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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - Arigato - 12-02-2016

Image Source: TOS Wikia


1[Image: 60?cb=20161031082601&path-prefix=zh]107531(3)18564201980[Image: 22?cb=20150217102646&path-prefix=zh] Post Defeat 50% Weaken - 98R
After enemy is defeated, for 98 turns, summoner's ATK is reduced by 50%.
2a[Image: 60?cb=20160627042501&path-prefix=zh]452151219420830[Image: 22?cb=20150217102459&path-prefix=zh] 70% Poison
Until enemy is defeated, 70% of summoner's HP is deducted per turn.
2b[Image: 60?cb=20160627042501&path-prefix=zh]7348157234503120[Image: 22?cb=20150217102801&path-prefix=zh] Trojan - Gold
The lower the enemy's HP, the higher its ATK, to the max of 20x. When enemy's HP is below 30%, enemy attacks twice in a turn.
3[Image: 60?cb=20150622135954&path-prefix=zh]14854232135604760[Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] 10% Burning - Double Extension
Enemy burns a random position upon entry and extend to 2 adjacent positions every turn. Every time burning rune is touched, 10% of summoner's HP is deducted.
4a[Image: 60?cb=20151221091448&path-prefix=zh]171392230549016920[Image: 22?cb=20150217101354&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102910&path-prefix=zh] Entry Conversion - Dark • Alternating RC Conversion - Dark • Monochrome Board
Enemy converts a random rune type to Dark upon entry. After enemy attacks for the first time, enemy converts a random row to Dark; After enemy attacks for the second time, enemy converts a random column to Dark; This effect runs as a cycle. Enemy turns all runes to monochrome.
4b[Image: 60?cb=20151221091448&path-prefix=zh]116251686177016920[Image: 22?cb=20150217102455&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102454&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102909&path-prefix=zh] Effect Removal + Reset • Double Weathered Mines
Enemy removes all effects in play and reset CD of corresponding actives upon entry. Enemy weathers 2 runes per turn. When weathered rune is touched, rune spinning stops immediately and 3000 HP will be deducted.
5[Image: 60?cb=20151116122929&path-prefix=zh]16325259216508380[Image: 22?cb=20150217102648&path-prefix=zh] Post Defeat Minus 2 Seconds Spinning - 98R
After enemy is defeated, for 98 turns, rune spinning time is reduced by 2 seconds.
6a[Image: 60?cb=20161201100545&path-prefix=zh]1001493652014720[Image: 22?cb=20150217102458&path-prefix=zh] 90% Deduction
When enemy attacks, 90% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
6b[Image: 60?cb=20161201100545&path-prefix=zh]142561836581014720[Image: 22?cb=20150217101354&path-prefix=zh] Dissolve Dark Nullify Attack • Dark Combo Multistrike
If any Dark runes are dissolved during initial dissolve, summoner cannot attack. For every set of Dark rune dissolved during initial dissolve, enemy attacks once additionally.
[Image: 60?cb=20161201100545&path-prefix=zh] lvl1


  1. Team consists of only Fire Members. (Team skill excluded)
  2. Team consists of only Gods.
  3. Hidden: Team consists of only Light Members. (Team skill excluded)
[Image: 120?cb=20161202040401&path-prefix=zh]
Type: Opal of Shadowfall
Restriction: Earth Demon only
Charging Condition: Make 4 or more combos.
Skill I: 3 random Demons' CD - 2.
Skill II: For 1 turn, Demon's ATK + 30%.
Skill III: For 1 turn, heal 90% of total HP.

