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  [Teaser] Babylon VR and New GE, New Biweekly
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 08-24-2018, 07:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (17)

New Teaser is out!

New GE

New GE is split into 5 stages this time, with the mob drops respectively being:
- Guardians of Heaven
- Little Witches
- Missionaries
- Slimes
- Tin Toy Troop
It will feature a series of new mobs, the Dim Sum Ladies. Each one gives 50k EXP when fed to a card; but if you feed all five different ones together, it becomes a total of 1.5m EXP instead.
Chang'Xi and Chang'E will feature as the raid cards, giving 200 points and having 100% drop rate.

The new GE card, Celia:
Dark Human
Active (CD 8): For 3 turns, when HP is not full, recover HP based on the number of Humans in the team, up to 15,000 HP with 6 Humans.

200 personal points gets you a Sariel outfit, and 1,000 personal points gets you a SLVL 10 Hou Yi.

VR Babylons

Leader: [ATR] ATK 4.5x. For each column of 4+ runes in the initial dissolve, 1 [ATR] God rune will be generated in that column.
Active (CD 10): 10 second time tunnel. For 1 turn, by dissolving a group of 6+ [ATR] runes, [ATR] ATK 2x.
Team skills:
- For each column of 5+ runes in the initial dissolve, 2 [ATR] runes are generated in that column.
- When 2+ columns of 4+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK increases, up to 1.5x.
- Spin time +2s
- Ignore Burning and Sticky enemy skills (excluding Hellfire)

Leader: [ATR] ATK 3.5x. For each row of 3+ runes in the initial dissolve, 1 [ATR] God rune will be generated.
Active (CD5): Explode self column to generate Enchanted [ATR] and Enchanted Heart runes. If adjacent members are [ATR] Gods, explode their columns likewise.

VR will be made available on August 27 (Monday) at 4pm. For each Babylons' outfit you own, you will receive 1,000 souls back, as well as the corresponding outfit for the Refined form.

Anu has exhausted his teachings to the Babylonians, and is leaving to continue his explorations. (i.e. no more team skills with Anu after VR)

Next biweekly: Lambda
Earth Machina
Active (CD6): For 1 turn, the higher Team HP, the more Machina ATK and Fuel increases, up to 2.2x and 40% with 40,000 HP.

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  I was no given he diamond that i purchased
Posted by: Daniel Sim - 08-19-2018, 02:43 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

I bought a diamond for revive when doing Uriel's fucking hatd amelioration. Madhead DID NOT gove me the diamond I purchased. How xan I gk and claim it. Plus now Madhead is making the card amelioration fucking hard and fucking diamond/cash sucking.[Image: b51dfa9a52fd092396b7b903709ebe2c.jpg]

Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk

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  QoL improvement about Team Skills
Posted by: Fractal - 08-16-2018, 04:50 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

With the release of PR Suzuko and her very strict conditions on members, and the lack of suitable members has made me think a bit. Should Team Skill conditions be updated before a stage is entered and after a stage is entered?

The reason this question came up is because of my fondness for Suzuko's play-style and the lack of fire beast that I think are powerhouses. One beast card that I have liked for a really long time is Cygnus, CD5 rune equivalency and attribute changing team skill has made her one of my favorite cards. So I planned to use her in my Suzuko team, but her attribute change happens after the stage is entered and the team skill to change Suzuko's leader skill doesn't update after the fact.

I feel that the team skill should at least be updated once after a stage is entered, if not like leader skills which update constantly through a stage. One example is Yusuke and Kurama Leader/Ally team, when you enter the stage, Kurama's Leader skill is not applied till Yusuke is switched with Demons and Elves only.

I have no idea whether or not this would break the game, or make things significantly easier, but it is a QoL change that I would like to see happen. What do you guys think?

Edit: Link to illustrate my point -, there is also no indication that excludes team skills like SM achievements.

