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[Image: ClnrjfL.jpg]
The Sleipnir


[Image: 9Dd13DQ.jpg]


Norse mono is the best choice. Govindasaur works too, if you have the patience.

Stall: Elf (1/6), Wolf (3/6), Draupnir (4/6)
Burst: Verdandi (2/6), Draupnir (4/6), Guardians (5/6), Odin (Boss)


  • CD 5 heartmaker
  • Enchanter (Norse/Hastur)
  • Mono team
  • Good RCR

  • Greek leaders
  • Yan's/Xi's active on Leopard

Dungeon Breakdown:
1/6 - Kill one quickly, stall on other
2/6 - Kill at least two quickly (depends on your HP), burst if needed
3/6 - Kill skill-lock wolf first, heal and attack leopard, stall on other wolf
4/6 - Stall a few turns if needed, kill quickly
5/6 - Kill at least two quickly
6/6 - Kill quickly, possible to heal and stall if your team's RCR is good

[Image: xM576b4.jpg]


Mono team with element-modifiers work the best. Tumbler deck is possible but quite RNG-based.

Stall: Beowulf (1/10), Golems (2/10), Loki (3/10), Knight (5/10), Draupnir (7/10), Guardian (8/10)
Burst: Loki (3/10), Achilles (4/10), Draupnir (7/10), Valk (9/10), Odin (Boss)


  • CD 5 heartmaker
  • Good RCR
  • 15k+ HP
  • Multiple bursts
  • Mono deck
  • Element-modifiers

  • <5 average combo

Dungeon Breakdown:
1/10 - Only a threat to dragon teams, kill normally
2/10 - Try to kill them together, burst if you failed to do so and can't take 14k damage. Ideally you want to target the CD 1 golem so you don't run the risk of failing to kill golem #2 and die as a result
3/10 - Do as much damage as you can for the first few turns, burst when needed
4/10 - Burst
5/10 - Kill swords quickly, stall on knight
6/10 - Kill normally
7/10 - Prepare enchanted runes and your board, kill quickly
8/10 - Wait out their shields while healing every turn, kill two guardians quickly
9/10 - Burst
10.1/10 - Prepare enchanted runes and your board, kill normally
10.2/10 - Use elemental modifiers if needed, burst

Team Samples:
I. Light Greek by Vic Hsu
[Image: 480px-198i.png][Image: 480px-293i.png][Image: 480px-368i.png][Image: 480px-395i.png][Image: 480px-588i.png][Image: 480px-198i.png]
HP: 17315 | ATK: 10021 | RCR: 2439 | TC: 105 (Lv 190)
Effect: Two enchanted light rune will drop for every three light runes dissolved
Passives: Luna's ATK stat is the same as ML's, 70% chance per combo for additional +25% ATK

1/10 - Heal and attack normally (00:16)
2/10 - Heal and attack normally, make sure to kill them together which shouldn't be a problem since mass attacks are what Greeks are good at (02:13)
3/10 - Activate Apollo and ML, kill quickly (02:58)
4/10 - Luna + Apollo + Mina, burst (03:47)
5/10 - Mass attack, kill normally (04:31)
6/10 - Heal and attack normally (05:08)
7/10 - Yan, kill quickly, be sure to store hearts and keep HP >13k (06:13)
8/10 - Heal and attack normally, use Mina if needed (07:25)
9/10 - Activate Apollo, burst (09:20)
10/10 - Kill quickly for first bar, Luna + Apollo + ML's/Mina's partner skill, burst (09:50)

II. Loki + Daji by Ryan ws
[Image: 480px-510i.png][Image: 480px-287i.png][Image: 480px-561i.png][Image: 6010i.png][Image: 480px-671i.png][Image: 480px-595i.png]
HP: 14433 | ATK: 23330 | RCR: 2834 |TC: 101 (Lv 182)
Effects: 2.5× dark ATK, +150% ATK per combo
Passive: Additional +25% ATK per combo

1/10 - Heal and stall (00:11)
2/10 - Mass attack, kill normally (01:41)
3/10 - Attack normally for the first few waves, after the fourth attack, use Ed to burst if needed (02:11)
4/10 - Loki/Odin partner skill, burst (04:09)
5/10 - Kill swords quickly, stall on knight(04:45)
6/10 - Kill normally (06:46)
7/10 - Loki/Odin partner skill, burst (07:46)
8/10 - Heal and wait out the shield, quickly kill two (09:35)
9/10 - Loki/Odin partner skill, burst (13:04)
10/10 - Heal and attack for first bar, wait one turn, use Isabell, after her active wears off, wait another turn and use Nyar, once Odin is light, Ed + Daji, burst (14:06)



