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  Level up cards
Posted by: Dominator - 10-28-2017, 05:45 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hi all!

Whats the best way to level up cards now? Maybe there is a guide somewhere for the current version of the game?


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  Elvish Perrenials first impressions?
Posted by: Byakugan - 10-26-2017, 06:17 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (24)

How are these guys working out sofar for people? 

I did the intro missions to test them out and they all seemed pretty strong...Sakura did a lot more combos, while cornflower team was hitting ridiculously hard.  The rose team seemed the least interesting to me...possibly because its multi-colored and not as interesting as the mono teams.

I've drawn everything but Cornflower, and am wondering if I should invest the diamonds on rare up day for him or not?

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  14.2 Update Contents
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 10-24-2017, 07:32 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (25)

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090002][Image: 60?cb=20171023090003][Image: 60?cb=20171023090004][Image: 60?cb=20171023090037][Image: 60?cb=20171023090038][Image: 60?cb=20171023090039][Image: 60?cb=20171023090102][Image: 60?cb=20171023090103]
Elfish Perennials

5★ forms of this series can be skilled using 3★ farmable Elves and various Evolve/PR materials.

All 6★ cards in this series have a common team skill: If both leader and ally are 6★ Elfish Perrenials, and the team contains only Elves and 3+ 6★ Elfish Perrenials [i.e. at least one more is a member], then the team has a 100% Tumbler (when at full HP, the first damage received will leave you at 1 health instead of killing you).

6★ Elfish Perrenials also count for PR Diablo's overheal counter (but not non-PR Diablo).

Common Pulls
[Image: 60?cb=20171023090004]
#1606 Wilting Pistil - Paperwhite
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Earth
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2391
Attack: 1187
Recovery: 785
Active: Hatred of Disillusion (19/8, slvl 12)
If the team contains 3+ attributes, combo Attack bonus increases by 30%. Lasts until this card doesn't attack.
Leader: Earth Bewitchment
Earth ATK 3x; Earth Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090037]
#1608 Lost Dignity - Strelitzia
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Light
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2078
Attack: 1193
Recovery: 895
Active: Wings of Crane Flower (18/7, slvl 12)
For 1 round, this card launches one chaser Colorless attack at 3x damage for every 3 Hearts dissolved, max 10 extra attacks.
Leader: Light Bewitchment
Light ATK 3x; Light Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090039]
#1612 Parasitic Dream - May Lily
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Water
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2069
Attack: 1290
Recovery: 848
Active: Chill of Blue (18/7, slvl 12)
Convert the column beneath into 3 Water and 2 Heart (WHWHW). If adjacent members are Water or Elf, convert their columns too.
Leader: Water Bewitchment
Water ATK 3x; Water Elf ATK 4x
Team Skill: When Jian Zhi Chu and Ji Wu Wang are in the team, then HP, ATK and REC of the leftmost Jian Zhi Chu and Ji Wu Wang 1.5x.

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090102]
#1614 Caustic Nectar - Rosemellow
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2114
Attack: 1372
Recovery: 768
Active: Colored Petals of Spirits (16/5, slvl 12)
Convert Hearts into Enchanted runes, of the attribute of the card in that column. If HP is full or 1, this card's current CD -3.
Leader: Fire Bewitchment
Fire ATK 3x; Fire Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090103]
#1616 Unorthodox Envy - Hyacinth
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Dark
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 1924
Attack: 1384
Recovery: 805
Active: Toxicity of Spirits (15/4, slvl 12)
Current CD of all Elves -1 (except Unorthodox Envy - Hyacinth). If HP is full, convert the column below into Dark runes, otherwise convert it into Hearts.
Leader: Dark Bewitchment
Dark ATK 3x; Dark Elf ATK 4x.

Rare Pulls

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090002]
#1602 Rekindled Honor - Cornflower
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Water
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2260
Attack: 1387
Recovery: 906
Active: Elimination of Opposition (17/6, slvl 12)
For 1 round, Team ATK 1.3x. Explode any non-Heart runes that aren't superior to the enemy's attribute to generate runes that aren't the enemy's attribute. If the team cocntains only Elves, combos +8 this turn.
Leader: Coils of Elfish Indigo
Water and Elf ATK 4.5x; if 2 or more groups of Water are dissolved, this increases to 5x. If Hearts are dissolved, Elf and Water ATK 1.5x further. If no Water runes are in the initial dissolve, damage received -35%.
Team Skill:
When leader and ally are Cornflower: 2x each card's REC is added to its ATK.

