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  DC Craft Challenge Thread Compilation
Posted by: aahlsy - 01-15-2017, 12:56 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

With all the craft challenges coming back next week I started looking for the old threads to find the strategies we used previously.
Figured I might as well post everything in one place to save others the effort of digging for them. 

Connection: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Craft-challenge-Pattern-of-Connection
Page 3 is most relevant, talks about using full board converter + a three rune converter + Miles to get 9 combos in quick succession

Destruction: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Tips-for-Destruction-craft-20k-challenge
Arigato's post using Zhao Ling Er + Miles + Daji to set up the board for 7 quick combos

Reflection: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Amulet-of-Reflection-Challenge
Some tips in posts 24, 32, 33

Transposition: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Transposition-seal-Share-your-20k-tips
Just skim the whole thread, all the tips are spread out everywhere

Opal of Shadowfall: No thread, since it just relies on tapping the runes as they fall. Just be fast and don't mistap. 

And for completeness: 
Jasper: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Strategies-for-High-Scores-using-Jasper-of-Sprinting-DC
Get lucky

Slashing: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-strategies-for-20k-in-slashing-craft
Read the first post

Charging DC to practise: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Tips-Applicable-for-All-Craft-Challenge

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  [Teaser] New SM - GanJiang MoYe and New JO Card - Zhao Yun
Posted by: Arigato - 01-12-2017, 08:39 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

Source: https://gnn.gamer.com.tw/5/142385.html

New SM - GanJiang MoYe
[Image: cvXqAkr.jpg]

[Image: IZ29Wgi.jpg]
R3a - Wen Zhong with enchanted puzzle shield. (13000+ ATK)

[Image: 8LMJ1g3.png]
R3b - Wen Zhong with deduction trojan and same initial combo shield - Water and Earth.

[Image: aQS3Fpa.png]
R5a - X Burning (11000+ ATK)
R5b - Random Conversion - Fire and Burning Trail (14000+ ATK)

[Image: rpI8QuF.png]
R7a - 25% Tumbler Shield and Burning Runes (19000+ ATK)
R7b - Fire Marking - Dissolve Weaken Attack and Trojan (11000+ ATK)

[Image: az4eI1A.png]
CD 6
If initial combo is odd, Fire ATK 1.5x
If initial combo is even, Human and Demon's ATK 1.5x
If initial combo >=6, get both effects.

New JO Card - Zhao Yun
[Image: bwEbtC3.png]
Water Dragon
HP: 4310
ATK: 1526
RCR: 206
Active: (Min CD 8)
Choose 1 of the following effect:
1) Delay all enemies' action by 1 CD.
2) Time tunnel for 15 seconds.

[Image: hsef1BX.png]
In JO, he will have the following skill:
Demon Racism - ATK
Lock Fire Members' Active
Puzzle Shield

Demo Video:

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  Pre-registration for Oneiric Tales for Molly Costume
Posted by: Arigato - 01-12-2017, 07:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (17)

Link: https://www.messenger.com/t/OneiricTales
1) The messenger should send you a message like this:
[Image: fljIa25.png?1]
Click the blue link to proceed to the next step.

2) After that, you should be shown the following message:
[Image: duwqKZA.png?1]
Click on the 1st link and it will link you to the page and like the page.
Click on the 2nd link and it will ask you to share a post.
Click on the 3rd link to proceed to the next step.

3) Then you will be shown the following message:
[Image: x3GfcvE.png?1]
Click on the 1st link to proceed to the next step.

4) The following message will be shown after that:
[Image: nDtcTYi.png?1]
Click on the "I'm a Summoner" to proceed to the next step.

5) Next, it will ask whether you are on Chinese or English server.
[Image: EIGZOJ2.png?1]
Choose the corresponding version to proceed to the next step. (Though at this point you should be able to carry on by reading the instruction)

6) Finally, it will ask you to fill in your TOS ID. Just type your UID (without any punctuation and space) and send to finish the pre-registration.
[Image: c6DWtPf.png?1]

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  Haza teams
Posted by: chocolateSG - 01-11-2017, 02:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

This is my haza team setup

;haza, the gracious dog(evolved), furi, mudasa, mothman, and haha

i do not have yunyang don't ask me to put it in
i do not have medusa either

is this setup good?

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  New Buffs to Norse Teams
Posted by: KaerfNomekop - 01-10-2017, 10:40 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (17)

A little while ago (I believe with the 13.0 Update) some new team skills were added for the Norse Gods.

- With [OVR Norse] as Leader and Ally, and [1310] as a member: Change the Leader Skill's attack multiplier from 3x to 4.5x.
- With [OVR Norse] as Leader and Ally, and [1309] and [1310] as members: [Attribute] HP and REC 1.2x, and for each group of [Attribute] runes dissolved, convert 1 random non-[Attribute] rune into an enchanted [Attribute] rune (max of 2).

