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  Can't find HxH draw
Posted by: pandarex97 - 05-28-2018, 08:28 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (74)

Anyone knows where or how do I access the seal card draw? I can't seem to find it.. It says it should be in the shop tab, but I don't see it in there.. Is there somthing I'm missing out or is there a bug or some sort?

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  How to get copies of Lionels?
Posted by: SexyBoobsy - 05-28-2018, 06:48 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

How to get copies of colored Lionels?
How to select a color of Lionel in Mysteries of Growth? (Blackhole stage for evolution)

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  Discussion concerning arena trends and design
Posted by: vespher - 05-27-2018, 08:21 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

What is arena for me?

A place where other players can do their best to make a 5 round stage that is supposed to be difficult to pass for me and make me get as least as possible points while they battle other players stages to gain most of points.

That concept is very simple and is expanded by some elements as trials/boosted monsters/new effects on defense cards with some new series.

This week we had no point boosted cards, so I noticed something that I wouldn't when we have.

That is, people get so much worse scores overall and that got me thinking. Why did I jump 500 places up compared to boosted weeks?

I am 100% aware what kind of business is Madhead, but there are some things that could be different than they are now. So this is a disclaimer of a sorts, since I am still ok with how things are but they could always be different.

In no case I am against arena as it is, but I wanted to take a closer look in this thread at elements that make up the arena experience.

For one I support the recent change of max 2 available stages resets per day.

1. Should we have cards that boost your base score points by 10%?

If you have those certain cards at the time, you will say yes. If you don't have them, you will feel bad and say no. Yes, this is a simplification but illustrates a problem for some of the players. Many times it happens I do a 3-3.2k score without boosted cards, check out the current stage top list to see how good I was, and up there is someone with 4k score, who did worse in round count, combo count, pass time while using boosted members.

From a financial standpoint for madhead, having boosted cards means they will be more desirable, usually those cards happen to mostly be from new series too. So it is somehow implicit that you need sometimes to spend diamonds and get those new cards in order to be competetive, source of those diamonds either being buying them or saving up.

To close off this question I asked. If arena was to be a skill based area of game, where your own skill at spinning counts, then boosted cards shouldn't be there. They give a handicap to those who don't have them and advantage to those who spin poorly and even greater advantage to those who spin very well.

2. Should we have forbidden/blacklisted cards in arena?

As far as I am aware, only forbidden cards in arena currently are sealed lords, which, if you look at it that way, would be sort of game breaking if they were allowed, as some synchronize very well with other cards and would make the experience imbalanced. At least it was that way when they were first forbidden.

If you follow Magic the Gathering or any other bigger card games, usually they have temporary lists which blacklist certain cards as they break the balance in favor of some decks.

Cards that I see as breaking the balance in a way that they trivialize arena content and make up for lack of spinning skill would be :
  • Lionel/Sariel type cards with clear all effects in play skill for all those 5 round effects or rune element nondissolvable for 1-2 rounds
  • Ghroth, he simply trivializes any kind of tri/quad/quint shield and to a degree Aloha (but aloha doesn't give you as much combos and you have to spin yourself, time extend helps though)
  • Pompeii, the new card, easy enchanted wfe breaker, paired with ignore puzzle shield, which trivializes 90% of arena stages (as you know how much everyone loves putting puzzle shield in almost all arena defense teams)
I'll stop at these cards for now. 

Yes, anyone could say, many cards have many effects that essentially help to deal with certain effects, and that is the deal with arena, to overcome those stages by having the correct card, which also pervades other parts of game like ultimate stages.

But, in a competetive part of things, there is a difference between a card helping you to deal with something and flat out ignoring or negating whole parts of stages.

How to deal with it? Either introduce blacklists, which isn't really a way to go. Or, the way I would go with it, introduce even more complicated  bosses. 

Example : Puzzle shield boss, but with additional effect that says, if it was killed by ignoring the puzzle shield, next 1-5 rounds, spinning time reduced to 2 seconds.

So instead of blacklisting cards, why not keep them, and introduce harder content that will still rely on people having the spinning skill to deal with it and keep the magic of having to come up with teams that can deal with certain stages. I really hope madhead will work on arena and introduce some harder effects.

3. Rank not resetting with weekly reset, rather it falls down by 1 division.

As you all know, if you finish a week with legend rank, next week you fall to warlord, and it repeats with lower and higher ranks than these in example, until patch total reset of leaderboards.

Problem with this is that it makes retaining ranks easier once people reach a certain rank, which gives a big advantage, depending how high that rank is.

It may seem fair on surface, as your own hard work makes you rank better for long term, but below surface, it makes select people retain their ranks much more easier.

Starting each week from 0 points or the system we have currently? I don't know, but combined with all the other factors, it isn't objective as it could be.

There are a few other issues, but given the already sizeable post, I will stop here.

I want to hear your thoughts on arena. Could it be better than it is? Do you want to see more cards with more card effects as arena bosses? Do you want more challenge or different ranking system?