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090003]
#1604 Shrunk Petals - Sakura
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2188
Attack: 1403
Recovery: 789
Active: Floral Sea of Sakura (19/8, slvl 12)
At the beginning of the next round, convert non-Fire and non-Heart runes into Enchanted Fire runes. The number of runes converted is the number of combos made this turn (excluding EX combos).
Leader: Floral Rain of Sakura
Elf ATK 1.3x. Fire and Heart have 25% effect of all attributes (stacks). Fire and Heart can be dissolved in groups of 2. Drop rate of runes is unaffected by skills. Team ATK increases with team REC, starting from 1.5x at 3000 REC to 2x at 4000 REC.
Team skills:
When leader and ally are Sakura: Every group of Water/Fire/Earth runes in the initial dissolve generate 4 Enchanted Fire runes. Every group of Light/Dark/Heart runes in the initial dissolve generates 4 Enchanted Heart runes. 1 Fire Elf rune is generated for every 10 Fire or Heart runes dissolved (cumulative).

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090038]
#1610 Lovey Dovey Romanticist - Rose
TC: 14
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Dark
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 1992
Attack: 1446
Recovery: 823
Active: Spirits in a Row (17/6, slvl 12)
Choose a row of runes to convert into Enchanted Heart runes. For 1 round, Elf ATK 2x.
Leader: Ornamental Thorns of Elves
Elf ATK 4.5x. Hearts also have 25% effect of all attributes (stacks).
Team skills:
When leader and ally are Rose: Elf ATK 1.5x on enemies of the attribute that last damaged you. Change the leader's leader skill to "Elf ATK 4.5x. Hearts also have 75% effect of all attributes (stacks). For every row of runes cleared in the initial dissolve, 5 Hearts are generated.

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085933][Image: 60?cb=20171023085933][Image: 60?cb=20171023085933][Image: 60?cb=20171023085934][Image: 60?cb=20171023085934]
PR Sprites
They have an improved combine active with PR Diablo - "For 3 turns, drop rate of Hearts become 25%; all Hearts dropped will be Enchanted; all attribute runes have 100% Heart effect". However, 6★ Sprites do not count for non-PR Diablo's overheal.

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085933]
#1341 Illusory Chorister - Yidhra
TC: 15
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Water
Race: Elf
Max XP: 4M
HP: 1935
Attack: 1279
Recovery: 895
Active: Enchantment of Bubble Explosion (19/8, slvl 12)
For 2 rounds, 110% of damage dealt to enemies is stored. At the end of each round, enchant all runes and deal the stored damage as an extra colorless attack (ignores defense).
Leader: Spirit of Elves - Water
Elf and Water ATK and REC 3x. All attributes also have 25% Heart effect (stacks).

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085933]
#1342 Wildfire of Ordeal - Magrence
TC: 15
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Beast
Max XP: 4M
HP: 2021
Attack: 1367
Recovery: 802
Active: Ignition - EX (17/6, slvl 15)
All enemies become Fire attribute and take 60x this card's ATK in Fire damage every turn. Burning runes will not deal damage to you (Void Properties excluded).
Leader: Spirit of Elves - Fire
[b]Elf and Fire ATK and REC 3x. All attributes also have 25% Heart effect (stacks).[/b]

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085933]
#1343 Peace Seeker - Yvette
TC: 15
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Earth
Race: Elf
Max XP: 4M
HP: 2187
Attack: 1221
Recovery: 838
Active: Yield of Life - EX (19/8, slvl 12)
For 3 rounds, Team ATK 1.5x and Elf ATK 2x; 20% of damage dealt to enemies is recovered as HP.
Leader: Spirit of Elves - Earth
[b]Elf and Earth ATK and REC 3x. All attributes also have 25% Heart effect (stacks).[/b]