Complete the battle

  • with gods only
  • with four members
  • in 25 turns

Unlike the NM stages, you'll have to use a weird deck thaf meets the requirements for the achievements to get these stars. For the gods only achievement, the easiest method is to perhaps use dual Norse but with god subs (for e.g. dual Loki use Gemini and Scorpio). It will require you to have a pool of leveled gods with some sort of synergy. For the four member achievements, an easy way is to use enchantresses or to use Wukong + Daji. Fusion cards can be used so you can get some extra damage. And by fusion cards I mean stuff like Immortal fusion and not the Metazord. Lastly, the 25 turn achievement can be achieved by an offensive deck with low CD. You can even do it with the other two achievements, depending on your deck. You just have to beat the stage quickly, so just take your best deck and pray that you don't get trolled by skydrops at leopard.

Complete the battle

  • without revives
  • with the same card as leader and ally
  • with three or more light cards

The easiest method to hit all three stars is to use a light Greek deck. However, if you can't beat NM with 0 diamonds with a light deck whether because the attack sounds are horrible to your ears or you have a bad pool of light cards, you can use other mono decks or a tumbler deck for the 0 diamond achievement. Obviously, don't go spending 100 diamonds for the achievement because all it nets you is two diamonds. Anyway, since all three achievements don't really need you to make some fancy deck, refer to the NM section for the team compositions.

3* - Gaelle ×1
6* - Diamond ×2

Strategies for achivements and videos coming soon.
Click Odin's pic for stats and stuff. Click the battle stats for a bigger image.

Achievements 19/06/2015 - 20/06/2015

3 star = Giallar the Hornist

Team consist of 3 or more Light members

Team leader and ally are Demons

Complete in 20 rounds (Hidden)

6 star = Wooded Standstill Pattern

Team consist of only Light Members

Team consist of 3 or more Races

Team consist of 3 or more Earth Members (Hidden)

3 Star Soul Master Suggested Team
minamoto + ML, luna, dio, god striker + minamoto

3 Star Nightmare Suggested Team
Wish it was mine but its not T_T
Credits to this guy [GP] Aloy
Owner of screenshot clearing it on this vid
remember to give him a like or subscribe (gosh i'm advertising for him)
Master Hidden: Complete in 25 rounds.
easy grinding normal SM for 0 diamond:

Idun leader + PR verdandi + dark rune converter + ed + your choice ( can use dmg booster or heart converters if rune turning sucks) + fox ally

R1: grind for CD, idun and verdandi can heal both hits (easy)
R2: burst them b4 they hit u = open ed and dark converter (baphomet in my case), then use fox line up but remember dark runes must be 5 for full attacks, ed + baph+ fox shud give u at least 2 mil dmg
R3: easy, idun will heal you while you attack the wolves, remember to grind cd for all cards
R4: normal attack
r5: same as r2 formation
r6: boss hits 9.5k dmg 1 turn, so idun can heal while you stack verdandi, in case you get stuck, you can use iduns ulti to stack verdandi or a heart converter (e.g. pollux). wait all cd done, use ed baphomet fox formation one hit ko odin (remember to have a enchanted dark runestone!)
Slight correction : SM draupnir has no enchanted shield.
If Draupnir's attack is really 99,999 wouldn't you want to target him first?

Edit: Oh yeah, what does spawn 3/4 mean?
Ok guys cleared NM with 6 diamonds...

Faugn / Dark ds, Water ds, Water ed, Chernaborg / Daji

4 at stage 1, 1 at stage 8 and 1 at boss waiting for boss to turn Fire element.
[Image: 1644d3aea8bcc46fc5407e076c8e515a.jpg][Image: 78a11ed19bb23f644da2174a89d8adf7.jpg][Image: 8c99cd486d3fb6d8cc28a4694cdafbf7.jpg]

Here's my clear, used 2 diamond cause I don't wanna attempt it again, epic hard stage, able to 0 diamond tho if lucky

Grind ml and yan at stage 1, then just destroy everything

I died at statue cause they have first hit shield and I have yan activated, after that just reactivate yan and ml and destroy everything, use first Apollo and Odin first form and use second Apollo ,Luna at second form, good luck all
One more thing. When Odin changes from Dark to Water, it doesnt hit you beforehand, so Earth mono can burst him without needing to get hit while waiting.
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