconds, it can be paired up with Marbas to from separate columns for runestones or for quickly arranging them to form a short burst.

Passives: Nil

Can Ally: Hades, Santa, PKOE, generally any rainbow leader.

Opinion: Pretty good, removes all attribute buffs, so there will be no buffs or reductions. DD's will not work here, neither will defensive zodiacs. Her active skill is pretty useful, and if you can unlimited spin in 4 secs, it's worth it to get her.

rating: ★★★★ for leader and member.

Source : She belongs to the 72 Demons, which is coming soon.

[Image: 100px-431i.png]
The Greedy Elf Queen

Leader: Elf attk x 2.5

Active: Recovery x 2 until no heart runes are dissolved. (Excluding Actives and Ldr skills)

Passives: Nil


Opinion: Mostly used in Diablo decks or overheal decks, however, if you don't dissolve heart runes every round, you can say bye bye to that boost.

Rating: ★★★

Source: Weekly battles. 7 Sins

[Image: 100px-411i.png]
Duke Nathaniel

Leader: Light attk x2

active: add an extra 3 rows of Runestones, extend runestone moving time to 10 seconds and increase light attack (by 5% percent, don't ask me why).

  • when allying another 6* Nathaniel, there will be an increased chance of light runestones dropping.

Can Ally: Anybody

Opinion: This is one of the five starters, but you won't see him when you first pick a starter, no, you'll have to earn him the hard way. Like other PR starters, he gives you an extra 3 rows of runestones and 10 seconds moving time, perfect for a huge burst, also, he's suita paired up with Nero or Faust for a huge burst.

rating: ★★★★

Source: Friend point seal, rarely drops at Enochian tower.

[Image: 100px-288i.png]
Solar sirius
I'll try to get the Pr photo soon, my internet is hella slow today.

Leader: Runestone moving time is cut into half while team attk x2.5

  • turn Dark and heart runes into Light runes
  • for 1 turn, dark runestones will give the effect of light runes.

  • When allying the Lunar sirius, team attack + another 50%

Can Ally: another Sirius.

Opinion: Used to be a popular play choice for the pros, but now, people just leave it lying around. Plus its a 10 cd convertor, which is 4 cd more than the regular dual convertor. Plus it's much easier to put it into a beast deck. Unfortunately, the Solar sirius doesn't see much use nowdays, unlike its counterpart the Lunar because it while it can be slotted into a light beast, who even plays light mono beast decks nowdays??

Rating: ★★★

Source: Sm/Ultimate stage.


ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

[Image: 100px-V19i.png]
Scar (Idk)

Leader: Light attack x2

Active: Fire ---> Light

Passives: Nil

Can ally: We're looking more at his active skill here. Light attack x2 is pretty common nowdays.

Opinion: He converts fire to light. This is ideal if you want to keep your hearts safe. However, he is only obtainable in the disney version of TOS, so if you're living outside the locations of Macau and Hong Kong, you have two options. go VPN or just ignore the fact that this convertor exists. Plus he might take a while to max his CD as he is somewhat of a rare drop card.

Rating: ****

Source: Disney weekly battles.

[Image: 100px-353i.png]
Faust the Iron Maiden Statue

Leader: Fiend attack and recovery x1.5

active: all runestones posses 50% of light runes for 1 round.

  • When a member of the cat dukes fiend squad teams up with TTJZ, TTJZ will change attributes to match the member's respective attributes.

Can ally: Nope, there are better fiends out there.

Opinion: A pseudo 10 cd convertor, starts at 22 CD, and his battle only lasts for one week, so be prepared for some heavy farming. Not advised to use him as your sole convertor, but is pretty decent when pared up with Nathaniel for a good burst. Has another rarer counterpart, also known as Nero, who likes playing hide and seek with his fellow friend, Xi, just to troll us.

rating: ****

source: Cat Duke's Fiend Squad- Light (weekly battles)

[Image: 100px-558i.png]
Nodens the Lord of Great Abyss

Leader: Light attack x2

active: Light attack x1.5 for 2 rounds


can ally: ....

Opinion: Well, there be Lovecraftian creatures roaming about TOS, and we've got one right here!! Although it has a somewhat lame active. A boost of x1.5 is pretty lame nowdays since we've got so many booster cards now, but for newbie players, this will help, until you get a more decent boost. But on the bright side, it is farmable!!Big Grin

Rating: ***

Source: Biweekly battle.

[Image: 100px-562i.png]
Hastur the yellow phantom

Leader: Team attack x2

active: turn all runes into enchanted runes

Passives: Nah

Can ally: -

Opinion: well, his ldr skill is rather outdated now, and his full board enchant is rather weak unless you run a rainbow team and meet an enchanted shield enemy. However, if there is one thing that he is useful for, is in multiplayer, when the roulette screws you up by givng you masked runes. But aside from that, keep him in your inventory for show and display only.

Rating: ***

Source: The unspeakable yellow sign (SM/Ultimate stage)

Inheritance-Paladin King of Light

Leader: Human HP x3

Active: Recover 100% of hp, if there is any overheal, it will change into a full attack of light attribute. Min CD 10

Passives: Nothing important in a light mono

Can ally: Nah. Suited in a human or cresendo deck as a last fail safe.

