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Jumbo Lucky Draw - aahlsy - 02-09-2018

Possible Rewards:
5 diamonds
10 diamonds
20 diamonds
30 diamonds
50 diamonds
100 diamonds
PR Mat Set + 5 Harpies
8 baby harpies + 1 Harpy
5x Max Level Plump Precious Beasts
5x Alpacas
Imperial Heroes Set x1

Good luck!

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Glune - 02-09-2018

Ah ty ill just do this now before i sleep lol Nvm found when the rewards are sent 3rd of March lol
Awh shucks only got 5 diamonds lmao

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Oriceles - 02-09-2018

Awful alpacas... I wanted diamonds at any rate.

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Revdarian - 02-09-2018

5diamonds on march the 5th

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - wong ah neh - 02-09-2018

I got 30 dias. Lucky

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - put1572 - 02-09-2018

100 dimes eh? Alas, 'twas not meant to be. Which part about these Alpacas are yummy in any way?

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Saligia - 02-10-2018

Is this exclusive to the Chinese version? I tried going to the page and entering my UID and verification code, but only got an error notice.

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Fauxy - 02-11-2018

Oh. I posted this in the 15.0 thread lol. I shoulda looked first, sorry. I got a harpy and some babies. Which is like... fine, sure, whatever.

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - aahlsy - 02-11-2018

@Saligia thanks for pointing it out - I had linked the page for the Chinese version. I've updated the opening post with the direct link to the English version.

RE: Jumbo Lucky Draw - Symrustar - 02-11-2018

Alpaca set. Thanks?