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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Smashing Obstacles - Horror - aahlsy - 05-22-2019

Info on Chinese Wiki:

Also translated with credit to Doppio Vinegar from Discord: 
[Image: unknown.png?width=400&height=228]

General Strategy:
1, 2, 3, 4) Spin through and prepare an enchanted earth rune for stage 5
6) Turn on enchantresses
7) Defense Break
8) Stack/convert/explode water runes
9a) Stack/convert/explode dark and heart runes
9b) Bring an enchanted earth rune converter as well as many earth boosters (since non-earth will be reset on stage 8)

Sample Teams: 
80k points and all rewards with Dual Ying Zheng, AR Karatsutengu, Lu Zhi, PR Ali Baba, Sun Shang Xiang  

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Spin through. Make an enchanted earth rune before stage 5.  
7) Turn on Lu Zhi
8) Spin while stacking water runes
9a) Spin while avoiding dark and heart runes
9b) Karatsutengu, Ali Baba, SSX for earth runes

Other Teams: 
77k with Dual Eve, AR Karatsutengu, Lu Zhi, Diarmuid Fusion: 

77k with Dual Eve, Belial, Lu Zhi, Panther Lily, Ubume

78k with Dual SR Freyja, VR Odin, Parvati, AR Domon, Geironul

72k with Dual Lucy, Gon, Chris, Laxus, Erza

83k with Dual Seiya, Shiryu, Ikki, PR Crescent, Capricorn Shura

75k with Dual Shiryu, Gon, PR Crescent, Capricorn Shura, Yashiro

79k with Dual Ying Zheng, AR Tuchugumo, AR Karatsutengu, Lu Zhi, Cixi