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  27/4/2017 Update: Abaddon and Lu Bu Costumes, New Titles
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - Yesterday, 04:50 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

[Image: AtnQpGB.png]
#S54 Abadon the Incinerating Fork
No stat changes.

[Image: Ligs9sh.png]
#S59 King of War - Lü Bu
No stat changes.

New card name: #545 Dreamer Matthew

New title: To be Continued...
Conditions: Complete the 25th floor of "Ten Billion Challenge"

New title: Transcending Gods
Conditions: Complete all stages of "Ten Billion Challenge"

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  [Teaser] Patch 13.3 Sengoku Series, PR Defensive Dragon & More
Posted by: Arigato - 04-27-2017, 09:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (21)

Source: http://www.towerofsaviors.com/zh/archives/16056#content-area

Sengoku Series (Artwork only)

[Image: bMukw0D.jpg]
[Image: 83MpSDE.jpg]
[Image: SwIlvaQ.jpg]

[Image: aEUdjKo.jpg]
PR Defensive Dragons
[Image: x2xueQg.jpg]
[Image: 31FmCrU.jpg]
[Image: UXmQlmy.jpg]
[Image: QSRxuGh.jpg]
[Image: 1MA9ngF.jpg]

[Image: VNB3J0v.jpg]
Defensive Dragons will have their own PR Mats.

[Image: mPBPdgz.jpg]
Active: (Min CD 3)
Deal 80x Self Attribute ATK to all enemies and convert 3 runes to self attribute (prioritize Heart). After first activation, there is a chance to reactivate the active (only once per round). The more dragon in the team, the higher the chance, to the max of 60%. (Cannot stack)

Attribute-50% Damage-30% Damage
Water[Image: 8pV3oK3.png][Image: 7zhPDhC.png][Image: WaSVR8b.png][Image: pgxNnwT.png][Image: dkMtgoO.png]
Fire[Image: 8pV3oK3.png][Image: pgxNnwT.png][Image: dkMtgoO.png][Image: 7zhPDhC.png][Image: WaSVR8b.png]
Earth[Image: pgxNnwT.png][Image: 7zhPDhC.png][Image: WaSVR8b.png][Image: 8pV3oK3.png][Image: dkMtgoO.png]
Light[Image: 8pV3oK3.png][Image: 7zhPDhC.png][Image: dkMtgoO.png][Image: pgxNnwT.png][Image: WaSVR8b.png]
Dark[Image: pgxNnwT.png][Image: dkMtgoO.png][Image: WaSVR8b.png][Image: 8pV3oK3.png][Image: 7zhPDhC.png]

[Image: g6me1pP.jpg]
100 Levels Challenge
The last level will have 10 billions (HP?) for summoner to challenge.

[Image: FWWSfly.jpg]Rewards will be given as summoner clear the levels.

[Image: iN08ESZ.jpg]
Abaddon skin for clearing level 15.

[Image: g38ObjJ.jpg]
Special Title will available.

[Image: H3aRJIw.jpg]
From next version onward, every day summoner can login, fight in arena, clear guild mission for 1 slot machine draw respectively.

[Image: qe1dQmg.jpg]
A new card will be given to summoner as we clear 1st seal.
Another card will be given as we clear 8th seal.

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  Speculation on update 14
Posted by: dessed - 04-25-2017, 11:00 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (40)

I have no info, only speculation and guesses. 

Is update 14, coinciding with their 4 year anniversary, special enough for VR Greek? We haven't seen VR in a while, so my vote is yes.

I am going to guess that ancient Greeks are getting Amel, Fiend series (beezlebub, mastema, etc.) will get PR.

With the love they have for norse, they also get more team skill where it now takes an hour of reading to find out what it all is...

So, what do you think is coming?

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  20/4/2017 Update: New SM, New Coliseum, Azazel Costume
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 04-20-2017, 06:07 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (11)

[Image: ERtzKc9.png]
#1255 Adumbrated Primate - Six Eared Macaque
Rarity: 6★
TC: 20
Race: Beast
Attribute: Dark
Max XP: 5M
HP: 3346
Attack: 1537
Recovery: 254
Active: Dark Power of the Monkey (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 turn, ignore attribute relations; Dark and Beast ATK 2.5x.
Leader: Alliance of Beasts
When the Team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 4.5x.

