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Full Version: Celebration Events, July 9 - 15
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All Regions:
- 7 Diamonds, 3 Baby Harpies, 1000 Prize Points and 10 Inventory Slots from daily login
Demonic Dragons biweeklies for non-YYH regions
- TOS World Cup one-off stage, July 10 to 15
Maskman and Francis SMs, July 13 (10pm) through July 15
BOGO Stamina Refill, July 10/11 and 12/13
- Free Stamina Refill over the weekend
- Monthly Gift Pack and three special Gift Packs
- New items in Trade Fortress

- 1 Free YYH seal draw (slvl 1) for the first login between July 9 and 22
- Botan (slvl 8) for 7 accumulated login days
- YYH seal is open from July 9th to August 5th. Every 35 draws will net a Yusuke. Rare up on July 20th.
Yusuke (Water Human/Demon)
Genkai (Fire Human)
Kurama (Earth Elf)
Kuwabara (Light Human)
Hiei (Dark Demon)
Raizen (Light Demon)
Koenma (Dark Human)
Elder Toguro (Dark Demon)
- Purchase Reward, 6+ Diamonds gets one YYH seal draw (slvl 7) and a Madhead
New biweekly, Jin, July 9 to 22
- New Coliseum for Yomi, July 10 to 23
- YYH team testing stage, July 9 to 15
- YYH level up boost, July 9 to August 5
- YYH seal decomposition soul boost, July 9 to July 29
What a weird set of characters they've chosen for the actual seal. Raizen, but not Mukuro (who I presume will be GE or something) and Yomi (who is coliseum). And then Elder Toguro (but not Younger who is more iconic and will presumably be a SM or Horror stage) on top of it, so you can't even say they picked only the good guys.

Welp. Good luck with the first day draws, kids.
The Toguro brothers should have a fusion since in the anime Younger Toguro used Elder Toduro as a sword lol

Everything was leaked except for Genkai... and never thought of her as a fire element, well got to fill up the missing element I guess.