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  Greek skydrops nerfed?!?11
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 02-04-2018, 02:24 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

I died to the 9 combo shield in SM with VR Hephaestus and Heimdall Sad I wasn't paying attention and only made one combo from the masked board, but it only gave me 6 skydrop combos! That's not fair! Madhead must have altered the drop rate of Fire runes for Hephaestus!

[In case you didn't get it, this is a joke.]

But, in all seriousness. Refined VR Greeks have a bunch more ways of generating runs than their PR counterparts.
- Each initial combo drops 2 runes.
- Each group of 3 runes drops 2 runes
- Each attribute dissolved drops 3 runes.
So obviously spinning for VR Greeks is different from PR Greeks. The question is, exactly what ways are optimum?

From farming Zhang Jue's SM, I've been developing a fondness for stacking the off-color combos (except Hearts). This results in less runes generated from the initial combos, but when the other attributes match up later, they add 3 runes to the large main clump, instead of getting mixed with other colors. This feels more effective to me, though I don't know for sure since I'm also using Heimdallr.

How else has everyone been spinning their VR Greeks?

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  [Forum Announcement] Newly promoted Forum Super Moderators, aahlsy and Sayokyoku
Posted by: Blitzkriag - 02-03-2018, 11:38 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (14)


Recently I've discussed with our forum admin, Night, and I'm happy to announce that 2 long time active members of our forum, aahlsy and Sayokyoku, have been promoted to Super Moderators (or will be, as soon as Night comes online).

Both have contributed to the forum tremendously over the years, and I'm sure they will fill the position perfectly.

Congratulations, both of you.  Cool


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  5 Years of TOS - Our thoughts and expectations
Posted by: desrt - 02-01-2018, 08:09 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (31)

So our dear Tower of Saviors is 5 years old now, which is a lot for a mobile game, and although most of us have not been on the game for all that time we have given ToS our precious time and efforts for a long while. 

Im actually kinda surprised no made a thread like this, but i really wanted to share all those thoughts I've had through out my ToS playtime and yours too, as well as what you think or wish might come on the future or what you dont want to come at all.

In my case, I've been playing since April 2014, ToS was already a year old by then, the game was introduced to me by someone that i never met again and whose name i dont even know. Being from Costa Rica i sometime think it was some kind of angel who appeared only to show me a game thats not even slightly known on latin america.

Through out this time there's been a lot of think I've loved about this game; like the hype when Giemsa came for the first time, or when the first nightmare stage came. I couldnt clear none of those at their time, but just the community hype was something fun.
Having developers really invested on keeping the game fresh is what i think is the best from ToS, i see lots of people complaining about new content for all kinds of reasons; like its too much content, not liking the art, "i didnt get the rare card i wanted fuck mh", the game is too hard now or not liking a new event or game mode, but if I can say it, those are salty kids that probably suck at dota2 or league of legends and cant do shit. Its actually something rare, not only on mobile game but console/pc as well, to have a game throwing and throwing new content for such a long time, so thats what i appreciate more of the game.
What i like the least is not having something useful to do with my dupes, i know trading with other players is something that would never happen, but we could trade our dupes ingame for goodies, like dimes, stamina refills, 1 free seal draw, or just more than 50 miserable souls. Also i dont like how lame it is to collect feeders for new cards.

For the future of tos i would love to have more multi attribute teams and multi race teams. Currently we only have our RGB (humans mostly) teams, Light/Water teams (not that good tho), RGD (not that either) or rainbow as multi attribute choices, but i would like more combinations a la Magic the Gathering, like Fire/Dark, Earth/Light, or LDG, idk all kids of combinations that we could possibly have. Same with races, I really like Daoloth and Groth multi race teams, but i cant help but wish we had more (that work).

I wont write more so someone might actually read it. Hope to see you guys sharing your thoughts as well

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  ?New Athena & Circe?
Posted by: Jinxy - 01-31-2018, 11:30 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Do they go well together now? Somebody please say yes! I'll overlove that team above all others.
Thanks, Jinx

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  Bug in "A Hearty Feast"
Posted by: Xharyel - 01-29-2018, 03:31 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey guys,

I believe there's a bug in the stage "Up We Go". I farmed it A LOT (mostly from lvl 149 to 190, thanks to the "free" stamina refresh I could keep on going).
And I didn't encounter / dropped a single "Rare Crystal Dragon". So I wanted to notify you just in case.

Here's my box :

[Image: WgrJB85.png]

I really needed those fat blue eggs. Sad

Already sent a ticket to support.

Or maybe, am I the only one in this case ? Has anyone dropped it ?

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  15.0 Update Contents
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 01-25-2018, 05:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110230][Image: 60?cb=20180122110231][Image: 60?cb=20180122110232][Image: 60?cb=20180122110233][Image: 60?cb=20180122110234][Image: 60?cb=20180122110320][Image: 60?cb=20180122110321][Image: 60?cb=20180122110322]
Imperial Warlords 2

5★ forms of this series can be skilled using Imperial Soldiers, available in Black Hole.

Common Pulls
[Image: 60?cb=20180122110232]
#1676 Sympathetic Sorceror - Lu Xun
TC: 14
6★ Earth Human
Active: Grassy Barrier (17/6, slvl 12)
Damage received -6.25% for each Earth rune in the initial dissolve, max -75% with 12 runes. Lasts until no Earth runes are in the initial dissolve; CD does not drop while effect is active.
Leader: Meadow of Protection
Earth ATK 3x. Human REC 2x. Damage received -5% for each Earth rune on the board, max -30% (reduction can't stack).

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110233]
#1678 Dutiful Loyalist - Huang Zhong
TC: 14
6★ Light Human
Active: Heart-Breaking Arrow (22/8, slvl 15)
All Light Humans' ATK becomes 0; 1.5x that amount is added to this card's ATK. Can be deactivated at any time; current CD -2 on deactivation.
Leader: Dusky Spurt - Twilight
Light ATK 2x. Dark and Heart runes have 50% Light effect.
Team skill: When the team contains 6 Light Humans and this card is a member: Team HP 1.2x.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110320]
#1682 Unfortunate Fate - Cai Wenji
TC: 14
6★ Water Human
Active: Tricolor Territory (17/6, slvl 12)
WFE runes become Human runes. Explode all LDH runes to generate WFE runes.
Leader: Flaring Spurt - Wave
Water ATK 2x; Fire and Heart runes have 50% Water effect.
Team skill: When the team contains only Humans of 3 Attributes and this card is a member: Spin time +1s unconditionally.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110321]
#1684 Simple-minded Gentry - Meng Huo
TC: 14
6★ Fire Human
Active: Aspiration of Flames (19/8, slvl 12)
Convert all runes into Fire and 2 random attributes. For 1 turn, all WFELD runes have 50% Fire effect.
Leader: Xyloid Spurt - Flames
Fire ATK 2x. Earth and Heart runes have 50% Fire effect.
Team skill: When the team contains this card and 6★ Zhurong, this card's CD -2.

