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Full Version: Oriceles Meta Analysis [16.1] + Tier List 30-10-2018
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Hello everyone, in this version we are having a collaboration with one of my favorite anime Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Konosuba), I was lucky enough to get Megumin in the free draw so I really can't be more excited (expect to see a lot of my fanboy and chuunibyou side in this thread). In the additions to the regular content there is nothing announced at the moment, but I suspect that somewhere down the line of the next 2 months we should be receiving Power Release for Revolutionary Heroes or the Fallen Halos (both series were introduced in 2016) but this is just speculation from my side, no regular content is being added right now.

[Image: 415831.jpg]

Tier List
As you may know already the tier list is no longer part of this series of threads but rather it is available as a different resource in Google Sheets, it will be updated every week with more comments about how to use every leader and listing the changes in the placements. If you want to support this job and many other threads I create feel free to donate to me via my Ko-Fi page, Paypal or Bitcoin wallet.

Useful Links
# Patch notes: “Tower of Saviors” 16.1 Version Updates on “TOS×KonoSuba”
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide [16.1 update]
# link to Konosuba seasons and OVA's

『Resonance Crystal』 - 『KonoSuba』

This series has no drawbacks but much like Hindu the major concern is that there is little value in keeping duplicates since many of the active skills are continuous effects that can't stack, other than that the common cards have really nice effects for teams that consist of different attributes which is nice if you keep in mind that the humans that have been released during 2018 are really varied and have a lot of "team attack" setups. I can actually see more use for the commons of this series for what I have seen in the commons of HunterxHunter and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Old players may say that this collaborations remind them a lot to the one for King of Fighters from last year, that series consisted of really strong effects but the cards were mostly compatible within their own series but very limited outside of that scope. That being said using multiple members of this series in the teams from Megumin or Darkness as leader will bring a lot of bonus stats, but this doesn't really mean that you are not encouraged to try to use cards from existing content as members or that this cards will not be useful outside of their own, so please read the following section with attention.

[Image: 480?cb=20181002111235&path-prefix=zh] Idiotic Goddess - Aqua: this goddess that loves to drink wine and play videogames in the couch the entire day is really strong and fun to play, she literally CAN'T stack runestones so her main weakness in the top of my mind is having stuff like electrified combo shield, yet this can be solved by bringing Mitsurugi Kyouka as member (more of this in his section). I gotta say that as Lewdoki pointed out in Discord, yes Aqua totally kills Shiva as a viable water leader in many ways but not the same member pool and different goals as well. The damage having a limit as Shadower in pointing out is quite real, but this can be solved by bringing self-boosters like Florice or Pupuro in a water mono setup. Other scenario that is hurting her is running out of specific runestones as Lee pointed out.

Her first active skill is about the same as Ghroth but only applies to the first batch, if you manage to dissolve 25 runestones, on the second round converts the board to have runestones of all attributes. She is outstanding in the arena right now because you can use her to prepare against quintet elemental shield and get a lot of damage from the first batch, this active skill also sounds attractive with Atlantis. The second active skill is a debuff removal and boost against specific races which we already know are the races of 2 of the upcoming bosses for this patch. 

Her team skills are absurdly strong, specially the shared runestones effect, yet I need to see more of her gameplay to really have a word. As mono water leader I think she is amazing and has a lot of potential because she is not race limited like many of the latest water leaders we have received in the previous updates (yes she is even more flexible than Yusuke). She is supposed to be the 2nd jackpot of this series with her 4.5% draw rate.

Aqua Team Building Samples

Konosuba Characters Party
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Mitsurugi or Kazuma are almost mandatory in this team because you know, Aqua is an idiot that can't dissolve runestones in the 2nd batch so electrified trojan and similar skills can doom her playstyle. Megumin is a team wide booster and the snipe can allow you to carry effects or deal with enemies that don't deserve you to bother in spinning at all. Combining Wiz deactivated skill along with Chris active you can burst really hard, but be aware that by using Chris you will be loosing hearts, light and dark so your damage reduction won't reach the idiotic levels. 