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - aahlsy - 12-02-2016

Hidden is Light Team. 
2* Clear (God team, hidden: light team) with PR Inanna + PR Luna, 2x PR ML, Magic Lamp + PR Inanna. 
1) Kill in 3 turns
2a) Kill ASAP
2b) Grind for actives. When ready, ML + ML convert + Luna
3) Grind through
4a) Grind through, kill at cd 2 
4b) Kill quickly
5) Grind through
6a) Luna + Inanna
6b) Inanna + ML convert + Magic Lamp

1* clear (fire team) with PR Ninurta + PR Medea, PR Skuld, PR Sean, PR Uriel + PR Ninurta
1) Kill in 3 turns

2a) Spin well and kill quickly
2b) Grind for actives. When ready, Medea + Uriel + DC or Sean if DC not ready
3) Kill quickly
4a) Spin once, then turn off Medea and grind through. Kill at cd 2
4b) Turn Medea back on, kill within 2 turns
5) Kill within 2 turns
6a) Ninurta and spin
6b) Everything left

Looks like an easy (but slow) one-off clear with PR Barbara + PR Byakhee, PR Shu, PR Medusa, Haza + PR Nidhogg

Rd 1: Grind actives up
Rd 2a: Haza both actives, Shu to remove -50% damage debuff and burst down
Rd 2b: Grind actives back, burst when ready
Rd 3: Medusa, Haza, convert, DC if needed
Rd 4a/4b/5: Grind back actives
Rd 6a: Haza both actives, Shu, DC to burst and prep board, remove dark
Rd 6b: Nidhogg + prepped board to kill

[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - rxwing - 12-02-2016

after reading the battle info... dont think i'll do the achievements... though believe have the cards for skilled spinner to pass... my battle ready Fire Gods
All Max: Tyr, (Odin), Hep, (Zeus), Ninurta, Taurus, Spirit of Fortune
Not max skill/level but usable: Agnamut, Metatron + Fire fusion, Skuld, Var

yeah might go with my Nidhogg ally Barbara and call it a day.

btw... last weekend Zeus 6 turns KO, there was a bug. after DC, the effect gone. and really wonder why such bug in not new stage. prev rotation no bug? but who knows this atk -50% is bugged as well? Big Grin

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - Jenova - 12-02-2016

Completed with Inanna, ML, ML, Mina, Kej, Inanna

Spin well and manage Inannas actives for the 2 sec rounds and you're fine really. Not entirely sure its a good team to farm it with but it was the first try so I'm just happy it worked out.
Might try with Barb team later.

Strange thing was I didn't get the Harpy or Heavy Gear for completing the battle, just the new card...

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - CarlotheTOSNoob - 12-02-2016

Ninurta can do I think, Medea to nullify the debuff... though might want to do achievements, but think later lol
I will use Ninurta, PR Medea, LYR, PR Diablo, SSM, Ninurta
Rd1-2a. This team high recovery grind through, get Medea up soon
Rd2b Full Burst+DC
Rd3. Kill Normally
Rd4a. Off Medea, Grind... CD 2 No problem Big Grin
Rd4b. Spin
Rd5. Spin
Rd6a. Spin, if it's alive, won't kill you. (If your LYR not ready after this turn, use DC to remove dark)
Rd6b. LYR+Full Burst

As for Mono God, I think I'll use Artemis team

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - aahlsy - 12-02-2016

Hidden achievement is mono light

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - wong ah neh - 12-02-2016

All god achivement with.
Pr diarmuid, huifre, pr sariel, vali, anu, pr diarmuid.
1. Stall as much as possible.
2a. Normal kill use huifre if needed.
2b. Sariel+ vali+dc.
3. Have 2 turn vali boost and 1 full heal. Should no problem.
4a. Normal spin.
4b. Normal spin use huifre if needed.
5. Normal spin
6a. Sariel+vali+diarmuid.
6b. Huifre, anu, diarmuid. Dc for overkill.

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - wong ah neh - 12-02-2016

Hidden is mono light

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - Suun - 12-03-2016

How do you get rid of the -50% debuff with a light or fire team?

RE: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation - Arigato - 12-03-2016

(12-03-2016, 12:27 AM)Suun Wrote: How do you get rid of the -50% debuff with a light or fire team?

Fire have Marchosias which CD can be a bit long. For Light, i can't remember any.

For myself, I use a Chessia Fire team and Inanna Light God Mono. I personally just ignore the debuff and think that i am facing double HP enemy from R2a to R4a.