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Full Version: Help with Mono Fire deck
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So yup recently gotten a few decent Fire Cards from diamond drawing, was thinking of starting off with a mono fire after my rainbow deck since it was the closest I could get to a full team of it other than my Earth Cards.

So currently, I have this set up for my mono Fire. I need help in getting it right and probably getting the best set up I could.

Jackie (L) - GSoF - Cerberus - Santa - Taurus - Tyr (A)

Other cards I have...
-> Sean (Can be power released)
-> Martial Master
-> Skuld

Any comments and help will be greatly appreciated, thank you and have a good day Smile
I'd swap tauros for PR Sean. Especially since you got Santa you can later use him on a Santa deck.

Considering of all your cards only GSoF and Cerberus has a CD lower then 8, using tauros means you can only use ->Cerberus -> Tyr -> Tauros. (Santa gets useless since you can't use him before tauros and most of the time you will lose his skill if you use tauros first.

While if you use PR Sean you can make 2 burst. Small burst using only Santa. And larger burst with converters -> Tyr -> PR Sean..