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  New area, hidden features
Posted by: dessed - 08-07-2017, 01:10 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

First battle - fenrir kill or let leave

Ice island 3-2 third battle, kill or let leave

I don't know if someone started this somewhere else, but the above two battles choose what area opens in the new area, void something, to be able to progress further.

If you know of any other banttles to open up more island please let me know.

Per a friend,

In summary,

Earth Island 1-1 --> Let Fenrir go to open Water Island
Fire Island 1-1 Round 1 --> Let fire slime go for 5 baby harpies
Fire Island 4-3 --> reach Round 3 in 3-4 turns and kill the Earth Knight to open the Silent Ruins stage for 5m coins
Water Island 3-2 Round 3 --> kill 2 water gnomes and let the elf go for a craft
Water Island 4-3 Round 5 --> just kill the Stone Inscripter for 1 harpy

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  Keys for costumes
Posted by: Fractal - 08-03-2017, 05:12 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

I was just wondering how people on the forum feel about dishing out 25 or 50 keys in the blackhole to obtain free costumes that have already been given out, such as the Izanagi, Chessia, or Oneiric tales outfits. However, i think the outfits from multiplayer or arena should remain exclusive, or a lot more costly then the free ones. What are your thoughts? Is it a good idea? If so, go give Madhead feedback! I need Chessia's outfit!

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  Crimson Grace VR
Posted by: carkeen - 08-01-2017, 09:23 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (22)

Let's discuss. I have PR'ed and kept the dark + earth one in the fridge. Water, fire and light are still pretty low level.

Are they of any use now?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  Zodiac NM challenge - Glitch?
Posted by: Nighteleven - 08-01-2017, 05:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (15)

Not sure if it's a glitch, - there are no penalty for losing at the zodiac nm stage where u are required to gather 20 zodiac pieces..

If there is supposed to be a penalty.. there is a glitch going on?

I attempted it and lost several times but there seems to be no penalty for losing. Stamina still remain the same, zodiac pieces still remain the same at 20.

Anyone know anything about this?

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  Oriceles Meta-Analysis: Version 14.1 [updated as 06-08]
Posted by: Oriceles - 08-01-2017, 07:14 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (54)

Hi everyone, I was originally planning to open a more extended blog for this, but I decided to start bringing it to the forums as a periodical threads on the first day of every patch. I'll be rating the cards of the new series, matching compatibilities with other cards and thinking about their actual use.
This patch is bringing a lot of content, specially since Awakening Recall was introduced and there is a new story mode "Void of the Realm" which is promised to expand the content of the story timeline with more detail and we being able to take decisions that affect that virtual story getting different paths.
Let's start with the new seal: Starlight Compass - Star Burst Pulses.
[Image: 1537i.png] Sultry Fragance - Andromeda
I like that madhead keeps expanding the horizon by bringing more water elfs, but this is the third leader they bring to this specific setup. Andromeda is supposed to be a flexible leader that allows you to play on offensive or dffensive. She has a small boost for non elf cards which can allow us to bring Troy and other water converters with less problem (check the test team which brings Swegde). Personally I'm still not attracted to the Water Elf and Dark Elf meta, but it's totally evolving in to a nice alternative to our Harpy hungry Diablo team.
Her active skill might help a lot on dealing with enchanted shields, I want to try her on Azazel. The multi-attack fire works are cool as well and by dissolving 5 types of runes with both andromeda in play we can get 14 hits, (should we add Giemsa for Fireworks madness?). To be honest I don't think everyone will adopt her as a common leader unless an achievement shows up. I forgot the fact that you can turn her active on multiple times without a problem, so you can actually run a team full of her, dissolve 5 types of runes and get 30 hits in one round, pretty crazy, check the spoiler.

As member: 9/10 
As leader: 7/10

[Image: 1539i.png] Sin Condemnation - Perseus
Personally this is the only card I want from this seal, this guy screams Amaterasu and Tyr all over the place. He can convert all the runestones to 2 types with just CD7 and he convert the fire runes to God Runes, so prepare to the crazy damage. On Wikia people are doing a comparison with Refinement VR Tyr, but nah this guy is in other level of conversion and it's way cheaper!. He is meant to be a member, but his leader skill is can help newbies to get their hands on a easy Fire Attack x4 and Recovery x1.5 he obviosly doesn't have all the goodies of running a VR Tyr setup or Amaterasu setup.
As member: 10/10
As leader: 6/10

