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Common Acronyms
This guide is for players new to the forums and unfamiliar with these acronyms.
These are just the common ones I found while browsing the forums. There will be many contractions where half of the obscenely long name is cut, those should be easy to figure out e.g. Sagi= Sagittarius

Note that it's the good cards that are given acronyms, the rest are usually called by their full name.

Game Jargon
(No.)*- Number of stars/ rarity of card

(No. 1-6)-(No. 1-5)- Refers to Seal Stage- Mission in the list.
There are 6 seals and 5 missions for the seal stage for each island, with the exception of Seal 1 which has 3 missions
As every island's missions are symmetrical the island's element is not specified. See attached images below for a visual explanation.
4-2 drops Urd, and as you can see Urd is the picture to the Left of Seal 4, 2nd Mission from the bottom.

Amel- Amelioration
ATK- Attack

CN Beast- Chinese Beast, Great Schemas
CC- Crowd Control e.g. Paralyze (Medusa), Freeze (Urd), Enchantment (Isabell), Burning Shock (Poppy)
CD- Cooldown, used for enemy attack as well as card skill
Converter- Active skill changes element of certain runes
CoK- Clash of Kings (collab event)

Daji (Fox)- Fox Queen Daji
DD- Defensive Dragon
DC- Dragonic Compulsion/ Disconnect (depends on context)
DK/DBK- Demon Bull King
DS- Dragon Spiritor 
Dusa- Medusa
DEF- Defense
DEF Breaker- Any series of cards which have an ability which ignore defense e.g. Verthandi

EGG- Evil Gargoyle Golem
ED- Ethereal Dragon (Leader Skill= 150% ATK, +120 RCR)
Evo- Evolve, Evolved
Evo mat- Evolution material
Enchantresses- Any card which has a toggleable skill that gives a constant effect

Fusion- Two element deck

GSS- Great Soul Stone
Gemini/Pollux- Court of Gemini Pollux
GM/EX- Grandmaster
GE- Guild Event

JO- Joint Operation
JTTW- Journey to the West, Chinese God cards

LS- Leader Skill
LHY/ Earth Daji- Li Hsiao-Yao

MD- Metallic Dragon

MH- Mad Head (the card and the company)
ML- Michael Lucifer (6th seal boss)
Mono- Single element deck

NM- Nightmare stage, the harder stage of a Soulmaster stage.

Pally- Paladin
PKoE- Paladin King of Earth
PKoF- Paladin King of Fire
PKoD- Paladin King of Dark
PKoL- Paladin King of Light
PQoW- Paladin Queen of Water (Note that it's Queen)
PSS- Prime Soul Stone
Plat- Platinum (Card)
PR- Power Release (obtained by evolving the Starters with a Memories Traveller OR Norse gods/ Fate sisters with Gaelle's Horner)

RCR/Rec- Recovery
Rainbow- 3 or more element deck (?)
Relic/Lost Relic/Ancient Relic- The floaty little island in the top left of the main game screen. Hosts special missions.
RGB- Red Blue Green (refers to elements Fire, Earth and Water)

SS- Soul Stone
Schema- Chinese Beast
SM- Soulmaster
Sniper- Any of a series of cards whose active skill deals Turns x 10,000 damage for each turn the skill isn't used e.g. Geppetto
Sniper team- Sniper cards paired with their corresponding Egyptian Gods to boost active skill damage.

Trollisaur- Flamisaur
TTJZ- TongTian JiaoZhu
TOS- Tower of saviors
TC- Team Cost
Transmigration/ Xmigration- Infinite Transmigration
Turn- One movement of runestones, regardless of whether any runes are dissolved.

VR- Virtual Release. Splits the card into two forms which can be switched between. OVR (Old VR) is the original card. NVR (New VR) is the new card.

Notable acronyms

[Image: 100?cb=20150720130735]-LHY, Li Hsiao Yao. Extremely high leader skill multiplier, time tunnel multiplier active. Considered the Earth Daji.

