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Full Version: [Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Malicious Intention
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Beast Team 
Light Team
3+ Races

DC Reward:

Another one of those stages which is clearly meant for the new seal cards. 

2* Clear (Light Team, 3+ Races) with Dual Daoloth + PR Pluma, Colin, Mysorensis, PR Ra
For farming, switch Pluma and Mysorensis with Sirius Fusion. With so many board explodes spinning is pretty straightforward. 

1) Stall CD
2) Spin through
3a) Kill on turn 1 using Mysorensis and right Daoloth
3b) Kill within 2 turns, Pluma and left Daoloth on turn 2 if needed
4) Kill right mob, then stall back CD on left mob
5a) Spin through
5b) Remove water/fire/earth runes, then burst down with Pluma and Mysorensis
6) Burst with right Daoloth
7a) Spin through
7b) Full burst with Ra, Colin, Daoloth, DC

1* Clear (Beast Team) with Dual Haza + PR Panda, Cybele, Inari, PR Medusa. Grindy but safe. 

1, 2) Grind through, turn on Panda when ready

3a) Spin through, burst at turn 4 if needed
3b) Burst with Inari, Cybele, Haza both skills
4) Kill dark then light. Haza skill 2 to help recover/dodge if needed. Turn Panda back on when ready
5a) Grind through
5b) Clear as many water/fire/earth runes as possible, then burst down with Inari, Haza both skills, Cybele
6) Grind through, Medusa or Haza skill 2 in emergency
7a) Grind back all CD
7b) Medusa, Inari, Haza both skills, Cybele, DC to burst down

Fast Farming Team with Dual Daoloth + Sirius Fusion, Colin, PR Ra
1, 2, 3a) Spin through, kill everything in 1-2 turns
3b) Fuse and spin, Colin if needed
4) Kill in 2-3 turns
5a) Finish stalling back Colin
5b) Colin and spin
6) Daoloth and spin
7a) Sirius skill 1 and spin
7b) Ra, Sirius skill 2, Daoloth

This one seems... doable. Not as easy as Fthaggua, not as hard as Arwassa. You just need a team with unlock and a lot of burst for that last stage.

Or, alternatively, dragons and beasts.
(01-05-2018, 10:19 PM)aahlsy Wrote: [ -> ]...

1* Clear (Beast Team) with Dual Haza + PR Panda, Cybele, Inari, PR Medusa. Grindy but safe. 


I dont do dual haza anymore.  dual haza has no team skill so a better choice is ally a sumatra, aloha or even dodo (dodo/aloha/haza healing leaderskills work together np). I took:

dodo panda furi lunar solar haza = 1star

It sounds like a bad team because you can overwrite skills and u cant use haza 2nd active but actually i just use that to save my life anyhow after reset.  Normal spin with fusion hits way harder than your team.  dodo is 1 and done once you fuse but i dont need him for more than the boss.  so many resets anyhow.

I was thinking of not taking fenrir.  Boy it was really easy with him because he just hits so dam hard with a x20 multiplier.  I had actives to spare and had to 1 combo a lot just so i didnt manual kill rounds i wanted to stall on.

the L/D shield was a little tough since i had to stack runes so i used a dc there for boost (most beast teams will anyhow).  5 combos and fenrir killed him lol.

I was a little worried about the boss (70m hp) but basically just dc with all on and he is dead by almost fenrir alone.

I wish other fusions were half as good as fenrir.  Quite a few fenrir teams on the leaderboard without daoloth in lead.  mostly aloha-dodo or aloha-sumatra.  My team is in between u and them.
@jtsmith it depends how you define "better". I considered haza with druid ally but decided to stick with dual haza because it's safer and there's no need for back to back bursts. Yes, damage is lower and it's grindier but with two full heals and 40k HP (not to mention medusa in emergencies) you will never die.

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My leader board is littered with both Daoloth and Azathoth. Unfortunately don't have either.

Saw 1 Maya clear with brynhildr. Copied e setup,
Maya Luna ml ml Bryn Maya. Quite easy clear.
3b, 5b use ml convert n Maya
7b unlock n burst.

Don't think I'm farming this card.
Used this team for beast achievements.

[Image: Ge4GXv3l.png]
Are there any water cards which help unlock? 

I got up to the second health bar of the last stage, but then all my water cards got locked... 

More specifically,  are there any farmable water 'unlocking locked active skill' cards? 

Haha, thanks! 
There's Sie Kensou if you got him during KOF seal.

Otherwise Mad Hatter can be obtained from lost relic. If you're using Mad Hatter, you need to remember to activate him when you're bursting down the first form of the boss, as his skill works slightly differently from normal 'unlock' skills.

mono Light, 3 or more races:
Daoloth (L), Pluma, Strelitzia, Colin, Sirius, Daoloth (A)
well... my arena Light Elf not ready. thought to combine Strelitzia with Colin active, but never did that... and needed few tries to clear... Sad

mono Beast. really thanks to @agnesi Beast team. used that, 3 dimes to revive. mainly due to my crab spinning skill. 2 dimes at 7 combos, 1 dime at sticky.

my farm team... (not farm to slv max tho)
Daoloth (L), Pluma, Sirius + Sirus, Colin, Daoloth (A)

this team copy from one of the top in my leaderboard
remember Daoloth leader skill condition to trigger max multi

#1, #2: stall anyhow you prefer, just make sure Sirius is fusion ready when entering #3
#3a: fusion right away. most of the time can take it down in 2 turns. one of my early runs mistake was, delay the fusion in the hope to 'recover' HP. no.
#3b: hopefully ok here.
#4: if possible, KO the CD1 while the CD3 at high CD. but if at least can delay here 2 turns i think... if KO both, no big deal i think...
#5a: just spin should be able to KO it
#5b: activate Colin will do.
#6: activate Ally Daoloth and Sirius fusion explode skill.
#7a: yawn... spin Smile
#7b: Leader Daoloth + Pluma + Sirius full board. even no need DC...

done Big Grin
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