[Image: 1541i.png] Twisted Fate - Ophiuchus
Chinese players are loosing their minds over the jackpot card of this series which is this guy. His entire kit brings a massive multiplier and a 15 second time tunnel with just 8 turn cooldown, not to mention the ability to enchant the entire board by spinning. I played him on the test team of the event and I think it's not easy to get him to full potential if you are not an experienced player, the handicap might be more complicated than the one from Lu Bu. 
I was thinking that Earth really needed the time tunnel since Li Hsiao Yao is no longer available. He is not strict about attribute, but race, and bringing Gods and Elf together doesn't fit much in my opinion, but I might be wrong since Madhead might be planning on releasing more cards that can be paired with this guy as they have been doing with Amaterasu and Arthur. He looses value as member because it has a condition for the multiplier, but I would use him instead of Duncan/Katherin any day.
Do you have any planned setup for him?, let me know.
As member: 7/10
As leader: 10/10

[Image: 1543i.png] Fortune Attractors - Canis Major & Minor
Are Light beasts turning in to a meta?, I mean this guy coversion doesn't make much sense with his race, I would have loved to see the same skill but for humans! and that way keep buffing Arthur and Ye Shiao Chai team. The only way I see play for him is something like: Dodo - PR Pluma - Fenrir - Canis - Adjutant: Dodo/Sumatra. I was sure Madhead was going to buff beasts again at a rotating seal at some point, but NotLikeThis. I guess this might be the troll card of this seal, so prepare to get a bunch of dupes of this.
As member: 5/10
As leader: 4/10

[Image: 1545i.png] Fatal Hunter - Lynx
Just another waifu and beast leader. I have mixed feelings because nobody is excited for her built-in healing potential and runestone generation, she would have been really cool if Madhead had decided to make Fenrir dark or dual attribute. I see more potential on her as member of Artemis, Namtar or Mastema, those leaders that benefit a lot from good skydrop. She can be considered a good addition, but nothing new to what we have already for beasts. She is not bad, she just came on the wrong time.
As member: 6/10
As leader: 8/10

[Image: 1547i.png] Carriage of Hope - Auriga
This guy really hopes by his name, I mean the cheap leaderskill really can help to give him a room on fire mono where utility is non existant in favor of all-in compositions like Medea+Dancer Yan+Bedivere. CD:8 100% damage reduction sounds really good, and pairing him with Amaterasu active could be a good grind team combo. But in the practice... this guy might end not getting any kind of play since fire mono is know for steam rolling and being a glass cannon.
As member: 3/10
As leader: 6/10

[Image: 1549i.png] Bloody Juxtaposition - Draco
I'm angry because if this card was light or dark I would give it a 10/10, but nah, madhead decided to make it off-color probably to make it available for Barbara, but the real idea of this card is to help Novalis to get 2 additional hits or to deal with scenarios where he can't launch a full attack (summon+single attack shield for example). She is cheaper to build than Ursula in every sense, and since Masamune is actually being used a lot, Draco maybe came to put the nail in the coffin for Ursula. Leaderskill is better of what you get on Dragon Spiritors and PR Ethereal Dragons by now, but she is not a replacement for Barbara, Copper and Pilatus. Update: Draco leader skill is for Dragons of all the attributes, this is better than Masamune leader skill for sure!, you could actually do some composition with utility dragons or place Earth Dragons inside and bring back the good old Emerald Wrath team, I was thinking about something like: Draco - Barbara - Byakhee - Nidhogg - Pilatus/Shu, Adjutant Draco; Nidhogg would be attacking 3 times and we could be getting damage boost from Draco active and Pilatus/Shu active.
As member: 9/10
As leader: 8.5/10

[Image: 1551i.png] Grating Symphony - Lyra
Madhead is completing the Archetype that they started with Swegde, this time we get the heart one. Since Lyra is not a rare it will be easy to max, but honestly I don't see where to use her right now, Dionysus would be the only guy I would use her but his multiplier is dead to the current standards because of Lucifer.
As member: 6/10
As leader: 6/10

Bi-Weekly cards

[img=50x50][img] Potential of Benevolence - Crater
If you ask me, I would have preferred to have him as a card from the seal instead of Canis or Auriga which are pretty weird. Crater brings a lot of possibilities, first of all it can be a solution for those stages on which dark runestones are affected by enemy skills somehow (electrified, weathered, etc.). He can be a safe choice on Apollo, Beelzebub and Inanna if you are not willing to get rid of hearts for skydrop with PR Yan. And lastly he can be used on Arthur to reduce the amount of runes dropped to just 4 types (water, fire, earth and heart, light would be dissolved by team skill), this is very likely to increase the amount of combos you can get. As for the cooldown, CD 8  for a skydrop altering effect that last 3 rounds is quite ok for the current meta, (6* Wen Zhong is CD 10)

As member: 8/10. Worth farming if you have any of the leaders I've mentioned or just looking for board control utility.


