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Next patch tos collaboration? - Glune - 12-27-2017

Seen some update on Facebook about the upcoming tos collaboration to see for yourself search Tosobservatory or the correct spelling CD

Creds to Tosobservatory

The pictures that were shared seems to be the people shooting the promo Smile so I guess a new collaboration is finally coming hahaha open the wallets for CNY+this gogo~!

RE: Next patch tos collaboration? - jtsmith - 12-28-2017

I'm not spending this coming year because there seems to be a really low % I will get what they are making.

It makes some sense to do a collab since none are active.  I bet there will be a new black card I can't get and maybe a rain of dajis which I don't need.  I will probably try the prologues before they leave.

RE: Next patch tos collaboration? - Glune - 12-28-2017

Might give it a shot depending on the product they are collaborating with XD

Besides my luck doesn't seems that bad... haha (hope so)

And true I reckon it's worth getting any of the prologue Rares as they seem pretty damn strong