Aqua legit water mono
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Lately I have been reading a lot in discord about the use of Matthew to have 2 rounds of unlimited movement of Runestones in this team, and that is a neat idea but I don't like the fact that his cooldown is really long, so instead of using him I would rather suggest on using Kenshin or Raphael since both are better and faster and can make the best out of those 15 seconds of enchanted spin. Molly is there for scenarios where you actully want even more combos or you are missing one Runestone in the board. Odous and Pupuro should be your way to burst down long hp enemies and break armor.

Atlantis pads his chest (meme/joke, please don't use or you will be idiotic as Aqua)
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Behold the new water goddess that have arrived to our realm and have all the built-in tools from the amazing cards of this game including stat clear of Sariel, the dissolve of Ghroth, Wukong damage reduction, Yog Sothoth spin time, and Ophiuchus enchanted path!, be amused by her DPS power that other fake supposedly over powered Gods and long time rulers of the S tier in Oriceles tier list can't achieve!.

[Image: 480?cb=20181002114807&path-prefix=zh] Glittering Explosion - Megumin: She is the 1% rare card from this series, allowing multiple attributes and 2 races is quite strong since you can go with rainbow team, Water/Fire/Earth, Fire/Earth/Dark or simply fill the team with Konosuba members for massive HP bonus. Fire runestones have the effect of all runestones (including heart runestones, so you can use Heimdallr on a similar fashion to using Wen Zhong with Priestess Xi) so multi type converters like Nezha or board dissolves like Nobunaga might be good idea (I've been using Rococo for the Arena and I'm surprised on how good it is), obviously the best choice here would be Yunyun as showcased in the test team. The bonus damage from her leader skill works in a similar fashion to the Egyptian gods so the damage dealt by her explosion will always be be attribute effective.

What makes Megumin strong is not just the the shared runestones effect and a snipe that is equivalent to a burst of the old days but the ability to slot humans and gods from any attribute, this includes A LOT of utility specially if we come to talk about water and dark cards which always happen to have the most varied set of tools. If you are looking for damage reduction you could either slot Darkness (which also cancels hearts) or bring Auriga. If you don't mind the missing Damage then you can always resort to Ubume or Shyplant.

Megumin Team building samples

Konosuba Characters Party (Explosions Edition)
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
As this being the main cast of the show you can expect them to be really strong together, since Megumin can heal with Fire Runestones you can use Darkness without being worried about it, also the damage reduction is great. Aqua is there for both Sacred Break Spell boost and her amazing God Blow active. since Kazuma can explode Runestones under the column of any Konosuba character he can be an amazing board reset in this team so basically he can get rid of electrified and marked Runestones easily. The final slot should be open for either Yunyun, Wiz or Chris, if the stage have something that you can't tank you could also slot Eris to save you with her tumbler... or you simply can add a card from another series but remember that for each Konosuba member you will get a bonus of +2500 HP which is a flat bonus of +15000 HP + Darkness +35% damage reduction (at max).

Cookie Cutter Zodiacs
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Since Fire Runestones have effect of all Runestones (incuding heart) then you don't need those present in your board anymore, so that is why you will be bringing Heimdallr. Brahma utility should be more than enough to overcome time waning skills and high combo-ex shields as well. Luna and pollux are basically your main damage source for the monments when Explosions are not enough to kill the enemy.

Accelerated Atlantis (Meme)
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Yes as you can imagine with this team you can use Shyplant to lower Atlantis CD by -2 every round and using Yunyun every wave will make Atlantis to drop -2 and up to -4 from the Yunyun's alone with this build you will not get the potential from Atlantis damage, but you will get 15 seconds of spin time quite quick with decent amount of Runestones and damage reduction. Shyplant will not have boosted attack but she is there just for the mechanics.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073322&path-prefix=zh] Panties Thief - Kazuma: I really wanted so much that he was chosen as Jackpot, but sadly he got the role of a cheap 6* Earth version of Pontos/Erebus, that is not bad. His active skill is really powerful but it has a gauge that depends on how many Konosuba members you have in the team to make it 100% efficient, that is because his board dissolve depends on the amount of members. If we go to Aqua team scenario, he is God sent. So, CD 6 1.8x boost attack or 2x boost attack and recovery, that is what I call powercreep because as many old players should know, until patch 15.3 the standard for the 2x boost used to be CD8. He is obviously not an amazing leader but a really cool member to have.

