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  ToS Match 6 event - post your winning combinations and rewards
Posted by: vespher - 12-11-2018, 10:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

For those who dont know about it, just log in every day with UID and verification code on :

As we know there is match 6 event, and it would be nice to have a list of possible combinations and rewards therefore this thread, i got today :

[Image: unknown.png]

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Exclamation [GUIDE] "Your ALL MAX" Reward: What to choose (2019 edition)
Posted by: Oriceles - 12-06-2018, 06:38 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (79)

[Image: j8MoqUO.png]

Since the 6th Anniversary events started this week along with the announcement of Your All Max returning in January of this year a lot of players have jumped to watch videos of some YouTubers to get recommendations, but YouTubers logic is quite awful, so instead I will drop here all the relevant information we have.
  • Most popular non-black cards/collaboration leaders
  • Members you should consider to build around if you have them
  • Jackpots that used to be popular in 2017-2018 but they are not as strong anymore
The below quote is modified by me from the previous year all max to match the current event.

Quote:To express our gratitude for your continuous support, Summoner can login the game on 27 Jan (Thu), the day of the 6th Anniversary, to obtain 1 selected Monster that has never owned before! Select 1 Race and Attribute in the specific drawing machine; The system will automatically filter your owned Monsters, and randomly sort out 5 Monsters that match your preference for the Race and Attribute you’ve chosen. You can pick one out of the five choices. The Monster given is on Max Lv, Max Skill Lv and Max Amelioration (if applicable)!

Note 1: Monsters of the specific drawing machine include Monsters of Limited Seal (Except for Collaboration Monsters)
Note 2: Monsters of the specific drawing machine include Monsters of Diamond Seal (Except for Black Gold Monsters)
Note 3: The specific drawing machine only includes Monsters of its highest form (Except for Virtual Rebirth)
Note 4: If the suggested Monsters are less than 5 after filtering, the system will make up the number by randomly providing eligible Monsters (including Monsters you’ve already owned)

The complete list of cards based on Attributes and Race

[Image: KOx8xo6.jpg]

Current Top Choices

[Image: 60] Fiend of Destruction - Azathoth: After almost 1 year he is still in the S tier and is quite unlikely that he will leave that place soon unless Madhead really decides to introduce a huge power creep. He was the most picked card in the previous All Max reward, but DON'T pick him if you don't have Novalis and Ursula, those are his core members and without them you won't have many options for damage. Currently, there are 2 meta threads dedicated to him which cover around the same stuff.

[Image: 60] Demiurge of Antinomy - Daoloth: Still strong as last year, but it is quite problematic to get his members since most of them tend to come from events. You will mainly need access to Fenrir, Pluma, Colin, and Lady Whitebones. He is lacking specific utilities like unlock and his recovery problems are making it so players move to more flexible teams.

[Image: 60] Dream Gobbler - Ghroth: Since Hiei is not returning, the only decent demon leader in the game is Ghroth. By getting him you will also get a super strong member that can be used in different teams and the arena. You can also pair him with some Prologue of the Universe members to get access to his complete team skill.

[Image: 60] Carefree Mindset - Zero: Arguably the best beast leader right now, and since his series is currently in rotation you can get enough Cathieves members to get his full potential. Also he does have a lot of potential without beasts because his leader skill is way too strong. Beast members are also easy to get via diamond seal and events with really high utility and damage and Cathieves don't really have problems with recovery so I would really recommend going for him now that beasts have an almost complete set of utilities. The artwork might not be appealing, but don't let the look fool you.

[Image: 60] Chittamatra - Brahma: Across the top choices I think he is the most fun to play, his active skill is really strong and can also be used as a decent member. As a leader, you can use any God for utility or damage sake and call it a day until some enemy stops you. Gods are not missing anything right now except unfreeze. I just a meta thread talking about all the details of his skills and what are the most standard members to choose.

[Image: 60] Ascetic Mind - Vishnu: My personal favorite since he is designed for Pollux and Luna, can use the same utility as Brahma and have built-in damage reduction. If you have Luna you can't go wrong choosing Vishnu. There is another thread I created for him where you can read all the details, I also recommend watching some of his videos in YouTube so you can see how powerful and aggressive his playstyle can be.

