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Full Version: So Madhead sneakily changed pr Zodiac art.
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[Image: PYNhxif.jpg]
[Image: LBaGPud.jpg]
[Image: ztPiMdq.jpg][Image: D2kiiKf.jpg]

[Image: Sf5FMZ4.jpg]
Damn, these are so much cooler!
bah, i was too late. maybe i should delete mine now.
On Mobil so kinda slow, also I'm missing Taurus so if anyone can post him that'll be great.
[Image: 11011787_10205708260698248_4875368738072...52b18c1e38]
wow Scorpio tho XD
(05-22-2015, 08:39 PM)Mia Wrote: [ -> ]wow Scorpio tho XD

yea, dat ass! makes me want to PR her
New face swap victims Incoming.
It was announced that this would happen, lulz.

I'm impressed with most of these, TBH; There's a small feeling of similarity with the old Zodiac art style. ^^
Cool arts.. I think I liked Old Pisces (now galio) more but Scorpio, Tauros and Gemini are cool. Sargitarius still sucks cause red boy sucks..
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