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  Bring back the Ancient Dragons (metallic)!
Posted by: SexyBoobsy - 05-20-2018, 06:12 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Bring back the Ancient Dragons (metallic)!

Who needs to kiss so that metallic dragons appeared at least in LR Pass?

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  [Teaser] 15.3 - Hunter x Hunter (region locked)
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 05-17-2018, 07:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (166)


Version 15.3 will feature the Hunter x Hunter collaboration! 7 characters will be available from the special seal, including Gon, Kurapika and Leorio.

The seal will be based on the Water Divination test to determine a Hunter's specialization - the different ways in which the cup responds will act as a preview to the card that's drawn.

All Hunter x Hunter events and rewards are exclusive to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand only.

New Arena Trials start next week, 21 May, featuring Light Lionel evolution!

Active (CD 5): When all OR 4+ members' actives are ready, this skill can be activated. Reset all members' CDs; Self ATK and REC 10x (ATK cannot be shared).

New SM next week, 25th May, fulfilling a wish for the Make-A-Wish Hong Kong charity fund.

Dark God
Active (CD 6): Heart runes also have 50% effect of this card's attribute. The more Hearts on the board upon activation, the longer this effect lasts, up to 4 rounds with 3 Heart runes.

Team skill: When the leader is Human or God, this card changes attribute to match the leader's.


A new mechanic is introduced, Nen actives. Gon, Kurapika, Killua and Hisoka will be able to use these Nen actives, once they've reached amel IV (amelioration is available from the first week of the update). Nen actives can only be used before spinning, by tapping on your charged DC, and will cost some percentage with each use. Only the leader's Nen active is usable.

Gon (80% charge): For 1 turn, Leader's ATK 1.5x. Damage received becomes 0 (including monsters with % damage attacks).
Kurapika (50% charge): For 1 turn, Leader's ATK ignores enemy defense.
Hisoka (50% charge): For 1 turn, Leader's ATK ignores enemy defense.
Killua (30% charge): Remove Stealth from enemies.

Unlike the Revolutionary Heroes, HxH cards will have 12 Maximum EPs after switching. Gon, Killua and Kurapika will charge 1 EP by dissolving 3 or more runes of their attribute.

Gon (pre-switch)
Leader: ?
Rock Paper Scissors (CD 6): ? [Presumably the same as post-switch but using CD instead of EP]
Switch (CD8): Enchant all runes.

Gon (post-switch)
When the team contains only Humans:
- Human ATK 4.5x
- Damage received -30%
- when runes of the same attribute as the card in a column are dissolved, said card's ATK 2x (does not stack)
When Enchanted runes are dissolved, Team ATK 1.8x.

Active 1. Rock Paper Scissors (6 EP): For 1 turn, start spinning from the marked positions to get said effects:
Scissors - Team ATK and REC 1.6x.
Rock - Self ATK 7x and Self damage ignores enemy defense.
Paper - Deal 30x self ATK in Earth damage to all enemies before launching attacks.

Active 2. Rock Paper Scissors - Rock (10 EP):
- Explode non-Earth runes.
- Enchant all runes.
- For 1 turn, Self ATK 30x and ignore enemy defense; other members cannot attack.
- Team REC 1.6x.
- Deal 30x self ATK in Earth damage to all enemies before launching attacks.
- At the end of the turn, this card enters 2 turns of "sudden-death" (?).

Killua (pre-switch)
Lightning Strike (CD 3): ? [Presumably the same as post-switch but using CD instead of EP]
Switch (CD 8): Dodge the first enemy's first attack.

Killua (post-switch)
Leader: When the team contains only Humans,
- Human ATK 5x and HP 1.3x.
- For every attribute of runes in the initial dissolve, enchant 3 random runes of said attributes at the end of the turn.

Active 1. Lightning Strike (3 EP): Convert 4 random runes into Enchanted Dark (Heart has priority). For 1 turn, this card launches 2 Light chaser attacks.
Active 2. Vanish in a Flash (8 EP):
- Enchant all runes.
- Dark runes will be rearranged to the first few positions on the board (going from left to right, top to bottom). 
- Combos +5.

Gon and Killua have a ton of team skills together.
- Gon as leader, Killua as member: +1s spin time, Dark runes have 50% of other attributes.
- Killua as leader, Gon as member: +1s spin time, Earth runes have 50% of other attributes.
- Gon as leader, Killua as ally: If Earth or Dark runes are in initial dissolve, at the end of the turn convert the bottom row into 3 Earth and 3 Dark.
- Killua as leader, Gon as ally: If Earth or Dark runes are in initial dissolve, at the end of the turn convert the bottom row into 3 Dark and 3 Earth.
- Switched Gon and Switched Killua as leader or ally: Earth and Dark have 25% Heart effect.
- Killua as leader: all members... immune to poison? {所有成員百毒不侵}
[Besides the fifth one, all these skills work with either form of Gon and/or Killua.]

Kurapika (pre-switch)
? [I have no idea how to translate this lmao] (CD 6): ? [Presumably the same as post-switch but using CD instead of EP]
Switch (CD 8): Convert all runes into Human runes.