The active was formerly bugged and replaced with a stand-in; this was changed with the 26/1/18 hotfix.
Selective Coronation - Fire (19/8, slvl 12)
Choose a type of rune to convert into Enchanted Fire runes.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110322]
#1686 Cowardly Warlord - Yuan Shao
TC: 14
6★ Light Human
Active: Beam of Tactics (19/8, slvl 12)
Team REC -50%. Light ATK 1.5x; if the team contains only Light Humans, Light ATK 1.3x further. Lasts until reactivation or death.
Leader: Dusky Spurt - Twilight
Light ATK 2x. Dark and Heart runes have 50% Fire effect.

Rare Pulls

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110230]
#1672 Upright Utopian - Sun Ce
TC: 14
6★ Water Human
Active: Strike of the Warlord (21/10, slvl 12)
For 1 round, the more combos made, the higher this card's ATK, max 15x with 10 combos.
Leader: Greatness of the Warlord
+1s spin time. When the team contains only Water Humans: Team ATK 4.5x, +1 combo for each group of runes dissolved, runes dissolve in clumps of 4+.
Team Skill:
When leader and ally are 6★ Sun Ce: All FELD runes have 25% Water effect.
When 6★ Sun Ce and 6★ Sun Quan are in the team, the leftmost Sun Ce and Sun Quan's CDs -2.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110231]
#1674 The Untamed Fang - Zhurong
TC: 14
6★ Fire Human
Active: Force of the Heroine (16/5, slvl 12)
Every turn that 3+ Attributes are dissolved, gain 1 point (max 5). For 1 round, this card's ATK 2.5x; the more points, the higher this goes, up to 10x with 5 points. Points are spent upon activation.
Leader: Flames of the Heroine
When there are 3+ Attributes in the team, Team ATK 2.5x; Fire runes have 25% effect of WELD (stacks). When there are 3+ Humans in the team, Human ATK 2.5x.
Team skills:
When leader and ally are 6★ Zhurong: If Fire runes are in the initial dissolve, convert 1 random rune into a Fire Human rune at the end of the turn (prioritizes Light and Dark) for each Human in the team.
When the team contains 6★ Meng Huo and this card, the Meng Huo's CD -2.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110234]
#1680 Single-eyed Vanguard - Xiahou Dun
TC: 14
6★ Dark Human
Active: Counter Striker (17/6, slvl 12)
If an enemy attacks, Humans and Demons launch an extra 50% chaser attack of their own attribute in the next round. Lasts until WFELD are in the initial dissolve.
Leader: Coolness of Combativeness
When the team contains only Fire/Earth/Dark cards, Team ATK 4x; by dissolving 9+ Fire/Earth/Dark runes, Team ATK 1.5x further.
Team skills:
When leader and ally are 6★ Xiahou Dun: If the 9 runes in the upper right corner of the default board are cleared in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 1.5x and those positions will be converted into 3F/3E/3D (random orientation, always aligned) at the end of the round.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110028][Image: 60?cb=20180122110029][Image: 60?cb=20180122110030][Image: 60?cb=20180122110030][Image: 60?cb=20180122110031][Image: 60?cb=20180122110031][Image: 60?cb=20180122110032][Image: 60?cb=20180122110032][Image: 60?cb=20180122110033][Image: 60?cb=20180122110033]
VR Greeks
[Image: 60?cb=20180122110028][Image: 60?cb=20180122110030][Image: 60?cb=20180122110031][Image: 60?cb=20180122110032][Image: 60?cb=20180122110033]
Refined Form
Active: (19/8, slvl 12)
[ATR] ATK 1.2x. After every turn, this multiplier increases by 0.2x, up to a max of 2.2x. Every 20 runes dissolved also increases the multiplier by 0.2x. Lasts until there are no groups of 5+ [ATR] runes in the initial dissolve. The multiplier resets to 1.2x after each wave.

For every group of runes in the initial dissolve, 1 [ATR] rune is generated. For every 3 [ATR] runes dissolved, 1 enchanted [ATR] rune is generated.
Team skills:
When running dual: The first 10 combos made will give 1 EX combo. Subsequent combos have a 70% chance of giving 1 EX combo. For each attribute dissolved, 3 [ATR] God runs are generated, up to 15 runes. PR Zeus and Dark Zeus will change attribute to match. Non-PR Zeus will NOT change attribute.
Combine active with PR Zeus: For 1 round, all [ATR] runes that drop will be connected; if a [ATR] Trace is active, it will be maxed out. At the end of the turn, the column below the card that used this active is converted into Enchanted [ATR] runes.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110029][Image: 60?cb=20180122110030][Image: 60?cb=20180122110031][Image: 60?cb=20180122110032][Image: 60?cb=20180122110033]
Diverged Form
Active: (17/6, slvl 12)
For 3 rounds (this round included), convert 5 [Inferior ATR] runes into Enchanted [ATR] God runes at the start of the round.
[ATR] God ATK 4.5x; if God runes are dissolved, [ATR] ATK 1.5x further.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110134][Image: 60?cb=20180122110135][Image: 60?cb=20180122110136][Image: 60?cb=20180122110136][Image: 60?cb=20180122110137]
Cyborg Scholars - Machina Evolution
The 5★ forms of the Cyborg Scholars can evolve into the 6★ Machina form through the 2nd evolution option.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110134]
#1366 Nostalgic Force - Gretchen H.
TC: 18
6★ Water Machina
Active: Fight Safe - Command (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, if 13+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 2.2x; otherwise, recover 25,000 HP.
Leader: Driven by Billows
Water ATK 3.5x; Water Machina ATK 4x instead.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110135]
#1367 Crimson Falcon - Agnesi
TC: 18
6★ Fire Machina
Active: Fight Safe - Command (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, if 13+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 2.2x; otherwise, recover 25,000 HP.
Leader: Driven by Flames
Fire ATK 3.5x; Fire Machina ATK 4x instead.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110136]
#1368 Megabot Evolution - Mark-II
TC: 18
6★ Earth Machina
Active: Play Wild - Command (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, if 13+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 2.2x; otherwise, attack damage ignores enemy defense.
Leader: Driven by Trees
Earth ATK 3.5x; Earth Machina ATK 4x instead.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110136]
#1369 Metallic Creed - Lisa
TC: 18
6★ Light Machina
Active: Play Safe - Command (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, if 13+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 2.2x; otherwise, damage received -85%.
Leader: Driven by Rays
Light ATK 3.5x; Light Machina ATK 4x instead.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110137]
#1370 The Erudite Metalmorph - Midgley
TC: 18
6★ Dark Machina
Active: Play Wild - Command (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, if 13+ runes are in the initial dissolve, Team ATK 2.2x; otherwise, attack damage ignores enemy defense.
Leader: Driven by Shadows
Dark ATK 3.5x; Dark Machina ATK 4x instead.