Kazuma Team Building Samples

Cheap Earth Mono
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 100?cb=20161219100548][Image: 50]
Seriously I tried really hard to pick the cheapest members I could come up with and this is what I found the most efficient, In this team Ubume will actually applying her boost effect to all members, and Circe combo bonus actually goes pretty well with Kazuma, the dissolve 3 playstyle also adapts quite well with Dunca active skill. If you don't have some of this members you could consider to add Chris which is another common with substantial impact, Mufasa, Shyplant, Sariel or whatever you have, but yeah if you have come to the point of using Kazuma as leader you gotta be either in real need of Earth mono or don't know where to start from, which personally I think it is a good touch of Madhead to add budget leader so efficient and fun as him to the pool. Just be sure to jump at #build-discussion in Discord or the team building subforum in order to ask about what to add based on the cards you have.

Wads of Cash
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
"- Kazuma: In that case why don't we make a ton of money and hire some incredible strong adventurers?! Then we'll have them help us defeat the Devil King! We conquer the Devil King's Castle leading an army of adventurers! How about it?! it actually sounds plausible for once, doesn't it?
- Aqua: That's it! Nice one, Kazuma-san! I can see you slapping adventurers faces with wads of cash as you order them around, and stealing the finishing blow after they've weakened the Devil King enough!
- Kazuma: Oooh that's exactly it!".

[Image: 150?cb=20181002114858&path-prefix=zh] Sick Masochist - Darkness: She is great, but for new players I think that building the full potential for her will be tough, mainly because you will need cards from old series like Huang Zhong and Yuan Shao, or even older and rarer like Yi Ye Shu or Tang Yu Rou. Yet if you have playing from the past 6 months you will also be fine with the light humans that were available during the Crash Fever collaboration because her team skill goes really well with Hubble. I think that getting her multiplier to the max shouldn't be much of a problem based on how much HP he team have in total (specially with Huang Zhong Buff) and wit the damage reduction portion of her active skill. To recover all that health is highly recommended that you bring the Paladin King of Light or Arthur for convenience.

Darkness team building samples

Arthur 2018 Edition
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: latest?cb=20170619071557][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Basically about the same members that Arthur would use but being more like a tank, the Paladin King of Light is there for being able to recover all that massive amount of health and you can also get the good extra second of spin time from his dragonware. Be aware that right now there are a lot of players throwing random Darkness builds implying that members like Faraday would do something good for Darkness, but the real thing is that you will have to digest a lot about the history of the Light Human archetype of this game to know that not all the cards from the same race and color go really well together because Madhead experimented a bit too much when after they gave up on trying to make Arthur viable.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073323&path-prefix=zh] Ageless Beauty - Wiz: Okey so the thing with her is that she is an intended self-attack booster for rainbow teams more specifically for Konosuba setup since she is the only one that provides any form of control. She starts after 8 rounds and at round 16 she is able to freeze the enemies for 1 round, that should be enough to handle Trojan enemies or CD1 summons based on how high is the burst damage from this series.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073323&path-prefix=zh] Cursed Sword Owner - Mitsurugi Kyouya: Normally he is pretty much an improved version of Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho, but he is intended to be a helper for Aqua in order to dissolve specific runestones that are electrified or can't be dissolved because of enemy combo shield of specific attribute. Please read their team skill. As for using him outside of Aqua, I don't really see much benefit.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073325&path-prefix=zh] Shy Wizard - Yunyun: I really like how we have been getting a lot of fast converters fore fire mono, she helps a ton to keep the DPS in Megumin and is nice that she is able to provide defensive and offensive runestones at the same time, yes more than one dupe can be fun to use as in the test team, but I don't think that it is fully efficient or a good approach.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002002847&path-prefix=zh] Lightning Steal - Chris: Somehow she is another alternative to Huifre and Cai Wenji, but packing a massive self-boost against demon enemies on a similar fashion to Raizen, if you are narrowing the amount of attributes in Megumi team she would be a good addition, also a 3 type conversion and self boost at CD6 is quite a good value. 