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  [Teaser] Patch 16.0
Posted by: CarlotheTOSNoob - 08-10-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (76)

First Teaser

[Image: febf654eecf8fb28765ec497fe11vtx5.JPG]

New SM - Shire

[Image: ec96498891efdedb178f451e3411vty5.JPG]
The Stage will be available on 17th of August at 22:00.

Shire: Water Demon
Active: Convert Top row into Enchanted Water. For 1 round, by dissolving the bottom row, Team Attack x2.5. (Doesn't have to be 1 row of 6 runes.) CD 6

[Image: 79efce35ac79e387d03f10559311vu05.JPG]

3 Star Achievement Craft:
Water Opal
Effect 1: Ignore 80% defense
Effect 2: 3% damage dealt is converted to HP recovery, max recover to 50% HP
Effect 3: All member ignore attribute relation.

Water Demon Gameplay

New Hindu Gods

[Image: 0f073b43eec8f38eccdf1a122911vu15.JPG]
The Water God is Varuna

Active: For 1 round, for every 2 Water Runestones are dissolved (initial batch), 1 Water God Runestone is guaranteed to drop. For every extra God in the team, the effect last for an extra round, to the max of staying in play for 5 rounds. CD 6

Seems to pair well With Pontos and NVR Water Xi.

[Image: 38916093_1976240719133104_85061165571668...e=5BFE9DF6]
The Fire God is Agni

Active: For 1 round, Unlimited Movement without dissolving within Runestone-moving time. For every extra God in the team, the effect last for an extra round, to the max of staying in play for 5 rounds. CD 6.

Speculated to be a Rare, but I disagree, meaning this Seal might only have 2 rares.

[Image: f3366e73bd3b86f65fc6e17cf311vu25.JPG]

Varuni: Dark God (Bottom Right)
Active: For 1 round, God Attack and Recovery x1.5. For every extra God in the team, the effect last for an extra round, to the max of staying in play for 5 rounds. CD 6

Parvati: Earth God (Top Middle)
Active: For 1 round, Leader and Ally attack x4. For every extra God in the team, the effect last for an extra round, to the max of staying in play for 5 rounds. CD 6

Lakshmi: Light God (Bottom Left)
Active: For 1 round, By dissolving Light, Dark and Heart, Team Attack x2.2. For every extra God in the team, the effect last for an extra round, to the max of staying in play for 5 rounds. CD 6

When either one of those 3 cards are in the team and the team contains only Gods, their CD become 0. Most likely Varuna and Agni has this Team Skill too.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_10.00.01_PM.png]
Rare Pulls: Brahma

(Fire God)

Leader Skill: God Attack x4. Attributes that are not initially dissolved are guarateed to drop. By disolving 5 attributes, Team Attack x1.5 additionally.

Team Skill: When Running Dual Brahma.
- The first 6 runes touched are turned to God Runes.
- By dissolving God Runes initially, drop Enchanted Fire God Runes (max drop 15). 
- By dissolving Enchanted Fire, recover HP (max 50%).

Also, some notes about Brahma's effects:

- the ENTIRE initial drop batch will be EXACTLY ONE attribute that was not in the initial dissolve.
- 2 Enchanted Fire God runes are generated for each initial God rune dissolved.

Note that the Attributes that are not initially dissolved drop first, then Enchanted Fire God Runes.

Active Skill: Restore black and white runes to normal colours. For 1 round, rune spinning time +6 seconds regardlessly, Self Attack x6, and Combo +6. CD 6


Brahma Gameplay at 23:00


Dark God
Leader: When the team contains only Gods: Team ATK 4x; when Light and Dark are dissolved, Team ATK and REC 1.5x and damage received -20%.

Team skill: When used as Leader and Ally: Turn the first 5 runes touched while spinning into Enchanted God runes. Light and Dark have 50% effect of each other. For each initial Water/Fire/Earth combo, 3 Light runes are generated in the left column and 3 Dark runes in the right column, to a max of 9 generated runes. 

