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All rerolls have been stopped because I have Daji (and the rest of the JTTW, and both Sindhus) on my main account now. I am still giving away the rest of my rerolls but I am not rerolling any more new accounts. Also, the 50-post rule has been revised to a 10-post or 3 month account age rule, please see below for details.
Old post:
Hey everyone,
I've recently gotten back into hardcore rerolling for Daji, and so, of course, I've come up with a lot of starter accounts. So far I've pulled a Nezha which I'm using as a secondary account (as you can see in my sig). The rest of the accounts, well, I can't really juggle 10+ accounts simultaneously, so I thought I'd give them away to beginners and those looking for a secondary account.
These are all starter accounts with one diamond seal drawn and nothing else.
These accounts are in XML format for those on rooted android devices, however, I can bind to Facebook for those who are on iOS or are not rooted (or don't know what to do with the XML).
Please PM me if you are interested in a particular account! If you wish to have it bound to a Facebook account, I would like to request that you please provide a Facebook account, I'd rather not create one myself. Thanks. Smile
Also, I really doubt that this is going to happen, but if anyone by chance has a starter account with Daji on it that they don't want anymore and can give me full access of the FB account and email (or just the XML if it's not bound), PM me and we can talk it out, if you don't want anything for it I'll take it with sincere gratitude, if you do, not a problem, let's talk. Just want a starter unevolved Daji that I can evolve and PR and VR myself...
If you want your account right away, please provide a Facebook account and password that has not already been bound to a TOS account. I highly recommend creating a new Facebook account just for TOS. If you fail to send me a valid Facebook account you are simply wasting your own time because I will have to reply and ask for a Facebook account and then wait for your reply again. Alternatively you can simply ask for the XML if you are on a rooted android device and know where the XML goes.
EDIT as of Jan 25, 2017: A recent case that has been brought up has led me to revise the old rules to make this giveaway more accessible while still being fair. Effective immediately, you must fulfill at least one of these conditions to be eligible for an account:
Your forum account must have 10 or more posts. VALID and CONSTRUCTIVE posts, not random posts just to reach 10. I will be checking.
Your forum account must be at least three months old.
The old rules seem to be too unfair and unrealistic now, and I sincerely apologize for the trouble caused in the past. I will be contacting those who contacted me recently were denied previously but are now eligible to see if they still want their account. However, to be safe, you should still contact me again if you still want an account, in case I forget to contact you (I have many old PMs to go through so I may accidentally miss one or two.
Available accounts:
List last updated: Tuesday March 7, 2017
Crossed out accounts denote an account that has already been taken. These will be moved to the bottom of the list as not to obstruct the list.
Here are some accounts which I previously gave away and their new owners no longer wish to keep the account. Please PM the person who owns the account and not me as I do not have posession of these accounts!
Samael account with some draws:
(05-04-2016, 04:24 AM)Joaqs Wrote: [ -> ]I have a Samael account with a few draws (Yukkiona, Iquitos, maybe some more) to giveaway.
Posting here because it was a rerrol from TheCatGod and I asked the account from TheCatGod as an alt but I don't have enough time for two accounts so instead of it being unused it will be better for someone else to have the account so if anyone wants it feel free to ask for it.
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Azazel and Mastema account:
(05-16-2016, 10:48 PM)jorderino Wrote: [ -> ]As like Joaqs , I also do not have the time to play two accounts at the same time ( switching between accounts on iOS is a pain and i am currently having finals soon). So instead of it collecting dust i would like someone else to have it. ( Thanks TheCatGod for allowing me to experience the new demons team haha, and sorry.)
Cards are : Azazel, Mastema ( yup, my second draw was the new demon... shame i cant get it on my main T_T), Shu, Wawel and possibly others which iight have forgotten.
There are still uncollected rewards like coins, craftcores and dimes.
Send me a PM if you're interested Smile
Starter accounts:
Athena (x4)
Atrahasis (x4)
Azazel (x5)
Crescent (x1)
Dipankara (x2)
Dumuzi (x3)
Elizabeth the Noble (x3)
Erebus (x4)
Florice (x2)
Gaia (x1)
Hephaestus (x2)
Inanna (x1)
Jack the Gentleman (x3)
Jackie the Postwoman (x1)
Lisa Bufano (x1)
Loki (x1)
Mastema (x6)
Morse (x1)
Ninurta (x2)
Phanes (x2)
Pontos (x6)
Poseidon (x3)
Samael (x1)
Ursula (x2)
Wawel (x1)
Yocto (x1)
Zhao Ling-Er (x1)
Accounts given away so far:
Artemis (x3)
Abadon (x2)
Samael (x2)
Inanna (x1)
Namtar (x1)
Beezelbub (x3)
Azazel (x4)
Aether (x3)
Mastema (x2)
Freyja (x2)
Lin Yue-Ru (x1)
Erebus (x1)
Phanes (x1)
Zhao Ling-Er (x1)
Loki (x1)
I am keeping statistics of all my rerolls for those of you who may be interested. This is a good opportunity for me to analyze the TOS diamond seal and the odds for each series.
I am no longer updating the spreadsheet as it is too time consuming. I will leave it up but it is no longer updated.
The spreadsheet can be found here.
Here's meme to sum this all up.
[Image: 15cl3y.jpg]
EDIT as of Oct 4, 2016: A new policy has been added. To prevent the possibility of one person creating lots of new forum accounts and hogging all the accounts I have up for giveaway by requesting on different accounts, all persons submitting requests MUST have at least 50 posts around the forum. They can be any posts in any section of the forum as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE posts, not just spam posts just so you can reach 50 ASAP. These rules are no longer valid and have been moved to the bottom of the post to not obstruct the rest of the post.
You should let me do it for you I would get it for u easily
(03-21-2016, 09:28 AM)Destructor Wrote: [ -> ]You should let me do it for you I would get it for u easily