[Image: 60?cb=20160627072333][Image: 60?cb=20160627072333][Image: 60?cb=20160627072334][Image: 60?cb=20160627072334][Image: 60?cb=20160627072334][Image: 60?cb=20160627072335][Image: 60?cb=20160627072335][Image: 60?cb=20160627072335][Image: 60?cb=20160627072336][Image: 60?cb=20160627072336]
Revolutionary Heroes Amelioration
IHP +120
IIColumn of 3: Team REC +10%
IVColumn of 3: Team ATK +10%

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110323]
New Arena Card - Guan Yinping
#1692 Gutsy Amazon - Guan Yinping
TC: 20
Rarity: 6★
Earth Human
Active: Twine of Vines (16/5, slvl 12)
Convert Heart into Enchanted Earth. For 1 round, if a group of 4+ Earth runes is dissolved, Team ATK 1.16x; the more Earth runes in the group, the higher the ATK, max 1.8x with 8 runes.
Leader: Howl of Earth - Demon-hunt
Earth ATK 3.5x; Earth ATK on Demons 2x further.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110323]
New Biweekly - Bayrou
#1696 Emotionless Heart - Bayrou
TC: 12
5★ Water Machina
Active: Fueling Up - Water (16/5, slvl 12)
Fuel +20%. For 1 round, this card's attack damage will be 1,600,000 Water damage.
Leader: Full Speed Ahead - Water
Water ATK 8x for 10 rounds.

[Image: 60?cb=20180122110322]
New Coliseum - Zhang Liao
#1690 Lucky Star - Zhang Liao
TC: 40
7★ Water Human
Active: Soul-reaping Sickle (17/6, slvl 12)
Convert 6 random runes into Water Human runes. For 1 round, this card's ATK 6x if 6+ combos are made.
Leader: Ferocity of Billows
Water ATK 4x

[Image: 60?cb=20180123171434]
New Zeus
#1699 Sombre Void - Zeus
TC: 30
7★ Dark God
Active: Power of Convergent Elements | Bolt of Enchantment (16/5, slvl 12)
Choose one:
- For 1 round, Team ATK 2x if 15+ runes of this card's attribute are dissolved.
- Convert Heart runes into God runes of this card's attribute.
Leader: Elemental Protection
All Attribute damage -30%
Team skill: If the leader and ally are both PR Greeks/Refined Greeks and of the same attribute, this card changes attribute to match them.

New Race - Machina
When the team contains 2+ Machina members, it will activate the unique property of Fuel, which displays as a percentage within each Machina's icon during battle.
- The more Fuel, the higher the Machina's ATK, up to 2x at 100% Fuel.
- Each rune of a Machina's attribute in the initial dissolve adds 2% to its Fuel.
- Each heart rune in the initial dissolve adds 1% to all Machinas' Fuel.
- When all Machinas are at 50% or more Fuel, the runes of every attribute of Machina in the team have an increased effect. The increase for each attribute is 10% for each Machina of that attribute, up to 60% with 6 Machinas of the same attribute.
- When all Machinas are at 100% Fuel, all Machinas will launch 1 or 2 chaser attacks at 25% damage in either their own Attribute or the inferior Attribute every round.

If there is only one Machina in the team, the Fuel mechanic will NOT take effect.

Besides the 6★ Machina forms of the Cyborg Scholars and the new biweekly card Bayrou, the following series have been retconned to be Machinas: Metallic Beasts, Metazord, Fort Stirling, Lionel and his evolutions. This retcon has also changed their stats.

[Image: 60?cb=20171012121912] (+937 | -67 | -92) 2810 -> 37471523 -> 1456481 -> 389
[Image: 60?cb=20171123190758] (+1012 | -73 | -107) 3007 -> 40191693 -> 1620510 -> 403
[Image: 60?cb=20151005092521] (+955 | -68 | -51) 2,835 -> 3,7901,560 -> 1,492241 -> 190
[Image: 60?cb=20140622090331] (+168 | +54 | +173) 2,262 -> 2,430907 -> 961123 -> 296
[Image: 60?cb=20140622090345] (+176 | +58 | +154) 2,380 -> 2,556970 -> 1028109 -> 263
[Image: 60?cb=20140622090359] (+193 | +50 | +164) 2,616 -> 2,809835 -> 885114 -> 278
[Image: 60?cb=20140622090414] (+175 | +50 | +178) 2,356 -> 2,531845 -> 895126 -> 304
[Image: 60?cb=20140622090430] (+164 | +60 | +161) 2,215 -> 2,379997 -> 1057113 -> 274
[Image: 60?cb=20141128030326] (+521 | +43 | +685) 24,402 -> 24,9237,933 -> 7,9767,37 -> 1,422

Lost Relic Pass Registry interface is now optimized:
- You can select the card you want, and you will be brought to the stage for it (and the rest of its series, if applicable).
- If you have no leftover entries purchased, you are prompted to confirm entry into the stage after selecting your ally; if you cancel here, you won't lost stamina or coins.
- If you had leftover purchases, they remain in the Lost Relic list of battles, but the new ones will no longer appear there.
- Stages that you have cleared and obtained the diamond for will show an All Clear under them. The number of runs you have left of a particular stage will also be shown.
- The stages are sorted into three categories: Lost Relic (cards that once appeared in diamond/friend point seal), Ultimate Relic (SM bosses), and Bi-weekly Relic (cards that were only from biweeklies).

Guild level cap is raised to 20, and the guild name can be changed at the cost of a Diamond.

Something has changed with Celestial Master - Tongtian Jiaozhu, but I'm still not sure what.  Celestial Master - Tongtian Jiaozhu had his stats changed from 1272/1965/354 to 1622/2215/404 (increase of 350 HP, 150 ATK and 50 REC).

VR YanXi Brides
[Image: 60?cb=20180127091220]
#1371 Elegance of Flawless Purity - Xi
TC: 22
7★ Water God
Active: Water Promise - Enchantment (17/8, slvl 10)
Convert Dark and Heart into Enchanted Water. The more runes converted, the higher the Water ATK for 1 round, max 2.25x with 10 runes.
Leader: Giant Elemental Waves
Water ATK 4.5x; each group of Water runes dissolved increases this by 0.5x, max 6x with 3 groups. At the end of each round, convert 2 random runes into Water God runes.

[Image: 60?cb=20180127091221]
#1372 Sapphire Phantom - Xi
TC: 22
7★ Water God
Active: Enormous Waves (17/8, slvl 10)
Water rune drop rate becomes 20%. The more Water runes dissolved, the higher the Water ATK, max 2.2x for 12 Water runes. Lasts until no God runes are dissolved.
Leader: Protective Power of Water Elements
Water ATK 4.5x; damage received -35%.

[Image: 60?cb=20180127091221]
#1373 Rhythm of Blazing Flames - Yan
TC: 22
7★ Fire God
Active: Fiery Pact - Enchantment (17/8, slvl 10)
When 4+ combos are made, Team ATK 2x. Lasts until death or deactivation. Can be deactivated at any time; on deactivation, convert 8 random runes into Enchanted Heart runes.
Leader: Inextinguishable Fire
Fire ATK 4.5x; if Fire runes are dissolved, convert all Fire runes into Enchanted Fire God runes at the end of the round.

