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ML - chocolateSG - 01-10-2017

at what level can i get enough team cost to use double ML team?

currently I'm lvl 211
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RE: ML - aahlsy - 01-10-2017

This is in the wrong section - next time you should post this in the "ask the community" subforum.

The exact level depends on what else is in your team. You can see required level for a given team cost on the wiki:

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RE: ML - Arigato - 01-10-2017

thread moved

RE: ML - KaerfNomekop - 01-10-2017

I mean, technically you could use one Light Soulstone as leader with 2 PR MLs in the party, and that would already be available at level 142.

On more standard terms, by level 244 you can run Inanna | ML | ML | Luna | Minamoto + Inanna if only the MLs are PR'd.

RE: ML - chocolateSG - 01-10-2017

ok.. thanks

RE: ML - jtsmith - 01-11-2017

(01-10-2017, 08:55 PM)chocolateSG Wrote: ok.. thanks
keep luna at non pr until u have enuf tc to pr her.  otherwise u have to wait many levels just for a pr luna and a costume.  u can still use a nonpr luna with little drawback.
personally i am still waiting for the tc for this team:
Yog prML prML nonprLuna minamoto Yog = 146 tc = character lvl366 
after that i will need a bunch of levels to replace minamoto with kejourou = 154 tc = clvl420.
then i need lvl452 to pr luna.
this if i want to give up on yog triple ML luna yog available at lvl580!
team cost is here btw