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[GUIDE] A Storms End-A Rainbow Guide
Welcome to - [Image: LCfYdbR.jpg]
As written by me. 

This guide is currently in progress. All comments, suggestions accepted.



Sup forum! Some other place someone asked for a rainbow team guide. Due to the fact that there isnt one(or i just haven't seen it), and i have too much time on my hands after term exams, I have volunteered to make one.

Since this is my first guide, and i have no access to a computer, this guide will not contain fancy stuff like pic and cool text. Maybe after i get my computer which is due to arrive in a few weeks then I'll do those enhancements.


[Image: 107p5h3.jpg]





2015/3/28- genesis. WIP

Somewhere in SEA, that's south East Asia for posh peeps, lies a kid still in school who has extra time in his hands. He,...I, started playing rainbow at day 150 login (i think) because i used to only login for dias everyday, i didnt play a 'proper' team before this mark. I was lost before that, playing a really weird deck consisting of members i won't be sharing because its embarrassing. After i got in touch with the forum, i started building a rainbow paladin team and got on course to what i am today. 

I have been playing rainbow most of the time after that so i think i am experienced enough to give explanations of what ive found in my 100 plus days of playing rainbow (happy 250 day login to me xD)

Ok serious now, I'm doing this in my free time. I'll update this guide when dont feel lazy and slack off again to do-

1.1 Rainbow Team Intro
What's a rainbow team? Well a rainbow team is a team comprising many colors. Opposite to a mono, rainbow teams (which I will just call rainbows for swaggy) do not rely on fancy converters. Well most if the time because if you use converters you will eat up other color runes which petrifies the purpose of playing rainbow in the first place.
Exceptions are  Gslime teams which rely on hearts and tricolor teams which are color heavy.

With that said, rainbow consist of damage boosters and utility cards to make up for the lack of damage coming from converters in a conventional mono.

Here i will be covering, but not limited to

I) Hades teams [Image: 0Q5IqW2.png]

II) Santa/scholar teams[Image: SDgxF3L.png][Image: zXqEY5z.png][Image: vJSBmta.png][Image: NsqQyEE.png][Image: UYkK7gS.png][Image: L5EJsgj.png]

III) Gslime teams[Image: 6JXTA2I.png]

IV) Trciolor teams[Image: r6GI0O7.png][Image: sNBS2uN.png][Image: Dhf4jdZ.png] [Image: 5ENZVWS.png][Image: VJaiMBV.png][Image: OwEAERS.png][Image: GOaGVpS.png]

V) Trojan teams [Image: mnU76Px.png][Image: qqaFPaX.png]

VI) Archer

VII) Septem

VIII) Randeng/Yangjian
Basically, rainbows are made feasible because of PR daji, with the exception of septem, Rgb Xy leaders and water fire and dark scholars, its recommended you play rainbows which are compatible with pr daji.


Generally, stalling will be harder with rainbows, so keeping a dead color is always advised. When healing, spin the dead color along with heart runes to heal. When stalling, do 1 combo of a color to minimise damage. Stalling isnt as easy as mono storing but can be as effective with a bit of practise.

When bursting, prioritise on your main color. For example, i have 2 water members in the team so i should focus on spinning water runes.

Its also wise to use elemental advantage fully because you have many colors on your team if its a rainbow.

Other spinning styles like tricolor and archers will be covered in their respective sections.

DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
Whats a team with a good leader and useless fillers? Well probably an achievement team or farming team.

I will list the fillers for rainbows and cover the leaders in the sample section, because many of them are repeated.

As stated above, rainbow teams need damage boosters to maintain good damage. As a rainbows damage varies with runed dissolved, damage boosters are necessary to dish out high damage even when dissolving many dead colored runes (colors you dont have in the team.)

Ah enchantresses. The very reason i and many others play rainbow. Namely
Medea, Sorceress of Love and Hate, 
Cassandra, Cursed Prophet,
Circe, Witch Black Magic.
These 3 cards give a 'till game over' skill, sacrificing something for a good damage boost.

Medea sacrifices damage received for damage dealt. She makes you receive more damage in order to dish out more damage
Cassandra makes you unable to heal but adds recovery to attack. Fantastic! Works well with high rec teams
Circe makes you unable to deal damage or heal if you do less that 4 combos, which isnt hard, to deal more damage in terms of combos. Note that she also makes damage reduction obselete, no dont pair her with damage reduction skills.

Nowadays she is overshadowed by PR Daji because her active doesnt go well with Dajis leader buff (don't ask me why,find the thread yourself) but has potential in the future as madhead aims for a daji free world (impossible) as we can see in RGB XY and PR Odins release.

All cyborg scholars
Cyborgs give a x2 boost with a condition, spin 5 combos in the first batch, along with a niche skill at 4 combos or less in the first batch.

Recommended because its x2 boost is easily achieve with PR Starter or time tunnel. The other skill is also useful in certain occasions when you need to use the skill twice.

