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Vishnu for Dummies - Oriceles - 11-11-2018

Table of Contents
  1. Background
  2. Mechanics and Theory
  3. Core Members
  4. Team Building options
  5. Sample Teams

After 3 patches buffing Human, Demons, Elfs and Machina Madhead decided to finally give some long to one of the most popular races in the game with the release of Version 16.0 Apocalyptic Sanskrit. In that patch they introduced 3 Gods leaders that allow to play God members of any attribute, the three leaders offer different sets of tools and gameplay and in Vishnu case he is is in my opinion one of the best designed leaders ever released in the game. He is so good because let's face it, Dark Gods are a really powerful and giving Pollux and Luna full support is something that everyone likes. Hindu Gods set the rules so you hardly ever have a bad board and by fulfilling the conditions you get awesome benefits like damage reduction, shared Runestones effect and additional multipliers.

Mechanics and Theory

[Image: 113.jpg]

This team skill operates in a similar fashion to Babylon Gods, you need to dissolve either full 3 rows or 6 columns with Water, Fire and Earth to get the full benefits.

[Image: 102.jpg]

The attack multiplier might look low on first sight but since you have access to God Runestones and large chunks of skydrop of your type Vishnu can ditch around 3m damage with no active skills with a decent board and spinning skills.
The damage reduction condition is the same as the one for the bonus so using for stalling might be a bit harder, also the damage reduction is not that high as Atlantis for example, but his active skill short cooldown makes up for this.

[Image: 142.jpg]

Utility, damage reduction and attack boost, at just CD5 makes it so Vishnu can bring a shield when really needed, the skill uses 2 buff slots so if used properly you can abuse this to push enemy debuffs like 98 rounds phantom, poison, or damage path. Since this skill is so good make it so you can consider Vishnu as member for other God teams as well (Think of Artemis on Namtar if needed, damage reduction is not a common thing to see in dark attribute).

Core Members

Initially Madhead showcased Vishnu with Lucifer as team member rather than Pollux, but personally I find it pointless and disgusting because Lucifer won't have as much damage to absorb and his conversion is pointless because of Vishnu team skill makes it so it is better to have a Water fire and Earth board.

[Image: 60] Gemini of Recall - Castor & Pollux: Arguably one of the most powerful cards in the game and significantly popular in every setup that allows you to play either dark or god members. He will be the main damage dealer for your team and source of damage via Luna active skill. He will take a while to max but it is totally worth it.

[Image: 60] Libra of Justice - Luna: She is one of those cards that can change the way on how people look at your inventory, the effects provided by her awakening recall affect the entire team and she will be the one in charge of taking down bosses by sharing Pollux damage to the rest of the team members. Some people say that Luna is a bit rare to get, but MadHead usually boost her draw rate and bring featured events to get her quite often. There is no way to max her skill without harpy so that might hurt a bit the process to fully train her. Outside of God setups she does the same role for traditional light teams that rely on Lucifer as main damage dealer.

Team Building options

Here I could list A TON of members, specially those of utility because he is able to slot Gods of any attribute and pull it out, yet the best options are actually Dark and Light Gods, so I will try to stay on those that are the most popular in leaderboards and less situational. Be aware that since Vishnu can generate his own runestones so he doesn't really need much conversion unless you are facing specific shields.

[Image: 60] Dark Perception - Lakshmi: The damage that she offers is really high and have almost full uptime thanks to the team skill of Hindu common cards. The only tricky part with her is that despite the effect is in play it will need a trigger by dissolving light, dark and heart, this is not that hard for Vishnu but still makes it RNG.

[Image: 60] Obsessive Desire - Varuni: She is more reliable than Lakshmi but have a lower multiplier that also boosts recovery, you can either use both together or pick one of the 2.

[Image: 60] Scorpio of Agility - Alma: She is similar yet quite different to Pollux, her pros are that she deals a low poison damage to enemies with high armor and that her 4x bonus is easy to inflict on the enemies so for short scenarios she is probably better than Pollux which requires a lot of stall or opportunities to fully max his stacks. Another problem with Alma is that if the enemy is not controllable she is unable to inflict the poison and get the damage boost working.