[Image: 60?cb=20180127091222]
#1374 Peony of Romance - Yan
TC: 22
7★ Fire God
Active: Flames of Blossoms (17/8, slvl 10)
Drop rate of Earth runes is transferred to Fire runes. Increase the drop rate of Fire runes to 40% when God runes are dissolved. Lasts until death or reactivation.
Leader: Tongues of Flames
Fire ATK 4.5x; if Hearts are dissolved, Fire ATK 1.5x further.

1/2/2018 Update: Fire Machina Biweekly, Zhang Jue
[Image: 60?cb=20180201112944]
#1697 Virtual Human - Yale
TC: 12
5★ Fire Machina
Active: Fueling Up - Fire (16/5, slvl 12)
Fuel +20%. For 1 round, this card's attack damage will be 1,600,000 Fire damage.
Leader: Full Speed Ahead - Fire
Fire ATK 8x for 10 rounds.

[Image: 60?cb=20180201112013]
#1689 Twisted Voodoo - Zhang Jue
TC: 20
6★ Light Human
Active: Poisonous Fountain (19/8, slvl 12)
Poison all enemies, dealing 100% of this card's ATK in damage every round (colorless, ignores defense). While the effect is active, Team ATK 1.6x and spin time is extended to 15s.
Leader: Howl of Beam
Light ATK 3.5x

12/2/2018: Fu Lu Shou

14/2/2018: 5* Celestial Devotees
17/2/2018: Hula
22/2/2018: Earth Lionel, Gan Ning, Dong Zhuo

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Star Oriceles Meta Analysis [15.0] + Tier list 26-2-2018
Posted by: Oriceles - 01-23-2018, 05:27 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (107)

In this patch we are getting a new race with a lot of mechanics being introduced in to the game, but who cares? long awaited VR Greek gods are finally here, also the "You ALL MAX" reward event has everyone busy on deciding what to choose so machina and many other goodies introduced in this patch doesn't seem as relevant. I take this one more chance to invite everyone to the Discord server, you should join the fun and discussion over there.

Sindhu 6* 

I have to be honest guys, I really think that adding this card to the normal diamond seal pool was unnecessary at this point. All the cards are bad, have huge downsides and could have been better on so many ways that I don't really understand why Madhead created something with such outdated standards for current content. They are plain arena mules and might do for old content, but I don't really see them going somewhere on current meta.

[Image: 40] Sha Seng the Sand Fiend: I have heavy mixed feelings with this card. 
1. He could have received a switching skill like revolutionary heroes.
2. Demon race on water is not that relevant right now... and I don't se a why to use this guy on Tan Sanzang.
3. 10 CD?, We have other board converters like Aloha and Su Huan Jen with CD8. I hope a future amelioration can fix this at least.

[Image: 40] Golden Horned & Silver Horned the Twins: Throw Horned King and Chong Lou to the blender BAM, you get this card, with an another long cooldown... This twins could have been CD 6 and double skill like Modi & Magni. Where da heck do you want fire runes and different attributes at the same time?, I don't know.

[Image: 40] Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal: Poor pig, what the hell did they do to you? you were supposed to be the rumored upcoming black card!, but instead Madhead decided to mix Rugal and Gawain on a blender and then again unnecessary on earth because of Alibaba, and unnecessary on beast because of Odous. Then Again, traditional Tan Sanzang might be more reliable than using this guy.

[Image: 40] Lady White Bones the Deadly Skeleton: Skelly waifu, the best artwork on this series has the most questionable stats (total 3865) and a skill that only fits Daoloth, Sakura and Rose, I don't see a use anywhere else. She could have received an extra skill that could have been useful somewhere else at least.

[Image: 40] Spider Demon the Silk Cave Mistress: Another mixed feelings, she is fine for everyone that didn't get Black Rose Harley during Monster Strike Collab. The x3 bonus on top is quite nice, and I like the fact that it targets enemy race, we don't have many skills like that, and I think is fine because is just a condition for on-top damage. CD 10 is too long, but amelioration might be fix this in future as we have seen helping Beowulf and the likes. Total stats are bad as well sadly. 

Imperial Heroes —『Imperial Warlords II

Please be sure to check the Warrior of Times even for reference and the chance to try this new leaders. This series comes to expand upon already existing content of human race in general, you can expect them to work with Imperial Warlords I, Pili Puppets, Knights of the Round Table, and Sengoku Samurai, last two by the way are currently in rotation inside the regular pool of the diamond seal. We got so much needed utility on some skills, and replacements for stuff many players might have missed on previous collaborations. Also you can expect that this patch ultimate stages and bi-weekly are tailored to be passed with humans, but since there are so many other human teams out there, not having this guys shouldn't pose a problem.

[Image: 40] Upright Utopian - Sun Ce: There are mixed feelings regarding Sun Ce because he is a powerhouse, but the requirement of dissolving groups of 4 runes is something you have to get used to. The best way to practice this is going for babylon style of column dissolve, which also helps to trigger the amelioration skills of your members. Leader and adjutant are already boosters, the members doesn't need to be converters either because every other rune has 25% effect of water. Personally I don't find him so interesting because we have got many other water leaders recently that doesn't feel so restrictive as him.

[Image: 40] The Untamed Fang - Zhurong: It's been a long while since a new card actually has sparked my interest on getting it. Zhurong is the leader I've actually been expecting for humans. She can work as amazing rainbow leader and can surpass Guan Yu when it comes to WFE. Whenever I see her kit I feel I must put the enchantress and some other utility cards. Other members that come to my mind for her are Rococo, Gawain, Kyo Kusanagi, Cai Wenji, and Kim the king of Taekwondo. You can go full utility or damage because the conversion is already covered by the team skill.

[Image: 40] Sympathetic Sorcerer - Lu Xun: Earth mono has been always so good at grind, but this guy is bringing that another level, the fun part is that most earth leaders can reach the requirement of the 12 runes without much problem. Other than humans, Athena and Izanagi can also get a lot of use from this guy but not so efficient as Hideyoshi. 

[Image: 40] Dutiful Loyalist - Huang Zhong: This is a poor man's Tang Yu Rou for those that missed her back in 2015. His only advantage is that he gets cooldown reduction upon being turned off, but Tang Yu Rou in the other hand grants a 1.5x team attack buff. He is also locked for just light humans unlike Tang Yu Rou that can absorb 50% atk of all other humans and even be used as member on Zhurong because of that (not really efficient but the meme is worth the mention). He is being released because Arthur really needs this kind of card right now to shine. I forgot another thing and it's the perk of the 1.2x hp as bonus if the entire team is light human.

[Image: 40] Single-eyed Vanguard - Xiahou Dun: Her leader skill reminded me a lot to the one of Lancelot, yet it's somehow better because once you manage to dissolve the 3 rows of runes inside the box you get 3 free combos every time. The counter attack skill is really amazing, specially if you are using Lancelot as member. Some other members that come to me on the top of my head: Gawain, Mai Shiranui, Medea, Circe, and Ali Baba.

[Image: 40] Unfortunate Fate - Cai Wenji: I'm happy that we got another LD dissolve alternative to Huifre, with also a more flexible condition and human race. Basically her skill affects the entire board and with just CD:6 I think she is quite too powerful, specially for Guan Yu and Zhurong. Feel free to add her on water teams as well if you need to get rid of light and dark runes to overcome specific enemy shields.

