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Full Version: Who are you skill leveling this joint op?
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With the merchant ship swap we need to work out who to skill level if we aren't spamming dimes on the joint op. I normally get about 10-12 of the joint op card which allows me to get the card to level 9 (assuming no lucky skill ups) when I use the dropped cards and 5 baby harpies.
I am not confident to always spin 6 combos to make the most of Yama so I will level the spirit. Just wondering what others will level and why.
usually i dont use dime for Spirit refill in JO. so dont farm JO SLv

have Erebus, Yama seems good in Erebus team. but have this thought of 'farmable card not worth the Harpy'... maybe not a good thought... cards that are good just Harpy it if dont want to spend tons of dimes to farm it... but aside of Erebus, cant think of any other Leaders i can spin 6 combos...

this Spirit of Misfortune though... this time need 1 for 1 exchange... not like the usual 3 for 1. and SLv10... usually i grind to SLv7. but if not in hurry to use it, grind to SLv8 is ok as well.. hmm yeah rather hardcore/nothing to do grind to SLv8... then will need another 5 copies to SLv9. and if want to max, 1 Harpy maybe ok. CD6 for 2 turns... wonder how to make it works in rainbow team... Aether seems good? but i dont have Aether. i have Yog maybe can run some rainbow... combine with another Heart converter, heal and rainbow team all members atk maybe good? no? dont know... 

currently have 2 extra copies of Yama. when reaching 30 completions, will receive another 1. if could get another 2 copies... seems i tend to exchange it for the Spirit. without refill, my record is 5 extra copies if not wrong. so just 1 SLv up without lucky up. Yama good but i only can spin 6 combos in Erebus and need Harpies... yep both Spirit and Yama good coz short CD. if not skill max no good. cant decide yet, but tend to the Spirit...

note again, this is more due to i dont want to spend dimes to refill and do the farming. unless something really important like Light/Dark YanXi, dont like to farm for not sure drop... and dont have teams that good enough to constantly net that '20%' completion reward.
I can only feel a person using a team with
QoH, Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Morris, QoH

Trolololol Smile New Heart Greek (bad rune drop) Smile
(08-17-2016, 08:06 PM)CarlotheTOSNoob Wrote: [ -> ]I can only feel a person using a team with
QoH, Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Morris, QoH
Trolololol Smile New Heart Greek (bad rune drop) Smile
Yoooo new meta right here XD
I'm actually gonna try to make this team to use just for fun on guild missions XD

You, sir, inspire me!
Well in my case since I would only use the spirit with Aether but I already have a Host of the Hsie Sword (2 turns later but permanent boost) then I guess that I'll go for Yama if any at all. But honestly I don't see me using neither any time soon.
You know, to get just 1 Yama is pretty hard for me. I died easily sometime before even make any damage. But i got my second one yesterday and trade it with Spirit. And if i get more, i guess i will feed it to Yama because he has 40 team cost and i wont be able to use him anytime soon @@