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  You can never catch up on arena trials?
Posted by: Durumana - 02-28-2018, 01:35 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

The maximum arena grade is now 10 which is two grades higher than before. Since you can only gain a maximum of 200% (40% x 5 trials) each time you can just keep pace with the grade upgrades. But if you miss a trial, lose (no diamonds to retry) or get disconnected you can then never catch up?

This is a bad mechanic. Also if you're just joining the game you will never be able to catch up on arena grades.

It would make more sense if it were more than 40% per trial, perhaps to a maximum of 50% based on your score which gives you both an incentive to try harder and gives a catch up mechanism to players in case they miss a trial.

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  What one diamond seal card have you gotten the most dupes of, and how many dupes?
Posted by: TheCatGod - 02-26-2018, 09:08 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (17)

Thought I'd ask a random question just for fun. What one diamond seal card have you gotten the most dupes of (counting any you decomposed), and how many dupes of that card have you drawn?

Mine is fire dragon spiritor, I've drawn that card 3 or 5 times before but I decomposed all except for two. I kept the one I actually leveled and evolved and I'm keeping another one just in case of VR so I can use the dupe to VR.

Although an honourable mention goes out to Bull King, of which I have 3 copies. For such a rare series like JTTW, I'm surprised that I actually have 3 copies of him.

So, what about you? What one card has kept plaguing you over your TOS career, never letting you go? Big Grin

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  [Teaser] 15.1 - PR Primal Greeks, Eight Xian (Updated 3/1)
Posted by: agnesi - 02-22-2018, 07:27 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (108)

Teaser (3/1):
Eight Xian Card Details


(03-01-2018, 07:57 PM)KaerfNomekop Wrote: Tie Guai Li
Earth Machina
Leader: Earth non-Elf non-Demon ATK 4x. All members' ATK increases 1.5x on enemies of attributes that are dissolved.
Team skill 1: 8 Xian generic skill - Damage on Elf and Demon enemies 2x.
Team skill 2 when running dual: At the end of each turn, convert a random rune into an Earth rune for every 2 groups in the initial dissolve. Non-Earth attributes with >3 are prioritised.
Active (cd8): Earth and Machina ATK 1.8x. If fuel is at 100% on activation, increases to 2.2x. If the team contains 3+ Machinas, spin time +3 seconds regardlessly. Effect disappears on entering the next wave.

He Xian Gu
Light God
Leader: If the team has 4+ 8 Xian members, combo attack bonus +125%. When Hearts are dissolved, Team ATK 1.6x.
Active (cd5): God ATK 1.8x. For every group of Hearts or runes of team members' attributes dissolved, 1 enchanted God rune is dissolved, max 6 runes. Lasts until an enemy's attack is received.
Team skill 1: 8 Xian generic skill - Damage on Elf and Demon enemies 2x.
Team skill 2 when Lu Dong Bin and He Xian Gu are leader and ally (either combination): See Lu Dong Bin.

Lu Dong Bin
Dark God
Leader: God and Dark ATK 3.4x. When 3 runes are dissolved, ATK 1.3x further; this increase goes up to 2.5x with 15 runes.
Active (cd6): Choose a rune type to explode and generate Enchanted Dark God runes. For 1 turn, Dark runes have 50% of all attributes' effect.
Team skill 1: 8 Xian generic skill - Damage on Elf and Demon enemies 2x.
Team skill 2 when He Xian Gu and Lu Dong Bin are leader and ally: For every group of team members' attribute runes dissolved, +1 EX combo, max +10 (unaffected by other skills). Spin time +2s regardlessly.

New mob series introduced, gives 600 battle rounds when fed to 8 Xian cards or 50 battle rounds to other cards. Obtainable from the new biweeklies, Black Hole and Trade Fortress.

(03-01-2018, 07:11 PM)put1572 Wrote: Eight Xian Team Skill

Trigger condition:
There are members of Eight Xian series in the team

Team skill:
Eight Xian members attack x2 against elf and demon enemies

Lan Caihe (water)

Active Skill: CD 5
For 2 rounds, while moving runes, fire runes that are touched convert into water runes, while dark runes that are touched convert into light runes.

