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Full Version: Please subscribe to my Youtube channel!
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Youtube has recently updated their monetisation rules and in short, I need to reach 1000 subscribers in order to receive revenue from future videos. 

My videos are currently "earning" around $1 per week, but it's only possible to cash out after hitting $100... which based on current trends, would have occurred in 8 months. 
As you can see, the money is almost negligible, but it was a nice bonus I was looking forward to. If I don't hit 1000 subscribers then I can't cash out anything. 
So if you've ever watched any of my videos and thought the content was helpful, I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel:
With my current count being as low as it is, I don't expect to hit 1000 before the deadline, but any help you can provide would get me closer to the goal. 

While I'm asking for help, a couple of follow-on questions: 
1) What other TOS content would you like to see, which would make the videos on my channel more useful to you?
2) For those that don't want to subscribe, what would make you change your mind? 
You can share your uploads on the #youtube-and-streams channel on Discord. I'm following you with 2 accounts. Currently the only idea that comes to my mind is commenting the strategy for each round on what you are supposed to do with each member, this specially can prove useful on amelioration/PR/VR/AR videos.
Done (i need more than 5 characters to make a reply) Good lu8ck
Was alredy sub but i'll get some more people.
Subbed! Man YouTube keeps making it harder for small content creators every year Sad

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Thanks everyone for your support!

@Oriceles I do post the strategy for most stages in the comments. I don't currently do it for the amel/PR/VR battles since it's usually pretty straightforward, but I can start doing that if it's beneficial.
Team tests maybe? Everyone likes seeing the new stuff in action before they get their hands on it.

I am also already subscribed tho.
Subbed. Appreciate you covering Amelioration stages as well, most other channels tend to do only the more major battles. Maybe do some bloopers or fail compilation vids? RNG screwing people over and finger-slips are so relatable lol. I guess I just enjoy watching fails
Subbed aswell, keep the good work running
Thanks everyone for the support!
@Fauxy I usually wait til the rate up on second Friday of patch to draw, so I suspect it would come too late to be useful.

@put1572 haha bloopers could be fun, especially when I’m trying to do achievements. Just need to find a way to edit the videos together and make it more engaging.
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