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help! - Pearlchiang - 06-02-2019

Hi! Can someone please help me build an updated deck so I can pass the tenth seal? I am stuck on the first level and I have been trying for months. I am currently using an Atlantis deck but I only have one deck.

RE: help! - kukingkong - 06-02-2019

Assuming you know all stage info from wikia. Next, youtube will help you, search by stage number such as and see which team they used. No single team can beat all 10 floor, even YZ.

RE: help! - Wai Yi Sit - 06-06-2019

(06-02-2019, 04:45 PM)kukingkong Wrote: No single team can beat all 10 floor, even YZ.

True that. I second the youtube search idea, it has gotten me past seal 8 and 9 in the past. Also, specifying the exact stage may be useful + stage info.

RE: help! - Pearlchiang - 06-09-2019

But just in general are there any teams I can build with my deck?

RE: help! - CG_John - 06-10-2019

At least sort your card by attribute please. In that way you can ease other users to see your inventory.