The fact that they're new cards means that it's not just Odin amelioration; something else is going on here. VR Odin? A pair of new SMs/event cards? Then there's the strange fact that it specifically changes only the Leader skill, not the Ally (Chinese version has the same specificity), which means the resulting team multiplier is 13.5x rather than the 16x that PR Odin provides.

What do you think? Let the speculation and discussion commence!

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  Zhuge Liang - Worth to Draw?
Posted by: White_Scythe99 - 01-08-2017, 08:25 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

Dear Senpais,

I need some advices again, this time regarding Zhuge Liang. So far I have 6 out of the 8 possible cards in the Imperial Warlords card pool (only missing Guan Yu and of course, Zhuge Liang).

Should I try drawing for Zhuge Liang? Is his utility skill worth it? 

Or maybe I should save diamond for better cards in future??

Please advice! Thanks!

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  What do you want to see in the next update?
Posted by: dessed - 01-06-2017, 01:20 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (31)

Hello all,

It has been a long time since I last was on here, and we use to have more lively discussions. I was hoping to start one...

Here is what I would like to see (not guessing at new cards).

Amel - Origin of Demons series - I would like to see amel 1 and 3 be stat boost, amel 2 be a sword and amel 4 be a permanent cd -2.
Power Release - Tribal Beasts. I like the idea of a rainbow beast team, so if these bet a proper upgrade they could be useful again. With a beast on leader exclusion, you could have a nice multiplier with those limitations (I have noticed higher multiplier goes with more limiting cards)

Virtual Release - Protagonists or Egyptian Gods - I would love to see a VR protagonist, hopefully with better stats and maybe a higher multiplier with active use, but since they have never VRed a non-diamond series I am not holding my breath. Egyptians are, in my opinion, some of the more underrated cards in the game. at CD 8, they take care of (about to be) frozen runes and all types of marked runes, plus it works like a converter and it is a 2x (usually) booster. With the current Meta I feel like they could be VRed with either a higher multiplier of a slightly lower CD.

Ultimate Power Release - Robert - it would make sense, since they are giving the Blood Fiends a farmable card they increase the HP of demons, that they bring Robert a PR that brings the multiplier for blood fiend up to 5x, second active either being a converter to his color (like Zeus), or something more unusual, like for the next two turns no actives will be canceled out, that way you could activate it right before the stage that will cancel and reset actives, that way you keep the 3x multiplier going. 

Let me know what you all think, or would like to see.

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  Tips for Arena. [Under Construction - Updated 9:19]
Posted by: TristanX - 01-05-2017, 05:12 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (39)

1) Intro:

Before starting I would like to say that arena is a place for newer players to gain stuff to help them. I would be talking about key mechanics and from both a casual and competitive player's stand point.

Invest. Invest. Invest.
Arena is a very rewarding mode but you have to be bold. Sometimes you benefit and sometimes you don't. For casual players, it is a great place to get harpies. As for competitive players, it is a high risk and reward mode.

I've spent around 20-30 diamonds on arena so far but it has thought me a lot about the mechanics.
I can say this for sure, if you are aiming to get to Top 50 King you need to invest your a lot of baby harpies, harpies, soul, EXP mobs.

2) Benefits:

Let us start with benefits. Why should you care about arena in the first place. Well it all comes down to you but here are my main reasons.

i) Casual Players:

Just as any other mode the game provides. Arena provides loads and loads of material and cards such as harpies and soul stones (EXP).

As a casual player, harpies never hurt and if you are able to reach a certain rank you get diamonds which is always nice. 

ii) Competitive Players:

As a competitive player myself. I found arena to be one of my greatest investments.

Able to get a net 10+ diamonds each week.
I have enough points to buy over 200 Soulstones (100k EXP), which is basically any card from 0 to 99 easily.

iii) Commitment

As nice as it is to get 10+ diamonds each week, you need a capital, you need to know your limits and you need to know the risk.

Anyone can do it but do no try to if you are not willing to go 100% of the way. Win or Lose.

3) General:

I will not cover the basics unless requested but i will highlight important points.

i) Vigor:

Vigor resets every 12 noon (Its high nooooon) so if you want to aim for a high rank, make sure you do it before Monday at 12 noon

ii) Priority:

Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

4) Team Building - General

i) The protagonist PRs

No matter being a casual player or competitive player, you need the basics. A card which can help you in whatever stage the arena throws at you. Which brings me to the protagonist PR.

<Insert protagonist pictures>

It is very important that you max s.lvl (cd 8) or till (cd 10). These cards are the most useful among all other cards mostly for casual players.

Protagonist offers 3 extra rows in this case, it acts as a converter to face off mobs which require 6/7 runes of a particular attribute. This means that the 3 extra rows usually provide enough to fulfill this criteria.