Cao Guojiu (Fire)

Active Skill: CD 6
For 1 round, inactivate all enemies and change them into fire attribute; while skill effect is in play, ignore 80% of enemies' defense

Zhongli Quan (Fire)

Active Skill: CD 6
Converts water runes into enchanted fire runes.
For 1 round, all members attack x2 against fire enemies.

Han Xiangzi (Earth)

Active Skill: CD 5
Randomly converts 5 runes into enchanted earth God runes (heart runes priority).
For 1 round, for every 1 God rune dissolved at first batch, team recovers 3000HP, to the max of 90,000HP for 30 God runes dissolved.

Zhang Guolao (Light)

Active Skill: CD 9
For 1 round, self attack x9 (no sharing with other members); when there are enemies defeated upon the round of skill activation, all Eight Xian members (except Zhang Guolao himself) active skills CD -2.

Primal Greek Team Skills
Full Translations Here:

Erebus and Pontos => multiplier raised to 10x, otherwise no change
Phanes and Gaia => 1 sec time extension. Adjacent conversion happens to only 2 random fire runes. (doesn't need to be enchanted) When you spin a group of 5+ self attribute runes in a column, you get a 2.5x multiplier on the member in that column.
Aether => All stats multiplier raised from 1.2 to 1.3x, For 4+ combos, 2.4x boost. For every combo above 4, this multiplier is raised by 0.2x, to a max of 3x for 7 combos.

Teaser (02/26):
- SM card, Ubume
- Arena card, Master Guan
3/9 SM Card - Ubume(?)
Ubume (?) - Earth Demon
CD 8 - Self attack becomes 0, Human & Demon Atk 2.2x. When the team has >=3 attributes, reduce damage by 30%. Lasts until the entire team does not attack.

15.1 Arena Card - Master Guan (?)
Master Guan (?) - Water Human
CD 6 - For 1 round, the first 30 runes to drop will be water human runes, fire human runes, and earth human runes.

Looks like something's going on with the old non-PR Sprite and Origin of Demons costumes? I'm not clear on the details, seems like you can get souls for having them?

Also there's going to be a filter for finding the cards of the most recent patch.

Teaser (02/22):  
- JO Boss, Dong Zhuo
- PR Primal Greek, Leader and Active Skills
- Eight Xian, Art only
- Dark Zeus SM Announcement
15.0 JO Boss

Dong Zhuo - Dark Human
CD 6 - For 1 round, every member that has activated an active skill this round launches an extra 4x self attack of dark attribute.

His JO Boss skill is:
Quote:Damage dealt to the enemy by non-Light attacks will be lowered to 10%/5%. The enemy attacks once at the beginning of the first Round. Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, all Light Runestones will be turned into Locked Dark Runestones; Team Attack -10%/-20% for each Locked Runestone dissolved (triggering Dragonic Compulsion will be regarded as dissolving all present Locked Runestones). The enemy will only receive Damage when all present Light Runestones are dissolved (dissolving Light Runestones is necessary and only the first batch is counted).
With 25% Ambush. Thanks @joetjef

Jinnie Costume for 15 JO completions.

PR Primal Greek

PR Primal GreeksPontosPhanesGaiaAetherErebus
Leader Skill3 Dissolve; When god runes are dissolved, god attack 1.5xFire ATK 4.5x. For dissolving 12+ fire runes, fire attack 1.8xEarth ATK 4.5x. For dissolving 12+ Earth runes, Earth attack 1.8xWhen the team has members of 5 attributes, team attack 2.5x. When the team has members of 5+ races, team attack 2x3 Dissolve; When god runes are dissolved, god attack 1.5x
Active SkillConvert 8 god water runes in 2 random cornersConvert fire runes to god runes. For 1 round if a group of 5+ fire runes is dissolved, fire attack 1.6x Convert Earth runes to god runes. For 1 round if a group of 5+ earth runes is dissolved, earth attack 1.6x For 1 round, all runes have 30% effect of all attribute runes. When the team has members of 5+ races, 3 runes of each attribute are converted to enchanted runes.Convert 8 god dark runes in 2 random corners

More or less confirms what we already know. Team skills have yet to be revealed.