[Image: 1557i.png] Elegant Skiing - Cygnus

At first sight I was really disappointed of Cygnus because she didn't look that interesting (probably the arwork), but then people started to point out all of her perks:
- If leader and ally are the same attribute she will synchronize to that attribute, that means she can be played as wildcard like Var, Katherine, Agatha, Odin, Zeus, etc.
- She is a pretty powerful counter to quintet enchanted elemental shield which is one of the most annoying skills in the game, you would have to make sure to have 5 attributes under her column before turning her active tho.
- 100% effect of her attribute on all the rune types that are under her column, sounds like a nice combo with Giemsa and Andromeda to be honest.
- CD 5, I mean different enchanted types and multi rune effect on just 5 turns?, that is a lot of damage, I'm pretty excited to try her on my Norse teams.
- Her only lacking stat is the recovery, but that is ok because she is a beast, HP and ATK are comparable to any 6* god.
- Cheap x4.5 beast leader skill

She has so many perks, but we have to see how people can take full power of her, I was considering using her on Chessia, Yog Sothot or as an alternative for Aether, that kind of teams that get full potential of different types of runes dissolved. Veredict: probably one of the strongest cards in this patch.

As member: 10/10<br /><br />

Joint Operation

[Image: 1555i.png] Gallop of Messenger - Pegasus
I know everyone have mixed feelings with this guy but I'll clear everything:
- He works like the witches where his buff is not on the left side but in his portrait and can be turned off once his cooldown is 0.
- His CD 6 is also comparable to witches.
- He takes a total of 8 turns to ramp, we are talking of 1702 * 8 at max, pair with Pluma and get a sweet 40848 ATK or x24 atk, not including leader multipliers on that.
- If team is full of dark beasts he increases the team recovery to x1.5 as team skill
- I keep suspecting that it is totally meant to be played with Lynx as leader because she has a full kit to pair with this guy.
- You can reduce it's drawback to 10% if you bring Mothman to the team, but I guess this would change the entire setup to build around this.

Overall the drawback can be a problem if facing those 70~90% HP reap enemies, but I can't say if his damage potential is worth that.

As member: 7.5/10, tentative to change if someone can share experience of him at full potential on a stage with meta leader.


[Image: 1553i.png] Significance of Life - Orion
I keep reading Amaterasu, but he is not a god, and the only non-god fire cards that people consider bringing to Amaterasu are Medea and Bedivere. I'm not sure where he can fit right now on current meta leaders, but his active skill sounds quite great on theory, I mean, he is a booster on first round and converter on the next, can help to get the board prepared. I would try him on Tyr, but I'm quite happy on how Rococo does her job. As for stats, he is a 6* human, nothing fancy to check other than his 406 recovery as a fire card.

Active Skill: 7.5/10

Thanks everyone that pointed me out the details I missed, I'll keep updating this thread as more content of the patch is released, I'm planning to update if any leader that was viable on the previous patch can't pass ultimate and elite stages.

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Wink [Teaser] Version 14.0
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 07-20-2017, 12:47 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (137)

Source: Facebook Livestream
Mainly a translation of the information available in this Bahamut thread.
Aaron Yxy talks about it if you're interested.

Izanagi Costume - Most Popular Earth Character

[Image: AjPLotv.png]
It's still going to be Earth, rather than Light as the main part of the card implies (hint being the leaves around the edge).

Guan Yu's costume is being pushed back after internal discussion; the next costume for Most Popular cards is going to be for Medea.

Dragon Spiritor Summer Costumes
[Image: 6PJV5Ek.png][Image: WDuiV4r.png]

New Series - Constellations
Arrives in an 8-card separate seal. Three are rares, of which one is Water (but the skill may not be useful?).

[Image: jZkRMwP.png][Image: 1FZgSqa.png]

[Image: Yvv1Y54.png]

[Image: DWDEfWi.png]

[Image: 5IfovPv.png]
Canis Major & Canis Minor

[Image: LNAgFWm.png][Image: QamLgkB.png]

[Image: hjPkxQx.png]

[Image: xz1IZkR.png]

[Image: dZwmQyV.png]

Pegasus may be another card.

When a card is max level, max skill level and max amelioration with power release, it can gain a new ability (may involve a stage; details will be revealed next time). The first series to receive Surmountation will be Twelve Zodiacs - Chapter One, and it will always come series by series.

