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Full Version: Blacklisted guilds! Avoid at all costs!!!
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We get to know of one guild who kick low level members out after receiving their donations. 1540 - Expandables.

If anyone else has read of such other guilds, share here so everyone can beware of them.

Yup. This is the same one I was talking to Nite about earlier. Basically the guy got ripped off of his gold and then kicked out without warning.
Wow...dark guilds @[email protected]
Are you unable to join a guild for 7 days when you are kicked? I fear people may spend diamonds running Santa and be kicked, after that it'll be too late to join another guild for santa.
If you quit you have to wait 1 day, if guild leader kicks you you can join others guild right away.
Dude its starting to sound like fairy tail. Good mage guilds vs. Dark mage guilds.
Wow ._. poor guy
He has the cheek to call his guild expandables too ..... Confused
(12-24-2013, 02:42 PM)Eardrum73 Wrote: [ -> ]He has the cheek to call his guild expandables too ..... Confused

Yea its like " come join expandables, because you're all expandables to us."
I guess he was considered Expendable after donating Sad
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