Horned king/Amducias
Horned king is available only for this in the Disney region, namely Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, whereas its Solomon counterpart is available to all ToS players. Its highly recommended in rainbow teams because it give a boost for every different attribute in the team,caped at x3 with 4 colors in the team.

These cards are similar in certain ways. Carrie makes you not able to attack in 1 turn and you get a x2.2 boost the next turn. TBYE on the other hand, is the only one that doesn't attack for 1 turn. The next turn, RGB attack x2. Nian sacrifices a turn and accumulated combos this turn will be added to the next turn. Basically i dont recommend any of these in rainbows, although TBYE is good in RGB heavy teams.

PR Daji
Why not? Time tunnel, board clear, x1.9 multiplier. Nuff said.

Hp based damage multiplier. Generally, I dont recommended Odin whereas I recommend Zeus because Odin is lower hp higher damage and Zeus is the opposite. Odin is highly recommended in trojans and zeus anywhere else. But Zeus is capped at x2 while Odin is capped at x3

Self multiplier
Namely Mufasa, Basti, Abe,Yamauba and Ed. Useful as damage boost as well as defence breaking. This is the rare case you might want to add a converter to your team to feed them with attacking runes.

Neighbouring multiplier
Namely Oduos and Pluma for beast and Douman for water and fiend, give boost for the cards beside them if they are same race (or same color for Douman) . Place beside self multiplier for maximum effect. Also can be placed beside highest attack in the team. Also recommend to place in the centre and not the side of the team to maximise sharing.

God Striker,Izanami,Pyrokinesis, Malphas, hertz and rosa (include fusion) are probably the only multistrikes skill cards in the game. Malphas and rosa pre-combination are only self double hit which isnt that good whereas fused Rosa is and earth mono thing so its left out too. Pyrokinesis is only used in beast decks which will be mentioned later on in the nian section.

On the other hand, hertz is a good damage boost in rainbows especially if you ameliorate IV. His second hit applies to the whole team while being a fire hit, can be paired with Achilles to maximise damage. Achilles here also fills up a color in hades or tricolor teams so its recommended. ~3.25 boost if im not wrong (1 hit plus 1 hit doing 2.25 times damage =1+2.25 =3.25)

Izanami launches a second attack equal to the teams attack of that turn multiplied by 1.5. A team 2.5 multiplier suitable for both rainbow and fire mono. Also works with Achilles , and works with Ed too, although it would be overkill.

God striker is, well, unreliable.

Truculence of Killer
Blood fiend/demon active skill which gives 1.5 multiplier for team attack for 1 round. Can be prolonged for as many rounds as the number of enemies you kill in a round. Not recommended unless you really don't have anything better than them.

Gnawing of Killer
PR Jackie skill. Attack becomes full attack. Not much to say because its if use is questionable. Most bosses are single enemy anyways.

Leo and Taurus. Sacrifices 4(3 after ameliorate iV) skills in return for team attack x2 for 8 turns. Perfect for skills with low cd or useless skills like hades in a rainbow team. Also good with skills you only need to activate once like enchantresses.

Boosts team damage based on the number of different races on the team, capped at 2.25x. I dont personally know the exact ration of the number of differing races and the multiplier, so if you happen to know do quote me on this.

x2 damage for a round, its drawback being no rec for the next turn.

Thats all i got for the damage multiplier section. If missed your favorite card that you think should be added here you can
A) go give yo mama a hug and beg her to beg me to post it here or
B) leave a comment below or pm me.

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Feel free to suggest any additional info that may be necessary for this section.

Utilities are the key to beat certain stages which have pesky shields.
I like to categorise them as follows:

2.2.1 Specific shield breakers

2.2.2 Defense breakers (def break)

2.2.3 Healing (rec based /non rec based)

2.2.4 Damage reduction

2.2.5 Crowd control

Many pesky shields have been created by MadHead to foil our plans of steam rolling a stage with ease. I will list the cards then elaborate on the shield the can help bypass.

PR Verthandi breaks most shield except for self-depletion enemy shields and anti-control. Also a defence breaker AND rec based healing, she is the most widely used utility (defensive teams especially).

I place them here because they can serve many purposes. For example they can
1) boost damage
2) help in making combos (combo shield)
3) add time (2 sec spin)
4) help find heart runes (healing)
5) help find certain colored runes (bicolor/tricolor/quadcolor/pentacolor shields)

'Nuff said. Also it's combo with santa is really op. To be mentioned later on.

Mainly against 2 second turns and other debuffs as seen at the easter event and water yan stages.

Notable examples include Santa, Daji, Astaroth.

PR valkyrie and Mad Hatter are pretty much the only skill unlock in the game. Pr valkyrie can be activated when locked while Mad Hatter must be activated the round before.