[Image: dCCpll2.png][Image: FCxWKOs.png]
Taurus' Surmountation: After using his active, the first damaged received will not kill you (only triggers once per battle). 

New Story Stages - Illusory World
[Image: 4384EvR.png][Image: viZTIpH.png][Image: screenshot_35.png]
[Image: EsOJd1r.png][Image: 0MmJwYT.png]

Accessible after defeating the 8th seal. You'll be offered the choice to either free or kill a defeated enemy, and the story progresses based on that choice (both will be accessible). One path leads you to the story of Hel, the other Frigg (both will become cards).

[Image: kLMxFAJ.png]
One of next week's events will be part of the triggering of these Illusory World storylines. I believe the character here is Fenrir.

New Series VR
[Image: SUFQLLw.png][Image: 9DwW6Y0.png]

Seems to be Blood Fiends (the character in the background looks like Jack).

They're also saying that there's going to be no Black card release over the summer. Why would people ask for more things to burn diamonds on when a new series is just coming out, anyway?


Constellation Art
[Image: 6zzF61y.png]

[Image: ez2N6q5.jpg]

[Image: fTMd6NJ.jpg]

[Image: U2qmWyN.jpg]

12 Zodiacs Surmountation
Surmountation is stated to also improve stats.

Surmountation requires you to pass a special stage with the Zodiac involved as a member in the team (must be ALL MAX and PR). The stage costs 20 Astropieces and requires you to have passed the relevant Extra stage first. If you fail to pass the stage, you won't lose your Astropieces.

[Image: h7hXhMM.jpg]

[Image: L25fvxt.jpg]

The stage can be accessed directly from the card itself, or through the Traveller's Memories.

[Image: 8KM1no4.jpg]
Poppy: Active becomes: Stun enemies for 5 turns. Attacks from the INITIAL dissolve or damage from active skills will remove the effect. For the duration of the effect, Team ATK 1.5x.

[Image: OYsp5HU.jpg]
Persephone: If Light runes are dissolved, launch one Fire chaser attack; if Fire runes are dissolved, launch one Light chaser attack. Both effects can occur at the same time.

[Image: B2YdBNy.jpg]
Pollux: Every time a group of 5 or more Hearts are dissolved, Self ATK increases by 1x, to a max of 6x. The boost persists throughout the battle.

[Image: sMOrHfm.jpg]
John: Active becomes: For 1 turn, ignore Initial Shield. At the expense of 50% current HP, deal 150x self ATK in damage to all enemies. This damage ignores Initial Shield.

[Image: dQZs3Nc.jpg]
Leo: Light members whose actives are in cooldown have a 35% chance to launch critical attacks (at 2x damage). This ability cannot stack with itself.

[Image: N3lG8m7.jpg]
Armstrong: After activation, the first life-threatening damage will not kill you (only one activation per battle). This effect will stay in play until triggered and cannot be purged by effect removal enemies.

Illusory World
Summoners' fight with the Gods has upset the balance of elements in the realm, and a strange portal has appeared above the Enochian Tower. The once separate Solar Sirius and Lunar Sirius emerge from the portal, fused into one! To discover the truth, summoners bravely entered the portal to find a strange new world!

[Image: GXAaPqj.jpg]

[Image: 0NZ0NZU.jpg]

[Image: zQQrSUj.jpg]

[Image: xk6u4O3.jpg]

[Image: 3iEaEBk.jpg]

[Image: DrFDlZe.jpg]

[Image: iswlrea.jpg]
Enemies in the new world have element-countering abilities; if the enemies encounter cards of an inferior attribute in the Summoners' teams, the enemies' attack power will increase according to the number of cards. Different battles also have different Illusory Abilities that affect Summoners' movements.

Fenrir - Sirius Fusion
[Image: 11rnwj9.jpg]
At 4pm on July 26th (Wed), Solar Sirius and Lunar Sirius will gain the ability to fuse into The Eve of Ragnarok - Fenrir.

Upon fusion, HP is fully recovered and DC is charged. This card launches an extra 50% Dark Attack each round.

[Image: BUqHsGf.jpg]
Active 1: Explode runes that are not of team members' attributes to drop Attribute runes. For 1 turn, 2.5% of damage dealt to enemies is converted into HP, to the max 50% of total HP. (CD 5)
Active 2: All runes are converted into enchanted runes of team members' attributes. (CD 10)

Fenrir Preview Video!