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085934]
#1344 Evolutionary Love - Marguerite
TC: 15
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Light
Race: Elf
Max XP: 4M
HP: 2023
Attack: 1197
Recovery: 913
Active: Elfish Diffusion (19/8, slvl 12)
For 3 rounds, all runes touched become Elf runes; 50% of damage dealt to each enemy is also received by other enemies (colorless, ignores defense).
Leader: Light Bewitchment
Light ATK 3x; Light Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085934]
#1345 Memories Engulfer - Isabel
TC: 15
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Dark
Race: Elf
Max XP: 4M
HP: 1895
Attack: 1367
Recovery: 814
Active: Bewitchment - EX (24/13, slvl 12)
For 3 rounds, one attack from each enemy is redirected to itself or other enemies.
Leader: Dark Bewitchment
Dark ATK 3x; Dark Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20170911194122][Image: 60?cb=20170911194123][Image: 60?cb=20170911194123][Image: 60?cb=20170911194124][Image: 60?cb=20170911194124][Image: 60?cb=20170911194124][Image: 60?cb=20170911194125][Image: 60?cb=20170911194125]
King of Fighters Amelioration
 [Image: 60?cb=20170911194123]
HP +135Column of 3, Team REC +15%ATK +100
REC +20
Column of 4, Human ATK +15%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194124]
HP +135Column of 3, Team REC +15%ATK +100
REC +20
Column of 4, Human ATK +15%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194124]
HP +135Column of 3, Team REC +15%ATK +100
REC +20
Column of 4, Human ATK +15%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194122]
Sie Kensou
HP +120Column of 3, Team ATK +10%ATK +90Column of 4, Team ATK +10%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194125]
HP +90Column of 3, Team ATK +10%ATK +120Column of 4, Team ATK +10%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194124]
HP +90Column of 4, Human ATK +10%ATK +120Column of 5, Human ATK +15%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194123]
REC +35Column of 3, Team REC +15%HP +120Column of 4, Human ATK +12%
[Image: 60?cb=20170911194125]
Terry Bogard
REC +35Column of 3, Team REC +15%HP +120Column of 4, Human ATK +12%

[Image: 60?cb=20171023090103]
New Arena Card - Mysorensis (Clock Vine)
#1621 Exuberant Foliage - Mysorensis
TC: 14
Rarity: 7★
Attribute: Light
Race: Elf
Max XP: 4M
HP: 2063
Attack: 1288
Recovery: 884
Active: Call of the Clock (17/6, slvl 12)
For 1 round, the fewer races in the team, the higher the Team ATK and REC, max 2.2x with one race. This skill CD may become 0 immediately.
Leader: Ferocity of Elves
Elf ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20171023085934]
New Biweekly - Paxton
#1597 Poker King - Paxton
TC: 10
Rarity: 5★
Attribute: Fire
Race: God
Max XP: 4M
HP: 2308 (+260)
Attack: 1184 (+125)
Recovery: 299 (+65)
Active: Flames of Arrogance (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, Dark runes have Fire effect. This card launches a chaser attack for each group of WFELD in the initial dissolve. CD of "Poker Queen - Judith" in the team -5.
Leader: Flash of Royal Cards
When the team has only 3 Attributes, Team ATK 2x. When the team has only 3 Races, Team ATK 2x also.
Team skill:
If "Poker Knight - Ogier" or "Poker Queen - Judith" are also in the team, the first Paxton, Ogier and Judith from the left have increased ATK. +600 if there are two different cards, +900 if there are three.

SM Card, 27th October 2017 - Shyplant
# Will of the Shriveling - Shyplant
TC: ?
Rarity: ?
Attribute: Earth
Race: Elf
Max XP: ?
HP: ?
Attack: ?
Recovery: ?
Active: (?/6, slvl ?)
For 1 round, damage received -50%; Team ATK 1.5x and Elf ATK 2x. At the end of the round, if HP is above 50%, this card's CD -5.

[Image: 60?cb=20171023091320][Image: 60?cb=20171023091320][Image: 60?cb=20171023092345]
Tefnut and Sumatra Costumes, Cornflower animation
#S70 Lotus Pond Heroine - Tefnut
#S96 Sleepwalking Drummer - Sumatra

Sumatra is an arena reward for 2000 points.
Tefnut and Cornflower animation are being sold in the Trade Fortress Soul Exchange for 1200 and 1500 souls respectively.

Old card changes
Andromeda's active no longer has the -50% REC effect.
Tezcatlipoca's active now counts hearts beyond the initial dissolve.

The Trading Fortress now has a new section - Soul Exchange, where you buy things for souls.

Text in card stories is now larger.

Diamond Seal is now split into two sections, each with its own pool of cards and rate up card. Tap on the image to see a list of the cards in that section.

Engraver (first part):
Imperial Warlords
JTTW (Chinese Gods)
Enchantresses (The Witches)
Immortal Heroes
Spiritors (Servant of Dragons)
Cyborg Scholars
Minds of the Fray
Sepulchre Dragons
Fairytales Untold
Wine Valkyries
Primal Greeks

Carver (second part):
Twelve Zodiacs
Blood Fiends (Crimson Grace)
Hyakki Yagyo - Curse
Toy Pixies
Descendants of the North
Origin Demons
Revolutionary Heroes
Companions of Mystical Beasts

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  Trying to get back into the game...
Posted by: Cianide - 10-23-2017, 11:28 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hey all, I'm trying to get back into this game and it's been like, more than a year since I've played...

