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  Next VR series has Gods in it + Next Black card is Fire Machina
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 05-06-2018, 03:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (143)

Link to video (Chinese):

Key points:

  • AR does not mean that a series cannot be VR'ed in the future.
  • However, lot of series don't have Traveller's Memories stages to AR.
  • Therefore, series that get AR'ed won't be VR'ed in the immediate future due to prioritising other series.
  • Next series to be VR'ed has Gods in it.
  • Other systems such as DW serve to upgrade series without stages in Traveller's Memories to gain access to AR.

The way the video leaked the info, it's possible to interpret it as: "A series with some Gods in it is next to be VR'ed". However, most people on Bahamut are interpreting it as: "A series composed entirely of Gods is next to be VR'ed" and are predicting this to be VR Babylonians.

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  Coliseum Stamina Refills
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 04-18-2018, 03:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

IDK if I'm getting confused or something, but after using a Diamond to refill my Stamina, I got a Stamina Refill without an expiry date as a reward.

Only thing I can think of that might explain why would be the Coliseum, but it doesn't seem like there's any announcement saying this...?

I seem to recall something similar happening either at the last Coliseum or Guild Event, where Stamina Refills were given out when you use Diamonds to refill Stamina, but no announcement was made about it...

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  Tool to check battle drops in advance
Posted by: TheCatGod - 04-18-2018, 05:00 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (21)

After almost being unable to pass the recent Yog-Sothoth NM, I figured it would be helpful if you could determine ahead of time whether a PR mat would drop on the SM or not, so you can decide whether to use a diamond to revive or whether to quit and try again to save time, etc.

I have therefore written a Java program that can determine battle drops for you in advance. This program can be used for the previously mentioned purpose, but it can also be used to determine whether a raid will appear and drop in a biweekly/guild event, and whether a biweekly card will drop. For now, it can only detect card drops, but in the future I will also be adding support for detecting craft core, treasure chest, or soul drops.

This program can only run on your computer and will require you to transfer your XML file from your phone to your computer (instructions are included in the link), which can be a bit annoying. I am planning on eventually making an Android app that can do everything this program does directly on your phone, which can save you some time and effort transferring the XML file.

This program requires you to be playing TOS on a rooted Android device.

Please read the instructions and download the first release version of my program here: Github repository

I hope this can help some of my fellow summoners better optimize their time and diamonds when farming various stages in the game! Big Grin

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  Is crash fever too weak?
Posted by: dessed - 04-17-2018, 06:14 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (57)

Not just me that thinks that the new series is too weak? 

I am wondering if the contract is for a year. They usually amel at the end of the year, and maybe the cards will be OP then, but right now it seams like there are serveral other, better cards. And nothing is jumping out to me as far as active skills either.

So, what are your feelings?

And just to say it, I don't need them OP, but they don't feel unusual enough or a different play style. Yes, there Mechs, and we need Mechs, but we need mechs better than this.

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  Thoughts on the new system
Posted by: emailtim - 04-16-2018, 09:09 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

My thoughts on the new system items. Feel free to add your thoughts - I don't intend this to be a place to talk about the cards - just the system changes.

I don't like the Pin/Add to favourites moves the screen to the top of the inventory so you have to scroll back down to add multiple cards. (may be a bug).

I like that it gives you a "to max level" counter when levelling up, but don't like that they removed the "to next level" as I used this at high levels to use my 1/3/5 level up cards. I do prefer the new system however as before I had to look on wiki for max level info.

The screen is all stretched out for me now. E.g. the battle button to start an arena battle is off the bottom of the screen with only a small bit of the green button showing.
There is too much excess space on the cards at the bottom (leader skill). About 12 lines of text fit in there yet the active skill (which is almost always a longer definition) only fits 3.5 lines of text.
The change in resolution (if this is what it is) I am really not a fan of - although it may just mean I am on too old a phone.

Big fan of TOS Express (doesn't help much but it is info I always wanted to know). I am concerned that all my allies will change to top 10 and there will be less choice.

I like that there is now a "stock" button to show how many of each card you have.

I don't like that the question mark on the cards with extra details (such as same skill cards or passive skills) is gone.

I really don't like that I STILL CAN'T EDIT MY TEAM AT THE BATTLE PREP SCREEN. Yes I am shouting. Please put this in Madhead.

