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about the ancient coin seal - nasheet - 04-05-2019

so when do they open it
and what are the factors for opening and closing it.
I've been playing the game but i usually leave it and come back.
and i still never had the chance to draw from this seal Tongue

RE: about the ancient coin seal - aahlsy - 04-05-2019

Usually during a special event when a new black card is released. Probably once every 3-4 months?

RE: about the ancient coin seal - killerwombat - 04-05-2019

The last black card (and ancient coin seal) was in the beginning of February.

Each patch is (generally) 6 weeks long, with the first 4 weeks being the separate seal. They generally don't have the ancient coin seal overlapping with the new separate seals. We are at the end of the 2nd week of this patch, so I'm guessing 6 weeks from now (week beginning 3 June).

RE: about the ancient coin seal - nasheet - 04-05-2019

thank you all for responding
check those damn stats out Shy

RE: about the ancient coin seal - nasheet - 04-05-2019

also i can't find any discord channel to join.

RE: about the ancient coin seal - vespher - 04-07-2019

RE: about the ancient coin seal - aahlsy - 04-19-2019

You're in luck: a new black-gold card is coming next week so the ancient coin seal is re-opening.

RE: about the ancient coin seal - agatio - 04-23-2019

The ancient coint seal is just... useless.. i've been farming ancient coins since the last event. Got 250... so i drawed 2 cards... because each freaking draw is 100 coins... and the 2 of them are useless dupes. I've came back from a 2 year pause. And without the kind of cards that apears in that seal is impossible to me to catch up with the meta. So i will be always stuck with outdated teams incapables of defeating the most random SM... so if you hope to get usefull cards prepared the wallet.

RE: about the ancient coin seal - vespher - 04-23-2019

Today I got Aria, Atlantis and Sakura for free, all new cards.

Not owning 50% of card pool from ancient coin seal is very helpful to my inventory, and mostly for any other new player.

It may only seem useless to old players which own 90%+ of ancient coin seal pool or those unlucky with pulls, which is again a bias.

My way of catching up to meta once i returned was to save up 175 diamonds and draw 35 cards on newest seals, or at least until I have series completed. Having new series boosted in arena enabled me to recoup losses and snowball for all future patches. At the moment, I am planning my draws 3 patches in advance, so with some managment and planning you can do pretty well without spending.

RE: about the ancient coin seal - agatio - 04-23-2019

The problem i see is that the reaaally good cards (black gold) are only obtainable right now through this ancient coin seal with a really low drop rate. So it is a very rare seal with a very rare drop rate. I don't now when the ying zheng and others seal will come back but is starting to be a really pain in the ass to have to wait one year to be able to defeat anything but weekly stages which cards are not so great unless you have the latest cards to pair with.

I spent a lot of money in the past, but i had to take a break from the need to keep up with the meta everyday. Now that money is uselessly spent because i cannot acces to a random SM or even the 10th seal. Its ridiculous to have very strongs teams and at the same time feel really powerless.