Active (CD5): Turn black and white runestones back to normal. For 1 turn, damage received -50%; the more God runes dissolved, the higher Team ATK, up to 2x with 5 runes.

Water God
Leader: When the team contains only Gods or Elves: Team ATK 4x; spint time +1s; when God or Elf runes are dissolved, Team ATK 1.5x.

Team skill: When used as Leader and Ally: Turn the first 5 runes touched while spinning into Enchanted God runes. Runes of the same attribute as God runes also have 50% Water effect. For every God rune dissolved, damage received -10%, to a max of 50%.

Active (CD5): Turn black and white runestones back to normal. Choose 2 columns to explode and generate Enchanted Water God runes.

Skills of 5 star Hindu Gods can be leveled with Salamanders, Guards, Pawns etc.

[Image: 39134993_1981414055282437_28283633617359...e=5BFDDC3E]
Arena Reward
Ganesha (Earth Beast) 
Leader Skill: Beast Attack x4.
Active: Turn Earth into Enchanted Beast Runes. Deal 25x Beast HP as Earth Damage to all enemies. CD5

10th Seal
[Image: e245a8cded9d17451bfacda44e11vu85.JPG]
The Above photo is Behemoth, one of the mini bosses. The Final 10th Seal Boss is Shamash, some Mesopotamia God. 

There will be 4 areas. They are Warzone Remains, Ritual Ruins, Eternal Prison, Gate to Mechanical City.
[Image: c8af69fa1a32191ab1dd3659fe11vu95.JPG]

It looks like the other 3 areas are guarded by 'Guardians of Mechanical City'. They will restrict Elf, Beast, and Dragon Members from entering Warzone Remains.. Summoners have to defeat Behemoth, the guardian in order to remove the beast restriction.

[Image: cdc036a46d53271d1f42729dd211vua5.JPG]
We have to collect 5 Musical Note Stones to unlock the Ritual Ruins. Those stones are obtained from Warzone Remains.

New Dragonware:
[Image: 1712f57da5fc64920baa7825f911vub5.JPG]
By collecting 5 musical stones, we get 1 dragonware that is human exclusive. It seems like its a Transposition Dragonware.

Its Stats: 
Attack and Recovery +5%.
Initial CD -1 upon entering a stage.
By dissolving 25 or more runestones, self attack x1.2

New card from The Survivor of Oroz (Delta Biweekly Series)
[Image: 97fea619065a66b83efa5636bb11vuc5.JPG]

Valencia (Dark Beast)
Explode Leader and Ally Column to drop Beast Runestones. For 1 round, Beast Members launch 3 extra attacks with 30% of their attack. CD8

New Craft Mode: Bubble of Mirror
[Image: c91f505e7794e3d0d179c3d7d511vue5.JPG]
[Image: zRAdSFw.gif]
There will be 6 runestones that can be tapped. 2 will be the same type.
To Earn Combos and Points, tap on the repeated Runestone.


According to this Video, Points are easy to get, and Combo will not break by tapping on the wrong runestone. How to earn high score? Spam tap the Screen...

[Image: b91a35dcfbd62e66196e5dad4711vuf5.JPG]
Also, the Slime Slashing Craft and this new Mirror Craft will be able to be forged in the Craft Forge.

[Image: 3c4262972f222485676bac16b211vug5.JPG]
Additionally, Machina Essences are added to Craft Forge. Some of the essence effects include:
Increase Machina Attack
Increase Machina Recovery
Decrease Machina CD.

Copying Leader Board Teams
[Image: 391c26dc0ad7b07a678c3dd75211vuh5.JPG]
Summoners can now copy the team that they see in the leader board. Great Quality of Life Change.