New JO, Pegasus
[Image: v7WzawY.jpg]
Skill in the JO: Change to Dark attribute and convert runes into Dark runes. Making Dark rune combos will cause damage to become 0, and it will attack extra times. Non-Light actives are reset.

[Image: GYNsYhD.jpg]
Clear 15 times to get Novalis costume!

[Image: 80NPBic.jpg]

Active: Self ATK 3x. Every turn, lose 20% of your total HP. After every attack, self ATK +1x, to the max 8x. Effect lasts until reactivation or death. (CD 6)

Leader: If the team contains only Beasts, team ATK 4.5x. [This is an extrapolation from the 20.25x value]

Team skill: If the team contains only Dark Beasts, Team REC 1.5x.

Blood Fiend VR!
[Image: 6R9WLmR.jpg]
The Blood Fiends, in their madness, brought countless deaths to the TOS realm. Even their dying, withered souls could not break free from this endless shackling. The power of the elements has gifted these turbulent spirits with a chance to return to the past, an illusory dream in which they can make choices to step onto the path away from insanity.

[Image: NGzeRWT.jpg]
Requires either [a dupe (any rarity)] or [3 Umpires, 1 Sword, 1 Joker].

Refined Blood Fiends
The Refined Blood Fiends have completely broken free of Robert's control!

RGB Leader: Water/Fire/Earth ATK 3x. Every group of Water/Fire/Earth runes dissolved increases the multiplier by 1x, to the max 6x (can go from 3x to 6x in a single turn). If no Water/Fire/Earth runes are dissolved for 2 consecutive turns, the multiplier decreases.

LD Leader: Light/Dark Demon ATK 4x, HP and REC 1.5x

All Actives: Team ATK 1.5x; number of enemies defeated this turn becomes the number of turns the effect lasts. If all enemies are defeated, the effect will not count down a turn. (CD 10, or 6 with amel IV)

[Image: mePsrcC.jpg]

Diverged Blood Fiends

RGB Leader: Water/Fire/Earth Demon ATK 4.5x. Increased damage on enemies of the opposing attribute (does not include actives).

[Image: UWX64Ke.jpg]
[Image: JyZYWrE.jpg]

RGB Active: All runes are restored to their normal state (removes all rune effects, like Lightning, Electrifying, Locking, Freezing, Weathering). For 1 turn, all runes also have the effect of Water/Fire/Earth runes. (CD 16, or 12 with amel IV)

LD Leader: When the team contains only Light/Dark members, the lower the HP, the higher the ATK, to the max 6x.

LD Active: Spend 75% of current HP. For 1 turn, all runes have the effect of Light/Dark runes. If not all enemies are defeated, the spent HP is recovered. (CD 9, or 5 with amel IV)

New Helper, Nyx
[Image: FcNHTeO.jpg]
Obtained after beating the 9th seal.

Light Elf
Active: Convert all runes into runes of 5 attributes. Remove the Black-and-White effect on runes. For 1 turn, spin time +3 seconds.

Metazord Fusion Buffs
[Image: J0TejwF.jpg]
Leader: When the team contains only 2 Fire members, Team ATK 4x (up from 3x) and REC 3x (up from 2.5x).
Active 2: Launch 5 fire attacks to all enemies. For 1 turn, spin time becomes 8s.

Source: Facebook Livestream

3 New Constellations - Perseus, Auriga, Lynx

[Image: MUL804Z.jpg]
Leader: Fire ATK 4x and REC 1.5x
Active: Convert Light and Dark runes into Fire God runes, and Water and Earth into Heart runes. (CD 7, skill 12)

[Image: IlBdatj.jpg]
Leader: Fire ATK 4x and REC 1.5x
Active: Reduce damage by 12.5% for each turn of accumulation (runes must be dissolved to count as a turn). Max 100% [with 8 turns], resets accumulation when activated. (CD 1, skill 12)

[Image: 25lfcjK.jpg]
Leader: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 5x. Whenever 3 or more types of runes are dissolved (including Hearts), one Dark Beast rune is guaranteed to drop.
Active: For 1 turn, the first batch of runes to drop will be Dark runes. (CD 9, skill 12)
Team skill: Whenever a Dark rune drops, recover 5% of total HP.


Update will arrive July 31st.

