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Full Version: Diamond Seal Event - Resonance Crystal [Oct 2 - Oct 29]
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Came back from hiatus just for this collab Big Grin

Saved up 20 diamonds by Oct 2 in my timezone, did 4 pulls

Chris (again??)
Megumin (!!!!)

Hopefully I can get Aqua and Kazuma just as easily Big Grin

What about you guys? How are your pulls so far? I see a lot of people doing 35 pulls on Discord Confused
I did some 20 pulls plus 2 free draws.
In the end got 8 yun yun as notable rng kick. All other commons and Megumin (19th) and Darkness(first 5 pulls not sure which one) 
Yun Yun, and Meguni from free and monthly purchase.

kazuma and mitzurugi from 2 draws.
got darkness from free draw. Going to wait until rate up to determine if Megumin is worth 35 pulls.

What do you think about Megumin?
Megumin's skill is actually stupidly powerful......her amelioration is literally just "explode everything with her skill", and if you consider the fact that an 8 million damage snipe on 7 CD (snipe can also bypass enchanted shield) can one shot most enemies in the game...not really meta changing I guess but it does make a lot of stages stupidly easy.

The most broken part about her, though, is probably the fact that you can also abuse the [email protected]#$ out of arena with her
What does the animation for rares look like
(10-03-2018, 04:01 PM)Lee Hugyeong Wrote: [ -> ]What does the animation for rares look like

The adventurer card will have a gold glow
Ok, I'm bragging:

[Image: ad0afacd1503619ccbe82d09202a9904.jpg]

13 draws to get the full seal, the two Yun Yum where free draw and purchase reward. Got the rares one after another in the third, fourth and fifth draws using diamonds Big Grin

Enviado desde mi BLL-L23 mediante Tapatalk
My first draw

[Image: 11883.jpg]

10 levels reward

[Image: 11886.jpg]


and looking for Megumin or Aqua

Whoa, 13 draws to complete the seal is actually really good! I'm 17 draws in (including free draw and purchase reward) and still no Aqua or Darkness Sad
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