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[SL] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 05-30-2016

Hi all, 

I created a youtube channel about a month ago and have started posting videos of all the new content:
If you can spin better than me, you can probably clear the stages too!

I'll normally post ultimate stage / soulmaster videos on the relevant discussion thread, but the rest will go here.

To start off, here's a 2* clear of the latest weekly battle (extra): 

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - Zymo - 09-26-2017

pitty you removed the video's Steph Sad

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 09-26-2017

I'm still regularly posting videos on the channel and the ultimate stages on the forum! I can start posting the weeklies up if there's interest, just that there are too many amelioration/PR etc. videos to put them all here...

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - Oriceles - 09-27-2017


RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 09-27-2017


Here are 2* achievement videos for the current biweekly: Orochi Hakkesshu - The Prelude to Doomsday  

Water, God leader and Ally

Fire, God Leader and Ally

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - Oriceles - 09-28-2017

Your spinning is decent lol

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 09-28-2017

Doris Power Release

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 10-04-2017

A few more power release videos... clearing the backlog

Phantomasaur Power Release

Xuanwu (Great Schema of Earth) Power Release

Iron Hamel Power Release

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - aahlsy - 10-09-2017

2* Achievement Video of the New Weekly Battle - Deadly Mochi Rabbit

RE: [JS] Steph - Youtube Channel - rxwing - 10-10-2017

hi, suggestion. for power release videos, can put the info whether the card is amel, either in the video or in the desc?
coz some older series PR first, some amel first. some of the amel involving certain thing like HP can be checked. but think it would be easier just make the info available, no need to check again Big Grin