[Image: 60][Image: 60][Image: 60][Image: 60][Image: 60] Major Gods of Babylon:
As a whole, they do deserve a mention because if you don't have a specific race, but specific attribute I would recommend you to move to this series, if you are a newbie or returning player I highly recommend you to go for this route because it is better to build a single attribute first and later move to other specializations with race. As for those that will come and say HURR DURR WHY NOT GREEK?!?, well let me tell you hurr durr, Greek is not as strong, actives doesn't pack as much utility and are heavily dependant on members and RNG to get somewhere, so new players are better with leaders that can ignore board hazards like this and also get decent damage from the first batch, also taking a while to practice the Babylon playstyle can improve your entire spinning skills and maximize the usage of amelioration bonuses. Sure, you can't get them ready in Virtual Rebirth state, so I would recommend saving the python that is being given as a reward in this patch to get the Virtual Rebirth without having to deal with the really annoying VR stage.

Popular Core Members that are worth taking

[Image: 60] Dream Gobbler - Ghroth: I am tired of watching him getting super high scores in the arena by just using his active skill in the last round. this being said you can use him in any leader that doesn't lock your race and increase your arena score by a lot thanks to him, after that you should be getting a steady amount of diamonds every week that you can use in the banner of your preference.

[Image: 60] Gemini of Recall - Pollux: x6 self-booster with high stats an can't be reset is one of the most powerful cards in long battles, God leaders and dark mono love him so if you have any of that just go for him.

[Image: 60] Libra of Justice - Luna: She is a staple member to have because without her you can't build teams with Lucifer or Pollux as the main damage source. So yeah, to get the full potential of Vishnu, Apollo, Inanna and Maya you will need to have this card. Also her amelioration packs a team-wide boost for god members and an extra second of movement of runestones that never hurts.

[Image: 60] Engulfing Darkness - Novalis: Without him, most dragon teams are completely useless, especially Copper and Azathoth, this being said if you have any of those two and you are willing to build dragons simply choose this guy.

[Image: 60] Reverberation of the Whirpools - Ursula: The dragon counterpart of Luna, if you already have Novalis and a dragon leader go for her, otherwise pick Novalis first.

[Image: 60] Eye of Compassion - Sariel: I have seen a lot of players that already have strong teams but tend to struggle with debuffs, why to build a new team if you are missing so important as Sariel to improve what you already have?

[Image: 60] Mischievous Wit - Lü Dongbin: He is a really strong mono dark leader, or God leader if you decide to play him along with He Xian'Gu as adjutant. His active skill is similar to Qi Tian Di, so he could help you deal easily with many obstacles like trojan combo or electrified.

Cards that were popular and you should ABSOLUTELY NOT go for them

[Image: 60] Twisted Fate - Ophiuchus: During 2017 he was really powerful because his kit is very strong, but the main damage source for him comes from the combo of Luna and Pollux, which modern god leaders mentioned previously can use way better than him. So yeah, in 2018-2019 there is no real reason to pick him unless you really want a time tunnel for your Earth Mono.

[Image: 60] Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji: We are not in 2014, move on, she is useless in current scenarios, no damage, and horrendous cooldown even with her dragonware.

[Image: 60] Dragon Crescent Blade - Guan Yu: She used to be cool... in 2016. So nope don't go for her, the multiplier is practically non-existent and the RNG skydrop won't help you at all. The only real reason to pick her is for collection sake and nothing else.

[Image: 60] The Untamed Fang - Zhurong: EVEN WORSE THAN GUAN YU, she is the most awful jackpot released in 2018, I don't know what the fuck was madhead thinking when they made this useless kit, she doesn't deal damage and focus the entire damage curve in to her, so nope, avoid wasting resources in this card please.

[Image: 60] Bionic Immortal - Li Tieguai: Early Machina leader, he is bad as Zhurong in terms of design, if you really want a machina leader please just wait until a new one is released because Li Tieguai struggles with a lot of problems and his presence is non-existent in current meta.

[Image: 60] Rekindled Honor - Cornflower: also known as super dry. Sadly I know that he is the only limited time seal leader available for water right now, but if you are considering going for him just for water mono, then you are better just going and getting VR Atrahasis instead. Cornflower is doing better with Water elf archetype, but still feels lacking and needs a lot of improvement that madhead is not willing to bring.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]

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  Accumulated Sign-in
Posted by: Daniel Sim - 11-15-2018, 02:36 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Can anyone of you tab-in the accumulated sign in? Cause I can't.

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  Does this mean I win? ?
Posted by: Noldo - 11-14-2018, 12:40 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I think my game glitched out..

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  [Teaser] Version 16.2 Cat Thieves, New SM, Water Roger evolution, new Nile Story Mode
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 11-02-2018, 07:29 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (14)

New SM, Perillos
Fire Beast
3,078 HP, 1,575 ATK, 359 REC
Active (CD5): For 2 rounds, convert 3 random runes to Enchanted Fire runes; Fire runes touched while spinning become Beast runes.