Kurapika (post-switch)
Leader: When the team contains only Humans,
- Human ATK 3.6x; Light Human ATK 4x.
- Spin time +1s regardlessly.
- When Human runes are dissolved, damage received -15%.

Active 1 (6 EP): Self ATK 4x. Self ATK is super effective on enemies. Persists until there is a group of 6+ Light runes in the initial dissolve.
Active 2 (10 EP): When the team contains 2+ HxH cards, revert all runes to their normal state. For 2 turns,
- Lose 20% of max HP at the start of each turn
- Team ATK 2x
- Spin time becomes 25 seconds
- Actives will not be locked

Team skills:

Unswitched Kurapika as leader, Kurapika (either form) as ally: Leader's leader skill changes, gaining the following effects - all Light runes touched become Enchanted Light Human runes. The more steps moved during spinning, the higher the Team ATK, up to 3x with 25 steps.
Switched Kurapika as leader, Kurapika (either form) as ally: Same additions as above.

A new feeder card is available - Sphinx! Similar to Candigons and Alchemy Fruits, but it works for Travelers from Afar, Disney Villains, 72 Demons, Xuan Yuan, Chinese Paladin, Monster Stirke - Heroes, Richman AND Hunter x Hunter. 60 Sphinxes will be available for purchase in the Trade Fortress at 150,000 coins each. Feeding 5 will bring a card from Skill 1 to Skill 8, and feeding 24 will bring it to Skill Max.

Next week's SM is Chrollo, a Dark Human.
Team skill: When the team contains Chrollo and Hisoka, leftmost Chrollo and Hisoka's HP, ATK and REC 1.5x.
Active (CD 6): For 1 turn, all attribute runes have 50% effect of other attributes. All members' attacks are super effective!

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  PSA: Hercules SM to be released in Lost Relic Pass 09/05~13/05
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 05-09-2018, 12:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Link to leak (Chinese):

Pretty good SM card with All=Water and conditional -2CD. 3 double-maxed copies let you run an endless loop of spamming his active, if that's your kind of thing.

SM details:

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  Next VR series has Gods in it + Next Black card is Fire Machina
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 05-06-2018, 03:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (143)

Link to video (Chinese):

Key points:

  • AR does not mean that a series cannot be VR'ed in the future.
  • However, lot of series don't have Traveller's Memories stages to AR.
  • Therefore, series that get AR'ed won't be VR'ed in the immediate future due to prioritising other series.
  • Next series to be VR'ed has Gods in it.
  • Other systems such as DW serve to upgrade series without stages in Traveller's Memories to gain access to AR.

The way the video leaked the info, it's possible to interpret it as: "A series with some Gods in it is next to be VR'ed". However, most people on Bahamut are interpreting it as: "A series composed entirely of Gods is next to be VR'ed" and are predicting this to be VR Babylonians.

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  Coliseum Stamina Refills
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 04-18-2018, 03:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

IDK if I'm getting confused or something, but after using a Diamond to refill my Stamina, I got a Stamina Refill without an expiry date as a reward.

Only thing I can think of that might explain why would be the Coliseum, but it doesn't seem like there's any announcement saying this...?

I seem to recall something similar happening either at the last Coliseum or Guild Event, where Stamina Refills were given out when you use Diamonds to refill Stamina, but no announcement was made about it...

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  Tool to check battle drops in advance
Posted by: TheCatGod - 04-18-2018, 05:00 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (21)

After almost being unable to pass the recent Yog-Sothoth NM, I figured it would be helpful if you could determine ahead of time whether a PR mat would drop on the SM or not, so you can decide whether to use a diamond to revive or whether to quit and try again to save time, etc.

I have therefore written a Java program that can determine battle drops for you in advance. This program can be used for the previously mentioned purpose, but it can also be used to determine whether a raid will appear and drop in a biweekly/guild event, and whether a biweekly card will drop. For now, it can only detect card drops, but in the future I will also be adding support for detecting craft core, treasure chest, or soul drops.

This program can only run on your computer and will require you to transfer your XML file from your phone to your computer (instructions are included in the link), which can be a bit annoying. I am planning on eventually making an Android app that can do everything this program does directly on your phone, which can save you some time and effort transferring the XML file.

This program requires you to be playing TOS on a rooted Android device.

Please read the instructions and download the first release version of my program here: Github repository

I hope this can help some of my fellow summoners better optimize their time and diamonds when farming various stages in the game! Big Grin

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  Is crash fever too weak?
Posted by: dessed - 04-17-2018, 06:14 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (57)

Not just me that thinks that the new series is too weak? 

I am wondering if the contract is for a year. They usually amel at the end of the year, and maybe the cards will be OP then, but right now it seams like there are serveral other, better cards. And nothing is jumping out to me as far as active skills either.

So, what are your feelings?

And just to say it, I don't need them OP, but they don't feel unusual enough or a different play style. Yes, there Mechs, and we need Mechs, but we need mechs better than this.

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