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Full Version: What is special about GSoF?
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Hey guys,

I've been seeing a lot of threads on beating the last seal and really I want to know what is so special about having GSoF in the battle?
GSoF is a used as a leader or ally in the 5th seal battle because it's leader skill, "Beast Recovery 250%" is very useful in that battle. The boss' enemy skill is Overheal, which only allows the excess recovery that you heal to be damaged to Nidhogg. For example, if I'm at full HP then I recover 2560, I deal 2560 damage to Nidhogg. GSoF is farmable which is a another reason why it's so good to use to beat it. The only downside however, is that you'll easily get bored because of the little damage your doing.
And last but not least, it's a heart converter with lowest possible CD of 5.