More Constellation details!
[Image: xkJSGpg.jpg]
Ophiuchus and Canis Major+Minor
"A lonely youth, in search of lost memories, embarks on a journey and encounters a pair of dogs with the power of stars"

[Image: DBpNlKu.jpg]
Perseus and Andromeda
"He abandoned the Gods to enact his own brand of 'justice'; she picked up her weapon, sworn to take revenge against the starry courts"

[Image: 41kXqad.jpg]
Auriga and Draco
"They once aided the people of the world, but her wild-hearted ambition ended those beautiful days"

[Image: yxRSqEU.jpg]
Lynx and Lyra
"Orpheus, who holds deep hatred for the Court of Virgo, and Lynx, who seeks to obtain Khaos' agreement, join the fray"

[Image: EecSqLv.jpg]
The 3 rares!

[Image: WT5gdVi.jpg]
Earth God
Leader skill: If the team contains only Gods and Elves, Team ATK 3.5x.
If running dual: For every Elf, spin time +1s. Runes touched during spinning become enchanted. The more steps made during movement, the higher the Team ATK, to the max 4x with 25 steps.

[Image: z3kSDVD.jpg]

Active: For 1 turn, 15 second Time Tunnel; if the team contains only Gods and Elves, Team ATK 2x.
Stats calculated from preview video:
3575 HP
334 REC
1675 ATK

[Image: h57DOpl.jpg]

Water Elf
Leader: Water ATK 1.5x, Elf ATK 3.5x further. When 4 or more types of runes are dissolved, damage received -25% that turn
Team skill: Combo bonus +25%.

[Image: dbU21xy.jpg]

Active: Recovery -50%. Launches a chaser attack in every attribute that was dissolved that turn. Lasts until you don't dissolve 3 types of attribute runes. (Min CD 5, can have more than one activated at the same time)

Stats calculated from preview video:

2305 HP
854 REC
1277 ATK (2771.5 with one Sera, 4266 with two/Cassandra)

[Image: l6psz3v.jpg]

When running dual: If the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 5x. Whenever 3 or more types of runes are dissolved (including Hearts), one Dark Beast rune is guaranteed to drop. Whenever a Dark rune drops, recover 5% of total HP. [This is less detailed than the previous teased info]

[Image: hFV8wm6.jpg]

Active: For 1 turn, the first batch of runes to drop will be Dark runes. (CD 9)

[Image: oAnwOvD.jpg]

They can be skilled using Greek Beasts!!!

Next week's SM, Orion!
[Image: SBSikQp.jpg]

Starts August 4th.

[Image: WaK6all.jpg]

New enemy skill, Magma runes.
One of the positions along the sides can remove the Magma effect; if Magma runes are not all dissolved, enemy's defense 1000x.
[Image: 2EjMKip.jpg]

Fire Human
Active: For 1 turn, Fire ATK 1.5x; spin time becomes 8 seconds.If all Fire runes are dissolved in the initial dissolve, next turn random runes are converted into Fire until there are 12 Fire runes.
[Image: W7vf6gz.jpg]

Achievement Reward: Fire Human Spell
I: For 1 turn, recover 12,000 HP.
II: For 1 turn, Team ATK +20%.
III: Convert 3 random columns to Fire runes.

New Biweekly stage, Crater!
[Image: RsguYDr.jpg]
Starts July 31 (day of update).

[Image: 22-akjhgna.jpg]

Light Human
For 3 turns, Dark rune drop rate becomes 0, and the rate is transferred to Light runes. Has a fixed chance to drop Light Human runes.

Ophiuchus Preview Video!

Andromeda Preview Video! (Facebook)

Source: Chinese FB

Diamond Seal readjustment

Diamond Seal will be adjusted from version 14.0 onwards. External seals will be added to the main card pool one by one, starting with Fallen Halos, and existing series will rotate in and out of the poool.

For the 3 weeks beginning with version update day (July 31 to August 20), Diamond Seal will contain only the following cards:

Fallen Halos
Greek Gods
Revolutionary Heroes
Origin of Demons
Primal Greeks
Wine Valkyries
Dragon Spiritors
Descendants of the North
Beast Companions
Blood Fiends
12 Zodiacs
Toy Pixies
Ethereal Dragons
Sepulchral Dragons

The following series will be temporarily out of circulation:
Immortal Heroes
Mind of the Fray
Hyakki Yagyo - Curse

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  [Teaser] + 14/7/2017 Update: Next Week's NM, New Biweekly
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 07-15-2017, 10:26 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (20)


[Image: N4xDCxT.jpg]

[Image: BKlL6Nw.jpg]
Instead of an Ultimate, next week we're getting a new Nightmare stage for Qi Tian Di!