[Image: 100?cb=20150204100456]-YWT, Yu Wun Tuo. Known for his great synergy of Amel light drops, team skill light drops, high leader multiplier and full board conversion active.

[Image: 100?cb=20150204100416&format=webp]HFD, Huang Fu Duo. Strongest fusion light/dark leader with bonus Amel dark drops.

Card Series

Morai Sisters/ Norns
[Image: 100?cb=20140622092959&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093004&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093008&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093013&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093018&format=webp]
Urd, Valkyrie of MemorySkuld, Valkyrie of CycleVerthandi, Valkyrie of DestinyIdun the Everlasting PriestBrynhildr the Scythe Warrior
UrdSkuldVerthandiIdunValkyrie/ Brynhildr

Chinese Beasts
[Image: 100?cb=20140622093223&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093229&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093235&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093242&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093248&format=webp]
Qinglong the Prime KingZhuque the Vermilion BirdXuanwu the Divine LordBaihu the Beast RulerTaotie the Depraved Monarch
Great Schema of AquaGreat Schema of FireGreat Schema of EarthGreat Schema of LightGreat Schema of Dark

[Image: 100?cb=20150213154048&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622092408&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622092413&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622092418&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622092423&format=webp]
--Dunkin DonutsNat-

[Image: 100?cb=20151117182240&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151117182241&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151117182241&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720130903][Image: 100?cb=20151005092912][Image: 100?cb=20150812153227&format=webp]
Cassandra, Cursed ProphetMedea, Sorceress of Love & HaCirce, Witch of Dark MagicTang Hsue-Jian, Flower of a GoddessDark Devil the Inferno CounsellorHost of Hsihe Sword - Hsuan Hsiao
Cass/ TroyMedeaCirce-Counsellor Hsiao

Enchantresses (Heart to element)
[Image: 100?cb=20151117182238&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151221093215&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151117182004&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140830044122&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140830044125&format=webp]
Wen Zhong the Sagacious WelkiniteIncinerating Guardian - HeimdallrPanda Druid - YunyangTwin Hymners Yan & XiTwin Divas Yan & Xi

Greek Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20140622090558&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622090607&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622090618&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622090628&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622090639&format=webp]
Poseidon, God of the SeaHephaestus, God of FireAthena, Goddess of WisdomApollo, God of the SunArtemis, Goddess of the Moon

Norse Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20140622093151&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093158&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093204&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093210&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093216&format=webp]
Freyr the Immortal WarriorTyr of ConflagrationFreyja the Solace WhispererThor of FulminationLoki the Everlasting Sinner

Egyptian Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20141128030326&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141128030326&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141128030330&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141128030331&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141128030331&format=webp]
Tefnut the Decent God of DrizzlesJust Deity of Warfare SethShu the Dragon of TempestRa the Righteous God of SunImmortal Judge of Afterlife Osiris

Greek Beasts
[Image: latest?cb=20150428080522&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428080522&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428080522&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428080523&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428080523&format=webp]
Lord of R'lyeh - CthulhuEthereal Drifter - CerberusMedusa the Shattering EyesGlorious King of Beasts - GriffinBaphomet the Wisdom Snatcher
CthulhuCerberus/ CerbMedusa/ DusaGriffinBaphomet/ Bap

JTTW/ CN Gods/ Chinese Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20140717102438&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102439&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102439&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102440&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102440&format=webp]
Ao Guang the Lord of DragonNezha the Guard of VaiśravaṇaPotentate Demon BullSacred Deicider Sun WukongAesthetic Vixen Su Daji
AoNezhaDBK/ DBWukong/ WukDaji/ Fox

Babylon Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20150330195646&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195647&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195648&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195648&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195649&format=webp]
Atrahasis the Wise EntityGeneral of Hurricane - NinurtaKing of Shepherd - DumuziInanna the Lady of LunarGod of Pestilence - Namtar
Atrahasis/ AtraNinurtaDumuziInannaNamtar