3* Achievement DC
Fire Opal
1. Deal 12,000 colorless damage to all enemies
2. Fire ATK +20%
3. Delay all enemies for 1 round

SM Skills:

First life: Skill 2970. 50 Water runes must be dissolved cumulatively to deal damage; once fulfilled, the enemy resets the number instead of attacking when its CD reaches 0. Every turn, Water rune positions will be burned and the runes converted into Fire runes. Burning positions cut 20% total HP when touched. Resists all controlling skills. 

Second life: Skill 2971. In the first round, the enemy raids and cuts 99% of your current HP (damage reducing and increasing effects apply). For 3 turns, your ATK becomes 0. 50% of your HP is deducted when the enemy attacks (ignoring damage reduction); the more attacks taken, the more HP deducted. Resists all controlling skills.

Water Roger evolution
Water Human
Leader: Human ATK 3.5x. When 6+ Water and Earth runes are dissolved, Human ATK 1.5x further. Water and Earth damage received -30%
Active (CD6): For 1 turn, this card cannot attack and damage received -60%. Next round, all runes have 150% Water effect.
Team skill: When the team contains Water Roger and consists of only Water Humans, Water Roger's HP 2x.

New Cat Thieves separate seal

The initial forms of this series can be fed with 3* Werewolves before evolving them.

3 commons:

Light Beast
Leader: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 4.5x. When 6+ Light runes are dissolved, Team ATK 1.8x further.
Active (CD6): Explode columns under Beasts to produce enchanted runes. For 1 round, if Light and Dark runes are dissolved, this card launches 1 Light chaser attack. If this active is the first active used in the turn, CD -3 at end of turn.

Fire Beast
Leader: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 4.5x. When 6+ Fire runes are dissolved, Team ATK 1.8x further.
Active (CD8): Convert 3 random runes to Fire (Heart has priority). For 1 turn, Self ATK 8x (cannot be shared). If this active is the last active used in the turn, CD -3 at end of turn.

Earth Beast
Leader: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 3x. Beast ATK on Machinas 2x further.
Active (CD6): Unlock the active skills of all Beasts and Machinas. This skill will not be locked. Enchant the rows under 3 random Beasts/Machinas.

New Story Mode: Tales of the Nile Scepters
Sorbek, Khepri and Serqet are three of the bosses here.

Next post: here

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  Next version speculation thread!
Posted by: Joaqs - 11-02-2018, 09:20 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

It's been a while since the last one and this are fun. So what do you want/speculate for the next version?

Here's mine. Just to be clear, this is pure speculation just for fun, I don't expect most of any to happen but it would be cool if it did happen.

Let's go with the obvious, new separate seal maybe with an earth god leader if the reward craft is anything to go by (seriously, why does the demon event gives a craft for earth gods?), maybe a demon focused series going by the demon event (probably Halloween though).
And if we are going demons for the theme, considering how MH has done a lot of region locked collabs lately we can look back to the first one! So I propose 72 Demons part 2! (Warlords 2 it's already a present for multi part separate seals)
Going with that the series to pr would obviously be 72 Demons part one (extremely unlikely).
And pr for some of the ultimate lords of that series! That means we could see the pr of the unsealed lord ultimate summoner companion, yes everyone pocket owl Glauox lord of the flip-floops!

But I doubt we well get 72 Demons part one pr, after all (licensing issues aside with the Disney part of that seal) we still have diamond seal series to pr. Ignoring Sindhu and mechanical life because they aren't a year old yet, the next updated series is obviously the legendary heroes, the legendary heroic spirits, the Immortal Heroes and the Minds of the Fray!
They don't necessarily need pr, just a wayto only occupy one slot would help them a lot. One way could be to permanently fuse them but that's boring and uninspired. So I propose the following, make a new dragon ware using mind of the Fray that's equipped by the corresponding immortal hero, this gives them the CD reduction of having both on the team and the ability to do the fusion, maybe even the skill of the Mind of the Fray before fusing.
Dragon ware too steep of a cost? Fine maybe a new special evolution that requires the card to be all max first.

You know we haven't had yet? The yearly Norse update so that would be cool.
Speaking of Norse, based on MH recent trend it wouldn't surprise me if we see a Machina Norn alternate evolution (but I would prefer an update to pr Norns)

I have more ideas but I have to go now.

Enviado desde mi BLL-L23 mediante Tapatalk

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  23M Downloads Celebration Campaign - Strength Rating
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 10-18-2018, 10:56 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Share the image of your strength rating on Facebook for 5x Diamonds and 2x Silver MHs.