New Series - Eight Immortals

Pictures only. We've got a Light monster on top? Dark monster on left is Lü Dongbin, Water on right is Lan Caihe

Dark Zeus SM

Finally! Opening on Friday 3/2

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  Closing thoughts on 15.0?
Posted by: Fauxy - 02-21-2018, 12:53 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

This has been a big patch and I thought it would be nice to collate our thoughts on how the game has changed and what we liked and didn't like and what we can expect based on the major events of this patch.

I've done like three drafts of this topic at different times lol wondering if it was even appropriate. But now we have our first glimpse of 15.1, a teaser for PR Primal Greeks. Granted we still have at least the JO left, the returning sealed lords will probably bleed into next patch and culminate with PR Yog Sothoth.

My personal thoughts:

  • VR Greeks are great and I think it's because unlike Norse and CG, they really innovated to bring to life a gameplay style that will age well and is easy to develop buffs for. I hope in the future all VRs will be this inventive and distinct.
  • The Ro3K2 series is a pleasant plateau series. Does enough that's new and workable but thankfully doesn't try to up the ante that was already raised by Perrenials and Prologues, whose presence have changed the meta so that most teams are now valued by both their offensive and defensive capabilities, rather than just bursting power.These human teams are rough around the edges, but so was Arthur when she came out, and now Arthur's sitting pretty on some great new members as a fully realized team, so I hope I can say the same about them a few months down the line.
  • In fact in general, I think the game has shifted to a place where recovery is a very important aspect, stages tend to be longer and more tactical, whereas a few months ago I would have said healing was the least important thing about a team. But I might just have gone blind from trying to pass the transmigration too much.
  • Surprise Brides VR: the gag of the patch. I don't think either of them are gamebreaking, but I think now they're more solid and Water Bride in particular has gone from being the without a doubt least deserving of being a black card to actually being quite desirable. Not Atlantis, but please don't tell me you'd actually want to have to draw another card that's one-upping Atlantis after Atlantis one-upped Cornflower. That's just like, endless suffering. But anyway this opens all the black cards to sudden future VRs and that is frightening and also exciting.
  • Surprise no new black card. I guess the VRs fulfill the quota but this was pretty shocking to me.
  • JTTW Dragonware: Uh. It's okay. My Daji has really significantly higher damage in my Rose team now, and I do notice that it's easier to spin 3 rows.
  • Common sindhus are boring. I wish there was more to them, but they're just fluff to me right now.
  • Guild war: very bad, confusing as all hell. I don't wanna explain anything more than that haha.
  • Machina: I don't feel anything for them. Their racial buff is much weaker than I originally thought it would be. If they get their own leader, then maybe I'll rethink, but for now, I don't see myself using them beyond Lionel/Khaos.
I hope Primal PR isn't a letdown. Please MH. Undecided

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  TSZ vs VR Xi
Posted by: xman75 - 02-20-2018, 06:38 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (12)

Hey all, I figured I'd ask this question here. I know TSZ seems to be one of the tiptop leaders on most tier lists, but I've been wondering about the VR version of Xi. Now that she's been fixed and produces 4 water god stones every turn, on top of healing with water, and not having race restrictions on team building like TSZ, should she rank higher than TSZ now? Is she not as good due to being a water card? That shouldn't be a huge problem due to her very high attack and constant water stone generation. I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable player and am truly hoping to get a few opinions on these two cards pros and cons to help me learn more about this great game. Thanks!

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  How big is your seal draw collection?
Posted by: johnnyTOS - 02-13-2018, 08:03 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (19)

This thread is for finding out how complete your seal draw collection is, and is inspired by a previous thread by Arigato. To make it easier for everyone to share, I have created a Google Sheets documents with all the necessary info, and all you need to do is fill in the blanks to indicate which cards you own and which cards you don't, in order to generate the image and some statistics.



