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Full Version: EN Version Migration Announcement
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Apple doesn't allow a traditional Chinese and English app in the same region.

EN players will be given a way to migrate to the ZH servers in the near future. No new EN accounts can be created as of the announcement.

The English app will be removed from the iTunes store in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States on Sep 9.

Data transfer website for migration expires in December!

The biggest question I have is whether the arenas will be merged because the Chinese arenas are hugely more competitive than the English arenas. This translates into fewer prize points, diamonds, etc.

If you have friends who stopped playing and miss the transfer window it's not clear whether MH will have a manual way (i.e. email customer service) to move their accounts or whether they will get these "fabulous welcome rewards" that the announcement mentions (without further details).
(07-09-2019, 12:35 AM)Durumana Wrote: [ -> ]The biggest question I have is whether the arenas will be merged because the Chinese arenas are hugely more competitive than the English arenas. This translates into fewer prize points, diamonds, etc.

From what I've seen on Bahamut, yeah.

Supposedly, MH is pretty fast at responding on Facebook, so it might be worth asking them directly.
The madhead response on FB hasn't been very good; as of yesterday a number of the big questions had been ignored (probably because CS don't know the answers).
A couple of big points:

Everyone is being forced to GMT+8 time zone which is what the ZH servers are based off of. You will no longer be able to be in your home timezone with a daily reset at midnight your time. So your "day" may end in the middle of your morning/afternoon, etc.

There's no answer about people who have an EN and ZH account bound to a single Facebook account. There's been no discussion of any accounts that are bound to Twitter.

There's no response from MH about potentially making a single app access both the existing EN and ZH servers with a selection button.

The link indicates that those who have both English and Chinese accounts bound to the same Facebook account will NOT lose their Chinese account.

Only downside is that there's no news about whether or not the English account is lost.
This is really scary. I have an EN account and a CN account, both bound to my FB account. The EN account was my main, while the CN account was what I played while waiting for stamina to regenerate in the EN account... Hopefully we get to choose which account we want to keep or delete when they merge, or it'd really kill me to lose my EN account in favour of the CN one.

The migration says to create a new Facebook account just to bind the transitional account, but that's only if you want to manual do the transition - and I really don't want to open a second Facebook account. I'm hoping when the deadline passes it'll auto transfer, and MH won't delete a lv190 account in favour of a lv133. Is there any way to confirm this?

EDIT: - I found this document online!

Basically it says that you can rebind your accounts after migration, so I just need the dummy account for migration placeholding, and after migration I can rebind the EN version to my Facebook account (and I suppose bind the old unwanted CN account to the dummy FB account which will surely be forgotten sometime). Hopefully it's going to be as simple as that! Smile

EDIT: - Just to update everyone. It worked. The GM contacted both my accounts after a few days, and asked both accounts to confirm the transfer between FB accounts. After confirmation, my accounts were swapped within a day. Smile
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