Creations of Wonderland - Robotron

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073327&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20181002073328&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20181002073324&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20181002002843&path-prefix=zh]
This series consist of this 3 vehicles that are able to combine in to a giant robot much like in the similar fashion to the Metazord but I guess that in a smaller size?, right now we can guess that it is intended that we use this new fusion as member for Turing, the three cards provide effects that are useful in her team but I'm not sure if people is willing to trade their Epsilon+Delta for this. You can get this new cards from the friend point seal, which shouldn't be that hard since they revamped how the adjutant system works and they are giving away a lot of friend points in this update.


[Image: 150?cb=20181002073326&path-prefix=zh] Luna the Guild Receptionist: Right now I am still confused about the way this card works, but so far I think she is okey for either Darkness or Yusuke based on the members for which she is able to provide the conversion. Other members on Discord are pointing to Tang Sanzang, but I am a bit unconvinced about it.


[Image: 480?cb=20181002132451&path-prefix=zh] Lizard Runner: This card is just another addition to Suzuko 7*, I think is a nice addition because you can get it right in the second turn and alleviates a bit the healing problem which is the main drawback for Suzuko. If you are not really interested in farming the Lizard then let me remind you that this stage might be one of the very few options you will have to farm the Cabbage feeders.

[Image: 64] Winter Shogun: Don't get confused about it, this card is actually pretty good because it is a cheaper alternative to Divergence Elizabeth (won't remove some board hazards) his effect is actually a board enhance that can help you deal a lot of damage, he is faster than Botan and provides enchanted along the race runestones. About his stats, they are really low, but I think this is more of a circumstantial card that you might needs for stuff like quintet elemental shield or similar.

[Image: 100?cb=20181026104520&path-prefix=zh] Crunchy Juiciness - Green Apple: The active skill pretty much just suits Kurama, and the team skill only calls for Merlin, having both on the same team doesn't make much sense to me, but probably we will get the full idea of what Madhead wants with this card once the other 2 biweekly cards from the "Frutties" series are released.

Ultimate / Terror

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073326&path-prefix=zh] Vanir the Masked Duke: As you can see on Discord he is one of my favorite characters in the entire Konosuba series, I highly recommend reading his spin-off "Consulting with this Masked Devil". The skill is not really that good sadly, a high damage snipe that ignores armor but converts 6* dark runestones, in theory he is here to give more utility tools to Hiei without forcing him to use his burst tools.

[Image: 64] Beldia the Dullahan: Just alone this card doesn't do much, yet I would recommend pairing it with Ootengu or some other form of control in order to take the best out of it. Yet you should know that it is very conditional because stages with Human enemies are not a common thing in the current meta.

[Image: latest?cb=20181022073818] Enlightened Mentor - Anu: Najib finally got an upgrade and I feel satisfied with how it turned out, the combine skill helps a ton against quintet elemental shield and the x6 burst with Babylon is easy to achieve. In other approach if you don't have a reason to play Babylon you can always use Anu in Apollo, you will get a continuous x2.5 boost that is easy to maintain for him.

[Image: 100?cb=20181026104443&path-prefix=zh] Trap of Immortality – Robert: This card looks really good on paper, all the benefits that he provides are comparable to Luna, but I am still not sure on how much it really can help Crimson Grace, that team skill basically turned him in to another Odin or "Key Member" which means that the leaders won't get full potential unless they have this card. As for how the combine skill goes, wow we know have a very good steam rolling combo going on for water teams, yes I talk about bringing Elizabeth and Robert as members rather than using her as leader.