How screwed am I with these teams? How outdated am I LMAO

  • RGB Humans team w/ LHY and ZLE + PR Protags
  • Nidhogg-Barbara team
  • Dragon team w/ Dual Faugn, Novalis-Ursula
  • Chessia team
  • Copper Bullet Dragon team

I've missed so much.... how old school is all this??

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  TOS Quiz Time - Get free x1 stamina refill
Posted by: skinnyceps - 10-14-2017, 02:16 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

From TOS facebook group:
Was posted on Line, a guy translated and I report here.

【TOS Quiz Time】
Let's guess what the new character is and win yourself stamina refill x 1![Image: 1f60d.png]?
Activity Time: end by 23.59 16th Oct (Mon)
reward will be given after the daily update on 19th Oct (Thu)

page 1: tick what server you're with, and your correct UID
page 2: tick the 2nd answer from the top(as pictured), and submit

[Image: WgzDxZD.jpg?1]

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Wink Things you want to see in the game
Posted by: Oriceles - 10-13-2017, 10:49 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (28)

Personally I keep reading people hoping for Greek VR, specially right now that Zeus is back.

I would love to see Babylon VR too with 3.5 + 1.5x or 4.5x multiplier, but using KOF style of columns. We are also getting more cards that helps against board obstacles so why not?.

Other things I want to see buffed are starters, people keep saying that they are okey, but their stats are falling for sure, Katherin is there to cover what they should be doing on stats, but just that.

I want to change all 5* to 6* pr to use egg watchman instead of the old materials, this includes starters.

I want feeders for all Zodiacs, not just Virgo.

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  [Patch] 14.2 Teaser (Rough Translation)
Posted by: CarlotheTOSNoob - 10-13-2017, 01:21 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (70)

KHAOS is released NEXT WEEK!!!! Main Article Here <----

First Teaser

October 16-22 -50% Stamina for 8th Seal and 9th Seal

[Image: 0001619124.JPG]
Boss stage First Phase Trunk Body Skill: This enemy does not take damage, regardless of actives. if team do not have Nyx, then Neutralise and Reset all CD. 

Remember to complete 9th Seal because Nyx is key to the battle!

There also seems to be 8+ Combo Attack and Recovery Shield before Boss. Boss Left or Right Body Part have monochrome, and right body part seems to be boosted by left body part by 2x stats?

Leader Skill: Team Attack x3.5, Dragon HP x1.3, Demon Attack x1.3, Elf Recovery x1.3, for every Beast in the team, extend Rune Movement time by 0.5s. If there are 4 or more races in the team, all attributive runestones possess 50% the effect of all attributive runestones.

Acitve: Min CD 9, Skill Level 15; Time Tunnel for 15 Seconds, Extend 3 rows, with the 3 rows being all enchanted runestones.

If Khaos in the team, all 8* stats increased by x1.3
If Khaos is L/A, change specific 8* monsters skill

HP: 4121
Atk: 2071
Rcr: 501
Total: 6693

Saruman (Booster): For 2 rounds, the more races in the team, the higher the attack, to the max x2 at 5 races.
Sirius (Both CD5 Active): All Attributive Runestones have effect of Light/Dark Runestones.
Odin (OVR): For 1 Round, if HP is full, deplete HP to 1, convert heart to runestones of its attribute, lower HP higher attack max x3. Otherwise lower HP higher attack max x4
Odin (NVR Booster): Team Attack x 3 for 1 round, if 5 or more runestones in the far left and right, Team attack x3 the next round.
Diablo (Convert): Randomly change all runestones, heart runestones will be enchanted. For 2 Rounds all attributive runestones possess 50% effect of heart.
Nidhogg (Booster): For 1 Round, Team Attack x2.5 in exchange of 75% current HP.
ML (Absorb Skill): Team attack x1.5 for 1 Round. Light attack -50%, Demon attack -100%, transfer deducted attack to self attack, this effect stay in play until reactivated or defeated.
Giemsa (possess effect Skill): For 1 Round, all attributive runestones possess effect of self Attribute.


Khaos in Action in the vid

New Elf Series

They seem to be based on flowers and plants...