Reward for Daily Login: Six-Armed Furnace Soldier
Credits to KaerfNomekop for the Translation.
This card will be the reward for having 14 days signed in
[Image: 39346946_1982913028465873_51806795491799...e=5BF2F2D7]
Water Machina
Active (CD1): Convert (accumulated rounds +1) random runes into runes of self attribute, up to 6 runes. When the team contains 3+ Machinas, the runes will be self attribute Machina runes. When used at full accumulation, Self ATK 2x. Accumulated rounds reset on activation.
Team skills:
- When two Machinas of the same attribute are used as Leader and Ally, and this card is a member, it changes attribute to match the Leader.
- When Leader and Ally are Machinas, and the team contains 3+ Attributes, Machinas' Fuel +20% upon entering the stage.

New SM 24th of August
[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_10.23.40_PM.png]

Next week's SM.
Fire Beast

Active (CD8): For 1 turn, set spinning time to 10s. Fire ATK 1.5x; if there are additional effects in play, Fire Beast ATK increases to 3x.

Achievement reward is a Vague Beast Bubble.
1. Beast ATK +20%.
2. CDs of 3 random Beasts -2
3. 5% of damage dealt becomes HP, up to 50% of total HP.

Circe Summer Outfit and Lancelot Outfit

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  Madhead Appreciation Thread
Posted by: johnnyTOS - 07-29-2018, 12:26 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (21)

What are some of the things that MH has done that have improved your enjoyment of the game? While negative things are often complained about, positive things aren’t always talked about or acknowledged. So let’s list some of the things MH has done that has made you stick with this game for all these months/years.

  • Free diamonds from the arena
The arena has been around for more than 1 and a half years now, and so if my calculations aren’t wrong I must’ve already gotten about ~800 free diamonds just from playing the arena alone. Before its introduction, saving up diamonds for a rate up was much harder with just the 5 free diamonds every week, which meant that spending any of it for things like refilling stamina was a much harder decision to make. Though nowadays it can sometimes be a chore to do, I’m still glad MH made this weekly thing, and not seasonal like the the JO/Coliseum, etc.
  • Separate materials inventory
I like to stockpile stuff, and this was particularly hard to do before the introduction of a separate materials inventory. Spending diamonds to increase inventory size wasn’t very appealing, and so I could not keep many evolve materials like e.g the demon swords around. Now, it is possible to stock up on them whenever there are special stages that provides them along with other goodies or during stamina discount event periods like when the main seal had everything at 50% off. Which translates to alot of stamina cost savings from not having to get them at full price from the daily stages whenever I get a new card and want to evolve it.
  • The monthly gift pack and its recent price reduction.
Given the value of my country’s currency, I find the price of diamonds bought ala carte to be entirely not worth it, and have remained a f2p player before the introduction of the monthly gift pack. 40 diamonds + 4 draws for the price of what 15 diamonds normally are? Personally, that is a more tolerable amount of money to be spending on a mobile game, and by which has lead me to be able to enjoy the game more (through being able to draw more and obtain the rarer cards).

What about yourselves? Please feel free to repeat any of these points to show how it has personally affected you.

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  TOS 2000 Days Celebration + Version 16.0 Teasers
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 07-27-2018, 12:44 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (49)

July 26: Source
- Summoners at level 150 or above will get 1 ALL MAX VR Greek (of your choice)
- Login for free card from specified series (Max LVL, Slvl 7). Total of 10 free draws.
- First login during the event period rewards 10 Inventory Slots. (Summoner must be at level 10 or above)
- 14th day login during the event period rewards Diamonds, PR Material and Plump Precious Beasts.
- Paladins Dragonware becomes forgeable starting July 30th 12pm.
- Version 16.0 arrives soon. Contents include:

- 10th Seal
- New Indian Gods series
- VR Babylons
- 14th day login rewards a new character, 6-Armed Furnace Soldier

July 27:

New nightmare stage, another switcher.

Switch (CD8): Remove all additional effects. For each effect removed, damage received -25% for 1 turn, up to 100%.

Switched Leader:
If the team consists of only Humans:
Team ATK 4.5x. Damage received -50%. If all Light runes are cleared in initial dissolve, Team ATK 1.5x; and if all Heart runes are cleared in initial dissolve, Team ATK 1.5x. 

