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Full Version: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] Ma Chao the Alpacaherd
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Fire Team
Human Leader and Ally
3+ Attributes

DC Reward:

The 3+ Attribute and Human Achievements make it seem like this is meant for Zhurong... but 7 combo shields and a board full of fire runes aren't a good fit. Greeks and KOF are much easier to clear with. Nobunaga is also possible. 

2* Clear (Human Leader and Ally, 3+ Attributes) with Kyo + Mai, Iori, Mai, Chizuru + Mai

1) Stall CD, turn on Kyo skill 2 when ready
2, 3a) Spin
3b) Mai #1
4) Kill within 3 turns
5) Spin through, Mai #2 after it hits you
5b) Spin through
6) Forget about keeping Kyo up, just spin to survive and grind off the debuff. Because I tried to keep Kyo, I ended up getting skydrops which led to the next round before I was ready
7a) Mai to burst
7b) Grind through, burst with whatever is available after the debuff is gone. 
Can use Iori in emergency.

1* Clear (Fire Team) with Dual VR Hephaestus + PR Heimdallr, VR Yan, Shakuro, Kyo

1) Stall CD, turn on Heimdallr, Yan, Shakuro when ready
2, 3a) Spin
3b) Kyo
4) Kill within 3 turns
5) Spin
5b) Kyo if up + DC
6, 7a) Spin
7b) Kyo and DC after the debuff is gone

Cleared with dual OVR Heph. I switched out Heimdallr and Black Yan for Fire Lionel and Bedivere. Fire Lionel was there to help with Stage 7.1, but I got a nice shape near five Fire runes. Use him there if Ma Chao tries to screw you over. Otherwise, strategy is the same.
Done all achievement.
2* kyo, k, mai, chizuru, rugal, mai
1* hep, heimdlr, kyo, shakuro, yan, hep
Now farming with sakura, cactus, shyplant, paperwhite, sakura.
Use daji at 7a.
Used OVR Hep. Switched out Heimdallr for Sun Hsiao Mei and changed Yan to NVR form, the rest is the same setup. Sun Hsiao Mei to deal with that pesky 2 sec puzzle shield. Seen people use Yukimura to remove the debuff on the last HP bar but I didn't redeem him for some reason so...
Didnt receive source of victory stm refill for this sm.
Any ones?
(02-10-2018, 02:35 AM)wong ah neh Wrote: [ -> ]Didnt receive source of victory stm refill for this sm.
Any ones?

Nope... Compensation please! 
Any non-kof human recommendations. Greek was pretty okay but humans argh
Dunno, Zhurong, XHD, Guan Yu? I saw a mono fire clear with a SHM-princess Sarah team.

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Did zero diamonds the 3+ attributes, human leader and ally achievements with XHD, took seven out eight tries, only died in R4 (bestowment) once and the rest in R1 turn 3 mostly...

[Image: 40a282889d680c614ee202950b79efa8.jpg]
Craft is the one that delays the enemies two turns.

Scrouge is there for the 30 fire shield, Yukimura to clear the 5 turns can't attack debuff, Yashiro for the 7+ combo shields (although it is not essential and can probably be replaced by Circe he makes it easier to heal) and Meng Huo well, it is a powerful converter that makes all useful runes. Even XHD active was useful o_O
Honestly it was not great, damage is not enough to one shot the boss second hp, showing of which having to make enchanted fire every turn (which might fall on the conversion box and become earth or dark) means that it is unreliable but at least it can be grinded a little if there is luck with the heart drops and gives dime use to XHD active. The delay from the the craft is key.

So here is a little guide:

R1 don't die, killed me most of the times, I tried to kill the one that starts at CD 3 cause it's shield triggers with the earth dissolved in the first batch and the conversion box will make it happen so that's the logic for getting that one first. Try to stall a little after getting the earth shield killed, if you can't no problem but get the box going.
R2 can survive doing only 5 combos at full health and you can stall here, having the box helps to make 7 combos but if you have Yashiro up just activate him and laugh at the shield. Activate XHD whee ready.
R3a spin
R3b try to dissolve without losing the box and use craft, can provably get the kill and if not you still have a few turns to do it. Can use Meng Huo to burst.
R4 try to fill attack with fire and target Mufasa cause he had more than twice the health of the other enemy. If you are any to be hit by Mufasa and have Meng Huo, use him.
R5a Scrouge and laugh
R5b two turns should be enough.
R6 can stall a little but it is not to bad.
R7a was lucky that the shield was the column under the leader, still couldn't dissolve it so I used craft then killed in the next turn.
R7b, clear the debuff with Yukimura, then reactivate Yashiro and XHD. Use Meng Huo if there is any enchanted rune, the grind trying to make enchanted fire every turn, used Scrouge when there where no hearts and was enough to get the win.

Don't recommend the team but it id's doable.

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(02-10-2018, 10:17 AM)eapeia Wrote: [ -> ]Any non-kof human recommendations. Greek was pretty okay but humans argh

I saw some Zhu Rong clears on YouTube, but can't remember where.

There's also this Hideyoshi clear I found.
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