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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusty Book - Arigato - 02-03-2017

Image Source: TOS Wikia


1[Image: 60?cb=20140618201617&path-prefix=zh]6948138941201540[Image: 22?cb=20150217102909&path-prefix=zh] Weathered Mine
Enemy weathers a random rune every turn. When weathered rune is touched, rune spinning stops immediately and 3000 HP will be deducted.
2[Image: 60?cb=20140618220156&path-prefix=zh]15127235267301390[Image: 22?cb=20150217102910&path-prefix=zh] Masked Trail
Enemy masks runes along spinning path.
3[Image: 60?cb=20140618201608&path-prefix=zh]7264146093701820[Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] Ambush • Post Attack Double Burning - 10%
Enemy attacks once upon entry. Every time after enemy attacks, enemy burn 2 random positions. Every time burning rune is touched, 10% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
4[Image: 60?cb=20140618201557&path-prefix=zh]18726342846901560[Image: 22?cb=20150217103122&path-prefix=zh] Enchanted Reflect Shield - 50% x 2
Enemy only receives damage from enchanted rune. If enemy receives attack from non-enchanted rune, enemy will attack twice with 50% of its ATK additionally.
5[Image: 60?cb=20140618220151&path-prefix=zh]8392257136902030[Image: 22?cb=20150217102801&path-prefix=zh] Trojan - Gold
The lower the enemy's HP, the higher its ATK, to the max of 20x. When enemy's HP is below 30%, enemy attacks twice in a turn.
6[Image: 60?cb=20170119115107&path-prefix=zh]6076163414803300[Image: 22?cb=20150217102327&path-prefix=zh] 9+ Combo Shield - EX
Summoner need to make 9 or more combos to inflict damage to enemy; Else, enemy will attack for (9-N) times.
[Image: 60?cb=20170119115107&path-prefix=zh] lv1


  1. Team consists of 3 or more Humans.
  2. Both leader and ally are Gods.
  3. Team consists of only Dark Members. (Team skill excluded)
[Image: 120?cb=20170109224843&path-prefix=zh]
Type: Opal of Shadowfall
Restriction: Human only.
Charging Condition: Make 4 or more combos.
Skill I: For 1 turn, heal 12000 HP.
Skill II: 3 random Humans' CD - 2.
Skill III: For 1 turn, team ATK and RCR increases by 30%.

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - Ashirogi Muto - 02-03-2017

Easily the easiest SM I've seen in weeks, any Greek can clear with eyes closed, and Dark Greek can even do all achievements in one run. But if you whiff on last round you're dead I guess.

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - rxwing - 02-03-2017

yer call it an sm MH? i could even spin with my eyes closed!
spin on the spot, not spin the runes... duh Big Grin

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - aahlsy - 02-03-2017

3* clear with Dual VR Loki + VR Odin, Endor, two random humans

Basically just grind for actives and then PR starter on the boss (try not to spin poorly like me). 

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - Glune - 02-03-2017

hmmm will pontos be able to clear this sm? with lots of max cd converters?

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - rxwing - 02-03-2017

(02-03-2017, 08:26 PM)Glune Wrote: hmmm will pontos be able to clear this sm? with lots of max cd converters?

believe lots of teams can clear this one... for mono Dark, i'm going with Erebus (coz i dont have much choice)
just note that skydrop teams like Pontos/Erebus, YJ/DP, Greeks... GuanYu... sometimes want to stall, skydrop like crazy... sometimes want to burst, no skydrop....

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - Blitzkriag - 02-03-2017

When the stage is too hard players complain too hard. Here come's a reasonable stage and we have hordes screaming too easy :/ Typical tos player.
This is nice actually, most people will be able to get the card, and can be farmed easily too.

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - rxwing - 02-04-2017

all cards in highest evolve/PR/VR form unless otherwise stated.

Leader & Ally are Gods, mono Dark achievement
since farming, wont force in 1 run. has low stats Dark Human: Endor, Novia. want to stand Molly 1 hit

Erebus (L), Endor, Hades, SGB, NVR Odin, Erebus (A)

#1, #2, #3: should be no prob
#4: with SGB should be no prob. if somehow no enchanted, try to atk while enemy not in CD1... it reflect its own atk at 50% twice... thats why want to form a team that can tank 1 hit here
#5: 1st turn, spin to kill without any actives. 2nd turn... both Hades actives and Odin's buff active... zero skydrop... almost pissed my pants... luckily accidentally brought DC that delays the Light enemy for 1 turn... but managed to KO it anyway even without delay.
#6: since #5 dissolved runes under Leader & Ally columns... Odin buff still on... on evenrything, ended with Endor...

3 or more Human achievement
This is my farming team as well
Step by step instruction just read from the video description

done Smile

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - CarlotheTOSNoob - 02-04-2017

Clear easily, 2 teams used because I'm farming this relatively easy stage.

Mono Dark and L/A God
PR Artemis, NVR Odin, Norvi, Gemini, Basti, PR Artemis

Rd1-2. Get active up
Rd3-5. Sweep, use active if needed
Rd6. Boss does 6k, pathetic... full burst, sweep, idc.

Mono Human
LYR, PR Circe, PR Medea, PR Molly, Swegde, LHY

Rd1-2. Stall
Rd3. Use PR Molly
Rd4. Sweep
Rd5. Sweep
Rd6. LHY

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Dusky Book - Sayokyoku - 02-04-2017

This is when I cry out 佛心啊~.

Glad MH did this. Here's to hoping that more utility cards can have easier SMs like this one and that tough SMs are reserved for staple power cards.