[Image: 40] Simple-minded Gentry - Meng Huo: Okey the patch updated that ugly placeholder skill for Meng Huo and now we got a really good converter that can work for WFE or Rainbow, the extra fire effect on the other runes makes me want to test him on Chessia as well.

[Image: 40] Cowardly Warlord - Yuan Shao: He is so similar to Tsang that I thought it was just a poor man's version of him, yet Yuan Shao is different because if you use him on Arthur setup you will get a 1.9x boost in exchange of 50% of the recovery. Good thing is that you can use him along with Tsang so it's actually amazing.

Greek Gods - Virtual Rebirth

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]

We have waited too long for this and I'm happy with the results, I know that a lot of people is not happy with god runes being a way to solve the problem, but after some tests with my Athena using other races as members I think this is fine. 

The divergence mode is really nice as member for the refinement (or other god teams), and also can work as leader and ally pretty well if you don't plan to play skydrop. Since the drop mechanics are not so frustrating as in the past, and the fact that you actually get rewarded by good spinning, I don't feel the need of having a lot of converters inside the team. Instead I really want to recommend you all to use members that have persistan boost effects (Medea, Shyplant, Furi, etc.) or short CD6 cooldown like Valkyries of Divine Wine, 7* Vali, and the Keepers of Worlds, you really can fill your team of members like that and the lack of runes won't pose a problem at all. Feel free to drop your team suggestions on the thread. 

Meme teams of persistant effects like Hel+Xi or Michael Lucifer are expected to see the light as well. We are also pending to see how the Dark Zeus is going to work with this guys, but from the info that have been release so far he has a really short cooldown of 5 with a boost of 2x.

Flowers of Pledge - Virtual Rebirth 

[Image: 50] [Image: 50]

Madhead has a lot of surprises under the hat for this celebration and I think that this Virtual Rebirth was totally unexpected. Also I find this funny because days ago Aaronyxy joined the Discord server and said that this cards should receive the VR treatment. On divergence mode both are amazing but feel way too tailored for Hephaestus and Poseidon. Refinement in the other hand solves a lot of problems that people didn't like about their active and got their multiplier increased to the real standard of a black card. Personally I wouldn't recommend to draw on the current Gods and Demon seal because you can get both of them on Ancient Coin Seal, yet having 2 copies of the same card brings a super strong team.

New: Kirinfable did another video of Xi after the bug with the god runes was patched.

Cyborg Scholars - Machina Evolution

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]

Thie first step on Machina Race comes with an alternative path for the Cyborg Scholars, I guess this is taking them away from having an Awakening Recall in the future, yet the Machina race has a lot of potential with those extra attacks and increased damage. On their alternative path their active skill seems easier to handle and it seems that they won't have access to fusion as the human path, but who knows?. Right now I don't feel there is too much to do with them since the available cards are pretty limited and I can expect their pool to grow in a future patch. I'm also thinking that patch 15.1 will introduce a rotating seal of Machina race and more bi-weeklies and ultimate stages that can support their new gameplay.


[Image: 40] Gutsy Amazon - Guan Yinping: a max of 1.8x at CD5?, just another buff for Hideyoshi and all those earth leaders out there. Her stats are really high also. I'm not happy that this is the third earth card we get on the arena, she could have been delivered on a later date, but since Hideyoshi is available on the regular diamond seal and the ancient coin is also close it's nice to see more additions for the earth humans. I'm actually planning to farm her, on previous patch I went for Ithaqua and now he is doing really good on my VR Athena.

[Image: 40] Sniper of Patina - Lionel [b][b][Image: icon_new.gif][/b][/b]: Free stealth break and mob kill can turn this card in to a farm machine. The CD reduction for Machina is highly welcome. I don't know why people was thinking it was a self-attack boost lol. His real active is disabled at the moment because of a bug. (Every new version of Lionel introduces a new bug to the game).


[Image: 40] Lucky Star - Zhang Liao: Easy convert + super boost. He is meant for Sun Ce, yet he can also be a nice member for Su Huan Jen, Honda and Atlantis. I'm really attracted by that CD6. Also, 4th water card released on Coliseum.

Ultimate Lords / Horror
[Image: 40] Twisted Voodoo - Zhang Jue: Totally meant as another tool for Arthur, yet I can see her as another potential member for Honda as well since her active brings team attack on a similar way to Alma and Fylgja. The extended time extension comes really nice when facing annoying skills like vortex.

[Image: 40] The Alpaca Herder - Ma Chao: 6 turn 1.6x permanent effect for Hideyoshi, I'm actually happy on how many options he has been getting compared to other leaders out there. Ma Chao can work on other earth mono teams as well, but if I go to Izanagi or Athena we might consider other members instead of this guy.

[Image: 40] Warship Craftsman - Gan Ning [b][Image: icon_new.gif][/b]: WHY MADHEAD WHY?, such a cool arwork wasted on a terrible active skill. We don't need more water mono converters, and specially a water clone of Envious. I guess he is just okey for those that doesn't have Florice or Swegde, but if you are playing Sun Ce or Su Huan Jen, then you are not in reall need of this guy, if you are playing Poseidon, then you don't want converters, and if you are playing Atlantis you are getting a massive flood of runes from the team skill and Wen Zhong active.

[Image: 40] Sombre Void - Zeus [b][b][Image: icon_new.gif][/b][/b]: The highly anticipated "Dark Zeus" is finally here and I have many thoughts about him, mainly rants against Madhead because I think that the original Zeus could have been buffed directly like what they did to Odin, but nope, new card. Changing his attribute to dark also means we can use this guy along with Odin on the current Dark God meta, 15 dark runes is nothing for Anubis, Tsukuyomi and Artemis, heck Even Loki can dissolve 15 dark without much problem. The condition doesn't states first batch. I would have loved that this guy was using double skill instead of choice skill. Refinement greek doesn't really need the old combine because how stable is the skydrop now.

Bi-Weekly Series

[Image: 40] Emotionless Heart - Bayrou: Set damage on an active skill of such a short cooldown is fishy, but since you take Machina mechanics in consideration is because this guy can attack twice when the fuel is at full, which means that he will launch a total damage of 3.200.000. Not bad, but not really interesting for those stats and the fact that most leaders can hit about the same damage on current meta. We also have to keep in mind that he is just 5*, we are too early to see the full potential of the machina race.

[Image: 40] Virtual Human - Yale : Fire version of the one above. Personally not that interesting to talk about about.

Guild Event 

[Image: 40] Blessings of the Deities - Fu Lu Shou: Finally a better leader for those that missed Baby King during Richman Collab. The CD 7 active skill have a very unique condition that helps a lot on the gold stages, but not so much out there I think.

Joint Operation [b][Image: icon_new.gif][/b]

[Image: 40] Scheming Usurper - Dong Zhuo: I need feedback on his skill interaction with Pollux please. Other than that I think he is okey if you are running something like Norvi, Yocto or Sunnie, he also can help on burst rounds. Leader skill is also fair for those that doesn't have a decent dark leader yet. Overall I'm not sure if he is worth the 40 team cost.