[Image: TN462296311617919.jpg]

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  Special Mission "Quest Accomplished"
Posted by: Sayokyoku - 10-15-2018, 10:15 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Is there anyone who completed "Collect 20x Snow Sprite" Mission this week instead of last week and can tell me whether or not they got the Alpaca reward? Same for clearing Charon's Extra stage five times for a Harpie.

The announcements say that this week's Special Mission of clearing "Showroom in the Forest" (IDK what this stage is) Extra five times lasts from 15/10 to 21/10, but the duration of last week's one is from 02/10 to 29/10.

Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks. ^^

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  Are the collabs killing the the forum?
Posted by: dessed - 10-12-2018, 04:56 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (14)

I have played the game for a long time. Just got my 1750 day reward. I find myself playing less and less. 

Maybe I played too long. Maybe it became monotonous. But I noticed the forum is being used less and less. We use to have long discussions about the game. Nothing has been said here in a week.

Sad to see the users disenfranchised by the game. Great game. Usually.

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  [Teaser] 16.1 Konosuba Collab, New Horror Stage, Fire Roger evolution
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 09-19-2018, 09:04 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (32)

New Horror stage arrives next Monday, September 24.

Clearing Basic difficulty 5 times gets you one Ranto (slvl 5), and each clear of Horror difficulty drops 1 Withered Melog.

7,000 points: Light Alpaca x1
12,000 points: Horner x1
18,000 points: Silver Spell x1
22,000 points: Ranto (slvl 10) x1

Light Dragon
4,644 HP, 1,507 ATK, 40 REC, 40 TC
Active (CD8):
- If the team contains a Human/God/Demon, enchant 15 random runes; if all three are present, enchant all runes.
- If the team contains a Dragon/Beast/Elf, Team ATK 2x for 1 round; if all three are present, Team ATK 2.5x.
- If the team contains a Machina, fully recover HP and ignore enemies' Defense for 1 round.

A new Roger evolution will become available at 12pm on September 24. Evolution materials are 1 Roger, 1 Honeymon, 1 Sword and 2 Eternal Fire Spirits. One copy of Roger will be available for purchase from Arena, alongside the slvl 10 Rogers that are awarded at Sergeant 1 and Sergeant 3.

Fire Human
Leader Skill: Human ATK 3.5x. When 6+ Water and Fire runes are dissolved, Human ATK 1.5x further. Water and Fire damage received -30%.
Team skill: When Roger is a member and the team contains only Fire Humans, Roger's HP 2x.
Active (CD5): For 1 turn, damage received -60% and this card cannot attack. Next turn, Fire and Human ATK 2x, and Fire damage can overpower Water enemies.


Konosuba collaboration will be the focus of Version 16.1, which arrives in October.

This collab is region-locked to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand only.

The rare characters from the seal will be Megumin, Aqua and Darkness; their details will be revealed later.

Earth Human
Leader: Runes can be dissolved in groups of 3. Rune drop rates cannot be altered. (same as Pontos/Erebus)
Team skill: When Kazuma is Leader and Ally, Earth ATK 9x.
Active (CD6): Explode the columns under Konosuba series members to generate Enchanted runes. Trigger one of the following random effects:
- Team ATK 1.8x for 1 turn.
- Team ATK and REC 2x for 1 turn.

Chris (Eris)
Earth Human
Active (CD 6): Convert Dark to Enchanted Water, Light to Enchanted Fire, Heart to Enchanted Earth. For 1 turn, Self ATK on Demons 5x.

Fire Human
Active (CD3): Convert 6 random runes to 3 Enchanted Fire and 3 Enchanted Heart (runes not of team member's attributes have priority). If the team contains Megumin, this can be activated again (maximum once per wave).


Next version's Arena card revealed.

Guild Receptionist - Luna
Light Human
Active (CD6): Convert the columns under 1 random Human and 1 random Demon into Enchanted Light; convert the columns under 1 random God and 1 random Elf into Enchanted Heart.

Fire Human
Leader: When the team contains 3+ Attributes, Human and God ATK 5x. All members' damage on Light and Dark enemies 2x, and 1.5x on other Attributes (includes actives).
Active (CD7): Convert the top and bottom rows to Enchanted Fire. Deal 8 million Fire damage to all enemies (ignores defense and enchanted shields). At the end of the turn, this card enters Fatigue for one turn.
Active (CD7, only usable when DC is full and cannot activate DC that turn): Convert odd rows into Enchanted Fire. Deal 10 million Fire damage to all enemies (ignores defense and enchanted shields). At the end of the turn, this card enters Fatigue for two turns, while non-Megumin Humans and Gods enter Excitement for two turns.
Team skills:
When used as Leader+Ally:
- Fire runes have effect of all attributes
- Konosuba series cards HP +2500
- Fire rune drop rate increases to 25%
When used as member in Dual Aqua: All other runes have Fire effect.

