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Hi ya'll!

Got a little question, how often do you get theese rare login bonuses (stamina refill, diamonds and so on)? Have ligged in for about 40 days in a row, will you, for example, get anything from day 50? :-)
Stamina refills can sometimes be gained from completing seals in addition to gems...

Most times these gems and stamina are for special days given out by devs. ie. Chinese New Year or being interviewed by Games mag etc.
Yea, but that wasn't what I ment.

If you have logged in for 2 days in a row, you get a stamina refill (usable), and if you have logged in for 20 days in a row, you get 5 diamonds. So, does anyone know what you get for logging in 50 days in a row? :-)
Seems like 20 consecutive days is the highest where you get a reward =/
Okey :-S I'll try to go for 50, then I'll skip one day ;-)
(03-16-2013, 11:59 PM)Cezé Wrote: [ -> ]Okey :-S I'll try to go for 50, then I'll skip one day ;-)

Sad to say that taking a one day break doesn't reset the login timer... Tested and proven by me of course Sad
Once you've hit a benchmark you cannot go back and redo it. It's just like completing a weekly stage.
What?! Aaaaw! That's really bad :-( They should add more prizes then for loggin, like 50 and 100!
5 gems!
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