Haha if you actually do get a starter account with Daji on it, I'd love to have it! If you're not busy or anything, I'd actually love if you could help reroll, knowing your Daji luck, but entirely up to you, of course.
Just rolled an Inanna, it has been added to the original post! Several good mono leaders up for grabs!
I won't have that much time on my hands but sure I will help out and it's perfect since I have both iOS and android that way I can go on either device and do twice the rerolling
Great, thanks so much! Just don't break the rest of your schedule or anything, it's not that urgent. A minute here amd there should be sufficient, knowing how easily Daji comes to you Big Grin

I usually reroll on AMIDuOS android emulator on my computer. My iPad is used for my main account and my alt is on my phone, though I do reroll on my phone while not at home or when I'm too lazy to boot up my PC. Android is easier to get the XML, in my opinion, so I prefer rerolling on Android, hence why I have never rerolled on my iPad.
The next batch of rerolls are in, starring Namtar, Freyja, Ra, and 3x Tuchigumo! The list has been updated!

Wow the increased chance really is increased by a lot!
So far I did two diamond summons and got Jinne and lubu
I have just updated the post with my latest batch of rerolls.

Jack the Gentleman
Shen Gongbao

(03-23-2016, 11:55 AM)Destructor Wrote: [ -> ]So far I did two diamond summons and got Jinne and lubu

Alright, take your time with the rerolls, the only reason I'm churning out rerolls as if I were a reroll factory is because I have a lot of spare time on my hands and I'm determined to no limit! Besides, something tells me that 500 rerolls in I'll have no Daji but you're going to have Daji drawn in under 50 tries Big Grin
Did another 2 draws and got earth DS and fire melog

@TheCatGod don't sorry once u get daji after a certain amount of reolls without stopping then getting her is much easier that's how it all started for me and I know you're going to hate me for this but I drew another fox with the 10 diamond summons I did on my main account so now I got six fox where's arigato to change my reputation

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