Only Pictures are revealed, their skills will be updated later this week.
[Image: 0001619127.JPG]
[Image: 0001619128.JPG]

From Translation, the Yellow subtitle is Paperwhite, Dark Elf is Rosa multiflora, Fire Elf is Hibiscus mutabilis

Active: If there are 3 or more attributes in the team, attack combo bonus increases by 30%. This effect stays in play until this monster does not launch an attack. CD 7

Sprites/Newborn Elf PR!!!!!
[Image: 0001619131.JPG]
[Image: 0001619130.JPG]
[Image: 0001619132.JPG]

Each require 1 Egg Watcher, Big Honeymon, 2  4* Evolve Mat and 1 3* Evolve Mat

Yidhra Skill: Every round, after enemy receive damage, launch an extra attack of 110% Team Attack on enemy, regardless of Defense and Attribute. This effect stays in play for 2 rounds. After each round, enchant all runestones while this skill is in play. CD8

Magness Skill: Ignite all enemies and turn them to Fire, ignited enemies receive 60x Magness Attack after each round, this effect stay in play until when enemy or you are defeated. When this skill is in play, receive no damage from burnt runestones (Excludes Void Property). CD6

Magurite the Queen Bee Skill: For 3 rounds all runestones touched will be turned into elf runestones, diffuse 50% of attack to other enemies. CD8 (Should be ignore defense and attribute)

New Arena Card
[Image: 0001619134.JPG]

He will be unlocked by achieving Grade 3 in Arena

Name: Dagger of Sphere - Lionel (Also the Tower of Seminar Correct Answer)
Light Human
Leader: Team Attack x3, for every attribute attack launched, this monster launches 1 extra attack of 1.5x light attack. When 5 Atributes are dissolved, Self attacks ignore defense.
Active: Clear all effects in play, explode all heart to generate enchanted runestones. CD6

Mini Teaser for Water Elf
[Image: screenshot_332.png]

Name: Lily of the Valley
Active: Turn Monsters Column into 3 Water and 2 Heart. If neighbouring monsters are Water or Elf, turn monsters' column into 3 Water and 2 Heart. CD7
The Runestones formation will be Water, Heart, Water, Heart, Water, making it a CD7 Pre-made 5 Combos!

Second Teaser!

New SM - Shameplant
[Image: 0001621745.JPG]
Active: For 1 Round, damage received -50%, Team attack x1.5, Elf Attack x2 instead. When Team HP is above 50% after the round of activation, current CD-5.

This is OP in teams like lucy, because you have a permanent booster hehe...


CardAmel 1Amel 2Amel 3Amel 4
KyoHP +1353+ Runes under column +15% KOF RecoveryAttack +200 Recovery +204+ Runes under column +15% KOF Attack
MaiHP +1353+ Runes under column +15% KOF RecoveryAttack +200 Recovery +204+ Runes under column +15% KOF Attack
IoriHP +1353+ Runes under column +15% KOF RecoveryAttack +200 Recovery +204+ Runes under column +15% KOF Attack
Sie KensouHP +1203+ Runes under column +10% Team AttackAttack +904+ Runes under column +10% Team Attack
Athena AsamiyaHP +903+ Runes under column +10% Team AttackAttack +1204+ Runes under column +10% Team Attack
BenimaruHP +903+ Runes under column +10% Human AttackAttack +1205+ Runes under column +15% Human Attack
KimRecovery +353+ Runes under column +10% Human RecoveryHP +1204+ Runes under column +12% Human Attack
Terry BogardRecovery +353+ Runes under column +10% Human RecoveryHP +1204+ Runes under column +12% Human Attack

Overall quite lackluster, but all have good column Amel

[Image: 0001621747.JPG]

New Soul Shop
Now with souls, we can buy things, including costumes, Arena Spirit Recovery and cards. The first costume will be PR Tefnut, and the first cards available in the shop are 5* Ethereal Dragon (Skill Level 8).

Third Teaser

New Elf Series
[Image: 0001623102.JPG]

New Water Leader
[Image: 0001623103.JPG]
Corn Flower (Water Elf)

Leader Skill: Water and Elf Attack x4.5, when 2 or more groups of Water Runestones are dissolved, increase multiplier to x5. When Heart Runestones are dissolved, Water and Elf Attack x1.5 additionally. If no Water Runestones are dissolved initally, damage received -35%.
Active: For 1 Round, Team Attack x1.3. Explode all attributive non-weakness to enemy Runestones and drop runestones not the enemy's Attribute. If the team consists of only Elf, number of Combo made +8. CD6

Passive: If Corn Flower is Leader and Ally. Add 2x each team member's Recovery into each team member's attack.