In a math sense, it takes 80 BP to use a protagonist but it will cost you 100 points (BP equivalent) if you miss a round.

ii) Enchanters

These cards are very under-rated but it is essential when fighting against arenas which are Legend or King. This is because most mobs require you to dissolve enchanted runes especially the earth panda which needs you to dissolve enchanted runes in a puzzle shield.

<Insert image of enchanters w/ low cd>

5) Team Building - Casual:  

Monster Detail's are so important.

Always check which monsters will give you additional BP. You just have to max level these mobs and you can forget about it.

What you should take away from a casual players stand point is to get as many (no pressure if you cant) mobs which add BP. I understand that most casual players do not have OP leaders like Guan Yu.

So you should really focus on a few things. Mainly a protagonist and some cards which add BP.
Focus on spinning and follow the list: 

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

6) Team Building - Competitive:

Monster Detail's are even more important.

Many of you have have noticed that Guan Yu is probably the most used leader whether or not it gives additional BP.
This is because Guan Yu provides the following:

Guan Yu
1) High Combo Count
2) Decent/High Damage
3) It's unique skill of dissolving any rune pattern of 3 ('L' shape) makes it extremely easy to clear bosses.

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

So in this case:
Battle Points: Medium to High ( Depends on Members )
Time: Checked
Damage and Combo: Checked

Conclusion: A very good leader, arguably the best leader you can get. 

Babylon ( 2/1/17 ):
1) Extra Spinning Time
2) Decent Damage
3) High BP

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

So in this case:
Battle Points: High
Time: Checked
Damage and Combo: Checked

Conclusion: Babylon is EXTREMELY difficult to play because in 99% of arenas you are going to face that god awful panda making it hard to output damage during that stage. However with my testing, I can get around the same as Guan Yu ( A little less)

The key to competitive is to have a card which you can comfortably use to help you clear King Arenas with a Low CD. My personal fav. in a Guan Yu team is. 


and for my Inanna team:


In a competitive standpoint. 
Huifre becomes a lot better than protagonist because she has a lower CD and helps enchant at the same time. So she saves on BP and helps clear stages.

7) Scoring Mechanics and Tips:
This is probably the most IMPORTANT section.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this but this scoring system works like this. 

The top 5 scores you get in that day becomes the "Score of the Day". So even if you use 100 diamonds on the last day, only the top 5 scores will count. The scores of all 7 days will then be summed up to get your final score and rank.

What does this mean and why is it so important.?

A system like this means that to catch up to someone (Assuming people get roughly the same score every day) is very difficult.
By the time you reach King, you can already estimate your final score of the week.

Note: I will give some tips in the next update which could help some of you guys to hit King including the ranks you should aim for to hit your target of King IV or King V

Note: I will update this from time to time as I am busy 
------------------------------------------------ Below is under construction --------------------------------------
casual Players: 
Alright, so for you casual players my biggest tip is to always look at "Monster Details" and invest in strong leaders which also give Battle Points.

In this case, if you have a babylon card. Now would be a good time to max skill level and skill level.

Competitive Players:

A quick tip for you guys before I go outstation and continue this tread later.

You guys need to make very quick judgement on "What" card you need based on both the stages which you are going to fight in KING and cards which give you Battle Points. You then have to all max that card within the first day or two of the start of the arenna.

This is SO important because you are going to use the card over and over again throughout the week and following weeks.


The next update for this tread. I will link monsters which I personally find useful and a detailed explanation of why you need to max it for competitive players

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  Seeking Advice - Dark CC (Isabel vs Clown Statue)
Posted by: White_Scythe99 - 01-02-2017, 04:44 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello guys,
Need some opinions on whether which of the card is better worth maxing:
Isabel or Clown Statue??

Below are some of my own opinions, though I'm more likely to pick Isabel, I would like to hear others' inputs:

1. Guarantees a three turn Crowd Control Skill
2. Benefits from amelioration (Increase in Recovery and shorter initial CD of 12)
3. Easier to farm?  Tongue (only requires 200k gold and 30 stamina per stage, and the stage is rather straight-forward)

1. Longer CD than Clown Statue (Isabel CD 15, Clown Statue CD 10)
2. Weak overall stats (2616 including amelioration)

Clown Statue:
1. Shorter CD compared to Isabel
2. Higher overall stats (3855 when dual maxed)

1. Will delay enemies for 3 turns only when there are three enemies at once (else, only delay for one turn)
2. Stage is more difficult

So... your thoughts, senpais out there? Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Information PSA: Three kingdoms skill up materials now in Black Hole
Posted by: Dominus - 01-02-2017, 07:38 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

This is the best New Years gift from madhead in my opinion...in the Black Hole there is a new series of battles called Gate to the Aperture - The General's Order that runs for 30 days to help us max our 3K cards.

I took the gamble and can confirm it costs 14 keys but yields 5 skill-up materials of your chosen attribute, so minimum 1 skill level for 14 keys, in a week where we're getting double keys for guild missions! So if you were like me and fell short of skill max for a few of your new cards, now is the time to burn some black keys!

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