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Chronos Gate Forums dead? - DrFluttershy - 04-15-2017

And it's spammed with advertisements threads. The game is dead already, and the game doesn't even bother giving out announcements for the English version anymore.

RE: Chronos Gate Forums dead? - Kina Skynight - 04-15-2017

What can we do? XD I stopped playing dunno how long ago

RE: Chronos Gate Forums dead? - skinnyceps - 04-15-2017

Game is dead.. I didn't like it, one stage is taking to much time IMHO

RE: Chronos Gate Forums dead? - DrFluttershy - 04-16-2017

I definitely agree with that point of yours. Chronos Gate is just going to fall to its doom at this rate. I personally think that they should really stop making new games and focus on ToS, and ToS only.

RE: Chronos Gate Forums dead? - evilvoice - 04-17-2017

Oneiric looked like it would be a good game, but it isn't in English so I have no idea what I'm selecting when I fight (it's kind of like story mode, I think. People talk, you respond, talk some more, more responses, fight, talk some more.)

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