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Full Version: Saint Seiya Deck for coliseum
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Any deck building idea for said title?

Have no idea how to dish out enough damage to attempt 30stamina runs

Currently have:
1. Sagittarius Aiolos
2. Aries Mu
3. Eagle Marin
4. Andromeda Shun

Who would be best as leader and how can dish out more damage? 

Currently using as a team:
Sagittarius Aiolos (L), Aries Mu, Eagle Marin, Andromeda Shun, Rocco, Pegasus Seiya(A)
If you have another recent human leader, you should use that instead, and fill the members with Saint Seiya cards.
Ooo, recently saw:

Dragon Shiryu (L), Capricorn Shura, Leo Aiolia, Phoenix Ikki, Andromeda Shun and Dragon Shiryu (A)

Max Damage: 279,249,440 ._. with 5 rounds into the arena and 4265 score
Just wondering how it was pulled off Big Grin