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TOS's Next Collab... - Fauxy - 03-02-2018

It's Hunter X Hunter. Bam!

LOL I'm just making this thread separate because I don't want Agnesi's main 15.1 thread to fill up too quickly with noncontent stuff to the point of being unreadable to newbs and non-regulars. So feel free to discuss your feelings about this surprise anime collab that everyone thought was gonna be Fate.

EDIT: Oh also Crash Fever.

RE: TOS's Next Collab... - put1572 - 03-02-2018

Ah, good ol' Hiatus x Hiatus. Imma break bank if Hisoka turns out to be one of the rares because we all need that psychotic, pedophiliac clown in our lives (jk). But seriously, please continue the damn anime already...

RE: TOS's Next Collab... - Glune - 03-02-2018

Ah crash fever for HxH both good loll bring it on let see of my bank rims dry first or if I get all the cards... anyway seems good

P.s I fucced the new Zeus sm twice lol what team am I supposed to use for easy clear? (Domt have apollo)

RE: TOS's Next Collab... - Sayokyoku - 03-02-2018

I... feel pretty neutral towards this, lol. I mean, I watched it as a kid, then binge-read the manga a few years back, but it never really hooked me like some other stuff did.

Have to say, though, I like MH's art style, so it'll be good to see some of these characters draw this way.

RE: TOS's Next Collab... - desrt - 03-03-2018

So if this is a Big Crossover, we would have 8 seal cards, 1 arena card, 1 Coliseum card, 1 GE card, 3 biweeklys and 3 Ultimate Stages (i still call them soul masters somehow), that would be 17 cards + we could have like an extra stage at the end of biweeklys with an additional better card.

My guess would be: Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka, Nuckle, Shoot and Morel for seal cards (only good guys + hisoka), Biscuit as Arena Card, Meruem and Chrollo for Ultimate Stage, and Phantom Troupe and Zoldyck Family members to chose for GE, Coliseum, 1 SM and 3-4 biweekly card.

HxH is filled with awesome characters, so the collab is also at risk of leaving great characters outside. For people who watched the series for example, if things tourn out more or less like i predict, some might argue they had to make Meruem's 3 Guardians or more phantom troupe members, or Gin or guys from greed island.
Im pumped up tho! Bring it big time MH!