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hi guys. i just rerolled a crescent. is she any good as a leader? i have already tried to look up info regarding her but there seems to be none.
She's not top of the meta, but a nonconditional flat 3x is fairly strong for a starting draw - I'd stick with it, as most other meta leaders besides the Origin demons take a fair bit of investment to be useful. Recharging her EP after form-switching might be a bit complicated, so make sure you know what you're doing. Given that it's Earth week you should try to make a few more draws, so you have some decent members for her.
Ask. The. Community. Forum. Please Big Grin
alrighty, thanks guys and my bad haha i thought this would be under general discussions.
I wrote about the revolutionary heroes for the first draw guide but forgot to add it to the first page, copying that without the parts not aplicable to Crescent:
(07-09-2016, 04:07 PM)Joaqs Wrote: [ -> ]Okay let me format it:
  • Revolutionary Heroes (Florice [Image: 100?cb=20160627072333]Rococo [Image: 100?cb=20160627072334]Crescent [Image: 100?cb=20160627072334&format=webp]Morse [Image: 100?cb=20160627072335&format=webp]Yocto [Image: 100?cb=20160627072336&format=webp]):
    The Revolutionary Heroes are different from other series in the sense that they have two forms but no evolution and because of that they have a flat 3x multiplier which makes them for good first draws. Once in a stage they have two skills the first one is a converts 3 to 5 runes with a min cd of 3 while the second active is a fixed cd 8 skill that changes them to their other form.
    In the other form they have two other skill that use EP which is a weird system that charges by dissolving 5 or more runes in a round (not necesarilly in a group). Upon switching they start with 10/10 EP and the skill use different amount of EP, the first skill turns 4 to 6 runes to self attributte for 4 EP at skill lvl 10 (9 EP at lvl 1) and the second skill is different for each heroe but require skill lvl 7 to cost 10 EP except for Crescent which requires skill lvl 2, for more information there is this post by Arigato. For the second skill Crescent turns heart to enchanted earth and heals for each rune converted
    The only thing they make them not that good is the need to be skilled up and don't have feeders but fedding them 5 baby harpies is enough to use any of them.
Its not a bad card, but the potential for revolutionary heroes are limited, they are very strong as team members with their unique EP system but not so much as leaders.

I would recommend rerolling for "origin of demons", "babylons" or "primal greeks" if you can spare the time and effort, those cards are stronger than their description indicate as they have team skills that buff their leader skill further

In the end, its all down to you, you are bound to draw a few of those cards as you play.
thanks for the info guys, but i am currently playing with aether thanks to thecatgod Big Grin