[Image: RDCZUQS.png]
#1462 Mordred the Rebellious Dictator
Rarity: 7★
TC: 40
Race: Human
Attribute: Water
Max XP: 6M
HP: 2689
Attack: 1506
Recovery: 497
Active: Overriding Billows (19/8, slvl 12)
Convert Water runes into Human Race runes; for 2 turns, deduct 30% total HP and Water ATK x2.25. If Team REC is 0 upon activation, the HP deduction will not take effect.
Leader: Howl of Billows
Water ATK 3.5x.

[Image: rRG3xrA.png]
#S53 Azazel the Mice Exterminator
No stat changes.

New title: Do as I say!
Conditions: Obtain 80,000 points in the Coliseum event

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  How many super cards have you?
Posted by: Jinxy - 04-13-2017, 07:52 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (22)

Namely water Xi, fire dancer Yan, Rakshasa, TSZ & Anubis
Some? None Sad All!
Wanted to attach a poll, apparently not savvy enough to do so.

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  Enchantress actives rated
Posted by: dessed - 04-13-2017, 07:01 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (11)

How would you rank the enchantress like actives? I will not list them all, feel free to comment and tell me what I missed and why I am wrong.

Best to worst:

Lancelot - two active. Cd 5. No restrictions. Effect on side, not card, so resets don't effect Cd reset.

Anubis - maybe too early to put him here, but here is why. Cd 5. After Cd 5 can be turned off and back on again every 3 turns for additional boost. One of few enchantress actives that work with multiple anubis. No restrictions.

Iron fan - Cd 6, no drawback. Stats with bull king are ridiculous. Can be Cd 6 full board converter.

Circle - initial Cd 6. Minimal drawback. Works with many teams. There is a reason you see her with more teams than medea or Cassandra.

Fire Yan - not as bad a restriction as medea or cassandra, but worse than the ones above.

Fury - two reasons why I list him this high. Minimal restrictions, active on side so Cd will not be reset.

Medea - nice booster, but that 1.5x damage is dangerous.

Cassandra - same as above, miss healing.

Dark councilor - not great stats, minimal gains, restricts spinning. Still useful, especially since he works with ML, but rarely used.

Like I said, I am sure there are others, but these are the ones that come to mind. I left off heart to x converter since every color has one.

Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk

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  New Cartoon Icons
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 04-12-2017, 04:41 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

Not a big thing, but an update just came in that replaced the default icons of several characters with cartoon versions. So far the ones I've identified are:

  • Katherin
  • PR Molly
  • PR Endor
  • PR JZY
  • Guan Yu
  • Liu Bei
  • Lu Bu (3K)
  • Zhang Fei
  • PR Boyciana
  • Kagutsuchi
  • Kushinada (Yamato)
  • Tsukuyomi (Yamato)
  • PR Giemsa
  • Satan
  • Sera
  • Samle
  • PR Geironul
  • PR Cassandra
  • PR Circe (Costume)
  • VR Daji (Divergent)
  • VR Tyr (Female costume)
  • Madhead (default form)
Not sure if there's any celebration, and I can't identify a strong connection between the affected cards (it's not even gender or fan favourite stuff).

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Sad didnt receive 15 diamonds when purchasing
Posted by: jorderino - 04-11-2017, 11:17 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hi all i purchased 15 diamonds for the +15 promotion. But because it was my first time purchase on my iTunes account i had to go through many security questions. After doing so I finally went back to my TOS app and found out that my purchase went through and my account was credited and yet i didnt receive my 15 diamonds. I bought a further 6 diamonds as a test to check if i can buy diamonda and i could.I have already emailed Apple to get my order receipt for the 15 diamonds which i sent to customer support's email . All they did was tell me to relogin my account to find the "retrieve transaction" button in the diamond store which is not present multiple times already. They also told me they could only find the 6 diamonds purchase in their records even though I forwarded them the order receipt for 15 diamonds.

Any other way i can get my rightful purchase of 15 diamonds before the Anubis event ends? Please help ASAP Sad(

*sorry for long post and poor structure*

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  Special effect upon attack
Posted by: spacelion - 04-11-2017, 11:05 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Is there a list of cards that have special effect when attacking ?

example - Jintaro, PR JZY .... those that actually change the effect to fling stupid stuff at the enemy.

I just happen to equip these 2 in a farming deck and thought it be funny to have 6 consecutive effect occur every round.

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  How many Account levels did you gain from the EXP event?
Posted by: clon8888 - 04-05-2017, 06:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (17)

It's such a nice event from Madhead mainly aim for new & returning players. I've gone from level 279-357 and counting. 

P.S: And many many millennium soulstones! Smile


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