Overall happy with the changes but really annoyed with my screen resolution / screen fit.

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  Arena Trial tickets?
Posted by: Durumana - 04-14-2018, 01:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

After completing the 5 arena trials this time I got 1 arena trial ticket. Do these carry over? Can you get more than one ticket?

I assume this is the catchup mechanism that MH finally created for the arena. But it means at a maximum you'll get another 40% per arena trial, assuming you haven't hit the cap yet?

And once you're maxxed you can just start accumulating arena trial tickets for the future in case you miss a week or fail a stage?

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  [Teaser] 15.2 - Crash Fever return, VR Egyptians
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 04-06-2018, 12:04 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (94)


Gao Changgong and Guild War

The event runs from Monday, April 9 at 4pm to Thursday, April 12 at 3.59pm. As before, guilds will be assigned to Red, Blue or Green factions.

The period between 2am and 6am has been designated as a rest period. During this time, points earned form battles -90%. So don't spend your time in the Guild War during this period, unless you really have resources to spare.

At the end of the GW, we'll be getting a Bronze Madhead for each camp in the Central area that's under our faction's control, and 2 Baby Harpies for each camp under our faction's control in the other three areas.

Additional Accumulated Rewards:
4,000 personal points: Gao Changgong (slvl 1)

180,000 Guild points: Gao Changgong (slvl 10)
250,000 Guild points: Silver Title
300,000 Guild points: Gao Changgong (slvl 10)
[To qualify for the Guild rewards you must have at least 2,000 personal points]

[Image: 07-dtjhsrt-j.jpg]
Gao Changgong
Earth Human
Active (CD6):
For each initial combo, launch a Light chaser attack at 30% damage. If initial combos are 6 or more, also launch a Fire chaser attack at 600% damage.

New SM, White-faced Vixen
[Image: 09-aedhs-rtj.jpg]

SM arrives April 13 (Fri), and features DBK and the Earth Gnome.
Card is a Dark Elf.
Active (CD7): For 2 rounds, time tunnel; Heart runes touched become Elf runes.
She also has an animated skin, which we found in the update package!

Egyptian VR
[Image: 13-srtjedtyik.jpg]

[Image: 30221950_1651152288335671_10977888648539...e=5B6D5E59]

[Image: 29793602_761149477408091_500260627519268...e=5B6CBD2E]

Will cost a dupe, or 3 PR materials and 2 Evolve materials.

Leader: [ATR] ATK on the two targeted attributes 5.5x (including actives), and 3.5x on other attributes. Damage received from the two targeted attributes -25%.
Active (at amel IV): Enchant [ATR] runes. Explode all non-[ATR] runes to deal [ATR] damage to all enemies. The more runes exploded, the higher [ATR] ATK and REC, up to 2x with 20 runes.

Active (CD5): Randomly convert 3 runes to Enchanted [ATR] runes. For 1 round, if all enemies are [inferior ATR], then [ATR] ATK on [inferior ATR] increases; otherwise all enemies become [inferior ATR].

Arena Trials returns, and Water Lionel
Starts April 9th (Monday).

In this 6th season of Arena Trials, once you've beaten all 5 stages, you'll receive an Arena Ticket. Using this ticket will reopen a completed Arena Trial stage, allowing you to gain EXP (except it won't bring you past the current maximum level).

Water Lionel evolution path will become available at 12pm on Monday April 9th. Purchase another Lionel from arena rewards too!

[Image: 20-awegaeryh.jpg]
Active (CD5): Water and Machina ATK 1.8x. For each additional effect present, +0.4x, up to 3x with three additional effects.


Crash Fever Collab
[Image: 18defcd062bcfc9104b15f26064801b6.jpg]

[Image: ff7715d7e979c4cd3e95cdc1142485b6.jpg]
Celsius, Möbius and Chang'E

[Image: ec6a0a329ae68509f084bc07a4282206.jpg]

[Image: 31837b5ad94d7e41f0c1338e7a9729f5.jpg]

[Image: 5cccd0025faf942c7a89148b570e7e57.jpg]

[Image: 6a1586619f1f390afad36d491779ce87.jpg]
They've got their own version of Candigons.