Event Cards

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Exclamation [GUIDE] "Your ALL MAX" Reward: What to choose
Posted by: Oriceles - 01-21-2018, 01:42 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (132)

As you guys may know already this game meta is changing every 3 months, cards can get old and may not work anymore for upcoming stages, yet some of them can be reused over time and can receive updates via many of the upgrade systems: Power Release, Virtual Rebirth, Amelioration, Fusion, Awakening Recall and now Dragonware.

[Image: IZIcZG3.png] I keep reading on the official Tower of Saviors fans group people shouting for Ophiuchus non-stop even without knowing how that leader works. I have to acknowledge that part of the hype with Ophiuchus comes from the Super leader grading on my thread, and tier lists that was released during the Assembly of the Strong event pointing Ophiuchus as the best choice as well. By the way I know a lot of players that used their diamonds there, thinking that was the Chinese New Year event...

I'm making this post on hurry because on how close the "Your ALL MAX" reward is. Feel Free to post screenshots of your inventory and I'll tell you what is possible.

Here you can find a summary of the main jackpots of the rotating seals and what archetypes can be built with them. I won't be including cards from the standard pool, I don't have enough time to cover everything, and I'll be posting that info on my thread when the patch arrives. Feel free to ask for any particular leader anyway.

- For details on how "Your ALL MAX" reward event works please read this post on the official website.
- For the complete pool of cards available for this reward please check this high resolution image. Cards are categorized by attribute and race.
- I'll try to avoid adding cards of high rarity on list as common members (Black cards and collabs).
- I'm also going to skip rares that are not worth to get with this event.

I know everyone is not good when it comes team building and that is why we have meme teams everyone can get for cookie cutter results. That being said all you have to do when choosing a leader is checking their compatibility with the members you already have, there is no point on grabbing a card if it will take you months or indefinite amount of time on grabbing the core members for it.

Also if you are planning to draw on chinese new year event and ancient coin seal you better save this reward to be used after that other event, you can't get a dupe of something you already have.

[Image: 7Basof.gif]

Fallen Halos (Introduced in Version 12.4)

[Image: 40] Release of Demonic Cruelty - Satan: Can dissolve hearts on skydrop which means more combos. Some players like to remove hearts entirely and bring Twin Xi as member. Dark is powerful enough on the current meta and most the cards have very high stats. I won't recommend going for her right now since there are better dark leaders already, also her stats as demon are low and might be risky for inexperienced players.
Common members: Lancelot, Xi, Alma, Odin, and Edward. Mostly dark gods to increase the HP.

[Image: 40] Fire for Metamorphosis - Chessia: Her stats are the standard for a 6* God, and she also can dissolve heart runes on skydrop and heal with fire runes. Then again you can bring Heimdallr to remove all heart and get more fire runes. Currently she is one of the most common fire leaders out there since Nobunaga is locked by race restriction and Amaterasu is used for other stuff. There is no actual core cards for her but usually cards with 2800~ hp are recommended.
Common members: Medea, Doris, Rococo, and Sean.

Imperial Warlords (Introduced in Version 13.0)

[Image: 40] Dragon Crescent Blade - Guan Yu: Arena with no bonus this week?, let's play Guan Yu! said every warlord that owns her. She was introduced on the very same patch as as arenas and since then she stays on the top of them. Her skydorp is said to be nerfed, but even so this card is way too strong. She doesn't have race restrictions but is recommended to be played with humans. She is pretty versatile and newbie friendly since you can add any other WFE member.
Common members: Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Circe, Medea, and Cassandra.

[Image: 40] Reincarnated Warlord - Lü Bu: Dark mono cards can be the strongest, but they don't know de wey without a good leader and that is why we got Lü Bu. As human he is more balanced than Satan and his multiplier can be one of the highest even today, the problem is that Lü Bu might be hard to master since you need to dissolve 3 groups of 5 runes (of any attribute) to get him to full potential. He will force the team to launch full attacks so this might be troublesome to stall for skills. If you are confident that the dark cards you have are strong go for him.
Common members: Diao Chan, Yocto, Odin, and Pollux.

Yamato (Introduced in Version 13.1)

[Image: 40] Sunlight of Hyuga - Amaterasu: Let's praise the queen of damage, flexibility, grind and memes!. Amaterasu is meant to be a fire leader that can overcome many difficulties thanks to her kit. Her active skill which reflects the attack of the enemy and as leader has one of the highest multipliers out there (please refer to wikia to read her entire kti). She can use either gods of any attribute or fire cards as members which brings a lot of possibilities. Most common setups for her tend to use cards that need to be obtained by farming or have a high team cost, yet traditional setups like the ones you could use on Chessia are also possible. Defensive teams on her are more than viable because you can get Urd  on 2 turns, or Poppy at the start of the battle.
Common members: Scrooge, Hades, Kongo Yasha, Perseus, Bael, and Poppy.

[Image: 40] Chain of Charmed Beads - Izanagi: He was voted as one the most popular leaders out there, very friendly to newbies, and is able to heal by grind. He is not locked by race so you can add whatever earth card you want on him. Multiplier of 4x shouldn't be overlooked since he can convert his board in to a perfect dissolve of enchanted runes.
Common members: Sagittarius, Circe, Matryoshka, Mufasa, Medusa, and Ali Baba.

Knights of the Round Table (Introduced in Version 13.2)

[Image: 40] Knight of Virtuousness - Arthur: Madhead was trying to rework the failed light human meta which always consisted on dissolving all the present light runes on the board to get a bonus (check Mahonin, Yu Wun Tuo, and Kushinada for reference), and so they recycled ideas from previous collabs and created Arthur who doesn't even need light runes at all because she can get the effect of light runes on all other runes!, that is great right?, the problem is that during her release the rest of the existing light humans were composed of converters and tools for the previous archetype and so Madhead had to release Constantine and Hattori to compensate for the lack of options. Yet old players were able to turn Arthur in to a powerhouse by owning Tang Yu Rou and Luno, cards from the Chinese Paladin collaboration of 2015. Then with the release of Yi Ye Shu on the Pili Puppets collaboration Arthur joined the meme of Lucifer+Luna and Novalis+Ursula. Now with the release of Imperial Warlords Part 2 on the next patch we are going to be able to grab another card with a similar active to the one of Tang Yu Rou. Arthur active skill is a swiss knife of utility as well so you can focus on adding more members for damage since you don't need to worry about utility or conversion. If you have the right cards go fo her, otherwise don't pick her hoping to grab the required cards to maker her work in the future.
Common members: Tang Yu Rou, Yi Ye Shu, Tsang, Nathaniel, Katherine, Hattori, Constantine, and Modi & Magni.

[Image: 40] Knight of Swordmaster - Lancelot: Those that say that Lancelot is not a leader is because they have never bothered on trying him as one, 4x with additional x2 if you dissolve heart runes is quite the standard damage. Whenever the bonus for Kotrt comes to the arena I use him as leader with other cards of his series as members for full bonus and I get good results, specially because his active can make him work on the style of Satan. He is most popular as member for Loki, Lü Bu and upcoming VR-R Artemis. As Tsukuyomi I think he is a nice card to run in to, but not one to aim for.
Common members: Circe, Medea, Odin, and Ali Baba.