New Heart Elf Leader
[Image: 0001623105.JPG]

Rosa Multiflora (Dark Elf)

Leader Skill: Elf Attack x4.5, Heart Runestones possess 25% effect of all attributive Runestones (Can Stack).
Active Skill: For 1 Round, Elf Attack x2. Choose 1 row and turn that row into Enchanted Heart Runestones.

Passive: If Rosa Multiflora is Leader and Ally, then change the Leader Skill of Leader to - Elf Attack x4.5, Heart Runestones possess 75% effect of all attributive Runestones (Can Stack). For every row dissolved in initial batch, drop 5 Heart Runestones. Additionally. Elf attack x1.5 additionally to the attribute of the last enemy that damaged you (applied after other calculations).

Strelitzia reginae (Light Elf)
Active Skill: For 1 Round, for every 3 heart runestones dissolved, launch a non attribute chaser attack of 3x monster's attack, to the max 10 chaser attacks and 30 heart runestones dissolved.

Other Passives:
If New Elf Series is Leader and Ally with 3 or more New Elf Series in the team, and the team consists of only Elf, then the next damage received will not lead to your defeat for 1 Round (one activation each Round).

New Elf Series is part of the Diablo Overheal multiplier team skill!

New Arena Card
[Image: 0001623107.JPG]

Fire Elf

Active: For 1 Round, the less different races in the team, the higher the team attack and recovery, to the max x2.2. There is a chance that this skill will be reactivated immediately.

New Active Revamp:
Andromeda: Removed the Recovery Debuff
Fat Saruman: Removed the initial dissolve of heart for active to stay in play.

Corn Flower Gameplay

Rosa Multiflora Gameplay

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  Things MH are considering to add in 14.2
Posted by: CarlotheTOSNoob - 10-01-2017, 03:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (22)

The changes that are discussed by MH Design Department and Visitor are as follows.

1. Heart Requirement for Amaterasu.
Apparently MH design department did not add heart to requirement for Ama bonus, but it ended up in the game as a bug and MH did not fix it. When MH fixed this bug, it made many players rage as people farmed heart converters for Amaterasu Diaochan type decks. MH will amend the skill in October.

2. Delphinus Buff:
Delphinus was too hard to use, so people want it to be buffed, however, it is not decided and final decision will be made by MH soon.

3. AR for Pieces and Capricorn:
Chinese players want AR for them to also increase self attack to x4 after AR, it is being discussed too.

4. Shermie and Rugal Bug
Shermie does not work at all, and Rugal does not boost fusions when he convert the right column of fusion. Both will be fixed

5.1. Fusion problem with KOF babylon leaders.
Even though only left column is generated, it is not a bug because fusion is considered 1 card, and the leader skill only spawns the left column.
5.2. Fenrir not dual attribute:
People want MH to make it turn to dark attribute when they put Lunar in front of Sirius.

7. Novalis On/Off anytime:
No! This will not happen according to MH

8. Making Slime Slash Craft in Forge:
Being discussed currently

9. Generic Unavailable Cards
Cards with Generic Skills like Maleficent (Enchanted Heart convert), YWT (Light Full Board), Li Yi Ru (Fire Transformation) will have their counterparts released soon, but not now. Cards like Orochi will similar skill as Tuu is an example

10. Fire/Light Unlock Skill Card
MH team will release cards according to storyline, not like releasing counterparts randomly for convenience.

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Tongue Descendants of the North
Posted by: Dominator - 09-30-2017, 08:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi all!

I do not know if is the right thread to post such question, but I got 2 Descendants of the Norse cards (Norvi and Modi & Magni).

I would like to know whether these cards are good team leaders and whether they have any potential to beat hardest levels. I did not find any info on passive skills related to these cards but I saw that it is possible to PR them now and Modi has double active skill.

So should I work on those two or there are way better starters currently? (Btw, already managed to get max CD for Norvi Big Grin and working on Modi CD now)

I have started the game from scratch and get some come back bonus (as it turned out I barely used this account) so I will consider rerolling again if there are much better cards than these two and if anyone teaches me how to do it on iOS Smile

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Wink TOS Cries of Souls Indiegogo campaign on NOW!!
Posted by: Kina Skynight - 09-30-2017, 01:19 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (27)

YES!!! The fan game got approved and has started, go on and pledge however much you want Big Grin

Here is the link to the campaign, oh and if you have any question for me, just ask away.

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