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Celebration Events, July 9 - 15 - KaerfNomekop - 07-09-2018

All Regions:
- 7 Diamonds, 3 Baby Harpies, 1000 Prize Points and 10 Inventory Slots from daily login
Demonic Dragons biweeklies for non-YYH regions
- TOS World Cup one-off stage, July 10 to 15
Maskman and Francis SMs, July 13 (10pm) through July 15
BOGO Stamina Refill, July 10/11 and 12/13
- Free Stamina Refill over the weekend
- Monthly Gift Pack and three special Gift Packs
- New items in Trade Fortress

- 1 Free YYH seal draw (slvl 1) for the first login between July 9 and 22
- Botan (slvl 8) for 7 accumulated login days
- YYH seal is open from July 9th to August 5th. Every 35 draws will net a Yusuke. Rare up on July 20th.
Yusuke (Water Human/Demon)
Genkai (Fire Human)
Kurama (Earth Elf)
Kuwabara (Light Human)
Hiei (Dark Demon)
Raizen (Light Demon)
Koenma (Dark Human)
Elder Toguro (Dark Demon)
- Purchase Reward, 6+ Diamonds gets one YYH seal draw (slvl 7) and a Madhead
New biweekly, Jin, July 9 to 22
- New Coliseum for Yomi, July 10 to 23
- YYH team testing stage, July 9 to 15
- YYH level up boost, July 9 to August 5
- YYH seal decomposition soul boost, July 9 to July 29

RE: Celebration Events, July 9 - 15 - Fauxy - 07-09-2018

What a weird set of characters they've chosen for the actual seal. Raizen, but not Mukuro (who I presume will be GE or something) and Yomi (who is coliseum). And then Elder Toguro (but not Younger who is more iconic and will presumably be a SM or Horror stage) on top of it, so you can't even say they picked only the good guys.

Welp. Good luck with the first day draws, kids.

RE: Celebration Events, July 9 - 15 - Altialice - 07-09-2018

The Toguro brothers should have a fusion since in the anime Younger Toguro used Elder Toduro as a sword lol

Everything was leaked except for Genkai... and never thought of her as a fire element, well got to fill up the missing element I guess.