[Image: latest?cb=20170715103500] Qi Tian Di: Before Pollux Awakening Recall was introduced he used to be the damage dealer for dark and god setups, then he has stayed relevant in the meta because he is able to explode runestones of selected attribute and have stats comparable to those of sealed lords (4.6k HP wtf?!). Sadly this guy was not returning and was the hardest boss in Tower of Saviors history at the time so very small amount of players have access to him.

[Image: 60] Mischievous Wit - Lü Dongbin: He is a rare leader which is also able to play rainbowish setups, yet he can do a similar role same role as Qi Tian Di when it comes to exploding specific runestones.

[Image: 60] Supreme Lotus - He Xian'gu: She is able to provide a substantial amount of of constant damage thanks to her continuous effect, the additional 6 runestones generated are also appreciated but those come by dissolving light and dark in the first batch which rarely will happen in Vishnu. Her effect lasts until you receive damage but the cooldown is so short that it doesn't matter that much.

[Image: 60] Anubis the Jackal of Life & Death: a bit comparable with He Xian'Gu his buff is not that volatile and you get cooldown reduction upon deactivation so it is possible to have both of his boost in play during 1 turn. The increased dark runestones drop rate can chain pretty well with those generate by the team skill and the boost will affect everyone if you stack it with Luna active. Personally I think that Anubis deserves some kind of upgrade but he is still strong.

[Image: 60] Tempest of Sakura - Yomi: One of the best biweekly cards in the game, sadly she is not returning, 2 rounds of boosted damage and can explode the entire board which is great against all kind of board hazards, she is also faster than Egyptian Gods.

[Image: 60] Judge of the Dead - Osiris: Similar to Yomi, but he is different because he is probably the only snipe active that Vishnu have access to in the pool of Light and Dark Gods, other than that you will keep enchanted dark God Runestones and get a Dark multiplier bonus after the Runestones explode.

[Image: 60] Death Redemption - Osiris: Can turn the enemy to light for 1 turn which is good to deal against switching shields or "non-weakness" type of shields.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Sagacious Sage - Sun Wukong: I am often criticized because I like to play Wukong with his Dragonware as member for this team. He is able to ignore enemy armor for 1 turn and convert any type of runestones to light which for Vishnu that is fine (this is good against petrified runestones enemy for instance). The dragonware makes it so he is CD5 and you get 1 more second of runestone-moving time that stacks with the one provided by Luna.

[Image: 60] Wealth Pursuer - Kubera: so Vishnu active won't be enough to survive?, then you can use this guy because 2 rounds of 80% damage reduction is pretty nice and the boosted attack for leader and ally is also really appreciated. His stats are quite high with 3.4k HP. The cooldown is a bit high but I think is fair for all that he offers.

[Image: 60] Chakra Epiphany - Indra: You can see him as the F2P poorman version of Luna that comes 2 turns faster and offers conversion. His stats are decent so if you are still missing Luna you should consider farming Indra as an option.

[Image: 60] Hel the Morale of All: Personally not favorite in this team, Vishnu does have increased recovery by dissolving light and dark so having heart effect on dark runestones is more oriented to overheal like in Artemis or Namtar.

[Image: 60] Lord of All Gods - Khaos: Personally I don't own him yet (no light mono at the time), but he is a huge problem solver against a lot of enemy skills so it is good to keep him in consideration, also his stats are really high so I think it is hard to say that he can be a wrong choice.

Sample Teams

I need to tank even more

[Image: 50][Image: latest?cb=20170715103500][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
  • Kubera 80% damage reduction along with the one provided from Vishnu leader skill will cover all absurd damage from current meta
  • Qi Tian Di provides sealed lord tier stats and can dissolve unwanted runestones for utility
  • If you don't own Qi Tian Di you can go for Odin or Khaos for stats.
Standard Hindu

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
  • Varuni and Lakshmi were commons from Hindu seal
  • Lakshmi condition of Light, Dark and Heart dissolved is super easy to fulfill for Vishnu
  • You are stacking damage boosters so you could also replace Luna and Pollux for required utility cards
+2 Seconds of Movement of Runestones

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
I like to play this setup in stages that don't require much utility, the additional time comes from Luna AR and Wukong Dragonware. Wukong conversion helps to deal with things like blocked runestones that can't be dissolved or trojan combo.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]