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I'm fairly new to this game and see a lot of players that belong to guilds. Can someone answer the following questions for me:

1. How do I join a guild?

2. Where do I find them?

3. What are the benefits to being in a guild?

4. What is required of me for membership in the guild?
Hi Azrael;

You join them by a request. Community --> Guild --> Guild list. Whenever you go there you get a few guilds offered to request them. If you know a guild's ID you also can search for the ID.

3) benefits:
- You get more money and experience form battles (the percentage is more higher if the guilds level is higher).
- There are special events just for guilds. Concerning how active and strong the guild is the can earn prices there for all
the members lik prime soul stones, harpy, mad head or good cards etc.
- Also there are daily guild missions and stages for the members to get e.g. evolve material and soulstones.
- a chat room (Madhead has to work on this, not mature so far)

4) The requirements are defined by the guild leaders. Most guilds want high leveled players that participate at the guild events and are active in general. Entering a level 1 guild is not that difficult but especially high leveled guilds want players that are level 100 and above. Just try your luck and request the guilds. Finally one will accept you. Smile
Thanks for the information. I don't have the option for Guild under community on my game for some reason. Do I need to complete a certain level to access it?
Are u lvl 10 and above? If yes, I dont know why theres a problem there

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Yeah, I'm level 52, but the option for guild is not under community when I click on it.
How many tabs under community did u see?

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Search ID
Friend List
Friend Request
You may need to update your game?
I already checked and they are all up to date.
Thats weird. You should feedback. It should be
Search ID

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