When used as Leader and Ally, +1s spin time.

Active 1 (EP6): Convert Light to Enchanted Light Human runes. For 1 turn, if the total number of Light+Dark dissolved is 6 or more, this card launches 5 extra Dark attacks (each at 2x damage). 50% of damage dealt on one enemy is also diffused onto the other enemies.

Active 2 (EP5): Damage received -20%. At the end of every turn, deal 250,000 Light damage to all enemies (must dissolve runes). Lasts until entering the next wave.

ALL MAX VR Greek will be awarded for the first login of a summoner (level 150 and above) starting July 30 (Monday).

We also get two draws from specified series for logging in, though this will be incrementally made available.

Starting Monday: Primal Greeks and Valkyries of Divine Wine
Starting Tuesday: Companions of Mystical Beasts and Descendants of the North
Starting Wednesday: Mechanical Life and The Witches
Starting Thursday: Origin of Demons and Keepers of Worlds
Starting Friday: Sindhus (6*) and Revolutionary Heroes

all cards drawn this way are in their lowest form, max level and skill level 7.

(as in, we get one draw from each series listed once we login. if you only login Wednesday you'll get Monday+Tuesday+Wednesday's cards, but not Thursday and Friday's since they're not available yet)

10th seal becomes available once version 16.0 starts. We're going underground to stop the elemental power from destabilizing the realm and tearing it apart!

A new biweekly will start August 6th (Monday): the Fire Machina, Delta.

Active (CD6): Cut your HP to 1, adding the amount deducted to self attack for one round (no sharing).

Paladins' Dragonware will become available on July 30th (Monday) at 12pm. 

The card's HP and REC 1.1x.
Skill I: Spin time +1s.
Skill II: When 15+ runes are dissolved, Self ATK 2.2x.

There's also gonna be a special set of stages to challenge for rewards. Requires an all human team to enter (counted before entering the stage). Clearing rewards Madhead and Harpy etc.

August 3:

New JO starts August 8th (next Wednesday).

It's called Mushussu! (Or rather, Mušḫuššu)
Leader: When the team contains only Beasts: Fire ATK 5x; at the end of the turn, enchant 3 Fire runes.
Active (CD8): For every initial Fire combo, this card launches one Fire chaser attack and one random rune is converted to Fire next turn. Max of 4 extra attacks and 4 runes converted. Effect lasts as long as initial dissolve has 4+ Fire.

JO Boss skill: Convert 4/8 runes to Fire each turn. If an initial Fire combo is made, your attack damage becomes 0. Non-Water damage is reduced to 10%/5%.

Getting 15 JO clears gets you a new Summer Cassandra outfit.

New Craft will be available in Trade Fortress for 10,000,000 coins.
Dark Beast Seal
1. CDs of 3 random Dark -2
2. Beast ATK +30%
3. 3% of damage dealt is converted to HP, max 50% of total HP.

New Arena card becomes available August 13 (Monday)!
You get him (at slvl 10) upon attaining the Arena grade of Staff Sergeant I.
Active (CD5): For 1 turn, this card cannot deal damage; damage received -20%. At the start of next turn, turn the columns under 3 random Humans into runes of their attribute.

On August 14 (Tuesday), the final area of the Age of Black Iron opens!

The new chapter will continue the story of the first half. It advances the Summoner's adventure in Mech City, reveals more secrets about Virginia's background and motives, and pits the player into a final fight with Samoy.

Come version 16.0, a whole bunch of cards will be receiving upgrades. Here's a few major ones:

Honda's team skill no longer restricts you to Water+Light only, and has an added effect: When 4+ combos are made, damage received -35%. His active CD is reduced from 9 to 8.

Lynx's leader skill gains an effect: Team HP 1.2x. The generated runes from the leader skill will also be enchanted. A new team skill: With Lynx as Leader and Ally and a team of only Dark Beasts, CDs of all members -2 upon entering a stage.