[Image: 160?cb=20181026100051&path-prefix=zh] Lunar Vampire – Theresia: I still don't understand if you get both portions of the active skill as continuous effect or if you only get the boost upon the skill activation. To keep that HP draining running in current meta you will need a very bulky demon team, probably VR Todd, or Hiei.

Joint Operation

[Image: latest?cb=20181022073818] Mobile Fortress the Destroyer: I find funny that this card with active skill running is better Machina leader than Mobius with all her benefits, and I'm not kidding. The active skill is quite great since you can get 100% uptime once it's cooldown is ready and the 6 extra attacks along with the machina team skill extra attacks will turn it in to a machine gun.

Guild Event

[Image: 64] Mischievous Goddess Eris: Her cooldown is kinda long, but without a doubt this is probably the best tumbler skill in the game right now. In some scenarios you could use her along with Megumin, trigger explosion and carry her effect to prevent dying from high damage of ambush.

[Image: 64] Tobey the Doll Mistress: Equivalent of Eris but for players not located in the SEA region.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
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Sorry for the double message but just to clarify that I didn't add the links to the EN wikia as usual because I was told that Joetjef is busy and is not updating the pages until tomorrow, I will also share this thread and update once the equivalent pages in the EN Wikia are posted.

Fixed the tier list link which was broken by wrong capitalization.
I think Darkness could be the ultimate tank team, the hp is ridiculous, good damage specially with Huang Zhong (A.K.A. the other other TYR) but her downside is that she doesn't give a recovery boost, normally I don't think that's a problem because with her active shield she doesn't need to heal as much and there are light Paladin and Honda if you really need healing in some parts of a stage. The problem is most noticeable against poison and ignore damage reduction effects, like Papaver in the tenth seal stage 10-2-3-3, second hp bar is a 25% hp tumbler with 50% poison so you need good healing each turn (does Honda work with poison effects?).
(10-03-2018, 02:31 PM)Joaqs Wrote: [ -> ](...)
(does Honda work with poison effects?).

I don't think so because damage being deducted is different from damage being received. Honda is even able to survive to Phantom since he converts the damage, but deducted damage from poison might be in another step of the damage calculation so this is pending to be tested!.

Updated some cards comments and added Kirinfable videos of the new leaders in the 10th seal!
Luna is basically hot garbage in a Darkness team. She only converts one column per listed race. Bring Benimaru instead and at least you'd get a self boost as well. Maybe Yusuke if you have multiple races...?
(10-04-2018, 02:16 PM)agnesi Wrote: [ -> ]Luna is basically hot garbage in a Darkness team. She only converts one column per listed race. Bring Benimaru instead and at least you'd get a self boost as well. Maybe Yusuke if you have multiple races...?

Yeah so far I think that her best performance must be in either Yusuke and Tang Sanzang. To be honest I am surprised that they didn't bring something a bit more relevant as Arena card this time Sad specially if you take in consideration that Ganesha is only for some meme teams.
Added some basic team building options for the Konosuba leaders along with some jokes to fit the theme.
hey master oriceles. can you also help me setup team with dups of the series? or no love for the dups?
(10-12-2018, 05:16 PM)Coffee.Cavaliere~ Wrote: [ -> ]hey master oriceles. can you also help me setup team with dups of the series? or no love for the dups?

This is not the team building subforum but well yeah, list me the cards you have and I will se what we can do.
(10-12-2018, 08:52 PM)Oriceles Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-12-2018, 05:16 PM)Coffee.Cavaliere~ Wrote: [ -> ]hey master oriceles. can you also help me setup team with dups of the series? or no love for the dups?

This is not the team building subforum but well yeah, list me the cards you have and I will se what we can do.

i mean for this series the konosuba dups. like i had 3 wiz, 4 aqua. etc thx b4 master. what do you suggest for the konosuba dups? Big Grin
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