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phanes/gaia as leader/member - mcsqueeze - 03-09-2018

should i keep a second phanes/gaia as a member for the team? cd 5 convert to god runes and fire attack 1.6.
also amel4 fire runestone drop boost. I can see team with phanes phanes helmdaller shakuro utility phanes.
the phanes active with the god runestone convert seems really powerful 1.6 * 10 god runestone disolve or 3x = 4.8 boost at cd 5 plus the drop rate seems pretty op . Am i missing something?

trying to decide if i should use harpies or my second phanes to max skill level the first

RE: phanes/gaia as leader/member - Fauxy - 03-09-2018

I think there are better options? You already have two Phanes in the team by default, that's plenty. I'd rather just max one and save my harpies. If you want damage, an enchantress is more ideal: Medea, Fire Bride, or OVR Heph are the best picks I think. Heph also has an increased fire drop amel, so I really like having him as a member in my Phanes team.

RE: phanes/gaia as leader/member - kukingkong - 03-10-2018

Before VRing greek gods, I usually use 2 in a team (excluding ally). That's good.

For primal greek gods, if summoner has no better card, adding the 3rd one is ok. It can be maxed without using harpy (same skill cards), and at ame4, it increases drop rate of corresponding runes.