Sakura's active gains an effect: On activation, Fire and Heart runes become Elf runes.

Xiahou Dun's leader skill multiplier for dissolving nine Fire/Earth/Dark is increased from 1.5x to 1.8x. Her active gains an effect: Self ATK 2.5x; Xiahou Duns in the team gain an improved leader skill.

Sun Ce's leader skill gains an effect: Heart runes can be dissolved in groups of two. The Water effect from his team skill increases from 25% to 35%.

Lan Caihe's active now converts to Enchanted Water and Enchanted Light.

He Xian'gu's leader skill now only requires 3 members to be Eight Xians, instead of 4. Her active's multiplier increases from 1.8x to 2x.

CardOld CDNew CD
Earth Paladin106
Light Paladin106
Dark Paladin1512
Paladin Overlord of Faith108 (also has improved active)
Abe no Seimei108

When Paladin Overlord of Faith's new active is used, Paladins' current CDs -2.

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  Use VPN to get card
Posted by: Daniel Sim - 07-25-2018, 02:23 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Guys, a humble question.

Can we use VPN to get the 5 cards that is not in ASEAN region?

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  Three-World Duels: Return of the RPS
Posted by: Fauxy - 07-19-2018, 04:40 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (37)


So it's the same thing as the RPS event as last patch with even less involvement, as you have no choices, you just click a button and it tells you if you won or lost.

1) You need a browser VPN (or open on your phone with VPN) in order to access the event from outside the event region.
2) Participation Rewards, this time it's supposed to go to rewards box:

  • 1st and 8th day: “Black Key” x5
  • 2nd and 9th day: “Spiritual Eye” x5
  • 3rd and 10th day: “Prime Millennium Soulstone” Each Attribute x1
  • 4th and 11th day: “Heavy Gear Knight” x2
  • 5th and 12th day: “Stamina Refill” x1
  • 6th and 13th day: “Baby Harpy” x2
  • 7th and 14th day: “Yummy Alpacas” Redemption Coupon x1
3) Grand Prize for three wins is a Dual Maxed YYH card and a Harpy, to be deposited in rewards on or before August 5. (Once only).

This is a little less nice than RPS because you don't get to see what your prize is and you get it very late presumably after everyone's already drawn because rare day will have come and gone. But then 3 wins seems a lot more likely than 7 so... also, it's dual maxed, not a blank copy. But as always, free stuff. Thanks MH.

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  [Teaser] PR Companion of Mystical Beasts!
Posted by: CarlotheTOSNoob - 07-13-2018, 09:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

They will become available to PR AND Amelioration on July 23rd 4pm!


CardAmel 1Amel 2Amel 3Amel 4
PupuroRecovery +1003 in a column 10% Team RecoveryAttack +1803 in a column 10% Team Attack
SuzukiHP +320Initial CD -3Attack +1503 in a column 10% Team Attack
HazaHP +3204 in a column 10% Team AttackAttack +1504 in a column 10% Team Attack
Copper BulletHP +5003 in a column 10% Team AttackAttack +1004 in a column 10% Team Attack
SunnieHP +500Increase Dark Rune drop rate on self column to 25%Attack +1003 in a column 15% Dark Attack

[Image: 37021303_10216997216989497_6183960699522252800_n.png]
[Image: 37064447_10216997217469509_765426093418086400_n.png]

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  Tower of Seminars Q&A
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 07-10-2018, 04:40 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Figured we could do with one of these, especially since it's not as easy this time compared to the previous times.


Q: Which of the following Monster is the Boss of the 8th Coliseum?
A: Apperception Evolutionist - Mordiggian

Q: What is the new Dragonary Craft available for sale in Trade Fortress this week?
A: Aggressive Wild Seal

Q: What is the race of the ultimate stage boss "Judgement of the Guillotine - Shire"?
A: Demon

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