Showoff video:

[Image: CNpzgBd.jpg][Image: yehC8Xp.jpg]
Dark God
7*, TC 32
4716 HP
1880 ATK
371 REC
Active: Explode all of a chosen type of runes and drop Enchanted Dark runes. For 1 turn, Self ATK x5. (Min CD 6)

Preview stage info:
[Image: 60?cb=20130715113709]
(Qi Tian Di)
110k+CD Reset, almost 4 million defense
[Image: 60?cb=20150324154956]4a14k+Locks actives for 3 rounds, 20 Cumulative Water rune shield. When he attacks, +6 weakening runes.
[Image: 60?cb=20150324154956]4b15k+3 Electrified Water, Initial Water Combo = Zero Damage
[Image: 60?cb=20161031132715]512k+Recovery -50%, 20% Self-destruction, Beginning and Ending Vortex
[Image: 60?cb=20161031132713]6a20k+Non-Light attack reduction to 10%, Light and Dark rune weakening
[Image: 60?cb=20161031132713]6b-One-hit kill
[Image: 60?cb=20160330140823]8a12k+Earth and Heart Lock, no Heart Dissolve
[Image: 60?cb=20160330140823]8b13k+Beast, God, Demon Active Reset, Random Rune-to-Earth Conversion, Initial Earth Combo = Zero Damage
[Image: 60?cb=20170216082607]914k+2 Rune Electrification, Revival, Uncontrollable
[Image: 60?cb=20130715113709]10a15k+Initial Shield, HP to 1, Heart Weathering
[Image: 60?cb=20130715113709]10b22k+Attribute Changes to Fire, Non-Superior Attribute Weakening to 10%, Explode all runes to drop non-Earth runes, Burning Trail, 1 HUNDRED MILLION HP

[Image: T1hte3L.jpg]
DC reward for the stage.
Colorless God Blade
I: For 1 turn, recover 12,000 HP.
II: For 1 turn, God ATK +30%.
III: 4 Random Gods' CD -2

[Image: 9mKWBIM.jpg]
Next biweekly, the final Trio Of Religion Summits card, Fo Jian Fen Shuo.
Active: Convert 9 random runes to 3 Enchanted Earth, 3 Water and 3 Fire runes. If Water, Fire and Earth attacks are launched, current CD -2. (Min CD 5)

#1516 Fo Jian Fen Shuo
TC: 10
Rarity: 5★
Attribute: Earth
Race: Human
Max XP: 3.5M
HP: 2552 (+260)
Attack: 1167 (+185)
Recovery: 352 (+95)
Active: Satya of Suffering Cessation (16/5, slvl 12)
Convert 9 random runes into 3 Enchanted Earth, 3 Water and 3 Fire. If Water, Fire and Earth attacks are launched, this card's current CD -2.

Leader: Fury of Human
Human ATK 2.5x

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  Meta Breakdown?
Posted by: tk78296 - 07-15-2017, 12:38 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hello all!

I am a returning player after about a year break. I have been trying to read up on the "Tier 1" teams atm, but the threads I am finding are about a year old or more. Have the greek, ML, and Jiang (and similar leaders) teams died off in favor of the new leaders found in the rotating sets? What leaders are considered Tier 1 or the strongest options currently? Also, what is the power level of the new light/dark human leaders in the pili set compared to previous rotating sets? Similarly, how does the water leader SHJ compare? Thanks for any help clearing this info up, this topic has been a point of confusion for about a week now.

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  [Teaser] + 6/7/2017 Update: New SM, Summer GE
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 07-07-2017, 12:34 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (20)


[Image: 7a7nCb1.jpg]
New GE next week, July 10th!

[Image: OmXGajO.jpg]
Fire runes also have 50% effect of Hearts. Lasts until no Fire runes are dissolved. Min CD8.

[Image: 9FYo6zP.jpg]

[Image: Ah0poMF.jpg]
It's BINGO again.
2k Guild points - 1 Diamond
7k Guild points - GE card
12.5k Guild points - Stone Inscripter
20k Guild points - GE card (max slvl)

Column A: Baby Harpy x3
Column B: Egg Watchman x1
Column C: Souls x300
Column D: Diamonds x2
Column E: Coins x6,5000,000
Row A: Carp x1
Row B: Pumpkin x1
Row C: Beetle x1
Row D: KFC x1
Row E: Rabbit x1
Diagonal 1: Madhead x1
Diagonal 2: Black Keys x25
[Image: LLxrRkq.jpg]
200 Individual points - Seth costume
650 Individual points - Harpy
1000 Individual points - Bobo and Cinderella (slvl 10)

They've made some changes to the structure of GE: instead of 3 different difficulties, there's now 4 different levels, each with its own drops. Each stage costs 40 Stamina and has a base EXP yield of 4,000. Clearing each time gives 40 points, or 200 points if you meet the rare raid.