Water God
Leader: Water and Konosuba series cards ATK 5x. If 5+ initial combos are made, ATK 1.3x. Runes will only dissolve in the initial batch.
Active 1 (CD8): For 1 turn, initial dissolve can trigger for groups of 2. If more than 25 runes are in the initial dissolve, next turn convert all runes randomly into 5 attributes.
Active 2 (CD7): Remove all added effects. For 1 turn, team damage on Demons and Machinas 3x.
Team skills:
When used as Leader + Ally:
- All runes have Water effect.
- 15 second spin time.
- Runes touched while spinning become enchanted.
- When 5+ types of runes are dissolved, damage received -87%.
- Team contains Megumin or Yunyun: All runes have Fire effect.
- Team contains Kazuma or Chris: All runes have Earth effect.
- Team contains Darkness: All runes have Light effect.
- Team contains Wiz: All runes have Dark effect.
When used in a team with Mitsurugi: Mitsurugi's active changes to "Select and explode 1 type of rune to generate runes not of that type. If added effects are in play, Team ATK 2.5x".

Light Human
4447 HP, 992 ATK, 544 REC
Leader: When the team contains only Humans, Human HP and ATK 1.5x, while Light Human HP and ATK 2x. Every time you are attacked by an enemy, Human ATK increases by a further amount, up to 6x. If no attacks are received for 2 turns in a row, ATK will decrease.
Active (CD8): Heart drop rate becomes 0 and is transferred to Light instead. Damage received -15%; every time an enemy attack is received, reduction effect +10%, up to -35% reduction. Lasts until death or reactivation. This skill can be deactivated at any time to convert 8 random runes to Heart.
Team skills:
When used as Leader + Ally, Light and Heart have 50% effect of each other.
When used as member in Dual Aqua: All other runes have Light effect.

Konosuba seal draw series will have its own Candigon-type feeders.

Next week's SM is Vanir.
Boss A skill: Lock all actives + attacks and mask all runes if the team contains Gods. Initial Dark combos = no damage and extra attacks from him. Ignores control skills.
Boss B skill: Left and right columns are lasered. If the team contains Humans, touching the lasered runes will kill you. While his HP is 40% or more, the next damage will not kill him; if he reaches 1 HP, he will fully recover HP and ATK increases to 2x. Ignores control skills.

Dark Demon
Leader: Dark ATK 3x. Damage on Humans 2x. 
Active (CD6): Convert 6 runes to Dark Demon runes (non-Dark, non-Heart runes have priority). Deal 80,000 Fire damage to one enemy, regardless of defense.

Craft reward: Colorless Demon Bubble
1: Demon ATK +20%
2: 3 random Demons CD -2
3: For 1 turn, damage received will not kill you.

The legendary Pisces outfit will be up for sale in Arena!

Next biweekly is Lizard Runners (Konosuba exclusive).

Lizard Runners
Fire Beast
Active (CD6): Explode Light and Dark runes to generate enchanted runes. For 2 turns, after moving runes, Light and Dark rune drop rate is halved, and gets transferred to Hearts instead.

3 new Machina cards are getting added to Friend Point seal.

Component - Zeppelin
Water Machina
Active (CD6): For 1 turn, Light, Dark and Heart runes have 50% effect of Water, Fire and Earth. If Fuel is 50%+ on activation, the effect increases to 100%.

Component - Cannon
Fire Machina
Active (CD6): Explode the lowest row of runes 3 times successively. For 1 turn, Self ATK 3.5x.

Component - Wings
Earth Machina
Active (CD6): For 1 turn, this card launches 3 chaser attacks of random attributes. If 3+ attributes are dissolved, Team ATK 2x and recover 6,000 HP. 

These three components can fuse into a new Machina card.

Obstacle Destroyer - Magic Soldier
Earth Machina
Active 1 (CD6): For 1 turn, this card launches 1 chaser attack of a random attribute at 2x damage for every group of Water/Fire/Earth runes in the initial dissolve. Recover 3,000 HP for each group of Light/Dark runes in the initial dissolve.
Active 2 (CD8): Explode the bottom 2 rows of runes 3 times successively, dealing colorless damage to all enemies and generating enchanted runes. For 1 turn, all attributes have the effect of Water, Fire and Earth.

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