  1. The document itself is view-only, so first you have to make a copy of your own. File -> Make a copy...
  2. In the "Card Input" sheet, fill in the corresponding slots with an "o" for cards that you own, and "x" for cards that you don't own.
  3. In the "Display" sheet, all cards that you own will automatically be lighted up, while cards that you don't own will be grayed out. Here you can print screen and upload the picture. Tip: Download as pdf and print screen from there if the image can't all fit in your screen
  4. In the "Statistics" sheet, you can find some basic statistics that you can copy and paste into this thread.
  5. Optionally, you can also include your total no. of diamond seal draws in your reply (can be obtained in-game by clicking on your adjutant and selecting "Personal Record").
For example, here is mine:
[Image: pUys4pQ.jpg]

Card Count Summary (including collab)
Diamond Seal: 98 / 130
Special Seals: 70 / 72
Collaboration Seals: 33 / 62
Black Cards: 0 / 7
Total: 201 / 271

Card Count Summary (excluding collab)
Diamond Seal: 98 / 130
Special Seals: 70 / 72
Black Cards: 0 / 7
Total: 168 / 209

This is for a total of 451 diamond seal draws.

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  Guild war is the beginning of the end for TOS
Posted by: Durumana - 02-11-2018, 07:23 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)

Guild war represents a turning point in the development of the game. It's a subtle shift which signals that MH has abandoned its prior strategy of game development.

At its heart TOS has always been a PvE (player versus environment) game. There are leaderboards and there have been various attempts to pit players against one another such as the now defunct multi-player and arena. All of those revolve around MH setting the rules and players then beating MH: which enemies you'll face, what their skills are, what team makes it easiest to complete the stage.  While arena allows the player to set some cards, MH by dictacting which bonus cards are usable that week essentially controls which arenas will be easiest and hardest to clear.  So throughout its development, the most challenging parts of the game are where players attempt to beat what MH sets up, not beating other players aside from leaderboards which offer no significant rewards.

With the introduction of guild war the balance shifts towards an overall PvP (player versus player) game where the stages themselves are relatively simple, 5-7 stages of moderately difficult enemies to control as much of the game board as possible.  The current rewards structure is simplistic.  I suspect it represents MH's attempt to playtest this new game mode without potentially upsetting a lot of players in case bugs were uncovered. The bland rewards (madheads, baby harpies) for the winning army don't represent enough of a distinction that anyone will really care whether they are in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place army.  However, once this game mode has been debugged sufficiently it represents the opportunity to introduce unique rewards that will drive the collectors, whales and others who play intently to spend more diamonds and effort on winning the overall war.

In the current guild war it makes little sense to spend 20 stamina on a 4 stage battle when that same stamina can get you a 7 stage battle and therefore more personal and guild points for maximum rewards.  The only reason to spend the stamina on smaller stages would be to win the overall war, but given the mediocre rewards there's limited incentive to do so currently.  However, that's easily remedied once it matters who wins and who doesn't.

For example:

1st place army: Unique card that fits into current meta + harpy + madheads
2nd place army: Harpy + madheads
3rd place army: madheads + baby harpies

Suddenly winning does matter, especially if that unique card then confers an advantage such as 10% bonus points in the next guild war.  At that point MH doesn't need to spend as much time on level design, the stages can be the same and it's just a matter of which players are willing to spend more stamina (diamonds) to control as much of the board as possible, potentially by coordinating with their guild members on which territory they plan on attacking that day, etc.  It generates a whole new meta-game that could potentially increase player engagement amongst the most interested in this new game mode.

PvP games generate more revenue because in the end people want to win, especially over other people.  It's just not as interesting to beat a computer.  And with a pool of 5 years worth of players MH is probably gambling that a switch from PvE to PvP will generate enough whales that the drop off of the overall player base will be more than compensated by the increased spending of the remaining players.

This represent pure speculation but in the end MH is in it to make money.

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  What other TOS content would you like to see on the forums?
Posted by: aahlsy - 02-09-2018, 10:19 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)

The oldies here will remember that discussion used to be a lot more active, and as a moderator team we would certainly like to help to bring back that feeling. 

We currently have TOS content on a variety of areas such as metagame discussion (with our shiny new subforum!), team building, DSI's, videos and general guides. So my question is - what other content would you like to see being provided on the forums? If you have any tips on what we can do better as a userbase, please share!

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  Guild war is up
Posted by: spacelion - 02-08-2018, 06:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (12)

Just a heads up.

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  Ardor of Dual Blades
Posted by: Daniel Sim - 02-05-2018, 03:25 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

I want to know how many times I need to beat Expert level to get this card.

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