Crash Fever Coliseum event: Gungnir
[Image: 96e6f87e6ede01e48e0e6fc8a9d50db4.jpg]
Starts Tuesday, April 17.

[Image: e2ea725a97aff66782835d5e2563aa41.jpg]
Crash Fever seal cards and VR Egyptians will give bonus points. (That's Turing in the top left)

[Image: c8fe948d3fb10918af1bba82846c6587.jpg]
If encountered as a raid, Crash Fever cards have their CD restored and get 2x ATK for 7 turns; she then defeats herself at the end of the turn.

[Image: eb1d7f0d0cc0d16e891c1e29f90951f2.jpg]
Light Human
Active (CD7): Convert Earth to Enchanted Light. Explode Hearts to generate non-Earth runes. The more Hearts exploded, the higher Self ATK for 2 rounds, up to 6x with 5 Hearts.

[Image: 9b93ccb423e10e107c613872ed56443f.jpg]
[Image: 216bfc5052d4a38efc509b841386853c.jpg]
Usual purchasable rewards.

[Image: 1ec42a18fca60f153575a109ddfd6646.jpg]
Clear 15 times to get Möbius animated outfit.

Crash Fever SM: CF Nobunaga
[Image: 3cd3e8707a7458a5a8c3ac981aacc079.jpg]
Arrives Friday, April 20.

[Image: 0a2d85f9d403b6a22a8e3fd674da05f4.jpg]
Fire Human
Active (CD7): For 1 round, extend spin time to 10s; Fire ATK 1.6x; all Fire members' ATK synchronizes with the highest Fire member's base ATK.

TOS Report
[Image: 1e8a977887317c054fe47792314dc9e0.jpg]
Come the new version, we'll be able to access the Special Report, which tells you the most recent metagame leaders, members, stages and leveling strategies.


Card Details


[Image: 626b6008b062d8288c631a0d8364f91b.jpg]
Final Calculation Turing
Earth Machina
Leader: When the team contains only Machinas/Machinas and Humans: Team ATK 4x and HP 1.3x; Hearts have 50% effect of all Attributes (stacks).
Active (CD7): Convert Water and Fire to Enchanted Heart. Explode Light and Dark to generate Enchanted Water/Fire/Earth. For 2 rounds, spin time becomes 8s, and damage received -4% for each rune exploded, up to 40% with 10 runes.
Team skills:
- Dual Turing: 2x of each member's REC is added to its ATK.
- Dual Turing with only Machinas: Before launching attacks, deal 15 x Total HP in Earth damage to all enemies (must dissolve runes).

[Image: 1a0fe706123f8be912ce30ffbf0c9814.jpg]
Inconceivable Wings Mobius
Water Machina
Leader: Machina ATK 4x. When 10+ Enchanted runes are dissolved, Team ATK 1.5x more. This card launches a Water, Fire, Earth and Light chaser attack at 50% damage.
Active (CD8): Randomly convert runes to Enchanted Water, until there's 20 Enchanted Water runes. For 3 turns, Machina/Beast/Demon ATK and REC 2x.
Team skills:
Dual Mobius with only Machinas: Water runes have 50% effect of all attributes. At the start of each turn, enchant the most common rune type on the board.

[Image: f157d09ecb118f44b57aed8c41fc32e9.jpg]
Electrical Induction Faraday
Light Human
Leader: When the team contains only Light Humans, Team ATK 2.5x. The more types of runes dissolved, the more ATK increases further; from 1.5x with 2 types to 2.5x with 4 types.
Active (CD6): Convert Earth to Enchanted Light. For 1 round, the first 15 runes in the initial drop batch will be Light Human runes.
Team skill:
Dual Faraday: Spin time +2s. Hearts have 50% effect of Light. When 30+ runes are dissolved, Team ATK 2.5x more.


Active (CD6): Explode all runes to drop non-Fire runes. For 1 round, all Water and Heart that drop will be enchanted.

Active (CD7): Convert 8 non-Heart runes into Enchanted Hearts. Member on the right's CD -1. For 1 turn, the initial drop batch will only be Water/Light/Dark runes.

Active (CD7): Explode 10 runes in an X shape to drop Enchanted Fire runes. For 2 turns, damage received -30% and drop rate of Hearts is transferred to Fire.

