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Thoughts on the new system - emailtim - 04-16-2018

My thoughts on the new system items. Feel free to add your thoughts - I don't intend this to be a place to talk about the cards - just the system changes.

I don't like the Pin/Add to favourites moves the screen to the top of the inventory so you have to scroll back down to add multiple cards. (may be a bug).

I like that it gives you a "to max level" counter when levelling up, but don't like that they removed the "to next level" as I used this at high levels to use my 1/3/5 level up cards. I do prefer the new system however as before I had to look on wiki for max level info.

The screen is all stretched out for me now. E.g. the battle button to start an arena battle is off the bottom of the screen with only a small bit of the green button showing.
There is too much excess space on the cards at the bottom (leader skill). About 12 lines of text fit in there yet the active skill (which is almost always a longer definition) only fits 3.5 lines of text.
The change in resolution (if this is what it is) I am really not a fan of - although it may just mean I am on too old a phone.

Big fan of TOS Express (doesn't help much but it is info I always wanted to know). I am concerned that all my allies will change to top 10 and there will be less choice.

I like that there is now a "stock" button to show how many of each card you have.

I don't like that the question mark on the cards with extra details (such as same skill cards or passive skills) is gone.

I really don't like that I STILL CAN'T EDIT MY TEAM AT THE BATTLE PREP SCREEN. Yes I am shouting. Please put this in Madhead.

Overall happy with the changes but really annoyed with my screen resolution / screen fit.

RE: Thoughts on the new system - Suun - 04-16-2018

A lot if things are bufs that will be changed.

Question mark
Strechted screen
Missing Skills


RE: Thoughts on the new system - VVB - 04-17-2018

My brain's hurt after 5 mins looking at the new display.

bring back the old one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

RE: Thoughts on the new system - Joaqs - 04-17-2018

The stretched screen is a change so that it covers all the screen, all the other problems should be solved though. The "?" is back.

I don't like the "hatcher" preffer pulling the card, than just pressing and then the animation and it feels to long for me.

RE: Thoughts on the new system - LightningZERO - 04-17-2018

The screen were stretched too much. I rolled my eyes when looking at the leader much empty space and they cram all the words there

The game also looks terrible on iPhone X

RE: Thoughts on the new system - Altialice - 04-17-2018

I also don't like the stretched screen, especially on my Samsung S9+ which has a very long screen lol.

RE: Thoughts on the new system - Fauxy - 04-17-2018

The stretching is bad, I VR'd my Seth and you could see the EXP bar from the closeup when his sprite changes, just a giant blue block at the bottom of the screen. I appreciate MH making room for better graphics, since I think a lot of the artwork detail is lost because of the screensize, but really, not great implementation so far. The font on the "?" tooltip is also now tiny as hell.

Stock is nice but they shouldn't put it over the artwork, that's really annoying.

Express is eh. I worry newbies are going to misunderstand why certain cards trend and think those must be the best of the best. But on the other hand, if it updates after say, the first day of the SM, then it tells them which leaders are most viable for it.

Pretty minor changes but I think my UI was reset to the original one, I saw a glimpse of one where the pins were green circles rather than the flags it is right now, but it was glitchy as all hell and by the time I restarted it was gone.

Thoughts on the new system - Joaqs - 04-17-2018

Yeah, first start after patch the graphics where bugged, it does itself after a restart of the app.

Doesn't the info updates every day? Anyway it is a nice source of info on popular cards.

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RE: Thoughts on the new system - killerwombat - 04-17-2018

Does MH even have a testing phase in their development? The "upgraded" system is full of bugs and looks like someone just applied a scaling factor to various parts of the UI to fit on higher resolution screens. It looks particularly bad on 18:9 screens (I'm using an LG G6), with large blank areas, poorly scaled screen elements, etc.

They should stop trying to add more features (and why did they remove the inbuilt widget which allowed you to monitor your stamina?), and fix the the bloody lag!!!! Even running on a fairly high end phone, spinning can be so unpredictable sometimes.

RE: Thoughts on the new system - Durumana - 04-17-2018

The display bugs are horrible. The inventory scrolling when you unpin/pin cards is horrible. The elimination of how much exp to the next level is stupid considering how they added a bunch of other information to the screen.