Opinion: Well, has the same skill as saruman, comes at a CD of 10 too. Often used as a last fail safe for high risk decks like cresendo but often skipped in regular light mono teams. Use it if u have no other option left.

rating: ***

Source: Holylight palace.(Rarely drops), Friend point seal (Rare)

Death Artist Jack

Leader: Demon attk x2, Hp and Rec x1.5

Active: Team attk x1.5, the Effect last for an extra number of turns depending on the number of monster killed on the turn the skill is activated ( Excluding active skill ) ( Max CD 12 )

  • (You must have Death Artist Jack as ldr and ally.) active changes to dementor's anger: Full attk x2, the number of turns it can last is based on the number of enemies killed in a turn.

Can Ally: Mostly another Jack. But light fiend teams are rarely used, so he's better as a display object.

Opinion: Makes a nice booster based on the amount of enemies you killed in a turn, but the only time you'll actually need this boost is at the boss. and there are other better boosters that you can slot into a team anyways. But the hp boost is pretty impressive, dual Jack allows you 19000+ hp in an all fiend deck. and there is a recovery boost to back it up too.

rating: ★★★

Guardian of Four directions- Nian

Oh look, leader skill contradicts his race! XD

Leader: The more attributes of beasts in the team, the higher the beast attack, to the max 3.5

Active: No damage will be dealt in the 1st round, COMBOS made in the 1st round will be added in the next. I REPEAT, COMBOS, NOT DAMAGE

Passive: Nil

Can ally: Nah

Opinion: FIRST THINGS FIRST IT'S COMBOS NOT DAMAGE. So example you made 12 combos in the 1st round, the next round you make 14 combos, the 12 combos you made in the first round will be added to the 14 combos you made in the 2nd round. So don't be an idiot. Basically a nerfed version of Carrie

Rating: ★★★


ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao



Intro: Since they've been released, Norse has been one of the most popular playstyles for a long time, but now recently outshadowed by Babylon (which I still haven't been able to obtain yet, even tho I threw 50+ dimes), but whats not to like about them ? tanky, Versatile and with a decent amount of HP, they are great for newbies and can clear a variety of SMs.

Main dude: [Image: 100px-509i.png]

the main card in this deck is *dramatic music* THOR!!! (Also known as the Plumber with a beer belly), without him, we can't even make a norse deck.

Standard deck

Thor/Minamoto/Nero (Faust if Nero is unavailable)/Nathaniel/ Odin/Thor

Max HP: 16769
Max attk: 9279
Max Rec: 2601
rec lvl: 178
Stats include PR Odin.

dual PR Thor + PR Odin includes a special attk upgrade to x3 so that makes it stronger, Faust is there to help be a pseudo convertor, Minamoto for an actual convertor, Nath to pair up with Faust/Nero and Odin for that super skill that we all know. Odin also works as a convertor but you can't use both his skills at the same time. One thing though, this team is not newbie friendly. You've got to remember that Odin without PR already costs 40 TC, so slot him in when you can, and don't go stupidly Pring him when you don't have enough TC to fit the PR version in because that's a waste of a good card.



ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

Reserved x3

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

reserved x4

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

Reserved 5

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

reserved 6

Okay guys, you can start commenting from now on. Constuctive critism is welcome. I'll try to finish this guide before Sunday because real life will get in the way after that. and its a pain in the a** to type on a phone.

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

EVIL!!! What mod did you bribe to delete my post and Blitz's?

Seriously though... YWT teams aside... this is going to be a MLunafer guide.

I'm not sure any other color (even dark with daji) relies on a single card (or pair of cards) as the core of nearly every top tier deck like light does. Whether its Apollo, Thor, or Dio Teams.... Its ML, ML, and more ML.
Light was in contention for worst element in the game before ML came along, after all.
Main Allies: PR Nezha, All SS Ducks/Dogs

Looking For: PR Baph, Mark II, RGB Yanxi, Solomon/Pete, Su siao-syue, 
Main Deck
[Image: 0236565c.jpg]
Other (complete or in Progress)
[Image: u4IzV_.gif]

(03-18-2015, 07:53 PM)PsychoticSoul Wrote: EVII !!! What mod did you bribe to delete my post and Blitz's?

Seriously though... YWT teams aside... this is going to be a MLunafer guide.

I'm not sure any other color (even dark with daji) relies on a single card (or pair of cards) as the core of nearly every top tier deck like light does. Whether its Apollo, Thor, or Dio Teams.... Its ML, ML, and more ML.
Light was in contention for worst element in the game before ML came along, after all.

WUT, I just realised that I posted the same thread twice, so i deleted my post and the thread was deleted. Simple.

Plus most newbies can't just "get" ML and YWT is not available already.

So I just decided to make a thread to help the newbies get through the game if all they ever draw are light cards. Even though we don't have a column convertor for light.

Godammit, now I have to change the font again when I get home. Stupid font app.

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

Nice job man! Keep up the good work!!

Sigh, just like you said, we don't have a heart to light column converter like QingLong with amelioration skill 4. Wonder if MH would come out a new card with that skill. Pity Dragon Follower - Honor's amelioration skill is not that special column converter.

[Image: d3cc5d30.jpg]

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