Sengoku Samurai (Introduced in Version 13.3)

[Image: 40] Nobunaga the Blazing Fervour: Since Amaterasu has been more oriented to utility, Nobunaga is released to deal damage, and cover what Chessia and Dancer Yan were not being able to do at the time, the problem is that they locked him to Dragons and Humans, yet this was not such a hard lock because he still have access to old cards like Medea and Nezha. More cards cards have been created to work with him like Fthaggua, and unintentionally K´and Kyo Kusanagi from the King of Fighters Collab. He is a card with potential but you won't see the chance to get members for him too often.
Common members: Nohime, Medea, Bedivere, Sean, Fthaggua, and Shakuro.

[Image: 40] Hideyoshi the Insatiable Greed: Lazy no brain leader that can hit like a truck by just pressing 2 buttons and moving 1 rune, the problem with Hideyoshi is that earth humans are not very common right now, and the best 2 members for him are from the king of fighters collaboration which is not returning. If you want something for earth you are better going for something more reliable like Izanagi.
Common members: Gawain, Duncan, Circe, Yashiro, Kim, and Jian Zhi Chu.

Starburst Pulses (Introduced in Version 14.0)

[Image: 40] Twisted Fate - Ophiuchus: If you skipped this thread from the start to this point go back to the start LOL.
He is labeled as a super leader for maaany reasons:
- Enchanted path allows you to skip a lot of shields and annoying stuff like marked runes
- Enchanted damage means 15% additional damage per enchanted rune of the attribute dissolved
- Built-in time tunnel skill with CD8, which already goes well with his team skill
- Leader skill doesn't lock you to attributes but races, Shyplant, Fylgja, Paperwhite, Papaver and Nyx can cover the elf needed.
- Recovery is high due to enchanted hearts and having elf in team.
The downsides of Ophiuchus: 
- You need to master the 25 step spinning to make it full effective 
- You must likely need to practice using teams that have multiple attributes and no way to generate it's own runes. 
- The most common setup includes AR Pollux and AR Luna which are a combo that is pretty powerful by its own. You could run that combo on Amaterasu as well if you wanted to, and unless yo have both of those cards you will have to invest a lot of time on farming Pollux skill and getting harpies for Luna, if it is the case that you have got both of them already from the seal. He can work with other cards too, but that AR combo got popular because how effective it can be.
Common members: Pollux, Luna, Shyplant, Qi Tian Di, Alma, Papaver, Matryoshka, Fylgja, Odin, and Nyx.

[Image: 40] Sultry Fragrance - Andromeda: She started what water mono is today, a powerhouse that can get damage reduction on demand and multiple hits that are effective on other attributes. She is better as member, since newer water leaders can do better at the same stuff, yet she is worth the mention here.
Common members: Cassandra, Fylgja, Shuta, Slime King, May Lily.

I know this is a meme but I couldn't find a showcase video:

Elfish Perennials (Introduced in Version 14.2)
I got to confess that I don't own cards from this series because I didn't have Internet access at the time of this patch, yet YouTube is my friend, and my guild mades have allowed me to play with their accounts to test some of the potential.

[Image: 40] Shrunk Petals - Sakura: From the 3 rare of this series, I find this one the most interesting one because her kits provides effects of all runes on fire and heart. The damage and recovery are both high, and you can get a lot of good combinations from elfs or other popular stuff as members, just look at Aaron adding Pollux to Sakura as well. If you want or need elfs, I think Sakura coul be the best choice.
Common members: Paperwhite, Papaver, Shyplant, Slime King, and Strelitzia

[Image: 40] Lovey Dovey Romancist - Rose: She is your alternative race specific leader with gimmick that increases the attack and have effect of all runes on heart, if you are going for a full elf team I think Rose can be better choice than Cornflower and good as Sakura. Dark elf team is also a possible thing because Madhead released many cards like that before without a specific leader. Some possible dark members for that archetype: Sengo Muramasa, Morgan le fay, Isabel, Komatsuhime, and Yao Hou.
Common members:  May Lily, Slime King, Cactus, Shyplant, and Strelitzia.

[Image: 40] Rekindled Honor - Cornflower: Better known as poorman Atlantis, Cornflower had a short lifespan as the best water leader, if you don't have Atlantis you can go for Cornflower. Personally I think he does better as water elf leader, an archetype that was incomplete. The release of Sera was an announcement but she didn't do the trick, Shuta, and Andromeda followed after long periods of time and yet they didn't get anywhere, over time Cornflower may receive more cards that will turn make him even better than he is right now.
Common members: Fylgja, Shuta, May Lily, Andromeda, Cassandra, Pupuro, and Swegde.

Prologue of the Universe (Introduced in Version 14.3)

[Image: 40] Fiend of Destruction - Azathoth: I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Azathoth, this guy is helping everyone returning to the game that had the traditional Novalis+Ursula with Faugh as leader and Daji as adjutant around 4 years ago. He has damage, he has utility, has his own way to recover, but if you don't have the members then there is no point on trying for him unless you are aiming to get Novalis and Ursula on later dates.
Common members: Novalis, Ursula, Draco, Masamune, Sunnie, Fthaggua and Nidhogg.

[Image: 40] Demiurge of Antinomy - Daoloth: I'm happy that madhead finally released a light leader that is not related to Michael Lucifer in the slightest thing. Daoloth has incredible damage, built-in generation of runes, and is one of the fastest leaders on the leader boards. Other thing that is cool on him is that he is F2P friendly with his cards coming from friend point seal and stages instead of diamond seal and rotating seals.
Common members: Fenrir, Pluma, and Colin.

[Image: 40] Dream Gobbler - Ghroth: This guy packs a punch and in my opinion he is very newbie friendly. Another good thing is that he gets extra effects by having more cards of his own series, so, if you got lots of other cards from Prologue of the universe but no Ghroth, then you could pick him up for good. Also He can make use of Fenrir and Minamoto to boost his own attack.

- Changed some common members as recommended on discussion
- Changed some video for rose
- Added video for Lancelot
- Added video for Hideyoshi

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  [Teaser] 15.0 - New "Machine" Race, RoTK2 Preview, Slime King Evo, Dark Lionel
Posted by: agnesi - 01-11-2018, 08:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (408)

UPDATE: Adding RoTK2 and VR Greek info to the OP for easier access. Smile

Imperial Warlords 2

Full Teaser with video and images:
Livestream photos:

Zhurong - Fire Human (Rare)
Leader: When there are >=3 attr. in the team, team attack 2.5x, fire has 25% effect of other attr. (stacks) When there are >=3 humans in the team, human attack 2.5x.
Team Skill: For dual leader/ally:
When fire is initially dissolved, for every human member, convert a rune into fire human rune at the end of the turn. (max 6) conversion prioritizes light/dark.
Active: CD5
Every turn you initial dissolve >=3 attributes, accumulate a point, to max 5 points. For 1 round, self attack 2.5x. The higher the amount of accumulated points, the higher the self-attack to max of 10x. Points reset after activation.

