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Full Version: Got many open Friendslots (164, pls add me if you can)
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Hej hej,

i need friends Big Grin

missing Beelzebub and ZHY allies but accepting all requests.

Got Vishnu as mainally, using alot of Artemis, but i play Shiva, Apollo, Athena, Zhao Ling-Er (Need the Earthguy as ally! ZHY?), too.

Soon i would like to use some Dipankara or YJ allies as well as Inanna and Dumuzi PR

My ID is 25,441,657

Thanks guys.
Hi again;

are there any LHY allies anymore? Would like to have some to play Diaochan and ZLE;

i managed to all max Beelzebub, but i don't have a single Beelzebub ally; would like to add some, cause i like him.

Where are all the utility allies? No more Wukong or PR sprites elves. I currently trying 9th seal progress, need ya!

Thanks guys