Ethereal Dragons/ ED
[Image: 100?cb=20140622115122&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115129&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115135&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115141&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115147&format=webp]
Dagon, Master of the Deep OnesCthugha the Holocaust HeritorByakhee the Cosmic BerserkerTulzscha the Radiant OverseerFaugn the Dread Devourer
Dagon/ Water EDCthugha / Fire EDByakhee / Earth EDTulzscha / Light EDFaugn / Dark ED

Newborn Elves
[Image: 100?cb=20141219213509&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219213510&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219213510&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141224010953&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141220224449&format=webp]
Surprise Creator YidhraMagrence the Winter RadianceYvette the Colorful PrismMarguerite the Festive CarolBliss Distributor Isabel
Yidra/ Water eggMagrence/ Fire eggYvette / Earth eggMarguerite / Light eggIsabel/ Dark egg

Toy Pixies
[Image: 100?cb=20150428131333&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150428131333&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428131334&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150428131335&format=webp][Image: latest?cb=20150428131335&format=webp]
Jinnie the Spinning DancerClara the NutcrackerNesting Doll - MatryoshkaWind-up Toy - Iron HamelMorris the Teddy Bear

[Image: 100?cb=20140717102441&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102441&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102537&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102537&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102538&format=webp]
Adjoined Android - Gretchen H.Agnesi the Exorcistic ScholarMark-IICyborg Craftsmen - LisaMidgley the Mad Scientist
Gretchen Agnesi MKII/ MarkLisaMidgley

[Image: 100?cb=20150330195651&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195652&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195652&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195653&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330195653&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200107&format=webp]
Aries of Courage - PoppyTaurus of Berserker - ArmstrongGemini of Recall - Castor PolluxCancer of Resolution - JohnLeo of Gallantry - GalioVirgo of Guardian - Persephone
Poppy/ AriesTaurusPollux/ GeminiJohn/ CancerGalio/ Leo Persephone/ Virgo
[Image: 100?cb=20150330200108&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200109&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200109&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200109&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200110&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150330200111&format=webp]
Libra of Justice - LunaScorpio of Agility - ElmaSagittarius of Frankness - Red BoyCapricorn of Meticulosity - DomonAquarius of Fantasy - CarriePisces of Empathy - Cateua & Ravniss
Luna/ LibraAlma/ ScorpioSagiDomonCarriePisces/ Cat

[Image: 100?cb=20150412012709&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150412012707&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124406&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124407&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124625&format=webp]
Dragonic Avenger - BeowulfAchilles the Untamed WarlordDiarmuid the Bipolar LancerKatana - Minamoto no YoshitsuneLü Bu the Bedemoned General
BeowulfAchillesDiarmuidMinamotoLu Bu

Blood Fiends
[Image: 100?cb=20141219124243&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124244&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124245&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124245&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141219124329&format=webp]
Gory Aristocrat ElizabethJackie the Holocaust IgniterBelle the Amorous SoulmateDeath Artist JackSpirit Gourmand Todd
Eliz/ ElizabethJackieBelleJackTodd

Investiture of the Gods
[Image: 100?cb=20140622093422&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093433&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093444&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093456&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622114731&format=webp]
Wen Zhong the Mercy RevealerDipankara the Enlightened BuddhaYang Jian the Deity of FidelityJiang Ziya the Celestial GeneralShen Gongbao the Roaring Tenacity
Wen Zhong/ WZRandeng/ DipankaraYang Jian/ YJJiang Ziya/ JZSGB

72 Demons
[Image: 100?cb=20140622115653&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115709&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115721&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115734&format=webp]
Vepar the Duchess of MaelstromMarchosias the Marquis of FlamesStolas the Prince of KnowledgeMarbas the General of Truth
[Image: 100?cb=20140622115746&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115756&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115809&format=webp]
Malphas the Earl of WarfareValac the Master of WhispersAstaroth the Duke of Hell