[Image: 5a3xSzC.jpg]
[Image: NnIoR94.jpg]
[Image: tLSpkun.jpg]
[Image: aCGMe0J.jpg]
- Puppets, Elves and Carp
- Puppets, Tin Toys and Rabbit
- Puppets, Little Youkais and Pumpkin
- Puppets, Slimes and KFC

[Image: fpGf3s8.jpg]
Next week's SM, Yao Hou (Elf Queen).

[Image: g0GlDzH.jpg]
DC reward for the stage.
Colorless Elf Amulet
I: For 1 turn, all enemies' defense -80%.
II: For 1 turn, Elf ATK +30%.
III: 3 Random Elves' CD -2

[Image: VV7KYtM.jpg]
Active: Explode all non-Heart runes. Deal 20,000 Dark damage to all enemies, ignoring defense. The more runes exploded, the higher the Elf ATK, to the max 2x with 25 runes. Min CD 8.

[Image: PZX8Vuc.png]
There's also some info about the TOS X 7-Eleven event. It only applies to Taiwan though, so if it's relevant you can check out the details in the announcement itself.

Showoff video:

[Image: hGTLQFK.png]
#1500 Summer
TC: 16
Rarity: 7★
Attribute: Water
Race: Human
Max XP: 5M
HP: 2017
Attack: 702
Recovery: 520
Series: Tower Residents

[Image: KBrDuOA.png]
#1519 Yao Hou
TC: 20
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Dark
Race: Elf
Max XP: 5M
HP: 1962
ATK: 1414
REC: 818
Active: Blaze of the Elfish Blade (19/8, slvl 12)
Explode all non-Heart runes; deal 20,000 Dark damage to all enemies (ignores defense). For 1 turn, the more runes exploded, the higher the Elf ATK, max 2x with 25 runes.
Leader: Ire of Dark
Dark ATK 3x

[Image: dM91J7O.png]
#1521 Nocturnal Brilliance ‧ Shakuro
TC: 20
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Dragon
Max XP: 5M
HP: 4083
ATK: 1312
REC: 29
Active: Spirits of Dancing Flames (20/6, slvl 15)
Fire runes have 50% effect of Hearts. Lasts until no Fire runes are dissolved. CD will not drop while active.
Leader: Fireworks of Dancing Dragons
Fire ATK and Dragon ATK 2x; Fire Dragon ATK 4x

[Image: gsm9Zey.png]
#S71 Scorching Pennon - Seth
No stat changes.

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  [Teaser] + 29/6/2017 Update: New Horror Stage, Next Biweekly
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 06-30-2017, 01:30 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (19)


[Image: Y8W28Mz.jpg]

The new Horror stage opens "next Friday, July 3rd", and features this new card, Shingen the Domineering Orc.

[Image: RLNbj0I.jpg]
Getting a certain number of points gets you rewards.
7k points - Egg Watchman
12k points - Dipankara costume
18k points - Horner
25k points - Shingen (slvl 10/12)

[Image: Xr1yaTZ.jpg]
The boss stage has a new mechanic - "illusory spaces". Runes that are pulled through them (only the ones you directly touch, not the ones that get moved by spinning) become converted into the attribute of the illusory space. In this particular stage you'll need to dissolve 15 Fire and 15 Earth in order to do any damage at all.

#1490 Shingen the Domineering Orc
TC: 20
Rarity: 6★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Beast
Max XP: 5M
HP: 3333
Attack: 1524
Recovery: 316
Active: War Art of Nature - Furinkazan (19/8, slvl 12)
For 1 round, Team ATK 1.5x; spin time increases with more Attributes in the team, to a max of a 5 second increase; if the team contains only Beasts, combos made increases by 8.
Leader: Blazing World - Beast
Beast ATK 2.5x. Fire runes have the effect of all attributes; each Beast in the team adds 10% to this effect, max 50% (effect stacks).

#1515 Shu Lou Lung Shou
TC: 10
Rarity: 5★
Attribute: Fire
Race: Human
Max XP: 3.5M
HP: 2390 (+260)
Attack: 1305 (+185)
Recovery: 316 (+95)
Active: Billows of the Soaring Dragon (16/5, slvl 12)
Convert 9 random runes into 3 Enchanted Fire, 3 Water and 3 Earth. If Water, Fire and Earth attacks are launched, this card's current CD -2.
Leader: Fury of Human
Human ATK 2.5x

Dipankara the Robust Lifter
No stat changes.

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