Sun Ce - Water Human (Rare)
Leader: Increase spin time by 1 s. When the team is only Water Humans, team attack 4.5x. For every group of runes dissolved, increase combo count by 1. Runes can only be dissolved in groups of 4.
Team skill: For dual leader/ally:
All attr. runes have 25% water attr. effect
When Sun Quan and Sun Ce are in the same team:
Leftmost Sun Quan and Sun Ce have active CD -2
Active: CD10
For 1 round, the more combos, the higher the self attack, to the maximum of 15x for 10 combos.

Xiahou Dun - Dark Human (Rare)
Leader: When there are only Fire, Earth, Dark members in the team, team attack 4x. When total of earth, fire, dark runes dissolved >= 9, team attack 1.5x
Team skill: For dual leader/ally:
Locks 9 positions on the board. If runes are initially dissolved at all 9 positions, team attack 1.5x and runes at those positions are converted to 3 earth, 3 fire, 3 dark at the end of the turn.
Active: CD6
Every turn the enemy attacks, on the following turn, human and demon members will deal an extra hit of 50% self attack. Effect lasts until all 5 attributes are dissolved initially.

Lu Xun - Earth Human (Common)
Active: CD6
6.25% damage reduction for every earth rune dissolved in first batch, up to 75% reduction for 12 earth runes dissolved. Effect remains till no earth runes dissolved initially. CD won't reduce while skill is effective.

Cai Wenji - Water Human (Common)
Active: CD6
Turn water/fire/earth runes into human runes, and explode all light/dark/heart runes, falling runes would be water/fire/earth runes.
Team Skill:
Extra 1 sec spinning time (compulsory)
Condition: Use this monster in team and team has to be 3 attributes human only.

Huang Zhong - Light Human (Common)
Active: CD8
Attack of Light Human drops to 0, all the reduced attack x 1.5 and then added to monster (effect will be deactivated when activate again or game over) skill can be switched off anytime, and monster CD will -2.
Team Skill:
All members HP x1.2
Condition: Use this monster in the team, and the whole team has 6 light human only.

Meng Huo - Fire Human (Common)
Active: CD 8 
TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT: By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, Runestones of that type will be turned into Enchanted Fire Runestones
Turn all runes randomly into fire runes and runes of 2 other random attributes, for 1 turn, all attributive runes have 50% fire effect. 
Team Skill:
Active Skill CD of Meng Huo -2
Condition: Meng Huo and Zhurong are in a team.

Yuan Shao - Light Human (Common)
Active: CD 8 
Team Recovery -50%, Light Attack 1.5x; if the team consists of only Humans, Light Attack 1.3x additionally. Skill stays in play until deactivation or defeated. 

Guan Yinping - Earth Human (Arena)
Active: CD 5
Turn heart to earth enchanted. For 1 turn, if a group of more than 4 runes is dissolved, team attack increases. For group of 4, team attack 1.16x, to max at group of 8, team attack 1.8x.

Zhang Liao -Water Human (Coliseum)

Water Human
Active: CD6 Randomly turn 6 runes into water human runes. If >=6 combos are made, self-attack 6x

VR Greek God

Full Teaser with Images:

VR Greek - Refinement

Leader: For every three self-attr runes dissolved, drop 1 enchanted self-attr rune. For every initial combo, drop 1 self-attr rune.
Active: Self-attr attack continues to increase until no groups of 5 or more self-attr. Runestones are dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). For every 20 Runestones dissolved, increase of self-attr Attack speeds up. The Attack multiplier resets every Wave.  CD 8
Team Skills:
- For the first 10 combos, get 1 ex. combo pr combo. Afterwards, 70% chance of ex. combo per combo.
- For every attribute dissolved, drop 3 enchanted god self-attr runes, up to max of 15 runes.
- PR Zeus or new Dark Zeus will change to the attribute of the leader (with 7* Greek or Refinement VR Greek)

VR Greek - Divergence

Leader: Self-Attr. God Attack 4.5x. When dissolving God runes, self-attr attack 1.5x
Active: For 3 rounds, convert 5 runes of countered attribute to self attr enchanted god runes CD 6

New Dark Zeus

This is a TGS early bird reward that will be released to the rest of the playerbase later in a special event stage 2/12 - 2/18.

7* Dark God
CD 5. Choose 1 of the two effects:
1) If >=15 self-attr runes are dissolved, team atk 2x.
2) Convert heart to self-attr god runes.


Full Teaser with Images:

New "Machine" Race:

[Image: 03-sdajkgna-1024x535.jpg]

When there are 2+ Machines in a team, it will enable an "Action Gauge"(?) ability.

For every rune of self attribute dissolved, self action gauge increases by 2%.
For every heart rune dissolved, self action gauge increases by 1%
The higher the action gauge, the higher the self attack, up to 2x.

If all Machines in the team have action gauges >= 50%,  increase the rune effect of runes of the same attributes as machines by 10% for every machine, up to 60%.
If all Machines in the team have action gauges ==100%, all machine members launch 1 to 2 extra attacks of 25% self attack of self attribute or self weakness attribute.

Some existing monsters, like Lionel, Metallic Beasts, Fort Stirling, and Metazord, will be changed to Machine race monsters

5* star Cyborg Scholars can now evolve into a different 6* machine form. 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2

First image: Cai Wenji
Second image: Fire Guy on the left is Meng Huo, Dark Girl on the right is Xiahou Dun.
Third image: Coliseum card Zhang Liao
Fourth link: Sun Ce

Slime King Evolution
Starting 1/15 after 4pm, Slime King can be evolved to a new form using the Seven Sins as PR mats.

Active Skill: CD8. Unlimited runestone movement for 12 seconds without dissolving; for 1 round, all falling heart runes will be connected.
Leader Skill: "Heart Runestones also possess 250% effect of all Attributive Runestones. Extend Runestone-moving time by 1 second." (Thanks to @joetjef)

Dark Lionel Evolution
Dark Machine
Active Skill: CD5. Turn 1 rune of each attribute (water, fire, earth, dark, light) into enchanted runes. For 1 round, for every attribute of enchanted runes dissolved, this monster will launch an extra attack of the same attribute.

Another skill 10 Lionel will be available at Arena Grade 7, and a skill 1 Lionel for evolution will be sold in the Arena. Starts 1/15 after noon.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes in my translation. I'll fix it as soon as I can...
Didn't expect them to throw in a new race all of a sudden. 
This might explain the "Alpaca' feeder series that's been showing up in the Metallic Beast and Metallic Dragon card info, though. Some kind of new machine feeder series?
I don't think I kept any Cyborg Scholar dupes...Wonder what the new evo will be...? 

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  Old user needs assistance :)
Posted by: austzorro - 01-04-2018, 09:25 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

It's been probably 2 years.

Got bored and decided to play ToS again. Things have certainly changed. Turns out I have 120 diamonds before I quit.

So I managed to pull Azathoth and Daoloth.

However I can't remember which stages drop their skill mats (i.e. Chthonian the Land Dweller). 

Many thanks.

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