[Image: 100?cb=20150223221533][Image: 100?cb=20141105103310&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150111044953&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141209045720&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141209045721&format=webp]
Diablo, Nightmare Guttler of ElementsEvil Overlord SarumanGungnir - Odin the AllfatherSolar Destroyer SiriusLunar Destroyer Sirius
DiabloSaru/ SarumanGungnir/ OdinSolar SiriusLunar Sirius
[Image: 100?cb=20150629092431&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151207203030&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622092733&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140905202558&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140717102535&format=webp]
Nidhogg the Corpse of RagnarökMichael - LuciferGoddess of Order - GiemsaThunderous Supremacy - ZeusGod of Underworld - Hades
[Image: 100?cb=20140622114747&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622114754&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140830044125&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622093109&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20141124114114&format=webp]
Celestial Divinity - Yuanshi TianzunCelestial Master - Tongtian JiaozhuTaishang Laojun, Celestial SupremacyTyrant - The Queen of HeartsRegulator - Deus Ex Machina
YSTZ/ Old manTTJZTaishang LaojunQoHRegulator, Deus
[Image: 100?cb=20141128030612&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150324154956&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100318&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150228064832&format=webp]
Ed the Innocent NecrophiliaDouman Ashiya, Onmyōji of DoumaChen Fu the Last Loyal CourtierJi Ke the Leader of Royal Squad
EdDoumanChen FuJK
[Image: 100?cb=20140622092723&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100259&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20140622115034][Image: 100?cb=20140622115023][Image: 100?cb=20150716044422&format=webp]
Spirits' Guide - The Greenery KingHuang Lei the Successor of ArtisanHastur the Yellow PhantomNyarlathotepBig Bad Pete
Duck King/ Peking duckHuang LeiHastur/ Yellow SquidNyar/ Black SquidPete
[Image: 100?cb=20150513142034][Image: 100?cb=20150418081504][Image: 100?cb=20150330200116][Image: 100?cb=20150812153227&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150812153228&format=webp]
Elf Summoner - Princess WoodburyWisdom of the World - King SolomonDuke of Unicorn - AmdusciasHost of Hsihe Sword - Hsuan HsiaoThe Almighty Devil - Chong Lou
WoodburySolomonUnicornHsuan, HsiheCL
[Image: 100?cb=20150720122720&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151005092912&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150824104501&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150715032648&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20151005095107&format=webp]
Luno, Head Priest of LunarismDark Devil the Inferno CounsellorWings of Galaxies - MetatronWeaver of Unswerving Love - VegaIzanami the Inviter

Xuan Yuan/ XY
[Image: 100?cb=20150204101207&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204101127&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204101051&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204101017&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100944&format=webp]
Stone of Origin - Syu Siao-SyueCauldron of Divinity - Tuo Ba Yu-ErChen Jing-Ciou, Young Last PrinceJyu Yun & Cloudy the MechanicsSeptem the Traveling Seeker
SSSTuo Ba Yu ErCJCCloudySeptem
[Image: 100?cb=20150204100904&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100741&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100630&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100456&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100416&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150204100341&format=webp]
Mu-Yue the Celestial BeingBell of Order - Jia RouEmpyrean Tower - Lu Cheng-SyuanMirror of Sanctity - Yu Wun TuoXuan-Yuan Sword - Huang Fu DuoSih Kong Yu the Emperor's Scion
Mu YueJia RouLu Cheng SyuanYWTHFDSih Kong Yu

Chinese Paladins
[Image: 100?cb=20150720122759][Image: 100?cb=20150720122759][Image: 100?cb=20150720130735][Image: 100?cb=20150720130903][Image: 100?cb=20150720131129&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720131130&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720131130&format=webp]
Lotus of Origin - Zhao Ling-ErRighteous Heroine - Lin Yue-RuThe Sword Saint - Li Hsiao-YaoTang Hsue-Jian, Flower of a GoddessLong Kui, Princess of JiangHan Ling-Sha the Tomb RobberDemigoddess of Mana - Li Yi-Ru
ZLELin Yue, LYRLHYTHJLong Kui, LK, JiangHLSFire Domon, LYR
[Image: 100?cb=20150720122800&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720122801&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720122801&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720122813&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720122813&format=webp][Image: 100?cb=20150720122814&format=webp]
Jing Tian the General Reincarnated Tang Yu-Rou the Tender Rain Yue Jin-Zhao, the One-Eyed Enigma Sword of Mind - Yue Qi Jiang Yun-Fan, Prince of Devils Ming Hsiu, Wielder of the Lamp