Fire (Human?)
Active (CD7): Convert Heart to Enchanted Fire Human runes. Explode all Water and Light runes; for 2 turns, Fire ATK increases with the number of runes exploded, up to 1.8x with 8 runes; drop rate of Hearts is transferred to Fire; Fire runes that drop will be Enchanted Fire.

Light Human
Active (CD7): Convert Water/Fire/Earth to Enchanted Heart; convert Dark to Light. For 1 turn, you deal colorless overheal damage to all enemies (ignores defense).

Active (CD8): Explode all non-enchanted runes to generate enchanted Attribute runes. For 2 turns, damage received -40% and Self ATK on Gods increases 3x.

New Arena card
[Image: 93fd158f3e0aad773822a3a80d0c05e4.jpg]
Ame No Murakumo, Wild Soul
Water Human
Active (CD8): Convert Fire and Earth to Water. For one round, 15 runes in the initial drop batch will be Water Human runes.

Bonus! New Uriel outfit.

[Image: ec0833d34804b61d4404ed49d1213f1f.jpg]

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  2018 MH April Fools Pranks
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 04-01-2018, 08:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (22)

"Add On" Mechanic:

[Image: QgJYuBE.jpg][Image: 8S84YQI.jpg][Image: GAGyehk.jpg][Image: ZcDPRaN.jpg]

"Harpy Runner" Mode:

[Image: wdFkkTJ.jpg][Image: iR6nkXk.jpg][Image: MF6SVHA.jpg]

There's also a video on "...the new features of our next version", which is just a video of a loading circle, but the post mentions:
  • Gambling System
  • Super Max Monster
  • 3D outfits for every monster

So we know that some April Fools pranks end up becoming reality. I'm kind of only looking forward to the Add On mechanic, lol. What about you guys?

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  Pr Yog speculation thread.
Posted by: Joaqs - 03-29-2018, 04:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (38)

[Image: 061cedd8eb45421c99eeae0a60126d61.jpg]
It's happening so let's have some fun speculating before more info is out!

Let's start with the obvious, there are two Yogs! Although the one on the left looks more like Yog than the one on the right, plus the right one doesn't has nothing on get stomach like Yog does but then again Yog can create illusions so...

My guess, now that Yog is free she can use her full power so that's why there are more Yogs.

Enviado desde mi BLL-L23 mediante Tapatalk

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  [Teaser] Next week's GE, Norns' Dragonware
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 03-23-2018, 02:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

[Image: 02-wgaerh-aeh.jpg]

New GE begins next Monday, March 26.

Candigons will appear in all four stages. Greek Beasts, Nymphs, Slimes and Imperial Soldiers will be the other feeders.

[Image: 03-aerhstrj.jpg]

Moai and Rapa Nui will be the 200 point rare raids, and are guaranteed to drop.

[Image: 04-aertjhsrtj.jpg]

(03-22-2018, 08:21 PM)joetjef Wrote: Guild event card:

Paschal Grace - Chickie (Light Beast)
HP:3539, Attack:1325, Recovery:203
Leader: Howl of Light - Beast
Light Attack x 2. Light Beast Attack x 3.5
Active: Blessing of the Chick (MinCD:10, MaxSlvl:15)
HP will be fully recovered.  When the Team consists of only Beasts, for 1 Round, the next Damage received will not lead to your defeat.

[Image: 07-sartjswrtjw.jpg][Image: 08-aerhstrjh.jpg]

Guild Accumulated Rewards:
2000 points - Mini Madhead
7000 points - Chickie
12500 points - Heavy Gear Knight
20000 points - Chickie (max slvl)
Personal Accumulated Rewards:
200 points - Iron Hamel CNY outfit
650 points - Harpy
1000 points - Constantine (slvl 10)

[Image: 10-atrjtdyk-1024x535.jpg]

At the end of the event, Guild Leaders will receive a number of "Madhead Tokens" based on the guild's total score. They can distribute these to guild members; each token is worth 100k coins.

[Image: 11-srtjsdtruh.jpg]

Norns' Dragonware will become available at 12pm on Monday, March 26.
- Increase HP and REC by 10%.
- By dissolving a group of 5+ self attribute runes, God ATK 1.2x.
- By dissolving 4+ Hearts, recover HP equal to 150% of team REC.

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