NOTE: for special cases where skill isnt locked by boss but by a mob with low hp and high defence, Pr wukong or Marguerite (queen bee) can be activated the round before and kill the mobs indefinitely the next turn. Featured in odin sm (r3) and lunar eclipse sm (r5)

These skills include all dds, mds,fort Stirling Mobs, cyborg fusion and special mention PkoD.

Snipe skills help bypass invisible shields, tumbler shields and death bomb. For death bomb that exceeds your hp, using pkod is advised because others snipers don't do enough damage (sometimes). If you don't grind down the enemy enough you wont kill them but sometimes you kill them immediately and get bombed. PKoD only kills no matter how much hp is left, only the percentage of enemy hp left (20%).

A rainbows biggest fear is a boss with a few million hp and enchanted shield. Because a rainbows damage is based on the runes dissolved and you would need many different enchanted runes to sustain regular damage. In this case, Huang Lei and Hastur kicks in. They provide enchanted runes to help you bypass the shields. More of a luxury than a necessity, these skills can be added if you wish to your rainbow, but if there's a stage with many enchanted shield just go with a mono. Jasper crafts also help in facing enchanted shields.

Madhead likes to pop some initial shield mobs to stop us from steamrolling certain stages. If you find yourself in a situation where the initial shield will kill you (say, trojan teams, enchantress etc.), you could use

Unlike invisibility, you cant disable it by sniping. So when they're CD reaches 1 just pop these skills and you're safe

Damage reduction
Self explanatory. Will list them later on in they're own category.

High defence mobs are a pain in the ass if you arent prepared for 'em. That where def breakers kick in. Where breaking defence manually isnt practical or a waste if burst. Most of them are 0 defence unless stated.

Refer above.

Sniping as well as defence breaking. Works well on anti control enemies.

Mark II/Midgley 
Defence breakers that double up as damage boosters when needed. My go to card wherever applicable. Works on anti control enemies too.

Sun Wukong
Mother of defence breakers. Works on virtually any high defence mob for not 1, not 2 but 3 rounds. Doubles up as damage boost on first turn of activation at ameliorate IV.

Mini Wukong. Requires heart runes to be dissolved to activated defence break. Last 2 rounds.

In case you dont know, she is the light Shikigami. Defence break when hp is below 50%.

Baihu/Archimandrite of Light
Dont get me wrong here, the two are the same card. Older players know it as AoL whereas its new name is Baihu(white tiger).
Its defence break is -90%. Sometimes its not enough to, for example the midnight joker stage. But its also a CC so, yea.

Erm, no?


You can always break defence using the cards from the Self Multiplier category.

That pretty much sums up the best defence breakers out there. I cant think of any more worth mentioning. Do remind me if there are some other options for this category.

DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]

DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]

For intro ,refer to post #1

For team fillers, refer to post #2 inclusive of damage booster and utilities.

Use Ctrl+F for easier navigation.

To be updated when i make the post.

Videos Credited to

o2arronyxy a.k.a SG Pandora-


Do me a favor and subscribe to these awsome youtubers!

Check out necropuddi's guide on rgb xy teams

Also do me another favor and give him a +1 rep xD
DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
Really, really looking forward to this guide.
My main decks are a Dual Artemis and a rainbow, led by PR PKoE (lacking a better alternative).
Pr pkoe is a good choice. I dont see why not. Thats where i started too Smile
DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
Big Grin

Anyways... have you try playing XY part mono human with Yamauba as a member? An almost all human team can shoot Yamauba's damage all the way to 5 mil if played right, and my Yaumauba is only lvl 13.

Sample team earth heavy XY team.

Yang Jian
PR Seungri

You can swap out Yang Jian for Circe as he is just there for the boost with Yamauba. And well, the damage is pretty high if you go CJC and SSS. Adding in a TBYU or Carrie is optional.

Good guide, looking forward to seeing more of this. Plus I'm trying to get Stolas from the Solomon seal, so far all attempts failed. But I did get a Malphas..... Also Valac makes a pretty good leader too.

ID: 47132663
Name: Abraxas
Leader: All max Apollo, PR Eliz, PR Yang Jian, All max Abraham, Li Hsiao Yao

Ah yes the earth youkai right? I have it but don't have any xy cards. Too bad for me
Tried it as a lisa team filller and it works well too
DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
Yoo. Im a Lisa/Hades/Stolas user as well (you may recognise me clearing Eternal Trans and Giemsa with Lisa) and Im glad to see someone starting a guide for it. I was actually planning on it but I could never do all the fancy pictures and decorations; all I can do is churn out lines of advices

You missed one rainbow team tho; the famous Randeng/Yang Jian x Daji deck. Be sure to remember Hertz after he's PRed Wink

Also, Trojans are generally single or dual colours. I rarely see 3 or more colors, even with Cassandra. Not that its wrong to say its rainbow deck, but just like Dual Sirius, they generally prefer dark/light.
Lazy to update images.

Current Ally: Lucy OR VR Freyja


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