After some random update many names were changed, they will be listed here.
GSoA- Great Schema of Aqua
GSoD- Great Schema of Dark
GSoE- Great Schema of Earth
GSoF-Great Schema of Fire
GSoL-Great Schema of Light
AoW/F/E/L/D- Power Released Schemas


dadarocks also uses xmigration in place of transmigration.

Nice thread.

[Image: 503b13b8.jpg]
Nicely done, i will move this to general discussions for more views first and will send it to best guides forum after enough views Smile

On 2nd thought...never mind i will just stick it here in "decks and strategies"

Oh btw i gave the termalogy of Trollisaur due to the fact it was really funny on the thread that time about Flamisaurs XD

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
Very nice thread!!!

Just some things i noted and would like to share... ><

Trollisaur- Flamisaur <--- Love this!!! XDXDXD

Fate Sisters/ Sisters <--- Think theres a typo... Morai shld be added after the / ??

might be really stupid of me... but ive see quite a number people asking so not really sure if it would be nice to add.... and im not sure if i spelled correctly.... May i also trouble you to help add the following:

Greek God:
- Apollo
- Hep
- Poseidon
- Artemis
- Athena

Euro / Norse Gods:
- Tyr
- Freyr
- Freyja
- Thor
- Loki

- Ra
- Osiris
- Shu
- Seth
- Tefnut

JTTW / Chinese Gods:
- Wukong
- Fox / Daji
- Ao Guang
- Nezha
- DK / Demon King
* vVv *

[Image: 1508981_10151932229674366_1487763640_n.jpg]

Nd Elizebeth, Belle, Dual Sirius Allies; add me @ 5808544 :]
CC - crowd control; urd, medusa, Isabelle, poppy

CN beast - schemas

Greek beast - baphoment, griffin, medusa, Cerberus, cthuhul

Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 2
[Image: 0cc7145c.jpg]
GSS - greater soulstone
PSS - prime soulstone
Evo mat - evolution materials
SM - soulmaster difficulty
In Game ID - 4259772
Great list!

some additions.

1-1, 2-1, 4-5, etc - island stages (prob needs more explanation)
Bap/Baph - Baphomet
Converters - cards that convert heart runes to color runes and vice versa
GM - maybe make a note that this is now known as EX
Witches - Alice/Marymount/Karis/Antonia/Lilith. Useful for feeding to other cards to increase their levels
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Heart

[Image: 7c52d11a.jpg]
Statues - farmed at zodiac stages that give high exp when evolved
[Image: 503b13b8.jpg]
Hertz for Sagittarius for some odd reason

and Beowolf which i have no idea what it refers to
(10-01-2013, 01:09 AM)Rusty Wrote: Hertz for Sagittarius for some odd reason

and Beowolf which i have no idea what it refers to

Hertz is the name for the horoscope Sagittarius card...

Beowulf is the water fiend. Before evo he is know as The Fearless Warrior.

Addition since these fiends are kinda new:
The Fearless Warrior (W-Water)- Beowulf the Dragonslayer
The Merciless Fighter (F-Fire)- Achilles the Hero of Kloes
The Unfortunate Knight (E-Earth)- Diarmuid & the Great Spears
The Doubtful Samurai (L-Light)- Edit: Minamoto no Yoshitsune (sorry bout the Yoritomo)
The Unjust Soldier (D-Dark)- Lu Bu the Warlord
[Image: qxQrZYD.png]

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